Justin Bieber’s Mom Posts Second Cryptic Tweet After His Courthouse Wedding to Hailey Baldwin

Keeping the faith. Pattie Mallette posted a second cryptic tweet in the wake of her son Justin Bieber’s courthouse wedding to Hailey Baldwin.

“Haters gonna hate,” the pop star’s mom, 43, tweeted on Sunday, September 16.

While it was unclear exactly what the Canadian author was referencing, a source confirmed to Us Weekly that the “Baby” singer, 24, and Baldwin, 21, were legally wed at the courthouse two days prior, on Friday, September 14. Multiple outlets also confirmed the news.

The Drop the Mic host denied that she was married at the time with a since-deleted tweet. “I understand where the speculation is coming from, but I’m not married yet!” the model tweeted on Friday.

As the source explained to Us, “[Justin and Hailey] got legally married, but she believes marriage between God is the real thing.”

According to an eyewitness at the court clerk’s office, the couple entered through a back door with the model in a short white dress and the singer wearing a “very baggy striped shirt and black pants,” after which they were taken into a private office toward the back of the building for privacy. “Hailey was glowing and Justin had his hand wrapped tightly around hers,” the eyewitness said.

Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, Pattie Mallette
Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin in Brooklyn on September 14, 2018 in New York City James Devaney/GC Images

Following the news on Friday, Mallette posted a separate cryptic tweet. “Love is unconditional,” she wrote.

The pop star proposed to Baldwin on July 7 at a Bahamas resort. The pair, who dated from 2015 to 2016, had rekindled their relationship just one month prior.

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin spark marriage rumors

Beliebe it or not, Justin Bieber might already be married.

The singer and his fiancée Hailey Baldwin sparked matrimonial speculation by visiting a Manhattan courthouse Thursday and heading to the marriage bureau, reported TMZ, which shared a photo of the stars outside the building.

The website…

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Don’t Be Surprised If Hilaria Baldwin Announces a Fifth Pregnancy

Hilaria Baldwin isn’t throwing out her maternity jeans. The yoga instructor, who shares four children with husband Alec Baldwin, admitted she isn’t sure if her family is complete.

“I’ve said, ‘Yes, I’m done, but if I’m honest, I don’t know,” Hilaria revealed at Us Weekly’s Most Stylish New Yorkers party on Wednesday, September 12. 

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Our pups took the pic

A post shared by Hilaria Thomas Baldwin (@hilariabaldwin) on

The fitness guru, 34, and the 60-year-old Oscar winner are parents of Carmen, 5, Rafael, 3, Leonardo, 2, and 3-month-old Romeo. Alec shares daughter Ireland Basinger-Baldwin, 22, with is ex-wife Kim Basinger.

Hilaria confessed to Us she feels some pressure from Carmen to have another baby. “She wants a sister, because I have three boys,” she said. “We’ll see!”

For now, the Living Clearly Method author is enjoying being bump-free. “People who say that pregnancy is the best time in their life, I think, ‘How uncomfortable is the rest of your life!?’” the mom quipped to Us.

Hilaria Baldwin Fifth Pregnancy Possible
Hilaria Baldwin.

Minutes arriving at the party, Hilaria received a call that Rafael had split his chin. The star walked the red carpet and then rushed off to meet her family at the emergency room.

While life for the Baldwins is in Hiaria’s words “really crazy” she and Alec make the perfect team. “He is very, very, very, very organized,” she told Us in July, adding that the 30 Rock alum keeps all the toys tidy. He also enjoys playing with them. “A plastic train goes missing and we’ll find it in his office, on his desk,” she laughed at the time. “Like, OK. You’re literally stealing the children’s toys because you like them.”

Alec opened up about his love for his wife of six years years on Tuesday, September 11, telling Us: “Every day I think . . . What is my strategy overall to keep distracting her from the fact that she can do a lot better than me?” 

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The Ms. Q&A: Brooke Baldwin is Telling the Stories of American Women Running for Office

The second season of “American Woman” is available in its entirety on CNN’s digital platforms and CNNgo apps beginning today. New installments will drop every Wednesday.

“I’m just a big fan of women,” Brooke Baldwin tells Ms. by phone from CNN’s New York City studio. “I believe in empowering women.”

Viewers are used to seeing Baldwin, who hosts CNN’s Newsroom every weekday, in the anchor chair. But this past summer, Baldwin took to the campaign trail—interviewing candidates from across the aisle, including Gina Ortiz Jones, who is running to represent the 23rd Congressional district in Texas, and Stacey Abrams, who would be the first African American woman elected governor in the history of Georgia—and the country.

Ahead of the premiere of the second installment of her “American Woman” series, Baldwin talked to Ms. about the importance of equal representation, telling women’s stories and following the advice of Gloria Steinem.

Baldwin with Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

How sure were you when you started planning season two that it would focus on the election?

It’s a good question. Out of the gate we did season one, and that was more famous women celebrities, Hollywood, music, film. We all put our heads together after that, and were like, you know what, we should feature who I like to call “extraordinary ordinary women”—women that ladies can relate to and, because it’s CNN and we’re covering so much politics, it’s the story everyday.

