Pet-friendly hotels around the globe

Driving away from the kennel after dropping your dog off is a pretty “ruff” way to start a vacation! It’s hard to enjoy yourself knowing your furry best friend is missing you, so the best way to deal with it is to take him along for the adventure. Luckily there are some pretty amazing pet-friendly hotels across the world who want to make sure your favorite four-legged friend has as much of a good time as you. These are just a few of them…

Fairmont, San Francisco

For just a $ 75 fee, your furry friend can come along to this iconic hotel and will be treated to facilities just as luxurious as their human counterparts. Not only will a water bowl and a comfortable bed be waiting for them in the room when you arrive, but they can even order from their own room service menu!

Pet-friendly hotels

Kai Kinugawa, Japan

There are currently more pets than young children in Japan, so it only makes sense that hotels are catering to them. This hot spring hotel offers their guests the chance to book a dog room which comes with essentials such as bowls, beds, and towels for the pooches, as well as an outdoor run for them to get some exercise, and a private hot spring bath for both pet and guest to relax in.

The Hoxton, Amsterdam

Hoxton hotels chain have actually gone as far as to design a website specifically for their K9 guests, called Hox Hounds, which thankfully has a translation button to help their owners understand. There is no fee for bringing a dog with you at these hotels, and they will provide a bowl, bed, toilet bags, and a spare collar and lead.

The Langham, Sydney

Sure, there are other pet-friendly hotels in Sydney, but the Langham claims to be the only five-star luxury accommodation. It will cost you $ 85 per pet to bring them along, and the cat, dog or bird needs to be under 44lbs. There is a pet-sitting service if you need to pop out, and they can spend their time reclining on a luxury pet bed, enjoying something from the pet-specific in-room menu, which features treats such as beef, salmon, and a special bird mix of crudites!

Dog in hotel room

Kimpton Hotel Monaco, Seattle

Although you’re probably looking at taking your dog on your trip with you, at this hotel as long as it is small enough to fit through the door, it can stay! So feel free to bring your llama, snake or piglet with you, and they will be provided with essentials such as toys, beds, water bowls, and even treats, regardless of animal. At most of the 60 hotels run by this chain, you’ll be greeted by the Director of Pet Relations who is a dog, and in this specific destination, there is a delicious dining menu for dogs from beef stew to a frozen Pupsicle.

So, next time you book a trip, instead of putting your furry friend in a kennel, choose somewhere pet-friendly and make some memories – you’d be barking not to!

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4.15.19 Cars that stop you from speeding; Anonymously shop around for mortgage rates

The EU is working towards all new cars being able to obey speed limits regardless of the driver by 2022; A new website allows you to shop for mortgage rates without being inundated with phone calls from sales people. 

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‘Special’ creator Ryan O’Connell: ‘There’s such ignorance around disability’

Actor/writer Ryan O’Connell, who has cerebral palsy, wants to change the way we talk about disabilities — and he’s hoping to do that with “Special,” his new Netflix sitcom premiering Friday. “When people see me in public, they think I have limited cognitive ability; they think I can’t do certain things,” says O’Connell, 32, who’s…
Entertainment | New York Post


Rochelle Humes bans diet talk around daughters

OHMYGOSSIP — Rochelle Humes has banned diet talk around her young daughters.
The star – who has Alaia-Mai, six, and Valentina, two, with husband Marvin Humes – explained how she wants her girls to grow up without worrying too much about their weight, and she has even scolded her own mother for breaking the important rule.
She told The Mirror: “She was like, ‘Oh I need to go on a diet before your birthday’. That’s fine to say to me, but I don’t like that around my girls.
“I’ll be like, ‘Right, we need to eat this because we need to look after our teeth.’ ”
Meanwhile, Rochelle’s husband Marvin previously insisted the couple have no more plans to add to their brood, and he revealed they are “done” having children.
He said:”I always say never say never but I’m pretty sure that we’re done [having kids] now. We’re very lucky, do you know what I mean?
“We’re lucky to have such a great family. I was never that dad that was desperate to have a boy, I love having two girls, and we’re very happy.”
And the 34-year-old singer and DJ feels “extremely lucky” to have Rochelle, 28, in his life.
He recently added: “Regardless of what position you’re in we are extremely lucky. I think I’ve got my parents to thank from my side because they’re still together and they’ve been my role models in life, my dad’s taught me a lot. “Ultimately she’s my best friend, we love each other very much and we’re lucky enough to have each other. We’ve been together for nine years now, it feels like nine months but so much has happened and we’ve been through some incredible moments. We’re very grateful and know how lucky we are.”

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A flight was forced to turn around because a woman forgot her baby at the airport

airline passenger forgets baby

Getting ready for an airline flight can be pretty stressful, and remembering to haul all your belongings with you is a struggle for plenty of people. If you forget a carry-on bag in the terminal you might find yourself in a tight spot, but there’s little chance the pilot will turn around in mid-air so you can grab it.

A distraught mother on a Saudi Arabian Airlines flight left a pilot with no choice but to make an immediate return to their departing airport over the weekend because she forgot something a whole lot more precious than luggage — she left her baby sitting in the waiting area.

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Coolest food festivals around the world


Imagine jetting off on vacation. Now, imagine jetting off on vacation knowing that you get to satisfy your love of food at the same time. Who knew life could get better? Thankfully, there are a handful of the coolest food festivals around the world that should be more than enough for you to sink your teeth into.

