Netflix to Create More Interactive Content Following ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’

Following the success of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, streaming giant Netflix has officially announced it will be releasing more interactive content in the near future.

Though choose-your-own-adventure storylines have existed for quite sometime in the entertainment field, there’s no doubt Charlie Brooker’s hit anthology show has helped to bring it into the mainstream.

During a webcast to investors, Netflix’s chief product officer Greg Peters has confirmed the company is interested in pursuing more interactive stories, stating, “You should anticipate we’ll do more of those as we start to explore that format.” Chief content officer Ted Sarando also added, “We’ve got a hunch that [the interactive format] works across all kinds of storytelling and some of the greatest storytellers in the world are excited to dig into it.” Watch Netflix’s earning Q4 earnings video below and let us know in the comment section if you are looking forward to more interactive content.

For those who have yet to try out the choose-your-own-adventure episode, head over to Netflix to find out which ending of Bandersnatch you conclude with.

In more exciting entertainment news, new Toy Story 4 plot details reveal a carnival adventure.

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‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ book publisher sues Netflix for $25M over ‘Bandersnatch’

Choose your own adventure Netflix

The big gimmick associated with Netflix’s buzzy Black Mirror movie Bandersnatch is that it’s very much a choose your own adventure kind of production. Viewers are presented with choices as the movie about a programmer working on a video game progresses, with the filmmakers reportedly having shot some 5 hours of footage to encompass all the potential alternatives that viewers can select.

Here’s one that neither the filmmakers nor Netflix likely hoped for, though. The book publisher behind the popular series of Choose Your Own Adventure books for kids has slapped Netflix with a $ 25 million lawsuit, claiming the Bandersnatch movie and its marketing infringes on the publisher’s arguably very well known trademark brand.

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‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ is Suing Netflix Over ‘Bandersnatch’

If you thought Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch was a lot like those Choose Your Own Adventure Books we read as kids, you’re not alone.

Chooseco LLC, which owns the rights to the Choose Your Own Adventure series of books is suing Netflix over Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, because the program “infringes on trademarks,” Variety reports. The publisher is seeking at least $ 25 million in damages.

Netflix was allegedly in negotiations with Chooseco to get the rights to the book series, rights that it did not acquire.

In the show, one of the characters even goes as far as to say it’s “It’s a Choose Your Own Adventure Book.”

And Chooseco isn’t the only one that could potentially sue Netflix over the program. 20th Century Fox is the owner of the movie rights to the series of books and also did not consent to the show.

In addition to Bandersnatch, Netflix also recently released a new original film, “BirdBox.” That film set a record for the streaming service, with more than 45 million accounts watching the film during its first week of availability.


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A game from ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ is playable now


If Black Mirror: Bandersnatch wasn’t unsettling or meta enough for you, the show’s team snuck in another layer of gameplay: an actual Tuckersoft Games website. You can peruse the company’s history (which you’ll be familiar with if you watched Bandersnatch) and explore its game titles – all of which reference other Black Mirror episodes.

Perhaps the sneakiest goody on the site is that you can actually play Nohzdyve, the game Colin (Will Poulter) is working on. But there’s a significant catch. 

The .tap file containing the game can only be played by downloading a ZS Spectrum Emulator – a program that mimics the OS of a personal computer from the 1980s’ Bandersnatch eraFuse, Qaop, or Speccy are some potential emulators, but they only work on certain computers or operating systems (one of the only Mac-compatible downloads I found wouldn’t open because it was from an unidentified developer). Read more…

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