We started thinking ahead of time—if I may toot my own horn, months ago—realizing that one of the stories this fall will be all of the women on the ballot. Not to mention, I actually bumped into Gloria Steinem—Ms. magazine shout out!—I bumped into her at an event where I was presenting and we started talking about it and, you know when Gloria Steinem says “this is a story,” you listen.

#MeToo is a cultural force and we’re also seeing all this research about how it’s changing the way candidates are campaigning. How much did #MeToo come up in your conversations?

It didn’t overtly, but I think it’s all part of the greater arc of what’s happening with women in this country. Off the top of my head, none of [the women] really name-checked the president, but in the wake of November 2016 realized “we have everything to lose.” And I think it was a combination of the election, a lot of them had wanted history to be made that November, and realizing—look, if not her, why not me?

You know the Shirley Chisolm quote [“if they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair”] kept coming up. Just like the first Black woman in Congress, if you don’t have a seat at the table, bring a folding chair. Something snapped in an amazing way this year for women, where these women, in particular, weren’t just bitching about politics at the dinner table. They are actually running for office.

We saw that a lot in the series’ first episode, where you travel to Alabama to  interview Audri Scott Williams, who is running for Congress; Jamirah Moore, candidate for probate judge; and Cara McClure, a formerly homeless single mother who is running for a spot as Public Service Commissioner. 

That episode is so special to me, I think, number one, because I’m from the South. I remember going as a kid to the 16th Street Baptist Church and learning the story about those four little girls. This was a town known as “Bombingham.”

We roll up to this church, knowing the history. And just to have these grown women, you know, running for office, in whatever capacity, in the state of Alabama, and thinking about the girls who lost their lives back in ‘63—my goodness, how far we’ve come—and to hear one of the women how she used to have to duck on her way back from church because the KKK was maybe pulling over her dad’s car…

It’s so important as we talk about this wave of women—that we remember what we have overcome to get to where we are today.

Balwin stands with Scott Williams, Moore, and McClure in front of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL.

Did you ever think you would be reporting about seeing this many women on ballots across the country?

I am a glass-half-full kind of gal, and I believe that we women have a lot to say and a lot to give, and so I have always been hopeful that we would see a tide turn and we would see more women, both from the left and from the right, on the ballot—because it matters. We have different things to offer. It’s a more well-rounded Congress, or state [government], to have equal representation, and we are so not there yet.

I was talking to  a Republican woman in Congress who was just like, “this is ridiculous.” They know that the representation isn’t there, and we’re moving in the right direction, and I think, given, you know, everyone was talking about the year of the woman last year, with #MeToo, and it just makes sense that—given the election, given the march, given how women feel emboldened—it makes sense that these women are not just helping people run, but are running themselves.

Baldwin talks with Idaho Gubernatorial candidate Paulette Jordan

Was there anything that surprised you during the course of filming?

Let me talk about Christina Hagan—because I’ve covered far too many shootings, and I was at the March For Our Lives, and the CNN crew is walking into this woman’s home, and her ad was “I got an AR-15 for Mother’s Day.”

First of all, I am grateful to her for opening her door to us—because she could have said no, like others have, and we had a very open conversation. I wanted to understand where she was coming from as a mother on guns, because she’s in the episode with Lucy McBath [a Congressional candidate whose 17-year-old son, Jordan Davies, was fatally shot in 2012] so I wanted to hear from both of them.

Once the conversation left guns, and it got on to being a Republican woman, it was an incredible a-ha moment, hearing her talk about the smoke-filled rooms of older white men and how it is still such an uphill climb for Republican women—in a very different way from Democrats. Republican women don’t have the apparatus like Democratic women do, with EMILY’S List. She was telling stories of being at events and people turning to her and asking when the candidate would get there.

I think people who are watching who may have a preconceived notion of how they may feel about her—because of her stance, say, on guns—and may walk away appreciating her fight a little bit more to be a woman and a Republican.

You mentioned Shirley Chisholm’s quote about pulling up a folding chair was something that really rang true. Can you talk about a time when you pulled up a folding chair in your personal or professional life?

I would say this series. Most of my bosses are male, and this is obviously a series called “American Woman.” And I have a platform every day at CNN, but this particular series is female-centric—and I, in starting this whole thing, went to my male bosses and got some yeses, got some pushback and I just believed in the purpose of this is so strong for me that the fight was worth it. I felt so strongly that this series needed to exist, that this series needs to grow, that I made sure I brought my folding chair to make it happen.

Last year, you told Ms. that one of your prerequisites for the women you interviewed was “how are you reaching back and helping?” Did that prerequisite stay with you this year? Did it change?

I think implicit in all these women is service. I knew going in this—to be in a position of service, to want to run to serve others—I knew they would be women who want to give back and do give back in their communities. You know, I just hope people watching they realize they don’t have to run, that it could be city council, that it could be school board, it could be the mayor. I just hope that the service and the heart and everything about these women helps inspire other women to do something.

ms-headshotLauren Young is a Ms. contributor. She has a Master’s Degree in European and Russian Studies from Yale University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Government and Russian Civilization from Smith College. Follow her on @thatlaurenyoung.

