Poles stage banana protest over removal of ‘indecent’ artwork

Around 1,000 people, many eating bananas to make their point, protested in front of Warsaw’s National Museum on Monday over a decision last week to remove artworks deemed “indecent” by the museum’s director.

Reuters: Arts


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In Review: The Banana Republic Arley Suede Boot

Banana Republic Arley Suede Work Boot – $ 106.80 ($ 178)

Note: Above price reflects a 40% off discount, which happens pretty often, considering Banana Republic’s frequent use of codes and promos. Cardmembers can knock an additional 10% off with the code BRCARD at checkout.

About the Author: Adam Terry is a thirtysomething Technical Trainer in the heating and manufacturing industry. He enjoys bourbon, boots, raw selvedge denim, and working on maintaining his dad bod. He’s excitedly nervous about welcoming his first child.

What is a pirate’s favorite work boot? The Banana Republic ARRRRLEY of course!

Sorry, I’m still workshopping some of my “dad jokes” as we prepare to welcome our first child in May. Along with building the nursery furniture, painting the walls fifty shades of grey, and hiding all of the bourbon, I’ve also been doing a little KonMari tidying up throughout my closet. After downsizing and getting rid of some of my rarely worn shoes, I realized that I needed a slightly more rugged version of a business casual chukka boot. When the chance to test drive the Banana Republic Arley suede “work boot” came along, I jumped at it.

In Review: The Banana Republic Arley Suede Boot | Dappered.com


  • Brand: Banana Republic
  • Style: “Work Boot”
  • Last: BR
  • Construction: Bondwelted/cemented
  • Leather: Lightweight suede in tan
  • Lining: Half pigskin, half breathable fabric
  • Sole: Rubber lugs, similar to a Vibram 430
  • Details: Six brass-colored eyelets, tonal brown cotton laces, and integral pull tabs
  • Made in: China
  • Price: $ 178 USD


This pair was ordered on a Monday and was delivered by Wednesday evening. Most retailers that offer free basic shipping take an eternity to actually ship and deliver the goods. So when these arrived earlier than an Amazon Prime order that was placed on the same day, I was very
impressed. Great job, Gap, Inc.!

In Review: The Banana Republic Arley Suede Boot | Dappered.com


Arriving in the standard dark grey Banana Republic boot box, the Arley’s arrived in great condition and stuffed with tons of paper to help keep their shape. No spare laces or fancy flannel shoe bags, though, if that matters to you.

First Impressions / Build Quality

After removing the boots from the box, you’ll first notice how soft and supple the suede is. Unlike really cheap suede that almost feels like a fabric rather than leather, this suede has a lovely, buttery smooth texture. The particular shade of tan is perfectly neutral and should pair well with other earthy tones, especially blues and greens. Imagine these being worn with a light blue Oxford cloth button down shirt tucked into a pair of tapered olive chinos. Simple, but great!

In Review: The Banana Republic Arley Suede Boot | Dappered.com

Comfort is always subjective, but the non-removable OrthoLite insoles feel very squishy and comfortable. The open-cell foam material should breathe pretty well, too. Similar foam-type insoles won’t typically last as long as leather and cork insoles, but hey, you’re not investing Red Wing money here. There’s no real arch support to speak of, but they don’t feel paper flat either.

In Review: The Banana Republic Arley Suede Boot | Dappered.com

The slip-resistant rubber soles are decently thick and have a nice low-profile lug pattern to them for added grip. They look very similar to the heavy duty Vibram 430 rubber soles that adorn other work and hiking boots. You should have no problem with grip in most land and weather conditions, minus those 100-year floods and Polar Vortices. Do note that these soles are Bondwelted (cemented), not stitched.

Fit and Sizing

Banana Republic doesn’t disclose what last/form that these boots are crafted around, but they run slightly narrow and have a rounded toe and tapered heel. They fit very similarly to my Clark’s Originals Desert Boots, which isn’t a bad thing. One minor complaint – these wear like a work boot/chukka boot hybrid. They’re a hair too short (and too thin) to have any real ankle support. The opening also tends to bow outwards when walking, but that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. Odds are you won’t be doing any heavy manual labor in these anyways.