Cayman Cookout – Cayman Islands

Want to learn how to cook from a Michelin-star chef while feeling the white sand from the beaches ooze between your toes? Look no further. The Cayman Cookout is the perfect place for anyone with a love of brilliant weather and food as cooks from all around the world all prepare some of their greatest meals alongside one another while everyone gets to try a piece at the end.

Salon du Chocolat – France

We have two words for you: chocolate and Paris. Yes, this food festival will combine the elegance of the city with the deliciousness of chocolate all in one incredible event. Hundreds of people from all around the world travel to the Salon du Chocolat where they create everything from their finest tastes to chocolate sculptures and everything in between. Still not convinced? There is also a fashion show where the models wear chocolate dresses.

Pizzafest – Italy

Many of us have fallen for pizza over the years, and it seems as though it could soon be time to travel to Italy to give it all the love this food truly deserves. As well as getting to try all kinds of flavors (cue mouth drooling already), visitors can also learn how to make the pizzas for themselves as well as watch some of the top chefs in the world compete head to head in the annual World Pizza-Making Championship.

Chinchilla Melon Festival – Australia

While you might have never realized how much you love melons, that could all be about to change thanks to the Chinchilla Melon Festival in Australia. There is celebrity melon eating, melon skiing, and even melon chariot racing. This food festival is also the perfect place for melon growers to show off their incredible harvest of the year before everyone gets to tuck into a melon feast while dancing the night away at the street parade.

La Tomatina – Spain

This festival is held in a small town in Spain and could be the ultimate way that many of us need to let off some steam. If pelting thousands of strangers with perfectly ripe tomatoes sounds like your idea of a good time then it might be time to book a flight to Spain. Be prepared to get messy as people at this food festival spend an hour throwing nearly 133,000 pounds of tomatoes all thanks to a street brawl back in the ‘40s.

Whether you want to enjoy a selection of gourmet meals or finally have the chance to play with your food, there are so many food festivals in the world that allow thousands of people to come together and show their appreciation for the goods on offer. Life really can’t get much better.


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Bad luck is following Clint Frazier around everywhere

DUNEDIN, Fla. — When Clint Frazier got hit with a thrown ball while stealing second base in the fourth inning Sunday against the Blue Jays, it was easy to think that stuff has a way of happening to the outfielder, even though it didn’t seem to bother him. However, when he was drilled in the…
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Picks of the Week: Three Thrilling Films Out Now About Women Around the World

Picks of the Week is Women and Hollywood’s newest resource. We are often asked for recommendations, so each week we’ll spotlight the women-driven and women-made projects—movies, series, VOD releases and more—that we’re most excited about. Sign up for the Women and Hollywood newsletter at to get each week’s pick delivered to your inbox.

Pick of the Week: Greta

No good deed goes unpunished in Greta.

The campy thriller sees Chloë Grace Moretz playing Frances, a kind young woman new to New York City. One fateful day, she finds a purse left behind by someone on the subway; the Good Samaritan uses an ID card in the bag to contact its owner, who welcomes Frances into her home. Greta (Isabelle Huppert), a lonely widow living in a foreign land, is grateful to have her purse back, but more grateful for Frances’ company.

Huppert and Moretz have good chemistry as they bond over cinema, tea and cooking. Then, things go sour—and the former begins to stalk the latter, terrorizing her at every turn.

Greta is best viewed in a packed theater. Half the fun of watching the pic is seeing—and hearing—the audience’s reaction as the film becomes increasingly wild and weird. The delightfully absurd roller coaster ride is especially enjoyable alongside other passengers, whether they’re laughing, gasping or sneering at Greta’s twists and turns. (Laura Berger)

Greta opens March 1.

Pick of the Week: Woman at War

Halla (Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir) is a seemingly average Icelandic woman: a choir director trying to adopt an orphan from Ukraine. But behind her apparently normal life, Halla has become a stealth eco-terrorist, using a bow and arrow to knock down power lines and sabotage development in the countryside.

At first, the terrorism is dismissed, but as she becomes bolder and causes more damage, the authorities double down on trying to capture the anonymous warrior who is fighting for a greener future. (Melissa Silverstein)

Woman at War opens in New York and Los Angeles March 1, with a national expansion to follow. Find screening info here

Pick of the Week: Saint Judy

Immigration issues are front and center in the news. Saint Judy reminds you about the people, not the politics, that are affected by the laws.

Judy Wood (Michelle Monaghan), a woman trying to make a living as an immigration attorney, has more cases than she can handle and barely gets paid. But when she represents a woman seeking asylum who has been persecuted due to her gender, she winds up changing U.S. immigration law. (MS)

Saint Judy opens in select cities March 1 and will expand March 8. Find screening info here.

Women and Hollywood educates, advocates and agitates for gender diversity and inclusion in Hollywood and the global film industry. The site, founded in 2007 by Melissa Silverstein, sets the standard, defines the conversation, fuels coverage and reinforces messages throughout the specialized and mainstream media to call for gender parity on a daily basis. Follow W&H at @WomenaHollywood and Melissa @MelSil.

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Facebook is greasing up politicians around the globe, leak reveals


Facebook’s whole business model hinges on collecting data and breaching users’ privacy, so it comes as no surprise to learn that the company has been currying favor with politicians around the globe to stymie legislation that protects people’s privacy.

