90’s Cartoons to Stream on Hulu This Summer

Have you binged Rick and Morty maybe one too many times? Need a new animated series to fill up that summertime TV programming lull? Instead of waiting for new content, watch something from the 90’s!

This decade was full of awesome animated shows, some of which were arguably better than the most popular series today. Luckily for animated series fans everywhere, Hulu is bringing tons of 90’s cartoon realness to your screen.

Check out this list of great 90’s cartoons you should totally stream on Hulu this summer:

Hey Arnold

If you’re a 90’s kid, you will probably remember this Nickelodeon cartoon classic, Hey Arnold!  The show stars a hip 4th-grader, Arnold, who lives with his grandparents Phil and Gertie in the Sunset Arms boarding house. It takes place in Hillwood, an amalgamation of Portland, Seattle, and Brooklyn– so basically imaginary hipster town. This kid grew up in a housing co-op, in a room that most millennials would only dream of, had a fine appreciation for jazz, and a slick fashion sense.  Arnold was too cool for school, but he would always be there for a friend in need.

When the show premiered in 1996, it was groundbreaking entertainment. It was the first ever Nickelodeon cartoon to use actual children to voice characters on the show. It is also still considered to be the most diverse cartoon of all time, portraying characters from many different ethnic backgrounds. Hey Arnold is sophisticated, timeless, and entertaining for kids and adults alike. Definitely add this one to your watchlist.

Home Movies

Next on this totally retro list is Adult Swim’s flagship cartoon, Home MoviesConceived by Brendan Small (Metalocalypse), Loren Bouchard (Bob’s Burgers), and H. Jon Benjamin (Bob’s Burgers, Archer), this underrated animated series is considered to be the precursor to Bob’s Burgers. 

Brendan Small portrays his younger persona, a nonchalant, sarcastic 3rd grader who loves making home movies with his friends after school. Small does not even pretend to act like an 8-year-old and approaches every situation with hilarious wit. This dialogue driven show focuses less on visual storytelling and more on funny conversations. It first aired in 1999 on a different network, but later moved to Cartoon Network to lead the way in their new late-night adult programming block, Adult Swim. It is not a visual masterpiece, but it is definitely a must see for every legit cartoon fan out there.


Daria is the quintessential 90’s animated sitcom. This Beavis and Butthead spin-off was about the daily life of a slightly misanthropic, disaffected, teenage outcast named Daria Morgendorffer. When the series premiered on MTV in 1997, it became an instant hit.

Daria’s off-color brand of cleverly placed sarcasm helped form the critical voice of the millennial generation. Daria was the embodiment of teen angst, the girl who perfected shade-throwing, the black sheep that was somehow 100% relatable. We loved her long before hipsters stole her look because she wasn’t afraid to live her truth. Her melancholic, malaise truth. With a Daria reboot coming down the pipeline, we couldn’t be more excited about this addition to Hulu.


Doug was one of the greatest 90’s cartoons. Premiering originally in 1991 on Nickelodeon, the show later moved to Disney in 1994. (It was so great, Disney didn’t want to the show end.) Doug was a nerdy, goofy guy who brought a lot of relatable realness to your Saturday morning cartoon block. Doug loves journaling, hanging out with his dog, and debating with his hip, thespian sister, Judy.

Though the show may be a bit juvenile for older audiences, it never ceases to captivate with its awesome storytelling and its feel-good vibes.


From the mind of Steven Spielberg and the creators of Pinky and the Brain, came a zany animated variety show, Animaniacs. Oh, Animaniacs. These mice … dogs? … Monkeys? We’re pretty sure they’re supposed to be monkeys. Whatever they are, these silly siblings have a place in every 90’s kid’s heart.

Each episode was a series of short skits, featuring a huge cast of characters, centering around the Warner brothers, Yakko and Wakko, and their sister Dot. It first aired on Fox in 1993, and it helped pave the way for many other animated series in the mainstream. Many believed this show was the pinnacle of Warner Bros. cartoons during the Animation Renaissance of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Hulu thinks this cartoon’s zany, nonsensical humor stands the test of time, so they are planning to reboot it in 2020. Better start watching now to prepare yourself!