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Smiling Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Step Out in N.Y.C. After Her Loving Instagram Comment

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin took their engagement bliss out in New York City on Sunday.

During the couple’s latest outing in the Big Apple, Bieber, 24, smiled as he held hands with Baldwin, 21.

The “Let Me Love You” singer wore a green jacket and matching cap, blue shorts, yellow-striped socks, and sandals, while Baldwin opted for jeans and a blue shirt and had her hair pulled back.

Earlier in the weekend, Baldwin left a sweet comment about her husband-to-be on Instagram. After fellow churchgoer Nathan Finochio posted a photograph of Bieber at a Hillsong Church conference at the Barclays Center, Baldwin quipped, “Idk who the boy on the right is but he looks FINE from the back.”

RELATED: All the Restaurants Where Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Have Dined in New York City

Bieber and Baldwin got engaged on July 7 in the Bahamas and are quickly moving towards the altar. “They don’t want a long engagement and are already planning their wedding,” a source recently told PEOPLE.

The singer and the model have been popping up all over N.Y.C., Miami, and Atlanta in the weeks since their engagement.

“They are spending a lot of time with Hailey’s family in N.Y.C., and everyone is very excited that they are getting married,” the source said of the couple. “Justin still seems extremely happy. He is relaxed and very much enjoying his life. He feels very lucky to be with Hailey. He can’t wait to call her his wife.”

On July 29, after Bieber and Baldwin had lunch at Casa Restaurant in N.Y.C., onlooker Dominique Bastos dished to PEOPLE, “He told his waiter, ‘She’s hot. I did well, huh?’ And Hailey was all smiles.”


Fashion Deals Update:

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Bring Romance Back to Miami After Engagement

Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, Diamond Watches, RingJustin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have brought their romance back to Miami, this time as an engaged couple.
A month ago, the two sparked rumors of a rekindled romance after they were…

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Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber Make Their Engagement Instagram Official

As is generally the case with all things Justin Bieber- and/or Instagirl-related, the internet was abuzz on Sunday and Monday with rumors that 24-year-old Bieber and his on-again, off-again girlfriend of several years — that’s 21-year-old Hailey Baldwin — got engaged on a whirlwind romantic getaway …

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin confirmed their engagement in a series of emotional social media posts

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin confirmed their engagement in a series of emotional social media posts

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin confirmed their engagement in a series of emotional social media posts

On Sunday, July 8th, 2018, news broke that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin had gotten engaged while on vacation in the Bahamas. TMZ broke the news and then Hailey’s dad Stephen and Bieber’s father Jeremy seemingly confirmed the engagement in their own social media posts. Justin and Hailey played coy at first, but earlier today the couple confirmed their engagement with his-and-hers social media statements.

Justin opened his emotional Instagram post with a tribute to his future wife.

“Hailey I am soooo in love with everything about you!” Justin wrote in the Instagram post. “So committed to spending my life getting to know every single part of you loving you patiently and kindLY. I promise to lead our family with honor and integrity letting Jesus through his Holy Spirit guide us in everything we do and every decision we make. My heart is COMPLETELY and FULLY YOURS and I will ALWAYS put you first!”

Justin called their union “literally perfect” and mentioned that they got engaged “on the seventh day of the seventh month,” and that “the number seven is the number of spiritual perfection.”

Hailey tweeted just seconds after Justin’s massive Instagram post, and wrote:

“Not sure what I did in life to deserve such happiness but I am so utterly grateful to God for giving me such an incredible person to share my life with! No words could ever express my gratitude.”

TMZ originally broke the news and reported that Justin proposed on Saturday, July 7th while on vacation. According to an eye-witness, the couple were salsa dancing in a crowd when Justin’s security team asked all nearby guests to put their phones away while he popped the question.

Justin and Hailey have been dating for a few weeks — though they reportedly met in 2009 and dated on and off in early 2016.

Read Justin’s full statement on their engagement, below:

“Was gonna wait a while to say anything but word travels fast, listen plain and simple Hailey I am soooo in love with everything about you! So committed to spending my life getting to know every single part of you loving you patiently and kindLY. I promise to lead our family with honor and integrity letting Jesus through his Holy Spirit guide us in everything we do and every decision we make. My heart is COMPLETELY and FULLY YOURS and I will ALWAYS put you first! You are the love of my life Hailey Baldwin and I wouldn’t want to spend it with anybody else. You make me so much better and we compliment eachother so well!! Can’t wait for the best season of life yet!. It’s funny because now with you everything seems to make sense! The thing I am most excited for is that my little brother and sister get to see another healthy stable marriage and look for the same!!! Gods timing really is literally perfect, we got engaged on the seventh day of the seventh month, the number seven is the number of spiritual perfection, it’s true GOOGLE IT! Isn’t that nuts? By the way I didn’t plan that, anyways My goodness does feel good to have our future secured! WERE GONNA VE BETTER AT 70 BABY HERE WE GO! “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains FAVOR from the Lord!” This is the year of favor!!!!”