Leaked internal documents from Facebook, reported on by The Guardian and Computer Weekly Saturday, outline a litany of ways that Facebook was using its power, money, and influence to sway politicians including a former UK chancellor, a former prime minister of Ireland, and a former president of India.

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Measles cases at ‘alarmingly’ high levels around the world, UNICEF says

Global measles cases increased by 48.4% between 2017 and 2018, according to calculations by UNICEF of data on 194 countries from the World Health Organization. – RSS Channel – Health


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Burberry blasted for showing off hoodie with noose around the neck

Burberry is facing mounting scrutiny for taking a fashion risk that even it admits went too far. The luxury fashion brand has apologized for sending a hoodie that featured a noose around the neck down its Fall 2019 runway at London Fashion Week on Sunday. The problematic item incorporated a noose tied together from the…
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Maria Is Already Planning Her Spring Uniform Around This Chore Jacket

After running around outside in nearly every weather element that could happen over the course of winter during New York Fashion Week, I think it’s safe to say that I’m ready as hell for spring to get here. My dear and trusty arsenal of wool coats, you’ve kept me warm and cozy for the past three …

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Best hostels around the world


Nothing says adventure quite like traveling around the world with just a backpack on your shoulders and a passport ready to be filled with stamps. While some travelers opt to spend their nights in a hotel, those who want to experience the grit and culture of a new destination tend to opt for a hostel instead. You don’t have to travel too far to find a hostel when you find a new location to set up camp for the night, but have you ever wondered which hostels are considered the best in the world?

Star Hostel Taipei Main Station

If you ever find yourself looking for accommodation in Taipei, Taiwan, the Star Hostel Taipei Main Station should be at the top of your list. This hostel has won many awards over the course of its existence, thanks to its artsy interior and its ability to bring the outside in. Yes, there are plants everywhere, wooden floors follow you around the whole hostel, and there are little nooks and crannies all over the place for you to enjoy.

Soul Kitchen

Fancy taking a trip to St. Petersburg? When you get to Russia, make sure you check out the Soul Kitchen hostel, because we can guarantee you won’t regret it. This is the perfect place to make friends with new travelers and hang out with like-minded people. There are three fun-filled common rooms to enjoy, and there are even facilities to use the internet and make international calls for free. As if that wasn’t enough, Soul Kitchen provides free tea and coffee all day, every day.


Amsterdam welcomes millions of visitors each year, and a large portion of those travelers make their way to the ClinkNoord hostel. If you’re a fan of modern Dutch interiors, you’ll be happy to know that this place is decked out in some of the coolest furniture known to man, woman, or adventurer. With oodles of space to relax and unwind after a day of exploring, you can read a few books in the library corner, play pool with your pals, or just hang out on the couches with your travel buddies.

Lub D Phuket Patong

Thailand welcomes thousands of backpackers every single year, which means there is definitely no shortage of hostels. However, if you want to experience the best of the best, it’s probably best that you book your place at the Lub D Phuket Patong hostel in Phuket. This huge development has everything you could possibly need from a hostel, including a giant swimming pool, a chill-out terrace, games tables, and large dormitories for guests to enjoy. It’s one of the best in the world.

Sungate One

If you’re looking for a slightly smaller hostel, Sungate One in Madrid has everything you could possibly need in one neat package. Located in the center of the Spanish city, you’re never too far away from where you want to be – and then you can come home to clean rooms and so much space for activities. What more could you want?

Hostels are everywhere, but there’s no doubt about the fact that these are the best!


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Sources: Kamala Harris Will Launch A Presidential Campaign Around MLK Jr. Day

Sen. Kamala Harris may officially announce her bid for the White House sometime during MLK weekend, according to inside sources who spoke to KCBS Radio in her home state of California.

Speculation that the Democratic senator will make a run for president next year escalated when she launched a book tour promoting her new memoir, The Truths We Hold: An American Journey, which published Tuesday. When questioned about the 2020 race on her tour, Harris has repeatedly said that she is not ready to announce her decision yet. However, several sources with knowledge of her plans say she and her family are indeed ready for a run.

Sources also say that the 54-year-old freshman senator is still debating on how and where to kick off a presidential campaign. KCBS reports that “the tentative plan is for Harris to enter the race for the Democratic presidential nomination with a campaign rally, most likely in Oakland, where she was born and began her legal career.” However, a spokesperson for Harris told The Hill, that no announcement is imminent and Harris will not be in Oakland during the holiday weekend.

Nonetheless, Harris told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Wednesday that she will make a final decision about 2020 soon and that she truly believes the nation is ready for a woman of color to be president.

“We have to give the American people more credit, and we have to understand that the American public and the people of our country are smart people who will make decisions about who will be their leader based on who they believe is capable, who they believe has an honest desire to lead, to represent, to see them, to be a voice for them even if they have no power,” she said.

Harris made history in 2017 when she became the second African American woman to be sworn into Congress as a U.S. Senator. Altogether, a total of just 10 African Americans have ever served in the U.S. Senate, including former President Barack Obama and Sen. Cory Booker.

If Harris jumps into the 2020 race, she would likely join Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who recently announced an exploratory committee for a presidential bid. Other potential high-profile Democratic candidates include Sen. Booker, Sen. Bernie Sanders, former Vice President Joe Biden, and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas).

