JetBlue CEO walks down airplane aisle to collect trash

The multimillionaire CEO of JetBlue isn’t above picking up travelers’ trash. The airline honcho, Robin Hayes, who earns a salary of more than $ 3 million a year, walked down the aisle of an airplane collecting garbage, flight-attendant-style, after hosting a ticket giveaway game aboard the aircraft Friday, according to one traveler. “Hayes got on the…
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The explosive fury of an airplane toilet flushing might be a lot quieter soon

Airplane toilet flush sound

The frequent fliers amongst you will no doubt be aware that newer airplanes come with increasingly quieter cabins, which can make long flights a little more bearable, but can also be something of a double-edged sword. If you read the title, you already know where we’re going with this.

The reduced noise level only amplifies the volume of passengers flushing the toilet, which generally sounds like a terrifying approximation of standing with your head in a jet engine. Luckily, though, some Brigham Young University physicists think they’ve solved the intractable problem of the overly loud airplane loo.

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  1. The explosive fury of an airplane toilet flushing might be a lot quieter soon

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Say What Now? Man Arrested for Trying to Smuggle an Orangutan on an Airplane

A Russian man thought he could get away with smuggling an ape on a plane.

via NYP:

Andrei Zhestkov, 27, stuffed the stowaway — a sleeping orangutan — in his luggage, officials at Bali Airport in Indonesia said.

He had a few other traveling companions: two live gekkos and five lizards.

Officials quoted the man-agerie as saying he wanted to keep the two-year-old male primate as a pet.

Conservation official Ketut Catur Marbawa said Zhestkov was “prepared, like he was transporting a baby.”

He took along baby food and allergy pills, which he fed his prospective pet to make it sleep.

Zhestkov, who had been planning to fly back to Russia, claimed the protected animal was given to him by a friend who bought it for $ 3,000 at a street market in Java.

Orangutans are endangered and Zhestkov could face as much as five years prison and a $ 7,000 fine.

Can you imagine if the orangutan woke up mid-flight? Chaos.

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No Propellers or Turbine Needed: MIT’s New Airplane Needs No Fuel or Moving Parts.

Ever since the Wright Brothers launched their sustained flight of an aircraft, people have been ferried through the air in planes powered by moving parts–typically, a propellor or jet turbine.

A paper published in Nature this week shows that a team of aeronautics scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has designed, and successfully flown, an entirely new type of aircraft: One that has no moving parts, requires no fossil fuel, and lacks the loud droning sound traditional aircraft can emit–a plane that seems closer to sci-fi than it does aircraft aloft in the skies above Earth.

The paper describes a plane powered by electro-aerodynamics, a process in which “electrical forces accelerate ions in a fluid,” it says, creating a phenomenon called an “ionic wind that produces a thrust force in the opposite direction to ion flow.” Such technology had been around for a while, helping to power spacecraft beyond Earth’s atmosphere, one aerospace engineer told Scientific American. The trick was powering a plane through our planet’s skies.

Put into plain English, here’s how MIT explained the potential advancement in air-flight technology. “When a current passes between two electrodes–one thinner than the other–it creates a wind in the air between. If enough voltage is applied, the resulting wind can produce a thrust without the help of motors or fuel.”

But here’s the catch: The MIT researchers designed a mere drone that weighed about five pounds and had a roughly 16-foot wingspan, Popular Science reported. In ten test flights, the electro-aerodynamically powered plane flew as long as 230 feet at around 11 miles an hour. “Then it crashed into the wall, which wasn’t ideal,” one researcher was quoted as saying.

Maybe that’s not the stuff of future air travel, or even the enduring legend of Kitty Hawk. But the achievement is being greeted as a promising prelude to the future air flight. Electro-aerodynamics may not be close to replacing propellers and jet turbines any time soon, but it could open the door to new alternatives in air travel.

“You could imagine all sorts of military or security benefits to having a silent propulsion system with no infrared signature,” said MIT professor Steven Barrett, a co-author on the Nature study.



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