There are tons of other great 90’s cartoons that didn’t make the cut because they are not yet on Hulu, but we think they still deserve an honorable mention: Ed, Edd and Eddy, AHH Real Monsters, Dexter’s Laboratory, Rocko’s Modern Life, Angry Beavers, The Wild Thornberrys, Cow and Chicken, and Rocket Power.

Happy streaming, everyone!

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What Songs Would Make the Cut of Your ’90s R&B ‘Love Is’ Spotify Playlist?

In honor of the new show, Love Is____, which premiered last night on OWN, and following suit of the creators, Mara Brock Akil, Salim Akil, and Oprah Winfrey herself, here is a list of our top 10 ’90s R&B songs (and ones from the early ’00s) that would make our overly indulgent Spotify playlist.

Our ’90s R&B Spotify Playlist



Michele Weaver (Illicit) and Will Catlett (Black Lightning) star in OWN’s new romantic drama Love Is__, from award-winning producers Mara Brock Akil (Girlfriends, Being Mary Jane, The Game) and Salim Akil (Black Lightning). According to a recent press release, the show is set primarily in 1990s Los Angeles against the backdrop of Black Hollywood. Love Is__ follows Nuri (Michele Weaver) and Yasir (Will Catlett), a couple from seemingly opposite worlds, as they chase their dreams and learn to follow their hearts.

'90s R&B

Michele Weaver and Will Catlett  (Image: Facebook)


Told from the perspective of the couple’s present-day selves, the romantic drama also revisits the social issues and vibrant black culture of that time reflecting on how it all aligned to shape the couple they have become nearly 20 years later—a power couple navigating a complex set of social codes while also balancing successful careers and a beautiful family. Drawing inspiration from creators Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil’s own relationship journey, the series explores the highs, the lows, and the magic of falling (and staying) in love.

The OWN show made its debut on Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET. In case you missed the first episode, or the trailer that reeked of ’90s nostalgia, Brownstone’s “If You Love Me” led us back down memory lane.

Now it’s your turn. What R&B songs from that era would be on your playlist?

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Hear Me Out—Kris Jenner’s ’90s Wardrobe Is So Perfect for Now

Many of the key buys for 2018 are reworkings of ’80s and ’90s classics, such as Versace scarf prints, leather belt bags, pastel double-breasted suits and white shoes. This week, Kris Jenner hijacked her daughter Kylie’s Instagram account to show her collection with Kylie Cosmetics—she wore all black with a chunky gold Chanel chain belt and micro sunglasses. Kris is often overlooked in the fashion department, but this Instagram story reminded me that no one does diva ’80s glamour quite like Kris. Looking at old pictures of Kris, I found her wearing a lavender double-breasted jacket, leopard-print swimwear and all this season’s key accessories. Keep scrolling to see—and shop—Kris Jenner’s best throwback looks.

Style Notes: Kris Jenner’s lilac double-breasted trouser suit is trending once again for 2018. 

This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK.

Style Notes: A cardigan over a hoodie? This screams Vetements to us. 

Style Notes: Gold chains were a Kris signature. 

Style Notes: Pink double-breasted and gold jewellery is a winning combo for 2018. 

Style Notes: Don’t let that leopard distract you from the amazing Chanel belt bag resting on her hips.

Style Notes: Lemon dresses and white pumps—these are other ’80s Kris–approved trends making a comeback for 2018. 

Style Notes: Sarongs have made it on our beachwear key trends list for 2018.

We told you she’s iconic.

Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend Coverage | http://www.whowhatwear.com


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Kenny ‘Babyface’ Edmonds To Executive Produce 90’s Music Dramedy Series

Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds is partnering with Electus to make a scripted music series that aims to bring viewers behind the scenes of the New York city music industry in the 90’s.

Deadline reports the dramedy is based on and developed by the award-winning producer Damon Sharpe and recording artist Stacy Asencio-Sutphen.