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Beautiful reefs around the world


Although life above water is pretty darn spectacular, sometimes you just need to grab your diving gear and take the plunge. The ocean is full of weird and wonderful creatures, and you just never know what you might find when you dip your head and swim even deeper under the surface. While much of the underwater world is beautiful, there is nothing more beautiful than a coral reef.

Rainbow Reef, Fiji

The Rainbow Reef in Fiji earned its name for bringing some of the most vibrant colors into our lives. The coral reef is chock full of yellows, reds, oranges, pinks, blues, and more, and this reef even offers a wide selection of hard and soft coral for you to check out. It’s a true feast for the eyes, which is why so many people make this their diving spot each year.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is perhaps one of the most famous reefs in the world, and for a good reason. It’s the largest natural reef in the world and holds more than 400 types of coral. Because of this, you can spend days diving from the many islands that stand within this reef, checking out all of the colors and all of the amazing wildlife that calls this place home. It’s not one to miss.

New Caledonia Barrier Reef, New Caledonia

It seems as though we’re not the only ones who think this place is pretty spectacular because the New Caledonia Barrier Reef has actually been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Beneath the multi-colored water is a whole world that offers a double barrier reef and some of the most incredible sea creatures on the planet.

Apo Reef, Philippines

The Philippines is known for offering some of the most beautiful waterways in the world, but it seems as though the Apo Reef is the piece-de-resistance. Located on the Mindoro Strait, this reef offers a whopping 13 miles of coral reef for divers to enjoy. The variety of colors and coral under the water shows just how diverse this area of the world can be.

Bonaire Reef, Dutch Caribbean

If you’re into diving, there’s a high chance that the reputation of Bonaire Reef precedes itself. This reef is often called the “Diver’s Paradise” because it has everything a diver could possibly want to see. The water is perfectly clear, which offers unedited views of the variety of colors that live beneath the surface. From hard to soft coral, this reef is like a painting underwater.

We are lucky enough to live in a world that is full of natural beauty. Most of us don’t have to stray too far to see this for ourselves, but it’s fair to say that humans have had a detrimental effect on these environments. With our coral reefs depleting at an alarming rate, the rush is on to save these underwater societies before they are gone for good. Let’s keep these beautiful reefs as beautiful as possible!


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Tooling Around Tokyo for Vintage Treasures

TOKYO — The Japanese capital arguably has some of the best vintage shopping in the world, with stores across the city offering a huge variety of used pieces in excellent condition. Many visitors flock to areas such as Harajuku, Daikanyama and Shimokitazawa to get their fix. But to the west of the city center is an area that is often overlooked: Koenji.
With a location that is just removed enough from the packed streets of Tokyo’s business districts and yet still easily accessible, Koenji has a unique atmosphere that draws people young and old to its web of tiny streets. Old-school bars, Japanese-style pubs and “live houses” (small establishments with live music) mix with cool art galleries, great restaurants, eclectic cafes and, of course, some of the city’s best vintage shopping. It’s one of the few areas — if not the only one — in the city where great deals can still be found, and since many of the stores specialize in very specific eras or aesthetics, the clientele varies widely.
“This is one of the few places where you can live in a fashion style. You can wear the style and then go to a cafe that reflects that style, and

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Charlamagne Tha God – Combatting the Stigma Around Mental Health in “Shook One” | The Daily Show

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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Warm winter foods from around the world


As winter sets in, we start noticing the cold and feel the need to cook up some tasty hot meals to warm us up from the inside out. In the miserable depths of winter, not just any meal will suffice, however. Countries around the world have developed some unique hot dishes which are perfect winter warmers, no matter what part of the world you’re from.

Sweden’s Janssons frestelse

Sweden’s perfect winter meal is Janssons frestelse, also known as Jansson’s temptation. Made from potato, onion, sprats, bread crumbs, and cream, this dish forms a traditional Swedish casserole. As a typical Christmas dish in Sweden, Janssons frestelse is the perfect winter warmer. It has a creamy taste, and the different flavors and textures work well to complement each other.

Hungary’s goulash

Hungary has a winter food which is relatively well-known throughout the world these days. Goulash is a type of meat stew, usually using beef. It is seasoned and sprinkled with a variety of spices, namely paprika. It also comprises of peppers, onions, garlic, and a range of other foodstuffs. It can be made to resemble soup more than a thick stew, but is the ideal dinner to warm your bones this winter.

Italy’s gnocchi

Gnocchi is a dish prepared from dumplings, with sauce often added to it. They are made from flour, egg, potato, cheese, and other similar ingredients. They have a light, fluffy texture, and are usually served over pasta. It’s a filling and incredibly delectable food, as well as its warmth making it perfect for the cold season.

France’s beef bourguignon

Beef is slowly braised in red wine, garlic, onions, herbs, and carrot, over several hours before being combined with noodles or potatoes, to make an unrivaled warm winter meal, with a flavorsome and rich taste. The beef becomes tender and soft, so it resembles a stew soup hybrid. Though originally from France, beef bourguignon has gained popularity around the world and is now enjoyed internationally as a staple piece of winter cuisine.

China’s Lanzhou lamian

Lanzhou lamian is a Chinese noodle dish, where long noodles are twisted, stretched, and prepared fresh from dough, by hand. The noodles are then served in a hot beef broth, making it an incredibly warming food for winter. It’s sold in most restaurants in China, with it being one of their most favorite dishes. Although, we want Lanzhou lamian to be sold locally – it sounds delicious!

