Bathroom Essentials

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Some of our top design contributors share their must-haves in a bathroom design.

Light Drizzle: A rain shower head is a must for a new bathroom! These are generally larger shower heads hung or installed overhead that mimic the feeling of showering in the rain; a very luxurious and relaxing experience after a long day. – Glen Peloso,

Tucked Away: I love adding an outlet under the sink or in a vanity drawer. It creates a great spot for charging an electric tooth brush or an extra plug for hair tools! – Kendall Ansell,

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Warm & Cozy: Every bathroom should have a towel warmer! Nothing feels nicer than getting out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a warm towel. I also use mine for drying small and more delicate items that I don’t want to put in the dryer. – Negar Reihani,

Photography by Colin Perry

Close Up: When I am renovating a bathroom or planning a new build, I like to include an electrical outlet for a magnifying mirror! It’s a great feature to have; no more bending over the sink to put on makeup! – Jacklynn Little,

Drawing Conclusions: When choosing a vanity, be sure to consider one with lots of drawers. Ensuites are especially notorious for lacking storage as most will choose pieces based on aesthetic and forgo function. – Gabriele Pizzale,

Fit for a King: When it comes to a bathroom, splurge on the best toilet you can afford! I particularly love the Veil Intelligent wall-hung toilet from Kohler as it has all the bells and whistles. This model features a bidet, dryer, seat warmer and best of all, automatic flushing. – Christine Da Costa,

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Spa Amenities: If you’re building a new home or have the space available in a bathroom renovation, make sure to designate a special spot for a beautiful soaker tub. Not only will it become a strong focal point in the room but it will also be the place that you yearn for after a long workday or commute. – Kim Bartley,

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Ambience: Never underestimate the power of great lighting. For everyday use and makeup application, ample light will be required. Adding a dimmer on these same lights gives you the ability to dim them if you are taking a bath. Having the ability to control the amount of light in a bathroom is priceless. – Yvonne Whelan,

Finishing Touches: Luxe details and plush textures are a must in a bathroom. I love to outfit every bathroom with beautiful, woven towels and thick cotton or linen robes. These finishing touches will give your bathroom a spa-like feel. – Lisa Stevens,

Reflection Spotlight: I love adding a Robern Bryn Mawr framed cabinet in a bathroom. These are installed flush to look like sexy mirrors and come in many different metals. They offer lots of interior lighting, electrical outlets, and storage.- Jamie Banfield,

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Beautifully Organized: Bathrooms should have a tray to contain all your necessities. It keeps things neat and visually appealing rather than having it strewn all over your counter. – Evelyn Eshun,

Photo by Larry Arnal

It’s In The Details: Every bathroom needs a thoughtfully placed robe hook no further than a foot away from the edge of the shower/tub and high enough off the ground that the towel clears the floor when hung on the hook. This way there’s always a spot to place your towel before bathing and a perfectly accessible opportunity to grab it when you most need it. – Becky Freeman,

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Lighting Factor: Nothing creates wow-factor in a bathroom like fantastic light fixtures. There are so many beautiful light fixture options! I love to use lighting that doesn’t look like it belongs in a bathroom. Go for decorative sconces or hanging pendants. Just make sure to select something with a glass shade as paper or fabric ones won’t stand up to humidity. – Laura Stein,

Matte Black: Small bathrooms only offer a few opportunities for decorative flair and I love including a statement faucet for maximum impact. I love the new American Standard Studio S collection available at Bartle & Gibson in a variety of styles with a fabulous matte black finish! – Marc Atiyolil,



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Update Your Bathroom on a Budget

Photo Source: Lionsgate Design

Bathrooms are one of the most costly rooms to renovate and for that reason, showing a home with an outdated bathroom may turn away buyers who overestimate what it will cost to update the space.

If you’re planning to put your home on the market, here are a few cost-effective updates you can make that will have a huge impact without a major expense.

If your vanity is still in good shape but just looks a little outdated, a fresh coat of paint can go a long way. Updating hardware to a more modern style is also important. I like to use hardware with crystal details as it always makes an impact.

Replace dated light fixtures. The new fixture does not need to be expensive but it should be stylish and have a contemporary feel to it.

If budget allows, consider updating the faucet to something more modern and eye catching.

A fresh coat of paint on the walls is a must. For resale purposes, a light, neutral color is your best choice.