Congrats to the happy couple.

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Are Engaged: More Whirlwind Celebrity Romances That Resulted in Proposals

Justin Bieber, Hailey BaldwinIn Hollywood, love can happen in the blink of an eye–or just a matter of a few weeks.
With the news of Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s engagement, yet another famous pair has…

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Senator Tammy Baldwin on Being the First Openly Gay Person Elected to the Senate

Late Night with Seth Meyers


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Alec Baldwin wants Melania Trump to join him on ‘Saturday Night Live’ after jacket debacle

Alec Baldwin knows what Melania Trump needs: a different version of her husband..

The funnyman, who plays the commander-in-chief on “Saturday Night Live,” extended an offer to the First Lady to join him on the show.

“Dear Melania — We know what you’re thinking. What you’re feeling. You are quaking…

/entertainment – New York Daily News


Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Hold Hands Despite Keeping Their Relationship Under Wraps | PeopleTV



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Hailey Baldwin Is Already Falling For Shawn Mendes – Here’s What She Likes About Him!

We hear that Hailey Baldwin is really falling in love with her new boyfriend, Shawn Mendes. The two have been spending a lot of time together, and it seems like she is already catching feelings. According to some sources, she […]
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Alec Baldwin as Trump Tackles Gun Control on SNL Following Real-Life Twitter Feud With President

Alec Baldwin reprised his role as President Donald Trump on this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, and he didn’t hold back. The actor called out hot-button issues like gun control and the hasty departure of White House Communications Director Hope Hicks.

Playing Donald Trump alongside Beck Bennett and Cecily Strong, who impersonated Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Diane Feinstein respectively, Baldwin made light of the president’s response to the latest gun control debate sparked by the Parkland, Fla. shooting during the show’s cold open.

“Tonight I am here to bring you a message of healing and a show of unity,” he said, reading off a note card, a move the president received no shortage of criticism for in real life. “I hear you and I care. Rent ‘Lego Ninjago Movie.’ Sorry, Eric scribbled some notes on there, too.”

Baldwin-as-Trump continued: “We have to take a hard look at our mental health, which I have so much of. I have one of the best mentals.”

He also joked that the U.S. should consider taking guns away from everyone, “even whites,” and said Feinstein hadn’t been as excited at the prospect of anything since “women were allowed to get jobs.”

Not one to miss getting in a jab at the White House and its staffing disarray, Baldwin likened Hope Hicks to Ivanka Trump.

“She’s like a daughter to me. So smart, so hot. You know, I hate seeing her go but I love watching her walk away,” he said. “Jared Kushner’s basically the hottest chick left in the place.”

The actor’s performance as Donald Trump comes on the heels of a Twitter fight with the actual president himself, who insulted Baldwin’s acting chops, tweeting that his “dying mediocre career was saved by his terrible impersonation of me on SNL.”

The NBC variety show, which was on a monthlong hiatus because of the Winter Olympics, was hosted by former NBA player Charles Barkley, with Migos performing as the musical guest.

Watch the clip below:

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Hailey Baldwin & DJ Khaled Hosting 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards: Plus, Check Out the Performers!

DJ Khaled, Hailey BaldwinThe 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards is on fire!
Hailey Baldwin and DJ Khaled have been announced as this year’s hosts of the annual award ceremony, which celebrates music’s biggest…

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CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Wants to Tell the Story of the American Woman

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin wants 2018 to be the “Year of the Woman.” And in a new digital series for the network, she does her part in making that possible by telling the stories of eight game-changing women who have shattered glass ceilings and stereotypes. In interviews with iconic figures ranging from Ava DuVernay to Betty White, Baldwin seeks to uncover the answer to an impossible question: What makes someone an American woman?

The CNN Newsroom anchor chatted with Ms. by phone from her office in New York about the new project and what she hopes it can add to conversations swirling around women’s rights—and what she hopes comes next.

The series is primarily web-based. It’s so shareable and so accessible. Are you hoping this is going to help bring these strands of women’s history out and add to the growing conversation?

I don’t necessarily have a goal with this series, I just want to have a natural conversation with women. I chose eight phenomenal recognizable women for this first series [Diane von Furstenberg, Ava DuVernay, Ashley Graham, Issa Rae, Sheryl Crow, Tracy Reese, Betty White and Pat Benatar] and I want to broaden this out eventually to everyday, extraordinary women. You know, I want my sister’s in law’s best girlfriend to send a video, I want women I’ve never heard from to send videos. I even sat as a viewer with my mom a couple weeks ago; we sat and watched and she just kept saying, “let’s watch another one, let’s watch another one.” And I’m so hoping that’s how people take it in. We’re such a binge watch culture, myself included and guilty. The segments are very digestible, they’re six, seven, eight-minute pieces [and] then I want to hear from women. I have no idea what women will say, I’m purposely keeping it open-ended.