America’s s’mores mug brownie

Why look at extravagant and exotic cuisine, when we could enjoy a simple American dessert? S’mores mug brownies are made from marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate chips. It is microwaved into a soft gooey brownie, which tastes utterly divine and is sure to warm you up this winter.

Whether you want to try an exotic new meal or stick with what you know, there are plenty of warm winter foods to keep you cozy. You could snuggle up under a duvet with a mug brownie, or make you and some friends a full goulash, but either way, you’re sure to be left feeling warm and satisfied.


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Best cities around the globe to witness the Northern Lights


Few sights are more beautiful than the Northern Lights. Caused by the collision of solar particles and gases, they will easily take your breath away. However, finding somewhere to see them can be tricky. You have to be in the right part of the world to get a good view of them. Luckily, we know exactly where these places are.

Kakslauttanen (Finland)

Finland sits in a perfect location to see the Northern Lights which is why the locals have cashed in on the phenomenon. There are specially designed glass igloos in Kakslauttanen that allow tourists to gaze up at the Lights without having to bear the brunt of the country’s cold weather. Although the light show is impossible to miss in the winter, Finland isn’t exactly known for being warm.

Tärendö (Sweden)

Considering parts of Sweden don’t see sunlight for days at a time, the country makes an ideal choice for viewing the Northern Lights. Places like Tärendö top the list as the best locations to set up camp and do some stargazing, though you can see the Lights in most parts of the north. The benefit of traveling to Sweden for the phenomenon is that temperatures don’t drop as much as other places during the winter. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not cold there – you’ll still need to wrap up warm.

Tromsø (Norway)

Northern Lights or not, you should visit Norway anyway. The country is one of the most beautiful in Europe, and it’s bursting with natural wonders. It’s simple to navigate and full of towering mountains and peaceful fjords that will look great on your camera roll. Once the sun sets and the night is in full swing, you can get great shots of the vibrant Lights from all over the country. Why not stop off in somewhere like Tromsø for a few hours of stargazing. As long as it’s winter, you should have a perfect view of one of nature’s greatest wonders.

Fairbanks (Alaska)

If you want to see the Northern Lights, you don’t even have to leave the US. All you’ve got to do is get yourself over to Alaska where conditions are optimal for seeing the Lights. Although it can be chilly here at night, the prevalence of hot springs means you can enjoy the wonder of nature while staying nice and warm. While Fairbanks is generally considered the best place in the state to see the show, you can glimpse the Northern Lights from almost everywhere in Alaska.

Nuuk (Greenland)

If you want to enjoy the Northern Lights somewhere that isn’t a tourist trap, then you might want to consider visiting Nuuk in Greenland. It’s less popular with visitors, mainly because it’s not as developed as other countries. However, if you don’t mind more rural living, then this might be the place to go. Plus, with all the icebergs in the ocean, there’s plenty more to see here than just the Lights.

Natural wonders don’t get much more beautiful than the Northern Lights. If you’re desperate to see them, you’ll need to add one of these cities to your travel list.


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How to plan a trip around the world


It’s important these days to open your mind and broaden your experiences. And that means getting out and seeing as much of the world as you can. You might already have spent a lot of time traveling, or you may not even have a passport yet. Either way, a journey around the world could be just what’s been missing from your life.

It’s a really great idea to look at what other cultures have to offer and to try to experience a different way of life. They say travel broadens the mind and enriches the soul. So, if possible, you need to make sure you plan an unforgettable journey around the world and make the most of traveling while you’re young. Here are some ideas that will help you plan the perfect trip around the world.

Where are you going?

The first thing to think about is where you want to go on your travels. The world is a huge place, and you need to plan carefully the countries you want to see. This means doing some research and making sure you find out what you can about the countries in question. Is there anywhere that is unsafe to visit? Which countries, if any, are you going to need a visa for? These are all things to think about before you start booking anything, so you’ll have to do some research.

How much money will you need?

Another thing to consider is the money you’re going to need. It would be great if traveling were free, but the bottom line is that it can be pretty expensive. That means it’s necessary to make sure you plan out the cash you’re going to need. You’re going to need to start saving up so you can afford to go on a trip around the world. But, you should also think about the different currencies you’re going to need, and what the exchange rate is like. Get online and do a bit of research about this, so you make sure you take the right amount of money with you.


Okay, we know packing might not be your favorite thing, but it is a crucial part of planning a trip around the world. You can’t just up and leave one day with nothing packed and no supplies. In order to make the packing process less intensive you should plan out what you’re going to need, and pack over a longer period of time. That way you reduce the stress and annoyance of the process, and you make sure you leave with everything you need.

Plan your sightseeing

We would also recommend you do your best to ensure that you plan out sightseeing excursions as well. There are a lot of things you may want to see and do when traveling around the world, but you’re not going to have the time to do all of them. So, the best thing to do would be to prioritize and make a list of all the top things you want to see. This way you can make plans to visit them in each country you land in. It will save you time and means you don’t risk missing out on once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Check in with people at home

It’s very important to stay safe when you go traveling, and the best way of doing this is to make sure you are careful and sensible. But, you also need to keep in touch with people, so they know where you are and how you’re getting on. Try to have a system in place where you contact friends or family members on a daily basis, and check in with them. This will set their minds at ease and will ensure that somebody always knows where you are.