In Review: The Banana Republic Arley Suede Boot | Dappered.com

Sizing down to a 10 US (UK 9, EU 44) gave me the best fit out of the box. They fit very well with no noticeable heel slip or pinching. I would recommend sizing down a half-size from Brannock.

For reference, I am a 10.5 D/E on a Brannock device and usually take a 10D in most dress shoes, including Alden’s Barrie last. I take a 10.5E in Allen Edmonds 65 last, as that last runs narrow and I have slightly high arches. I also take an 11 in most Adidas or Nike sneakers.

In Review: The Banana Republic Arley Suede Boot | Dappered.com

Final Thoughts

Based on my personal experiences and expectations at this price point, I highly recommend the Banana Republic Arley suede boots. If you’re in the market for something significantly dressier than a pair of Timberlands and can snag these during one of the semi-regular 40% off sales, you’re getting a real bang for your style bucks.

Dappered Style Mail


Banana Republic: 52% off One Day Sale

BR: 52% off (no code needed) + Extra 10% off for cardmembers w/ BRCARD (exp 12/15)

UPDATE: The deal is over, but the replacement is really good. 50% off most everything (some exclusions) through 12/24. No code needed. BRCARD should work for card members too.

So here’s how the math works:

  • This isn’t 60% off. Why? Because that “extra” 20% come off the discounted price. Not the full price.
  • But it’s still a really good deal. Say the purchase, pre code, is $ 100…
  • 100 x .6 (for 40% off) = $ 60. Then the additional 20% off comes, so $ 60 x .8. That = $ 48.
  • So the discount in the end is 52% off. Better than Black Friday.

Yes there are some exclusions (BR Picks are out,) but it seems like Banana Republic has been kind enough to hold off on tagging a LOT of stuff with that exclusion.


Norman Leather Chukka Boot – $ 85.44 ($ 178)

Norman Leather Chukka Boot

Basic, good looking chukkas that are noticeably sleeker than a crepe soled desert boot. Something you can dress up a bit. And at a price that if they take on some damage from the winter weather, you won’t cry yourself to sleep at night.


Slim Italian Wool-Blend Motion-Stretch Blazer – $ 143.04 ($ 298)

Slim Italian Wool-Blend Motion-Stretch Blazer

Utterly brilliant. These are an Italian wool blend. Still knit, but doesn’t feel like a sweatshirt or, a sweater really. But still super flexible. Two appropriate cold weather colors. Just wore the burgundy one last night to a dinner in a kinda warmer than normal restaurant, and it was super breathable. Saved me from looking like a sweaty mess.


Tully Sneaker Chelsea – $ 61.44 ($ 128)

Banana Republic Tully Sneaker Chelsea

Big, big fan of these. Also available in charcoal. Super comfortable, super versatile, and a mighty fair price for the look and feel of what you get. Full review here.


Moto Zip Leather Glove – $ 41.72 ($ 98)

I thought leather accessories weren’t included? But at post time, these are getting the cut. Note that these are NOT the same gloves that appear in the handful headers every once in awhile (those are some old Polo Ralph Lauren deerskin gloves.) But these have the same aesthetic. They’re even also made of Deerskin.


Italian Melton Wool-Blend Car Coat – $ 181.44 ($ 378)

Banana Republic Italian Melton Wool-Blend Car Coat

One of the best best for outerwear, once again. Terrific fabric, despite the mix being a pretty standard 80% wool / 20% the rest. Soft and smooth. A good depth to it for warmth, but still flexible. Big fan of the slanted hand pockets. Size shown above is a large on 195-200lbs. 80% wool / 17% poly / 3% other.


Italian Moleskin Trucker Jacket – $ 109.44 ($ 228)

Banana Republic Italian Moleskin Trucker Jacket

Moleskin = a brushed, dense, cotton fabric that’s super soft and almost suede like. A nice, cheaper alternative to Huckberry’s made in the USA Flint and Tinder moleskin shirt jacket.


Extra Fine Italian Merino Wool V or Crew Neck Sweaters – $ 42.96 ($ 89.50)

While some other brands are cutting back on the quality of their fabrics, or, starting to do blends, BR is thankfully sticking to their outstanding Italian Extra Fine Merino wool. Basics of course, but these are really nice basics. Lots of colors to pick from. Lots.