This series had a profound effect on me, shooting in 2017. When you watch these women, and I purposely picked women who shattered their own glass ceilings, but my prerequisite was “Who are you reaching back to and helping?” I want women whose names you and I may not recognize to watch these and think, “Oh wow. Ava DuVernay had a hard time becoming a director when no one really knew her name, and look what she’s done now. Or, Diane von Furstenberg is this sexy, smart maven of a fashion designer whose dress is iconic, but went through some real struggles. I just hope they’re relatable and inspirational for everyone.

Baldwin with fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg

You don’t shy away from the personal in this series. During the segment with Sheryl Crow, you talk about how hers were some of the first songs you learned when you started playing guitar, and that’s one of several moments where you let viewers into how these women have played parts in your personal story.  Were the women in the series specifically people you said,I want to create this and I want them to be part of it?”

I very intentionally selected these eight women because I am a genuine fan [of theirs]…I’m also going to credit my producers, Cullen Daly, and our digital lab team for connecting the dots. They would be like “Wait, why are you picking Pat Benatar?  …And I’d say “I totally remember rocking out to Pat on the radio years ago as a little girl.” As a journalist, it doesn’t come naturally for me to use “I”, but it was their idea to make it personal and I hope it works for people watching.

Does putting a more personal side of yourself into this project feel different to you, as someone’s whose job it is to be personally removed from the stories you report?

It totally does. It’s funny, I sit on the air every day for two hours and I hope to present myself as authentic, but it’s a different thing when I’m opening myself up in these pieces, just as a woman. Showing folks me and my awkward self with my first acoustic guitar at age sixteen, with my learner’s permit in my mouth—it’s very personal! There’s a picture of me as a young anchor in West Virginia… Nearly all of my producers are female, it was their idea to do that. I’m curious to hear how people react to it. In order for me to show America and the world a genuine series of inspiration, I think I just need to be real with women. I didn’t want to fully have my reporter hat on and interview these women, and I think, I hope, it makes the series more poignant.

Baldwin with singer Sheryl Crow

What was the development process like getting this from an idea to launch day?

 I was sitting on my bed in New York City on a weekend in December. I was sort of taking a minute after the whirlwind of covering the 2016 election, which was an extraordinary year. I remember sitting there on my laptop [and] my best girlfriend had posted about a New Yorker article on Facebook that referenced this [Women’s March] happening in Washington, D.C. in January. Thinking back, people were saying “Well, is it just going to be a couple of hundred women? Maybe a thousand?” And something clicked in that moment.

I’d covered the election and I’d listened to all these female voices and I think it was a lot of young women who had never been as fully engaged in politics before. Some of them were hoping for history to be made and for the first female president. Some were at Bernie Sanders rallies because they [thought], “No big deal, this is going to happen in my lifetime, we’re going to see a woman president.” I had all these feelings and thoughts and data points swirling and [the Women’s March] was really the beginning of my “aha!” moment. I initially presented it as something we would do strictly on television. Then, I realized there’s so much more space digitally—and I’d never done digital before, so this is totally new to me.

[The CNN digital team] knew I was keen to do something online and then all of a sudden Cullen Daly, who is this SEAL Team Six of digital magic [became attached to the project] and we just had this meeting of minds. I’d look around some of these shoots; we had women behind the camera on some shoots, we had a female editor, we had female producers. Unintentional, but we were all on the same page, and we just all had this same belief that something special was happening with women. We shot it in my “free time” and the idea was to shoot the segments in significant locations where these women felt their gender. Like, Pat Benatar, we took to Madison Square Garden because she remembers being told women wouldn’t sell out an arena. Or Issa Rae took us to Harlem, where her [apartment] was broken into and that’s what led to her needling in her journal and putting the two words  “awkward” and “black” together and begat her incredible series on YouTube. Of course, I had no idea that #MeToo was going to happen, but it just all came together in a special moment for women.

 What is your hope—for the future of this project and for this moment? 

I want to instill belief and encouragement in every single woman and girl who watches this series, [for them] to think about the struggles that these incredibly successful women had and think, “OK, these women had X, Y and Z difficulties in their life, health, career and managed to succeed. Not to mention, Pat and Sheryl [talking about their experiences with sexual harassment]. I want everyday women to walk away from this series saying, “I want to kick some ass.”

On a personal level, these women have seeped into my unconscious in a way where I’ll have moments where, if I have a difficulty in my own life, I will actually think, “Well, what would Ava do?” These women have inspired me. I have always had a voice and I’m incredibly fortunate to have a platform where I can speak up and speak out. But I think these women have given me a little more confidence, a little more edge, to use my voice a little more loudly. I have a special feeling that something extraordinary is going to happen with women in the national conversation.

Baldwin and fashion designer Tracy Reese

How would you complete the series’ signature question: “I am an American Woman because…”

I’m Brooke Baldwin and I’m an American Woman because I believe in encouraging other women, pushing myself outside my comfort zone and becoming the best version of myself I can be.

American Woman is available in its entirety on CNN’s digital platform and CNNgo apps. Segments will be featured every Wednesday from January 3 to February 28 during the 2 p.m. edition of CNN Newsroom.

ms-headshotLauren Young is an Editorial Associate at Ms. She has a Master’s Degree in European and Russian Studies from Yale University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Government and Russian Civilization from Smith College. Follow her on @thatlaurenyoung.