If you want to go on a trip around the world, it’s important that you make sure you plan it thoroughly. This is potentially a huge undertaking and not something you should just enter into lightly. Make sure you do as much as you can to plan out all the important elements of the trip. This will keep things more organized and will keep you safe during your travels.


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Home is the Most Dangerous Place for Women Around the World

For a majority of women around the world, home isn’t where the heart is. Instead, it’s where danger lives.

In 2017, activists marched in Montevideo to end violence against women with UN Women and decried femicide. A new report by the UN shows that female homicides are increasing—and that for a majority of victims, those closest to them put them at the most risk. (UN Women / Creative Commons)

According to new findings from the UN, 58 percent of 87,000 recorded female homicides from 2017 were committed by intimate partners or family members—and that rates of such crimes have increased since 2012. The most common motives men gave for such killings were jealousy and fear of abandonment, whereas women who murdered their own male partners often said that they did so in the wake of long-term patterns of physical violence in their relationship.

“Women continue to pay the highest price as a result of gender inequality, discrimination and negative stereotypes,” Yury Fedotov, the UN Office of Drugs and Crime Executive Director, told Agence France-Presse. “The fact that women continue to be affected by this type of violence to a greater degree than men is indicative of an imbalance in power relations between women and men inside the domestic sphere.”

The UN report found that Africa had the highest rate of women killed by intimate partners in 2017—such violence claimed about 1.7 percent of women in the region. The Americas had the second-highest rate, 1.2 percent; Oceania was ranked third at 0.9 percent; Europe was fourth with 0.6 percent; and Asia, which had the highest number of female homicides in 2017—a total of 20,000 recorded cases—was fifth, with 0.5 percent of those deaths resulting from intimate partner violence.

Data collection practices vary from country to country, and the report did not mention if transgender women were included in the statistics—but despite shortcomings, the findings still paint a stark and urgent picture for advocates worldwide. “There’s limitations to the data,” Jodie Roure, a professor at John Jay College in New York who has done extensive research on violence against women, told the New York Times. “Are we getting a perfect picture? No. But the important part is that we’re talking about it, because we weren’t talking about it not too long ago.”

This study, which was released during the UN’s annual 16 Days Against Gender-Based Violence campaign, also laid out recommendations for law enforcement officers, criminal justice agencies and health and social service sector leaders in order to reduce female homicides—and called on men to become allies to the women in their lives and communities.

“In order to prevent and tackle gender-related killing of women and girls,” it declared, “men need to be involved in efforts to combat intimate partner violence/family-related homicide and in changing cultural norms that move away from violent masculinity and gender stereotypes.”

Kohinur Khyum Tithila is a journalist based in Bangladesh. She is a Fulbright scholar and received her second master’s degree in Magazine, Newspaper, & Online Journalism from Syracuse University, first master’s degree in criminology and criminal justice from Dhaka University, and bachelor’s degree in English from East West University. Kohinur writes about LGBTQ and women’s issues, feminism, crime, secularism, social justice and human rights. She is also addicted to anything caffeinated.

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How Babylon Built a Brand Around Community

LOS ANGELES — Lee Spielman is nothing if not efficient.
He’s direct and doesn’t waste time on formalities, and that’s no surprise given how busy he is with Babylon. That’s the Los Angeles label he started with Garrett Stevenson some three-and-a-half years ago. The two have a steady flow of collaborations in the works, going as far ahead as 2020, and plans to reopen a store in the L.A. area next year.
They recently wrapped a pop-up at Undefeated on La Brea Avenue, doing a collaboration with Venice brand Born x Raised. Past collaborations for the brand have ranged from Off-White to skate brand Spitfire. This places it in the enviable position of sitting alongside Maison Margiela in some stores and F—ing Awesome, a core label, in others. Distribution is discerning, with some 25 accounts globally, doing business with accounts it sees eye-to-eye with, Spielman said.
“It’s finding the common thread [as to] why that all makes sense,” Spielman said. “So Virgil [Abloh], he’d actually come to the shop and pull up and talk with kids….We definitely live in a wild place where we sell clothes to fashion kids and we sell clothes to dirty kids at the skate park, which is a

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Scouted: Unexpected Tools That You Definitely Want Around

Before I became a homeowner, when I thought of tools, I thought of heavy duty power drills, wrenches and screwdrivers, and the, you know, capital T Tools. However, I’ve quickly come to learn that the handiest tools you can have around often aren’t technically considered tools at all, but they’re just as valuable to DIY home projects, if not more.

When you have these common items on hand, it becomes one less thing you have to run out and buy to get a project off the ground. Keeping these four unexpected tools around is essential for any homeowner. They’ll come in handy way more often that you think they might.


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Breathtaking zoos around the world


There are zoos in nearly every city in the world – but most of them are the same old thing, one after another. We want excitement, we want exotic animals, we want cool architecture, and we want the best experience. Unfortunately, some of the typical city zoos just don’t cut it for us (because obviously, we only want the best, am I right?) Check out the 5 most breathtaking zoos around the world that you’ll want to visit ASAP.