Make sure to style appropriately. Use fresh, white linens, stunning artwork and an orchid to create a simple, modern, spa-like feel to the bathroom and remove all other knick knacks and personal items. – Tina Marie Singh,

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Adding Color and Drama in Your Bathroom

National Design Editor Glen Peloso shares some of his favorite ways to add color and drama to a bathroom or powder room.

Gorgeous Artwork

An easy way to add color to a bathroom is by hanging artwork. I suggest choosing pieces that are on canvas or ones without glass or glazing as moisture might stain the artwork or matting. (Photo Source: HomeSense)

Patterned Wallpaper

Using a non-woven backed wallpaper means that it will peal off the walls with little or no effort and your back to a clean palate to work with.

Beautiful Tiles

With tile, you can create a colorful effect on the floor, walls, and ceiling of the entire space. You no longer need to decide between wet areas and dry ones to include color because tiles can be used anywhere in the room. (Photo Source: x-Tile)

Colored Faucet

Add a splash of color in your bathroom with the addition of a stylish faucet in a bright hue. (Photo Source: Rubinet)


A collection of beautiful accessories such as a jewelry box and vases help add color and character to a bathroom. (Photo Source: HomeSense)

Glass Partition

Colored glass can be a fantastic way to add accent walls in the room. Thick glass naturally has a greenish-blue hue to it, however it comes in any color you like.

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8 Tips for Remodeling a Tiny Bathroom

Stuck with a small bathroom? Simple remodeling strategies, including a fresh color, flooring, and custom countertops, can help you enlarge the space without knocking down any walls.

This post has been brought to you by Sears Home Services. Its facts and opinions are consistent with those of
Bob Vila : Trusted Home Renovation & Repair Expert


Ultimate Bathroom Design Challenge: Vote for a Chance to Win!

The Challenge: We asked two designers to create a dream bathroom featuring stunning tile selections from Fifth and Fir and trendy lighting selections from Union Lighting & Furnishings. Vote for your favorite today for a chance to win a $ 500 gift certificate from Union Lighting & Furnishings!

Kim’s Sophisticated Bathroom Design Board

My ideal bathroom is an oasis of serene sophistication anchored by a showpiece double vanity in glossy black. The quiet gray walls, a bold aloe triptych and timeless jute baskets lend a calming natural touch to the urban cool of the black and white palette. The lattice theme of the natural stone flooring by Fifth and Fir is echoed by a cubist-inspired aged iron chandelier centered over the luxurious lines of the deep white soaker tub. – Click here for more information and sources.

Karla’s Dramatic Bathroom Design Board

This bathroom is fresh and textural with hints of playfulness. You can recreate this look by choosing a graphic, bold tile and highlighting it in one area (like the floor or wall) then choosing softer textural elements such as wood and light colored stone. Remember that lighting really is the jewelry of the space and a hint of black sprinkled in always grounds the room. – Click here for more information and sources.


Use the widget below to vote for your favorite design board and then earn extra entries using the listed options! One lucky contestant will win a $ 500 gift certificate to use in store at Union Lighting & Furnishings!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Affordable Countertops for Your Bathroom

I am renovating my bathroom on a very tight budget. Can you suggest an affordable countertop option?

One of the most affordable options for countertops is laminate and today, laminate comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. The 180fx line from Formica offers 34 nature-inspired options including marble, quartz, granite and even wood patterns that give you a luxurious look without the cost. This allows you to customize your countertop to suit any design style, from modern and luxurious to rustic and laid-back!

Laminate is also very easy to install. Professional installation can be done in a matter of a few hours, meaning your installation costs are also going to be lower. It is possible to install laminate yourself but we suggest making room in the budget for an experienced installer to ensure a great looking finished product. – Formica

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Kim, Fix My House: Creating a Stylish Bathroom on a Budget

Need inspiration? Check out this bathroom design board I put together for the magazine last year!

Turn your bathroom into a stylish and affordable sanctuary with these simple changes.

SERENITY NOW When imagining the ideal spa, one can’t help but think of the soothing music that so often sets the mood. For the ultimate Pavlovian response, install wireless or Bluetooth speakers in discrete areas of your bathroom to make sure that gentle instrumental tones are always available to enhance your experience.