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Alec Baldwin: Men ‘Innately Treat Women Differently’

Alec Baldwin admitted to having “bullied,” “overlooked” and “underestimated” women during a recent speech. In a later interview, Baldwin expressed remorse over his past actions, and said men as a whole must change their behavior.

The actor, who spoke with PBS News Hour’s Jeffrey Brown during an interview about his new book satirizing President Donald Trump, addressed the comments he made Thursday night at The Paley Center for Media.

“We just innately treat women differently, because men have typically been in charge,” Baldwin told Brown. “We — not that we diminish women. We elevate men over women. And I have certainly done that in my life. And that’s something I think needs to change.”

Brown also questioned Baldwin about Hollywood’s culture of silence, which led to open secrets about people such as Harvey Weinstein. Baldwin acknowledged that he had heard the rumor that Weinstein raped actress Rose McGowan “over and over,” but maintained that he did not know anything for sure.

“The point is, is, where do you draw that line,” Baldwin said. “Meaning we all go to work and assume — we give people the benefit of the doubt.”

You can watch the full episode, which aired on Friday, in the video above.

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Hailey Baldwin Wore a $54 Dress With the Perfect Party Shoes

If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect little black dress—you know, the one that you can wear out at night and during the daytime—Hailey Baldwin has you covered. The simple LBD she wore to Drake’s birthday bash can easily be dressed up for an evening on the town or dressed down with sneakers for a casual day of shopping. And if you’re not quite convinced yet that its versatile nature is reason enough to buy it, just take a look at its price tag. At $ 54, this little black dress from Aussie brand Meshki is a steal.

This isn’t the first time Baldwin has shopped the affordable label. Earlier in September, she was spotted out in a stunning satin little white dress, which she paired with white sneakers. But this time around, the model traded in her LWD for an LBD and her Adidas Stan Smiths were swapped out for a pair of silver, lace-up heels. Styled with just a few simple accessories—hoop earrings, a delicate silver necklace, and a Givenchy satchel—Baldwin proves how simple it is to elevate this affordable wardrobe staple.

Scroll down to see Hailey Baldwin’s little black dress and shop her party look for yourself.

On Hailey Baldwin: Meshki Mia Thin Strap Bodycon Mini Dress ($ 54); Dsquared2 Riri Sandals ($ 1285); Givenchy Micro Nightingale Leather Satchel ($ 1790)

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Alec Baldwin returns to ‘Saturday Night Live’ to roast Donald Trump yet again

SNL Donald Trump

In a surprisingly strong first episode of Saturday Night Live’s 43rd season, the show’s cold open this weekend featured Alec Baldwin reprising his role as Donald Trump. And in typical fashion, the opening sketch also included some mockery of other prominent figures from Trump’s administration, including Jeff Sessions and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the latter being Sean Spicer’s replacement.

The clip begins with Trump talking with Sanders, played ably by Aidy Bryant, as the topic quickly turns to the recent hurricane that recently savaged Puerto Rico. Shortly thereafter, Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz of San Juan calls in where she explains that Puerto Rico needs the help of the United States.

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Kaiser Permanente Opens New State-Of-The Art Medical Offices in Baldwin Hills-Crenshaw

LOS ANGELES — Born and raised in Crenshaw, Erique Emel, MD, physician-in-charge of Kaiser Permanente’s new state-of-the-art Baldwin Hills-Crenshaw Medical Office Building, understands the health care needs of this community. “It’s an exciting time of change and growth for this community, and with that, comes a greater need for more convenient access to high-quality health care,” Dr. Emel said.

Kaiser Permanente is addressing that need with a cutting-edge four-story, 100,000 square-foot medical office building on the corner of Marlton Avenue and Santa Rosalia Drive. It will open September 7, 2017. The facility will offer a full-range of primary care and specialty care services and 60 clinical providers, who will treat more than 50,000 Kaiser Permanente members in this neighborhood.

“We are very excited to invest in the health and well-being of this community and bring world-class health care and other health amenities to our members in the Baldwin Hills-Crenshaw neighborhood,” said Georgina Garcia, senior vice president and area manager of Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center.

Equipped with the most innovative and advanced health care technology and green design elements (it will be a LEED Gold certified building), this facility is a leading example of Kaiser Permanente’s new wave of “next generation” medical buildings, designed to enhance the patient’s care experience.

Interior new Baldwin Hills-Crenshaw Medical Office Building.

Additionally, local artists’ work – about 120 original pieces – are featured on each floor of the building, and reflect the rich character and spirit of this community.

“It is a stunning facility inside and out that showcases the outstanding artistic talent from this community,” says Armen Ross, president of the Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce. “It is a wonderful addition to this community and we are so grateful for Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to improving the health of our residents.”

The design of the building also promotes interaction with the community. The outdoor landscape, which includes a 2.5-mile walking path, a large grassy area and outdoor exercise equipment, is for the entire community to enjoy. There’s also outdoor space that will offer health-related classes and activities to the community.