The show follows the life of a young woman in her 20’s who works at a music cable network. Even though she may not have the support of her friends and family on her journey of becoming a pop star chasing her dream of becoming a pop star, she is determined to make it happen. The series will take the audience back to the 90’s while giving the experience first hand of life in the music industry.

Electus CEO Chris Grant, President John Pollak, COO Drew Buckley and Justin Steger will executive produce. While Edmonds will bring his amazing musical talent on as an executive producer and music supervisor.

“We are beyond thrilled to partner with the legendary Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds whose music has shaped and defined so much of the industry,” explained Grant and Pollak. “There’s really no one who hasn’t been touched by his music and its influence over the last 30 years.”

Getting a behind the scenes look at the 90’s music scene through the eyes of an up and coming artist with the artistic backing of the amazing musician Edmonds seems like a pretty sweet deal.


[ione_media_gallery id=”236949″ overlay=”true”]


(Source: Deadline )

(Photo Credit: Courtesy)

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Annabella Sciorra: 5 Things On The Actress Claiming Harvey Weinstein Raped Her In The ’90s

The horrific accusations against Harvey Weinstein just keep coming. Actress Annabella Sciorra claims he allegedly raped her in the early ’90s. Here’s everything you need to know about her and her story.

Hollywood Life


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Limited Too is Playing to Our ’90s Nostalgia With a New Mobile Pop-Up

Limited Too — official ‘tween mall retailer of the ’90s, purveyor of glittery slogan T-shirts and embellished denim and chief clothier to every Lizzie McGuire wannabe — is making a retail comeback. After experiencing fizzling sales and absorption into Justice stores several years back, Limited Too …

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David Beckham Looks Back on One of His Worst ’90s Outfits

It wasn’t always this glamorous.

Style – Esquire


Calvin Klein Just Released Never-Before-Seen ’90s Footage of Kate Moss

“If one thing summed up Calvin Klein for us visually, it was Mario Sorrenti’s Obsession campaign with Kate Moss.”

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This Collection Is the Best Kind of ’90s Throwback

Tommy Jeans returns for spring 2017.

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The ’90s Nostalgia Runs Deep in Puma’s New Gear for Footlocker

Old school WWE stars like The Undertaker and “Macho Man” Randy Savage get the Clyde treatment.

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Family’s Rapping Xmas Card Takes Hint From ’90s Sitcoms

Family togetherness doesn’t have to get a bad rap.

Sometimes it gets a good one, like this hip-hop Christmas video created by the Lacking family in Los Angeles.

For the last three years, the family has sent out a Christmas video featuring each family member discussing what happened to them during the previous 12 months in back-and-forth, lightning-quick fashion.

The raps are written by Dion Lacking, who writes hip-hop jingles for various businesses.

This year’s video builds on the previous ones by taking a cue from ‘90s-era sitcoms like “Full House” and “Family Matters.”

In true sitcom fashion, the family argues and fights over who is the family’s real star only to realize they all matter in the Lacking universe.

“I wanted to show that we can have problems and come right back and love each other,” Lacking told HuffPost.

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Hairstylist Shares Rare Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Celebrities In The ‘90s And ‘00s

With apps like Snapchat and Instagram, we basically get 24/7 access to all of our favorite celebrities. But long before stars were sharing daily selfies, people were actually taking their photos with real film.

One of those people was Jason Rail, a former celebrity hairstylist who recently unearthed his collection of polaroids from the 1990s and early 2000s. Rail spoke to Vice about his impressive picture collection, telling the outlet that he felt like a “babysitter” to the stars. 

“The thing that [people] don’t realize is that you’re almost like a psychiatrist or an emotional babysitter, because you are the last person the actor or actress sees before they go onto set,” Rail told Vice. “So if you’re complaining about rent and your boyfriends and your sick cat, you can bum people out and they can get annoyed.”

Can't we just be friends? @_mattleblanc At the playboy mansion for a little party @bartschland #pixbyjasonrail

A photo posted by Jason T Rail (@nosajliar) on

The hairdresser added, “People don’t realize that you’re kind of in charge of feeling people out. If it’s a comedy, everyone’s generally in a pretty good mood. But if it’s an independent film there’s always someone getting killed or fucked up.” 