Singapore Zoo

Many people are often put off by zoos because they want to see the animals free, without cages, and able to roam about where and when they want to. Luckily, the Singapore Zoo gets that. This wildlife park is spread across 64-acres and full of over 2,800 animals from a whopping 300 species! However, they don’t cage any of them. All of the animals in the Singapore exhibits are open-air; separated from the visitors by moats, underwater galleries, elevated edges, platforms and glass observatories. Not only is this more humane and comfortable for the animals, but it also enhances visitors’ viewing experience. So yes, you can get up close and personal with a baboon’s bottom if you wish.

The Berlin Zoo

If you’re looking for a zoo with a bit more class and elegance, then the Berlin Zoo is for you. As the oldest zoo still standing in Germany (it was opened in 1844! What?!) it houses over 9,500 animals and boasts the largest aquarium in the whole world – including an elevated Hippopotamus House which allows you to see the hippos swimming above you as you walk through a tunnel. Alongside the incredible wildlife, the Berlin Zoo also offers some of the most attractive architecture of any other zoo in the world. Trust us.

The London Zoo

If you can believe it, the London Zoo is even older than the Berlin Zoo – and was opened in 1826! The zoo first opened as an animal research facility and has since developed a huge following as one of the best zoos in the world. The London Zoo is also famous for its incredible Victorian architecture which adorns the buildings and covers the animals up from the elements. This zoo houses thousands of animals, including gorillas, Komodo Dragons, tigers, penguins and Galapagos Tortoises. Another claim to fame for London Zoo is that it was also one of the locations where Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was filmed.

National Zoological Gardens of South Africa

The National Zoological Gardens of South Africa is unlike any other zoo you have or will ever visit. This zoo covers an incredible 216 acres worth of land and is one giant playground for the animals – rather than a zoo. Because of its size, this zoo offers a cable car, golf carts and 6km worth of trails to get you from exhibit to exhibit. And you’re going to want to see all of it, considering it houses over 9,000 animals from over 700 different animal species. Where else are you going to be able to walk alongside the elephants?

Sydney’s Taronga Zoo

How would you like to visit a zoo with incredible views of Sydney Opera House and overlooking the Sydney Harbor? No, this isn’t a dream. You can get all this at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. On the one side, you have the bustling city of Sydney, and on the other side, you have the beginning of the outback. And slap bang in the middle, you have the zoo. Offering some of the most famous Australian animals, including Tasmanian Devils, Australian sea lions, koalas and over 300 other species, you won’t run out of things to look at – both inside and outside the zoo.


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Boy Who Made Meghan Markle a Macaroni Necklace Now Taking Jewelry Orders from Around the World

Meghan Markle is known for being a style icon, even when it comes to the homemade accessories she wears.

While greeting fans in Melbourne during the Royal Tour last week, Meghan was approached by 6-year-old Gavin Hazelwood, who gifted the Duchess a homemade pasta necklace. The royal, 37, instantly put the adorable necklace on, and now Gavin is becoming just as well-known with jewelry order requests coming in from around the world.

“We had a lot of people saying to Gavin, you should make more, you’ll make lots of money from this, everybody will want to buy her necklace,” his mom, Rowan Hazelwood, told Network 10, as reported by CBS News.

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The family decided to create a website for Gavin, where fans can purchase the dinosaur-shaped pasta with gold paint necklaces for $ 20. The kindergartener has since received orders from Australia, the U.K. and the U.S.

Gavin intends on donating all of his profits to a stillborn research charity, CBS reported, as his mother previously lost a baby girl.

“She’s a part of our lives still, even for the kids, and they talk to her every day,” she told Network 10.

The Melbourne native, who was adorably dressed as a Qantas pilot, crafted the ribbon and gold-painted pasta necklace earlier that morning after telling his mom he was feeling sick so he could skip school and make the necklace for Meghan.

“I did the pasta with gold paint. Mum helped me thread through the necklace,” he told Fairfax Media.

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After receiving the gift, Meghan immediately put it on over her navy Dion Lee dress. The royal mom-to-be, who is expecting her first child with Prince Harry, proudly wore the gift during the rest of the outing until she arrived at a formal reception inside Government House.

Meghan often wears jewelry that has sentimental meaning.

Earlier in the tour, she wore butterfly earrings that once belonged to Princess Diana. And when Prince Harry and Meghan first began dating, she was spotted wearing a gold, personalized necklace with the letters M and H on it.

Fashion Deals Update:

GUIDE TO MEDICARE: Time to shop around to make the right moves

Fifty-three million people can’t be wrong. Or can they?

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, a non-profit organization that analyzes health policy, only 10% of the 59 million Medicare beneficiaries make a change during the Open Enrollment period. Not reviewing your Medicare options can have…

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The most beautiful shopping malls around the world


When you go out for your weekly shop, or to buy your annual wardrobe (yes, I’m talking about you, men!) you probably just venture to your local mall, with your budget department stores and your food market. You probably don’t expect to be greeted with gondola rides, rollercoasters, or giant aquariums, do you? Well, in certain parts of the world this could be your local shopping mall. Bet you’re regretting your house location now. Let’s all move to Dubai!