“Kaiser Permanente has truly been a community partner every step of the way, providing opportunities for individuals from this community to build this beautiful facility,” said Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson. “This building is an important symbol for this community, and demonstrates Kaiser Permanente’s dedication to improving people’s lives.”

About Kaiser Permanente
Kaiser Permanente is committed to helping shape the future of health care. We are recognized as one of America’s leading health care providers and not-for-profit health plans. Founded in 1945, Kaiser Permanente has a mission to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve. We currently serve 11.8 million members in eight states and the District of Columbia. Care for members and patients is focused on their total health and guided by their personal Permanente Medical Group physicians, specialists and team of caregivers. Our expert and caring medical teams are empowered and supported by industry-leading technology advances and tools for health promotion, disease prevention, state-of-the-art care delivery and world-class chronic disease management. Kaiser Permanente is dedicated to care innovations, clinical research, health education and the support of community health. For more information, go to: kp.org/share.

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Alec Baldwin Tweets Advice To Under-Fire Kathy Griffin

Actor Alec Baldwin has used Twitter to offer some words of comfort to under-fire comedian Kathy Griffin.

Griffin faced a backlash this week after she posed with a bloody mask depicting President Donald Trump’s decapitated head. At an emotional press conference on Friday, she slammed members of the Trump family for subsequently bullying her on social media.

Soon after, Baldwin tweeted Griffin his support:

“Kathy… fuck them. Fuck them all,” wrote Baldwin, who has also faced Trump’s repeated wrath over his potrayal of him on “Saturday Night Live.”

“No 1 believes u meant 2 threaten Trump,” he added. “Trump is such a senile idiot, all he has is Twitter fights.”

Baldwin also recalled a similar backlash he faced in 1998, when he sparked outrage for joking about killing the now late Rep. Henry Hyde (R-Il) on “Late Night With Conan O’Brien.”

Read all of Baldwin’s tweets here:

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‘Complicit Ivanka’ Johansson Joins Alec Baldwin For Final ‘SNL’ Hallelujah

The entire “White House” crew of “Saturday Night Live” gathered, one by one, around Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump at the piano for a soulful rendition of a last “Hallelujah” on the finale of one of the most memorable and politically charged seasons of the 42-year series.

At the lyric “I told the truth, I didn’t come to fool ya,” Baldwin took his hands from the piano keys but the piano continued to play. Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway held up crossed fingers.

The cold-open “Hallejulah” was part of an episode that wrapped up a season of skewering the White House. It could have been a farewell to the besieged Trump administration — or it may have marked Baldwin’s last turn at playing the president.

Gathered around the piano were the Grim Reaper playing Steve Bannon, and Mikey Day and Alex Moffatt’s dopey Trump brothers. Cecily Strong turned up as first lady Melania Trump and Scarlett Johansson was back as daughter Ivanka in a gold lame gown from her March skit plugging her perfume Complicit (”a fragrance for the woman who could stop all this — but won’t”).

Beck Bennett was Vice President Mike Pence — instead of his usual Vladimir Putin — and Aidy Bryant stood in for Sarah Huckabee Sanders. (Putin was represented by the Russian flag pin on Baldwin’s lapel.)

The song came full circle from the “SNL” episode following the presidential election when McKinnon sadly sat at the same piano to sing the song to honor the late Leonard Cohen — and lament the electoral loss of Hillary Clinton. “I’m not giving up, and neither should you,” McKinnon told her audience then.

This time Baldwin wrapped up his “Hallelujah” and declared: “I’m not giving up because I didn’t do anything wrong… but I can’t speak for these people.”

The episode was bittersweet, as it remains unclear if Baldwin plans to return as Trump after this season. He has said the role was getting depressing because of the “maliciousness” of the administration, and worried that people won’t be amused much longer by the president. “If everything stays the same in the country… I don’t think people will be in the mood to laugh about it,” he said in March.

But he has since left the door slightly ajar to the possibility of returning. “Look, I’d love to keep doing this per my availability, but I have other things I’m going to do, so I guess we’ll figure it out,” Baldwin told The Hollywood Reporter last week.

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It’s Baldwin vs. Baldwin As ‘O’Reilly’ And ‘Trump’ Chat Sex Harassment On ‘SNL’

Alec Baldwin faced himself on “Saturday Night Live,” but it wasn’t so very hard to do because he was playing two brothers from another mother: Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump.

When those guys get together, can the topic of sex harassment be very far away? Baldwin’s O’Reilly discovers during the skit that one of his reporters isn’t on the scene — and no longer works for Fox News — prompting O’Reilly to ask: “Did she get the check?” The reporter’s disappearing act is a dig about recent reports of payments to at least five women to settle sex harassment accusations against O’Reilly. Other disappearing acts? Some 60 Fox News sponsors who no longer want to be associated with the “O’Reilly Factor.” That leaves a room for a commercial promoting “Dog Cocaine” on the “SNL” skit.

