Secrets from the Barbie fashion workshop

Fashion designer Carol Spencer spent her career creating covetable clothing for a highly unusual client, one who stood just 11 ¹/₂ inches tall: Barbie. Spencer designed the doll’s wardrobe for more than three decades, making her the iconic figure’s longest-running stylist. Now happily retired, the 86-year-old writes about her reign in the colorful “Dressing Barbie:…
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Barbie, Like her Creator, Is a Feminist

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“Barbie was everything we didn’t want to be…everything the feminist movement was trying to escape,” Gloria Steinem said in the recent documentary Tiny Shoulders.

Researching a book for the iconic doll’s 60th birthday, I was fascinated to learn how a toy invented by a female trailblazer empowered young girls like me, while enraging the entire women’s movement – who saw her as a vapid, skinny, busty blonde fashion plate.  Yet they were stereotyping Barbie by her looks and body, the way they refused to be judged.

Growing up  as the only girl in a Midwestern clan of boys, I was a Barbie fanatic, with the Dream House, pink convertible, Barbie, Ken, Francie, Julia, and Midge. When tiny buttons on their clothes were hard to unfasten, I’d just switch their heads.  Unlike the Chatty Cathy baby doll I was supposed to take care of, Barbie was a cool teenager with her own job, pad and wheels. Mirroring her independence, I begged my parents for the orange Cutlass that cruised me to college at 16. Role playing with Barbies in multiple professions inspired my subsequent erratic freelance career.

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Yara Shahidi and Naomi Osaka Get Their Own Barbie Dolls

2017 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet

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Yara ShahidiNaomi Osaka and Adwoa Aboah are among the 20 new faces in Barbie’s “Sheroes” collection of dolls honoring inspiring women between the ages of 19 and 85. The collection is a part of a campaign celebrating the company’s 60th anniversary. 

“I’m honored to be repping all the young ones as a Barbie Role Model,” Shahidi wrote on Instagram. “Let’s continue to inspire the next generation and each other. We need your voices and are watching you all blossom and shine. #YouCanBeAnything.”

According to PEOPLE, Barbie plans to donate $ 1 from any doll sold (up to $ 250,000) to the Dream Gap Project, “an initiative that raises awareness about the limiting factors girls face when trying to accomplish their dreams.”



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Barbie Girl DIY Lamp Makeover

All Barbie girls eventually grow up so what to do with a client’s vintage but broken barbie closet. Nicholas Rosaci has a bright idea and refashions them as fashionable Barbie lamps.

What you will need:

  • An old ‘Barbie Wardrobe” or similar.
  • Wood plank cut into 4 lengths (Home Depot Cutting service)
  • No Nails wood glue and small 1 1/2 in. finishing nails
  • Lamp kit and threaded lamp rod
  • Lamp shade
  • 4 small lamp feet
  • Rustoleum paint – gloss – white / black / pink
  • Masking tape
  • Glitter ribbon banding
  • Glue gun and sticks
  • Barbie silhouette logo


Cut wood into 4 planks needed to create a tightly fitted box (open-sided) around the Barbie Wardrobe. Sand edges smooth. Use wood adhesive and small finishing nails at the edges to join the planks. Glue 4 small wooded squares “lamp feet” to underside of the bottom base plank.

Drill a small hole in the centre of the top / bottom sides of the wardrobe and open-sided box just large enough to accommodate the lamp rod kit.

Prime all areas of the box, let dry, and then paint all sides black.

Use silicone glue to affix the wardrobe inside the open side box. Feed the lamp rod through the box top and bottom hole and secure all lamp hardware according to lamp kit instructions.

Square lampshades were in the wrong color so they were painted with white gloss paint. When dry, masking tape was applied to create bold painted stripes in black gloss. The shades were finished with a pink Barbie silhouette, sourced online, printed to size, and cut with a craft knife to create a stencil used to trace (using a pencil) the image onto the lamp sides and shade. The outline images were painted Barbie Pink, and a glittery ribbon was glued on to band the shades for a glittering final Barbie touch!

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Patty Jenkins Might Direct Margot Robbie in ‘Barbie’; Here’s Everything We Know

Patty Jenkins Might Direct Margot Robbie in 'Barbie'; Here's Everything We Know

Barbie is finally ready to hit the big screen. Yes, we've seen plans for a movie based on the iconic doll for a few years now, including incarnations that were to star Amy Schumer (cast in 2016) and Anne Hathaway (cast in 2017), but the latest development sounds more promising than ever.

Firstly, according to The Hollywood Reporter, there is an update on the studio that's working with Mattel on the project. Warner Bros. has taken over from Sony, which let its deal for a…

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