FLUFF IS THE WORD As tactile creatures, we tend to associate soft, fluffy textures with the pinnacle of high-end indulgence. Splurging on soft, white bath sheets is the first step towards the spa zone. Add a luxurious bath mat, fluffy hand and face towels and you’re on your way to treating your body like royalty. To amp up the comfort level, installing a towel warmer will maximize the enjoyment you receive from all of your new plush accessories. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a cozy bathrobe to take the spa into your bedroom and beyond.

LIT FROM WITHIN To truly capture the spa-like ambience, ensure that your lighting scheme includes various sources and levels of brightness. Layers of lighting create a soft, flattering look and aids in the relaxation promoted in the spa environment. Dimmers will be your best friend in achieving that soothing glow that leads all the way towards an evening soak. Don’t neglect heavenly scented candles to complete the effect.

COLOR ME CALM Sticking to the right color palette will transform your bathroom into a space that inspires tranquility. A neutral color scheme of creamy grays, soft whites or pale blues will calm your nerves and reduce the stresses of the day. Complement the gentle tones with elements from nature like a leafy plant, a shell soap dish, or a wooden tray to further relax the senses.

GO CLEAN The latest trend in the blogosphere is to go through all of your makeup and toiletries to remove anything unhealthy for you or the environment. By ensuring that you only keep the products that are good for you, two goals will have been accomplished. A healthier skincare and makeup regime and a pared down number of items to clutter up your new spa space is ideal. Once only the necessities remain, choose attractive straw or clear acrylic containers to store things in the most pleasing way possible.

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Bobby Brown’s Sister Denies Selling Whitney Houston Bathroom Pic To Kanye West for Pusha T Album

Call it provocative. Call it poor taste. But besides Drake and his blackface and baby mother issues we can all agree that the tragic life and legacy of late singer Whitney Houston is just another pawn that’s been exploited for …



Bobby Brown’s Sister Regrets Taking Photo Of Whitney’s Drug Infested Bathroom

Bobby Brown’s sister is speaking out about Kanye West using the photo of Whitney Houston’s hot mess of a bathroom on Pusha-T‘s album.

Tina Brown wants you to know that Kanye did not pay her for use of the photo, which she shamefully regrets taking at a “low and self-destructive” time in her life.

Instagram Photo


The Blast spoke with Tina, former sister-in-law of Whitney, and she claims “Kanye West did not purchase the picture from me or my son [Shayne Brown].”

The National Enquirer owns the rights to the photo after Tina sold it as part of a story back in 2006. She says the photo represents a night she and Whitney were deep in a drug binge that included smoking crack-cocaine.

Brown admits, “During the time the picture was taken, in 2006, my sister Whitney and I were at a very low and self-destructive point in our lives, it was not only her mess, it was mine as well.”

Whitney Houston’s drug habit cost her teeth according to Tina, who claimed Houston wore false teeth.

“She loses them in the house and when she’s out on drug binges,” Tina revealed in 2006, according to chatterbusy. “They cost $ 6000 and the dentist has to keep FedEx’ing her a new set.”

After Whitney’s death, the coroner’s report indicated that she wore dentures.

Brown is adamant that “the public attention and speculation, brought on by Kanye’s broadcasted purchase of that picture and usage have opened old wounds.” She also wants to hear from Kanye about “why he feels the picture is significant to him, at this time.”

Entertainment – Black America Web


Boston Marathon Winner on How She Nearly Quit — and Why She Slowed Down for Her Competitor’s Bathroom Break

The runner who became the first American woman to win the Boston Marathon in 33 years was very close to quitting on Monday.

Desiree Linden, who secured her first-ever big marathon win when she crossed the finish line in 2 hours, 39 minutes and 54 seconds, told ABC’s Good Morning America Tuesday that she wasn’t feeling well early on in the race and was getting fed up with the miserable weather. Instead, she said, she planned to do what she could to help the other Americans on the course.

So when fellow American Shalane Flanagan, the 2017 New York City Marathon winner and a favorite to win in Boston, had to pull off to use the porta-potty mid-race, Linden slowed her pace to help Flanagan return to the pack when she was finished.

“We closed the gap and we were back in it,” Linden told GMA, sitting next to Flanagan. “It was a great turning point for me, and kept Shalane in it and gave us a chance.”

Earlier on in the race, Linden said she told Flanagan she wasn’t feeling well and could help block the wind for her or pace her. “I grabbed her shoulder and was like, ‘Are you OK?’ ” Flanagan told GMA.