Wool-Blend Snap Glove – $ 42.96 ($ 89.50)

BR Wool Blend Snap Gloves

A mixed media pair of gloves. 67% wool, 19% viscose, 14% nylon tops. Goat leather palms. Snap at the wrist.


B.R. x Kevin Love Wool Blend Crew – $ 51.84 ($ 108)

B.R. x Kevin Love Wool Blend Crew

Colors and sizes seem to be coming and going. Blue and Gold = all sizes at post time. Overally? It’s nice. Very nice. 60% wool and 40% nylon blend that’s spun to feel extra light and soft. And it is. Size shown is a medium on my 5’10” / 195 lb frame. Big fan of those retro stripes. On the thicker side. Not some paper thin, super easy to layer thing. A warm sweater.


Rapid Movement Jean – $ 56.64 ($ 118)

Banana Republic Rapid Movement Denim

Obliagtory mention. Full review can be found here. Plenty of fits and washes to pick from. Size shown above is a 33×30 tapered fit in rinse. Enormous fan of these.


Large Tote Bag – $ 28.56 ($ 59.50)

Way, way better looking than some reusable grocery bag. Plus much more sturdy. You can haul heavy stuff in these things. Great for stashing in the trunk of your car and/or using it as an extra, “oh just throw all that junk in the same bag” getaway container. Has a zip top too in case you need to keep something out of the elements. Not small. Big.


Merino Wool Blend Rugby Stripe Scarf – $ 33.36 ($ 69.50)

BR Merino Wool Blend Rugby Stripe Scarf

Ban acrylic. At least when it comes to scarves. Especially when 100% merino wool scarves that look as good as these can be had for this reasonable of a price.


Hadley Italian Leather Brogue Oxford – $ 75.84 ($ 158)

BR Hadley Italian Brogue Oxford

Inexpensive brogue bluchers. So… certainly leaning more smart casual than dressed up. And that contrasting welt would look pretty good up against some dark denim.


Brushed Traveler Pants in Slim or Athletic Tapered – $ 52.32 ($ 109)

BR Brushed Traveler Pants

Moleskin Traveler Pants! I repeat! Moleskin Traveler Pants! Your favorite five pockets winterized with super soft, brushed cotton.


Italian Merino Wool Shawl-Collar Sweater – $ 47.28 ($ 98.50)

Italian Merino Wool Shawl-Collar Sweater

Much, much better looking than a hoodie. And not that much more expensive than some collegiate book store hoodie. Not bad considering these are 100% Italian Merino wool.


Merino Rectangular Scarf – $ 38.16 ($ 79.50)

Don’t be fooled by the “rectangular” stuff. It’s a regularly proportioned scarf (70″ x 12″). Which, well, yes. That’s a rectangle of course. ANYWAY. Geography* wasn’t my best subject. They’re describing the texture of the knit.

Billi Buckle Boot – $ 90.24 ($ 188)

BR Billi Buckle Boot

Affordable Jodhpur boots. Also available in a black leather, but y’know the old saying… cheap suede outperforms cheap smooth leather every time.


Italian Melton Wool Blend Bomber – $ 143.04 ($ 298)

Banana Republic Italian Melton Wool Blend Bomber

Bombers have been big for a couple years now, and that one might just be the cream of the affordable yet still really good looking crop. 80% wool and 20% nylon Italian fabric. Also available in charcoal.


Donegal Crew Neck Sweater – $ 47.28 ($ 98.50)

BR Donegal Crew Neck Sweater

That traditional, flecked look, without the super traditional bulky as hell fit (one would assume). 65% extra-fine merino wool, 30% nylon, 5% alpaca wool.


Kevin Love DB Topcoat – $ 191.04 ($ 398) | Single Breasted Topcoat – $ 181.44 ($ 378)

Banana Republic Topcoats

More pick(s) from the Kevin Love collection at Banana Republic. Both are made from Italian 80% wool / 20% nylon material. Still a good amount of sizes left.


Cotton Cable-Knit Shawl-Collar Cardigan – $ 61.92 ($ 129)

B.R. Cotton Cable-Knit Shawl-Collar Cardigan

Not wool. But some people prefer cotton. Whether it’s due to allergies or an itch factor or whatever. And that texture.


