Warriors Orochi 4’s Smartest Addition Is Some Very Dumb Magic

It feels like the Warriors series is constantly looking for a way to act smarter than its fans actually want it to be. The release of any given Dynasty, Samurai, or spin-off Warriors game will come with the promise of some new idea or other. We’ve had flexible combo systems, skill-based special gauges, weapon classes, squad controls. The last ‘innovation’ was the most sweeping of all, as Dynasty Warriors 9 swapped the series’ compact, enemy-packed battlefields for an astonishingly empty open world that, somehow, still wouldn’t run properly. The less said about that the better.

The thing is, I’d imagine the majority of Warriors fans are in the same boat as me. Perversely, this is a series beautiful entirely because of its mindlessness. Sweeping bright red enemy armies from the mini-map feels closer to the pleasure of a Tetris or an emptied pool table than the stresses of the hardcore action games Omega Force has seemed keen to copy in the past.

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Why Constantine is a Great Addition to DC’s ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

What makes DC’s Legends of Tomorrow so great? Is it the swashbuckling adventures? The ragtag team of misfits? The undeniable chemistry and love amongst the team members? Yes. Yes to all of that! With the action-packed exploits, tender moments of love — both romantic and familial — The CW series hits all the right notes to keep audiences entertained. Which is why we are so excited by the prospects of Constantine joining the show.

After battling an immortal warrior, a speedster, and a demon, not to mention Nazis from Earth X, saving Helen of Troy, and befriending Jonah Hex, the team could use a helping hand on their next missions. While the Legends have never been more solid, their new foes might be a little out of their wheelhouse. In Season 4, as magic prevails, John Constantine is stepping foot on the Wave Rider and he couldn’t be a better fit.

The Embodiment of Constantine

Constantine Legends of Tomorrow

Matt Ryan has been embodying this character since the original solo Constantine series premiered in 2014 on NBC. He gave viewers 13 episodes of angels and demons, curses and possessions, and of course, cigarettes. Ryan reprised the role in Arrow Season 4 Episode 5 “Haunted” as well as the CW Seed animated series Constantine: City of Demons. Meaning, not only has this actor been living and breathing John Constantine, but he’s passionate about keeping this role on our screens and fully diving into his story.

And if that weren’t enough, like the character of Constantine himself, Ryan is from the UK, which means he gets to use his natural accent (sorry Mick, Amaya, and Jax). Forget Keanu Reeves’ Constantine, Ryan’s version embraces the characteristics set forth in the comics, including his bisexuality. Viewers were given a glimpse of it when he first graced the Waverider, but now that Sara and Ava are pretty much settled down, it’s time to move on and ship Constantine with EVERYONE!

The Magical Mind of Constantine

Constantine Legends of Tomorrow

While some like to keep their science-fiction separate from fantasy, the Arrowverse prefers to combine and explore both genres, especially on Legends of Tomorrow. Last season launched the magical side for Legends with Damien Darhk and the demon Mallus. But Damien wasn’t the only magical Darhk, he introduced our Legends to his daughter Nora who is set to play a huge part in the upcoming season.

Enter Constantine, occultly experienced lone wolf who is ready take on the magical side of DC. With his addition to the team, the Legends will receive another badass character, but also someone who is informed about and is an expert on the occult and witchcraft. The team is full of brawn but sometimes lacks brains. Yes, Nate is a diligent historian, and Ray is the expert in the sciences, but when it comes to magic, they need John and his array of mystical knowledge.

The Isolation of Constantine

Constantine Legends of Tomorrow

As for the lone wolf aspect of Constantine, he’s amongst peers. The Waverider has always been inhabited by people who prefer to go it alone. It wasn’t until Rip Hunter gathered them that most of our Legends became a family. Remember when Sara came aboard? And now she’s captain! While Constantine is set in his ways, and “notoriously doesn’t work well in a team”, over time, just as the others have found that they work better together, hopefully, John Constantine will discover this about himself too.

Constantine Legends of Tomorrow

The addition of John really presents a whole slew of wonderful opportunities and engaging storylines. Ryan himself spoke about the upcoming interactions between Constantine and the team, noting “these are relationships that have not been explored in the comic books, so they’re all being discovered for the first time“. Which means viewers may get to see him challenge Sara’s leadership, become either besties, enemies, or frenemies with the hothead Mick Rory, and probably get quickly annoyed by boy-scout Ray Palmer’s incessant interest in understanding magic. Regardless, the Waverider is about to become incredibly exciting and a lot more magical!

6 Magical Characters We Want On ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 4

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Marc Howze Is the Latest Addition To Nationwide Insurance’s Board of Directors

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co., ranked No. 68 on the Fortune 500 list, is adding Marc Howze to its board of directors, effective immediately the company announced.

Howze, 55, is the senior vice president and chief administrative officer at John Deere, a role he was tapped to fill in November 2016 after the retirement of longtime group president Michael Mack. At his position, Howze oversees the publicly traded equipment manufacturer’s human resources, labor relations, government affairs, brand marketing, communications and security, as well as the John Deere Foundation.

Howze began his career at John Deere & Co. as an attorney in 2001; later serving as senior attorney, senior counsel, and manager in the business development and consumer equipment division.

Marc Howze

Marc Howze (John Deere)

He was promoted to corporate secretary and associate general counsel of the company in 2006. In 2008, Howze was assigned to Deere’s agricultural marketing group as marketing integration manager. A year later, he would be appointed factory manager of 335,000 square feet John Deere Turf Care in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, and later the Global Director of Cotton Harvesting Product Line where he was responsible for business with factories in the U.S., China, and Israel. Starting in 2012, Howze served as VP, Global Human Resources and Employee Communications.

Howze served as an artillery officer in the U.S. Army and in various capacities as a judge advocate, including assignments as Special Assistant United States Attorney and procurement attorney specializing in federal government contracts.

A Detroit native, he earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan-Dearborn and law degrees from the University of Michigan and an M.B.A. from Duke University. He serves on the boards of the John Deere Foundation, Thurgood Marshall College Fund, and Second Baptist Church Outreach Music and Arts Academy. He currently resides in Illinois.

Sara Martinez Tucker, chair of the University of Texas System Board of Reagents that governs the university system and oversees each of its 14 institutions, will also be joining the board of Nationwide Insurance.

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Ndamukong Suh a Strong Addition for the Rams’ Star-Powered Defense, But Questions Still Remain

With the addition of Ndamukong Suh, two of the best defensive linemen in the game are lining up next to each other in Los Angeles, but that doesn’t automatically make the Rams one of the top defenses in the game. Why?

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