The most important items to take while traveling according to experts


Going on a trip can be described in very few words. Packing, packing and more packing. And then there’s the part where you forget to pack up something important and your entire minutely planned trip becomes a headache-causing nightmare. No matter how much caution you take, how many times you remind yourself, there are those times you overlook something important. Something that’s at most times even obvious.

The easiest way to avoid finding yourself in this kind of situation is making a checklist of all the things you need to take with you when you travel. A checklist of everything, no matter how obvious and non-forgettable something seems. Only after you place an item in your traveling bags should you check it off. Here, we’re going to look at five of the most important items to take while you travel according to experts. With these 5 items with you, there isn’t something you can leave behind that has the power of ruining your trip.

1. Luggage

Well, yes, as obvious as this might seem, this happens to be the most important item to take with you because this is where all your other important items will be kept safely. As such, it should be secure. Then lightweight while still being spacious enough. Your luggage shouldn’t feel like extra baggage that tires you out. You’ll get enough fatigue from long flights and drives. Wheeled luggage is very convenient if you’re traveling to places with paved paths. Versatile ones that can be carried and also rolled are great if you’ll be venturing into some rough terrain areas. A carry-on is ideal for keeping all your important documents close to you.

2. Travel documents

These are probably the first things that should go into your travel bags before anything else. Vital documents while you travel include your passport/Visa, ID, boarding passes, airline tickets and insurance cards. There will be many places you’ll need to identify yourself, especially in a foreign country. Maps and guide books should also be kept with this lot.

3. Technology devices

Staying at reach and in contact is important, especially when you’re traveling away from home. Your mobile, tablets or laptop should come with you. Never leave your chargers behind. Take along your camera to record those moments on your trip, and headphones, preferably the noise-cancelling ones to get you through noisy commuting.

4. Cash and credit cards

You’ll need money to get plenty much anything you want to get done on your trip, so keeping enough cash on you and carrying your credit cards is important. Make sure to keep it in a safe place, and notify your bank if you’re traveling abroad and will be using your credit card. Also, familiarize yourself with the currency rates of the country you’ll be visiting to avoid carrying too little cash.

5. Precautionary items

You can never be too cautious, and that’s why you should travel ready for anything. Personal prescriptions, fever and pain relievers along with a full first-aid kit are things you should take with you in case of any medical emergencies. Others include allergy medicines, multivitamins, antibacterial ointments, sunscreen and insect repellants. If you have a history of succumbing to motion sickness, take along pills. With all these in place, you’ll prevent the possibility of having your trip cut short by unexpected ailments or extreme reactions to new environments.


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As much as we love foundation, it does have a temperamental tendency to highlight stuff we don’t want seen — arguably, something that can be more of an issue for mature skin, which benefits from moisturizing and nourishing formulas. Makeup artists call out their favorite foundations for those with mature skin.


These are the biggest takeaway trends of 2019 according to Deliveroo

Anybody for a cup of fermented tea?

2019 food trends

Although we’re always partial to a KFC or sneaky Domino’s, ever since Deliveroo launched in the UK they’ve basically proved it’s possible to get a restaurant-quality takeaway and changed the game. (And our poor bank accounts.) This year, we’ve tried basically every Vietnamese restaurant with ordering distance and hunkered down with some Mexican cuisine in our pyjamas but according to Deliveroo, we could be singing a very different tune next year. The delivery platform revealed what the top five food trends of 2019 to are going to be and well, it’s good news for vegetarians.

They’ve anticipated that next year, people are going to take a major interest in ‘healthy frozen savouries’ so you could find yourself picking up some avocado ice cream at the supermarket. They claimed that 2019 heralds ‘the international adoption of savoury and healthy ice creams’ and ‘vegan and veggie variations of ice cream are certainly expected’.

2019 food trends


Biltong and crisps are going to take more of a backseat in 2019 as one kind of divisive form of cuisine is on the rise, as they believe ‘sea snacks’ are going to become popular. In fact, there’s already been a big jump in interest as Deliveroo said, ‘With an already abundant and rich marine life, Deliveroo has already seen an increase of 59 percent in seafood orders across the platform.’

Even if you know some ride or die meat eaters, Deliveroo’s also predicted that there’s a new eating trend that’s going to change things: something called ‘flexitarianism’. They explained, ‘We have witnessed veganism explode in Ireland, with Deliveroo restaurant partners increasing their vegan-friendly options by a staggering 100 percent and a 73 percnet increase of vegan orders on the platform in 2018.’

“As the lifestyle gathers more speed in the new year, Deliveroo predicts an increase in Flexitarianism,’ they continued, ‘where customers will dip in and out of meat dishes in favour of #MeatlessMonday and #GreenSunday.’

2019 food trends


As the world grows more eco-conscious, so will the food trade next year. Deliveroo’s predicted that their merchants are going to ‘introduce innovative ways to reduce daily waste, by using the likes of root vegetable leaves to make tasty and flavoursome pestos to accompany dishes’.

And finally, the boom of fermented food and drink over in California is apparently going to make a splash in the UK. Deliveroo particularly honed in on kombucha, a fermented tea, saying, ‘Hailed as a miracle drink, it packs a probiotic punch for gut health. Seeing as Ireland’s unofficial national drink is tea, this fermented version is sure to be a key 2019 healthy hit.’

So, what do you think? We personally aren’t super into the idea of swapping out a cheesy pasta for mouldy tea TBH, but to each their own.

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This is what a sunrise on Mars sounds like, according to a computer algorithm

mars sunrise

Scientists know a lot about Mars, at least when it comes to what it looks like. Sound, on the other hand, is a lot more challenging, and it’s not like we have high-powered microphones listening to the wind sweep across the Martian plains.

Now, researchers from Anglia Ruskin University and the University of Exeter have created an interesting piece of music that wasn’t just inspired by Mars, but was actually composed by a computer algorithm using a Mars sunrise as data. The result is a surprisingly pleasing piece of music, and you can listen to it yourself.

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According To Science, If You Eat This Before Bed, You Can Lose Weight


Winter is coming. As the temperature cools outside, we tend to cuddle up in our blankets, sitting in front of the TV, snacking.

Research at Johns Hopkins University found that on average, people can pack on five to seven pounds during colder months. Some of the reasons for the extra weight gain can be attributed to sleeping too much, the heavy calorie count that comes with holiday meals, and the lure of warm comfort foods (pasta!).

But there may be hope for some of us who are looking to lose some weight without much effort. According to a new study published by the British Journal of Nutrition, if you consume cottage cheese before bed, you can lose weight.

Say what?

Yes, if you are a cheesehead, this may be the diet hack for you. Research showed that eating low-calorie foods helps to boost your metabolism and helps to support muscle strength and your overall health, Women’s Health reports.

Even though we are mostly cautioned against eating before bedtime, apparently the “no food after 9” rule doesn’t apply to food that is rich in protein.

If you snack on two tablespoons of cottage cheese just a half an hour before hitting the Z’s, it could help improve your waistline.

“Until now, we presumed whole foods would act similarly to the data on supplemental protein, but we had no real evidence,” says Professor Michael Ormsbee, from Florida State University.

“This is important because it adds to the body of literature that indicates whole foods work just as well as protein supplementation, and it gives people options for pre-sleep nutrition that go beyond powders and shaker bottles.”

Of course, any of these tips need to be incorporated into an overall healthy diet and exercise routine. But if a couple spoonfuls of cheese could help us in our weight loss goals, bring it on!





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