Heritage Italian Wool Blend Stripe Sweater – $ 47.28 ($ 98.50)

Banana Republic Heritage Italian Wool Blend Stripe Sweater

From their classic but never stuffy “heritage” line. Not a bad price for a nautical striped, wool blend crew that you’ll probably reach for time and time and time again. 80% recycled Merino wool, 20% nylon. Shown above with the Kevin Love DB topcoat.


Slim Italian Velvet Blazer – $ 143.04 ($ 298)

Banana Republic Slim Italian Velvet Blazer

New Years Eve is fast approaching…


Slim Traveler Pant – $ 47.28 ($ 98.50)

BR Slim Traveler Pant

4.7/5 stars after over 1200 reviews. They’re a jean style chino made with some sort of high-recovery Italian stretch cotton. So, comfort of your favorite pair of jeans, only in chino like colors & finish. Lots of colors to pick from. Also offered in Athletic Tapered and Skinny. Full review here. Also shown top right of the post in wine.


Merino Wool Blend Cardigan – $ 80.64 ($ 168)

Merino Wool Blend Cardigan

Love the look of all the different types of knit here. Makes it stand out, yet they all work together nicely. Just… don’t hang your sweaters. Just don’t. Especially on a wire hanger like shown here in their promo shot.


Italian Melton Wool-Blend Two-Pocket Coat – $ 157.44 ($ 328)

BR Italian Melton Wool-Blend Two-Pocket Coat

For those who want something more pea-coat like, but don’t love the double breasted look. Italian wool-blend melton fabric.


Slim Traveler Cords – $ 47.04 ($ 98)

BR Slim Traveler Cords

A cold weather version of many a fella’s favorite 5-pocket. These might not have QUITE as much stretch as the original traveler five pockets?


Herne Suede Longwing – $ 75.84 ($ 158)

Herne Suede Longwing

Not bad at all.  Like their other suede shoes, this “Herne” wingtip looks and feels much more expensive than the on-sale asking price. Sure they’re made in China, but they feel well made, the suede is solid, they don’t smell like gasoline, and the leather linings and Ortholite insoles are nice and comfy. Fit seems true too. A 10.5 fit my normally 10.5D feet just fine. Full review here.


Italian Melton Wool Blend Herringbone Topcoat – $ 191.04 ($ 398)

B.R. Italian Melton Wool Blend Herringbone Topcoat

80% wool and 20% nylon Italian wool blend melton fabric. It’s a true herringbone pattern. A mix of cream and gray. So if you don’t like that contrast, beware. It’s not a solid gray. Hits at mid-thigh. Exposed buttons (no covered placket, some guys prefer exposed buttons, some don’t). Super classy looking.


Slim Dark Rinse Japanese Traveler Jean – $ 59.50 ($ 119)

B.R. Slim Dark Rinse Japanese Traveler Jean

The legend. After 900+ reviews on the BR site, these things still have a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. Full review here.


Nicklas Sneaker – $ 61.44 ($ 128)

Banana Republic Nicklas Sneaker

White leather uppers? Check. Gum sole? Check. Blue accents? Check. Full review here.


Kevin Love Performance Stretch Wool Track Pant – $ 47.04 ($ 98)

BR x Kevin Love Performance Stretch Wool Track Pant

It’s a well established fact that this website is NOT pro-joggers. But these aren’t joggers. No silly elastic around the hems. And instead of crappy cotton terry, these are a stretch wool fabric. Sign me up.


Core Temp Chinos – $ 47.04 ($ 98)

BR Core Temp Chinos

Lightweight, breathable, and absurdly comfortable. Full review here.


Cable-Knit High Crew-Neck Sweater – $ 57.12 ($ 119)

BR Cable-Knit High Crew-Neck Sweater

This thing has a lot of interesting points of detail, for it being just a sweater. Multiple styles of cable knit up front and on the sleeves, but a smooth back. Collar is higher than a normal crew-neck, but not mock neck high. 80% extra-fine Merino wool, 20% nylon.