Baldwin’s O’Reilly finally ‘fesses up that he’s been the subject of some fuzzy complaints from women involving “exciting opportunities” he has offered. Fortunately, notes Baldwin, someone who is “unimpeachable on all female issues” has stepped forward to defend him.

Cue “Hail to the Chief,” and there’s Baldwin — again — on the other side of a split screen playing Trump. “I see a lot of myself in you, Bill,” says Baldwin’s Trump.

“O’Reilly” thanks “Trump” for saying that he “did nothing wrong,” even though it appears Trump doesn’t really know the facts of the case. He had a “loose hunch,” says Baldwin’s Trump. “I’m more familiar with this case than, say … health care.”

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Zach Braff, Fans Call On Alec Baldwin To Be Trump At Correspondents Dinner

Here’s an idea: Since President Donald Trump has said he’s planning on ditching the annual White House Correspondents Dinner in April, maybe a substitute could take his place. Who better than Alec Baldwin, whose impersonations of the president on “Saturday Night Live” continue to grow eerily close to the real thing?

Actor Zach Braff came up with the idea. After Trump said he wouldn’t be attending the dinner, Braff tweeted to Baldwin that it was time to “suit up.” Other Baldwin fans chimed in.

No word yet from Baldwin. Trump would probably be extremely displeased about the substitution, as he absolutely loathes Baldwin’s impersonations of him and just doesn’t think they’re … well … funny.

Trump would be the first president in over three decades to duck out of the event, which typically features a comedy roast of the president.

It’s not a huge surprise that Trump plans to dodge the event, given his repeated attacks on the media that have included calling the press the “enemy of the people.” After his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday, several media outlets, including The Huffington Post, were barred from a press briefing.

The president’s attacks had the media rethinking the whole dinner affair. The New Yorker, Vanity Fair and Bloomberg have canceled their famous event parties, and CNN was considering skipping the sit-down. Comedian Samantha Bee announced earlier this year that she was planning an event to be held the same night with the tentative title of “Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.”

The White House Correspondents Association’s event, which hosts D.C. journalists, celebrities and Beltway newsmakers, first began in 1921. The last president to skip out was Ronald Reagan in 1981. He was still rattled by an assassination attempt — but he managed to phone in his comments.

Trump has attended the dinner before, and then-President Barack Obama ribbed him in 2011 for peddling the “birther” conspiracy theory.

Who knows? If Baldwin decides to pick up the gauntlet, perhaps there would also be an open invitation for “SNL” pal Beck Bennett to stand in for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Alec Baldwin Will Play Trump On ‘SNL’ The Day After The Inauguration

On Jan. 20, Donald Trump will officially become president of the United States. Alec Baldwin and “Saturday Night Live” are ready for it. 

While promoting his ABC game show “Match Game,” Baldwin revealed to Extra, “We’re gonna play him the day after the inauguration; I’m doing ‘SNL’ the day after the inauguration.”

He added, “Trump is our head writer. He just hands it to us in a basket with a big bow on it every day.”

Baldwin expressed similar sentiments in an interview on radio’s “The Brian Lehrer Show” last year, noting Trump is “the head writer of his own comedy routine.” 

The actor has also opened up about what it’s like getting into character as the business-man-turned-politician, telling The New York Times in December it was all about the “puffs” or pauses Trump takes when he gives speeches. 

“I see a guy who seems to pause and dig for the more precise and better language he wants to use, and never finds it,” Baldwin told the paper. “It’s the same dish — it’s a grilled cheese sandwich rhetorically over and over again.”

We guess that means we’ll be getting a whole lot of grilled cheese for the next four years …

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Hailey Baldwin Is a Flash Photographer in LOVE’s Latest Advent Video

Great use of mirrors on Day 21.

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Rita Ora and Ireland Baldwin Grace This Weekend’s LOVE Advent Calendar

‘Tis the season.

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Hilaria Baldwin Posts Underwear Selfie Two Days After Giving Birth

Just two days after giving birth to her son Rafael, Hilaria Baldwin shared an underwear selfie on Instagram, and she looks amazing.

In the shot, Alec Baldwin’s wife is seen posing in front of a mirror while wearing a lacy bra and a pair of black briefs. The brunette beauty also included the following heartfelt caption with her photo:

“Update on us… Rafael is doing wonderfully! He is two days old now. Such a sweet little boy. I’m feeling well, been up with him every hour to two hours. I have been planning on doing post belly photos but didn’t know if I was gonna have the guts to actually follow through. I hope you understand my intention here: I believe it is important to accept and love our form after going through a bit of a battle bringing life into this world. Deep breath, here we go…all the way from my glamorous hospital bathroom. #ShrinkingBaldwinBabyBump #NoShame #LoveYourBody”

The mother of two’s photo was met with plenty of support from her followers, who left comments calling her “brave” for “being honest about post-baby bodies,” and thanking her for sharing a positive message.

Hilaria gave birth to her second child with Alec on June 17. The pair are also parents to daughter Carmen, and Hilaria is stepmother to Alec’s 19-year-old daughter Ireland, from his marriage to Kim Basinger.

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