Mobile Shopping and Social App Dote Is Aiming to Be ‘Gen Z’s Dream Mall’

As Generation Z grows to be retail’s largest group of consumers with an estimated $ 44 billion in buying power, businesses are rethinking their strategies to appeal towards a group of digital natives who value seamless shopping experiences, authenticity and transparency. Their idea of shopping …

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NAFTA negotiators aiming for ‘ambitious’ first round of talks, US trade official says

Negotiators from Canada, Mexico and the United States are aiming for an ambitious first round of NAFTA talks.


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AimingPro – The First Golf Aiming Device

AimingPro – The First Golf Aiming Device

AimingPro The World’s First Golf Aiming Device AimingPro is the world’s FIRST golf aiming device that allows golfers to have a perfect shot by precisely aligning the golfer’s position to the target through our innovative rotation algorithm technology and motion sensor. Golf is a game of precision. But optical illusion and psychological instability make it difficult to achieve accurate aiming and direction. AimingPro is the world’s first golf aiming device that you clip on and wear around your waist. It’s an entirely new kind of digital golf device and the only device that will replace traditional alignment sticks. Clip it. Aim and Press it! AimingPro has only one button in the front to activate it. Simply stand behind the ball while facing the direction of the target. Then, click the AimingPro device. Confirm! Next, take the ready position to hit the ball. AimingPro will guide you and let you know when you are standing in perfect alignment to hit the ball. Swing Confidently! AimingPro takes away the burden of misdirection off the user’s mind and allows the user to hit the ball with peace of mind and more confidence. As long as you wear AimingPro, you will never have to worry about your aim. Let AimingPro take you back to the basics of golf and the perfect swing! Instructional Video Specifications Lithium polymer rechargeable internal battery (adopted protection circuit) Charged by connecting to the computers USB or power adapter Time for complete charge: around 1 hour Duration of use: 10~15 rounds possible with a single charge Operating temperature: -10?C ~ 50?C Operating altitude: over 1,000 meters Waterproof: water resistant in daily activity (splash proof) Take care in using the product in heavy rain or other severe weathers Height : 55.5mm Width : 28mm Depth : 15mm
List Price: $ 129.99
Price: $ 129.99