Dubai Mall – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If you’ve ever been to Dubai or the United Arab Emirates, you’ll know that they don’t do anything by halves. Everything is excessive, everything is elegant, everything is clean, and everything is beautiful. Including the shopping malls. As well as being one of the most beautiful malls in the world, the Dubai Mall is also the largest in the world and comes complete with 1,200 shops to its name, an Aquarium and Discovery Center, an ice rink, a theme park, a 22-screen cinema, the largest candy store in the world, an interactive children’s center, and one of the most spectacular indoor fountains on the planet! Not much, then…

The Grand Canal Shoppes – Las Vegas, United States of America

Don’t worry if you’ve never visited Venice because you won’t need to if you take a trip to the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas! This Venetian-themed hotel comes complete with its very own Grand Canal Shoppes featuring incredible waterways, which you can travel using Gondolas – with your very own Gondola driver who might even sing for you if you’re lucky. The mall offers 91 shops connected by cobbled streets and a moving clouded ceiling. And of course, no Venetian street would be complete without street performers.

Canal City – Fukuoka, Japan

Just like the Grand Canal Shoppes in Las Vegas, Canal City shopping mall in Japan has based its mall around incredible canals. The canals serve as the main event in this mall, with the shops built as if they surround the water. But these buildings aren’t your typical run of the mill two-up two-down buildings. Instead, they are all curved, with water features, fountains, and sculptures which have been designed and constructed to trick the eyes of its visitors. As well as some of the most prestigious shops and brands, the mall also houses art exhibitions, gaming centers, cinemas, a music stadium – and the piece de resistance is the fifth floor of the mall which is solely dedicated to ramen! Time to tuck in.

Berjaya Times Square – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Despite the fact the Berjaya Times Square shopping mall in Malaysia is Asia’s largest shopping mall, the grandiose mall is actually designed around the streets and bright lights of New York’s Times Square. With a makeshift subway station, big billboards and bright signs, you could easily mistake it for the Big Apple! The shopping mall offers its visitors over 1000 stores, as well as an incredible indoor theme park complete with roller coasters (yep, inside), a haunted house, and more. As if it wasn’t already pretty epic, the mall also throws in the extra awesomeness of a giant musical staircase to entertain you (and your kids) for hours.

West Edmonton Mall – Edmonton, Canada

The West Edmonton Mall is one of the most beautiful malls in the world because it is one of the most unexpected. As you walk through the doors, you’re bombarded with a huge area full of fun and activities. As well as the obvious stores and food halls, this mall offers the largest indoor waterpark in the world, complete with a wave pool and 83-foot tall water slide, an ice rink, a lake which features sea lions, a mini-golf course, a shooting range, bowling alley, arcade, music Stadium, a chapel and an indoor theme park! Could you need anything else?


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Freeloaders beware: Incentives to foster cooperation are just around the corner

In our society, there are always a certain percentage of people who adopt a freeloader attitude. They let other members of society do all the work and do not do their part. In a new study researchers show that it is possible to incentivize members of society to cooperate by providing them fixed bonuses and, thus, prevent freeloader behavior from becoming prevalent.
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Best places to watch birds around the world


If you’re a keen bird watcher, it can be pretty boring sitting in your garden and watching the same old birds come and go. You strive for more, but you don’t know where to find it? Well, bird watching vacations and trips are becoming increasingly common, and give you the chance to see some of the most exotic birds the world has to offer. And you can get some great photos for your album! (And soak up a bit of new culture at the same time).

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not only one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, but it is also one of the most diverse destinations in terms of birds and wildlife. The whole of Costa Rica is teeming with national parks, nature reserves and wide open spaces for these winged beasts to roam free – perfect for the avid bird watcher. There are hundreds of bird species in Costa Rica, from colorful parrots to hummingbirds, to toucans and quetzals – you can’t find these birds at home! The most successful bird watching destination in Costa Rica is the Wilson Botanical Gardens, where bird watchers have recorded over 300 species of bird.

Colca Canyon, Peru

Being a bird watcher is all about finding the biggest and the best bird on the market – but what if you could do this while trekking through the mountains of Peru? Well, if you’re looking to spot the Andean Condor, this is what you’ll have to do. The Andean Condor is one of the largest birds in the world and can grow a wingspan of up to 3m long! Because they are endangered, the birds are incredibly elusive and difficult to spot, but the Colca Canyon is their favorite hide-out spot. They nest in the rocky precipices and take flight every so often, so keep your eyes peeled.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

We don’t know why anyone would turn down an opportunity to visit South Africa, especially when you can witness some of the most incredible species of bird in the world. Kruger National Park is one of the most impressive parks in South Africa, and the migrant spot for over 200 species of bird between the months of October and March. For the rest of the year, Kruger National Park is home to the Big Six; the martial eagle, the Pel’s fishing owl, the Kori bustard, the southern ground hornbill, the saddle-billed stork and the Lappet-faced vulture.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park in the United States of America is one of the most popular national parks in the world and one of the best places to spot the USA’s symbol – the Bald Eagle. The Bald Eagle is incredibly difficult to spot, but the park is teeming with over 18 nests, meaning there is fair game to snap a picture of the incredible bird. They normally live near bodies of water, so pay attention when you walk past any streams, lakes or rivers.

Norfolk, UK

The United Kingdom is home to some of the most beautiful birds in the world – and if you’re planning on taking a birdwatching trip in the UK, Norfolk is the only place to go. With its incredible diverse range of landscapes and habitats, the birds here are incredibly diverse thanks to its marshland, sand dunes, nature reserves, and lagoons; it’s the perfect breeding ground. Expect to see warblers, godwits, spot bitterns, and the marsh harrier here.


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