Slim Motion Stretch Blazers – $ 95.04 ($ 198)

Banana Republic Slim Motion Stretch Blazers

BR’s “Motion Stretch” line is a collision of tailored wear and stuff that feels like sweats. Only unlike sweats, they’ve been engineered to breathe and avoid that stuffiness. And while these feel a bit like sweats, they look a little more polished. Not as smart/dressy as a regular wool sportcoat, but still nice. Cotton poly blend.

This 52% off Banana Republic (plus an extra 10% off for cardemembers) deal runs through today, 12/15.

*Yes, this “Geography” bit is a joke.

Dappered Style Mail


In Review: The Banana Republic Slim Traveler Pant

The Banana Republic Slim Traveler Pant – $ 98.50

About the Author: Stephen Knight is a photographer / videographer who founded Itsaknightslife. His mission is to tell the story of people through style, food, music, and dancing. Catch his stuff at itsaknightslife on Instagram and Youtube.

Over the last few years there has been an increasing desire for hybrid pants that not only look good in a smart casual/business casual office, but are also comfortable enough to be dressed down and worn on the weekend. Trousers that can do it all. And during that time, the BR Slim Traveler Pant has become a go-to for many guys in terms of filling that do-it-all category. These pants have racked up over 1,000 reviews on the BR site, with an average of 4.7 stars out of 5. And that solid reputation is well deserved. Here’s why.

The Banana Republic Slim Traveler Pant

Available in lots of colors. Lots.

The Look

What I love about these pants are that they’re flexible enough, stylistically speaking, to work in many environments. If you work in a space that allows business casual, then you’ll fit right in. If you’re at an airport traveling, then you’ll fit right in. If you’re on that special date with that special person, then… you get the message. I opted for the olive color, which was on the more muted side, and I loved this shade. I was able to match this with a blue/white checkered shirt, along with any neutral colors that make style matching easy. The overall look of the pants seems reserved which allowed me to wear these 5-pockets (read: a regular jean style, not a more conservative/dressy style) at the office without anyone really noticing. They’re versatile. And they also quite comfortable.

In Review: The Banana Republic Slim Traveler Pant | Dappered.com

The BR Slim Traveler Pant size 30 x 32 on 5’10” / 170 lbs

The Feel

The first time I put these pants on, I literally said “wow” to how comfortable these pants are. I wouldn’t go so far as to say these are as comfortable as sweats, but they are definitely pants you can move in. The “specially engineered” Italian cotton they use for these pants feels amazing on the skin. They don’t feel super light nor super heavy which makes them suitable and comfortable to wear all day. And you know those afternoon naps you take after work? Yes, that is definitely possible with these pants. If you’re doing some traveling you can wear these with ease, no matter how long your flight(s) and how many connections you’ve got to make.

In Review: The Banana Republic Slim Traveler Pant | Dappered.com

Shown above in the “bracken olive” 

The Fit

The look and the feel of a pant doesn’t mean anything if they don’t fit the way you expect. For the most part, these pants fit very well. The fabric does sit a little closer to the skin, however they’re pretty stretchy. But if you run even slimmer, or do lots of squats, BR has you covered with both Skinny and Athletic fits (colors are limited on athletic).

Something I noticed is the inseam of the pant seemed rather long. The 30 x 32 pair I ordered fit my waist very well, I’m assuming due to the nature of the stretchiness, but the length of the pant seemed excessive, to the point where I would have to roll up the pant every wear. Now I like to roll my pants, so it was no issue for me, however if you like the length to be exact out of the box, these might pose a problem for you. However a quick tailor job will fix any issues you may have. And the feel of these pants would be worth the additional fitting.

In Review: The Banana Republic Slim Traveler Pant | Dappered.com

Inseam seems to run a little long on these pants. At least for me?

In Conclusion

At $ 98 full retail and often excluded from BR’s codes and promos, these aren’t the cheapest pants available. But given how comfortable these are, and the ability for them to work in most situations, I believe these are well worth the price, especially if you DO get them on some sort of discount.  In today’s world where we’re constantly on the go, the introduction of super comfortable pants that can serve multiple purposes has been a huge plus to the style world. And BR’s Slim Traveler pant is a great iteration of this trend.

If you are a frequent traveler and always on the move, yet still want to look good in any situation, these pants should definitely be high on your list. Even just for all day style and comfort, you’ll have no regrets picking this pair up.

Dappered Style Mail