Rail said he hopes to one day make his incredible collection of photos into a coffee table book. Considering his penchant for befriending actors and actresses, we bet he’d have some amazing stories to tell, as well. 

#clockwatchers @lisakudrow On set in Old Town Pasedena #pixbyjasonrail 1996

A photo posted by Jason T Rail (@nosajliar) on

#littlecity @jonbonjoviofficial

A photo posted by Jason T Rail (@nosajliar) on

@jessicaalba Never Been Kissed premiere '99. Who knew she would become a billionaire. #pixbyjasonrail

A photo posted by Jason T Rail (@nosajliar) on

#doomgeneration @rosemcgowan first day of filming #pixbyjasonrail

A photo posted by Jason T Rail (@nosajliar) on

#hoppening #christinaapplegate @bartschland Playboy Mansion PARTY #pixbyjasonrail

A photo posted by Jason T Rail (@nosajliar) on

David and Courtney at the Never Been Kissed premiere. #pixbyjasonrail

A photo posted by Jason T Rail (@nosajliar) on

To read the rest of Rail’s interview with Vice head here

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These Photos Prove Just How Awesome the ’90s Were for Claire Danes

The actress reflects on her “Winona Ryder years,” the designer who taught her about fashion, and the latest season of Homeland.
The latest from allure.com
For Danes’s second Allure cover shoot, photographer Sebastian Kim photographed her wearing evening gowns and a bold lip color. “Her character in Homeland isn’t glamorous, so we wanted to capture her in a more elegant way,” says Allure creative director Paul Cavaco.
The latest from allure.com
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Stunning Jennifer Aniston Throwback Will Give You Major ’90s Nostalgia

Jennifer Aniston was basically the quintessential ’90s woman. If you didn’t literally have the Rachel haircut, you probably at least tuned in to watch the character on “Friends” each week to idolize and/or fall in love with her.

Now, you can relive that magic with a #tbt photo depicting an approximately “Friends”-era Aniston. While taking over the Instagram handle of her beauty company Living Proof on Thursday, Aniston posted a vintage image of herself standing alongside friend and actress Andrea Bendewald.

#tbt to a time before we had Living Proof

A photo posted by Living Proof (@livingproofinc) on

Um, is this Must-See TV Thursdays?

Aniston recently made style waves when she stepped out in New York city rocking a fierce pair of black leather pants. Clearly, the actress kills it in every fashion era.

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Epic Movie Pairings That Will Teleport You To The ’90s

Remember growing up thinking Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook made the cutest couple ever — reality be damned — after watching “She’s All That” for the 23rd time? That’s how we feel about all 15 epic movie pairings below that are just so perfectly ’90s.

Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier

movie couples

… in “Drive Me Crazy,” 1999

movie couples

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ethan Embry

movie couples

… in “Can’t Hardly Wait,” 1998

movie couples

Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek

movie couples

… in “Fools Rush In,” 1997

movie couples

Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan

movie couples

… in “American Pie,” 1999

movie couples

George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer

movie couples

… in “One Fine Day,” 1996

movie couples

Drew Barrymore and Dougray Scott

movie couples

… in “Ever After: A Cinderella Story,” 1998

movie couples

Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck

movie couples

… in “Forces of Nature,” 1999

movie couples

Ben Affleck and Joey Lauren Adams

movie couples

… in “Chasing Amy,” 1997

movie couples

Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon

movie couples

… in “Cruel Intentions,” 1999

movie couples

Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke

movie couples

… in “Reality Bites,” 1994

movie couples

Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd

movie couples

… in “Clueless,” 1995

movie couples

Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore

movie couples

… in “Nine Months,” 1995

movie couples

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan

movie couples

… in “You’ve Got Mail,” 1998

movie couples

Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook

movie couples

… in “She’s All That,” 1999

movie couples

Michael Douglas and Annette Bening

movie couples

… in “The American President,” 1995

movie couples

Photos: Getty, YouTube
Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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