Analysts applauded Linden for displaying immense sportsmanship — especially in a race that practically every professional distance runner dreams of winning and while running amid unusually harsh weather conditions.

“A ton of American pride on the line,” Linden said. “So it was just keeping our best people in the front.”

Linden went on to pull away from the chase pack and take the lead from Ethiopian runner Mamitu Daska. When she crossed the finish line several miles later, there were no other runners in sight.

“When you work together, you never know what’s going to happen,” Linden told NBC Sports after the race. “Helping her helped me.”

Linden’s hope for American dominance in the women’s field in the marathon went beyond her first-place finish. Seven American woman finished in the top 10, including Sarah Sellers, a full-time nurse who shocked the world with a second-place finish. Flanagan went on to secure a seventh-place finish, and told Runner’s World the 2018 Boston Marathon was likely her last.

Sports – TIME


5 Reasons to Choose a Linear Bathroom Drain

linear bathroom drain

Linear drains have long been known for improving functionality in institutional and industrial settings but in recent years, they have been making waves in the residential market place and have become a popular choice for modern, clean bathroom design. While a linear bathroom drain offers a fresh, modern look to a shower, there are a number of other great reasons why you should consider a linear shower drain!

Improved Accessibility
A linear drain is the perfect choice for a barrier free, accessible shower. A center point drain requires the floor to slope towards the drain from all 4 directions. With a linear drain, the floor only needs to slope in one direction. This provides a gentler slope and safer use for young children, the elderly and anyone with balance or mobility issues.

linear bathroom drain
Photo Source: QuARTz by ACO

Maximize Small Space
A linear drain offers a number of possibilities for small space design. The barrier free nature of the linear drain means you can install a shower without a raised shower base and take advantage of small space ideas like the shower shown above with glass doors that swing inward when not in use to free up valuable floor space. A linear bathroom drain from QuARTz by ACO installed at the back of the shower, against the wall, makes this possible.

Works Well with Large Format Tiles
Large format tiles have become a popular choice for bathrooms and with a growing selection of slip-resistant large format tile options, this will continue to be the case. While it is possible to install a center point drain with large format tiles, the linear bathroom drain provides an easier install and a more cohesive look.

linear bathroom drain
Photo Source: QuARTz by ACO

Reducing Pooling
Water pooling during a shower is one of the leading causes of slip and fall accidents in a shower and it can also lead to increased issues with mold and mildew! A linear bathroom drain offers a larger collection surface for water which results in less water pooling and a cleaner, healthier shower.

Design Flexibility
Unlike a center point drain which generally needs to be installed towards the center of the shower to be effective, a linear shower drain can be installed in the center or along any side of the shower space provided the slope is planned accordingly. This opens up a wide range of design options as well! Take a look at some of these great ideas for bathroom designs that really take advantage of the flexibility of a linear drain!

TIP: As with any project, it is important to use quality materials and hire someone with experience. A properly installed, high quality linear drain will provide superior function and be easy to maintain. Using low quality materials or an inexperienced installer may have the opposite result!

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Amazon Denies Allegations About Inadequate Bathroom Breaks

Amazon workers in Britain are urinating in bottles to save time and avoid discipline by managers, according to an investigative journalist who went undercover as an employee.

James Bloodworth, who worked in the “fulfillment center” for six-months, detailed the mistreatment of warehouse employees in his book Hired: Six Months Undercover in Low-Wage Britain.

Bloodworth told The Sun employees operated a “toilet bottle” system because they were allegedly slapped with “warning points” for arriving late from bathroom breaks.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast Latest Articles

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Gorgeous Solutions to Make Your Bathroom Lighting Stand Out

Lighting up Your Vanity

Gone are the days when choosing vanity lighting involved choosing a style, finish and number of bulbs for your vanity light bar. Today, homeowners and designers are mixing things up with scones, pendants and more! Here are a few ideas from some of our designers.

WHO DESIGNED IT: Negar Reihani

WHAT MAKES IT STAND OUT: Instead of putting the light on the mirror, Negar aimed for a more modern application and used two small pendants on each side of the double sinks. The finishes of this master bathroom is rather traditional with marble basket-weave flooring and oak cabinetry but the modern light fixture and its application pushes the design toward transitional.

Hanging pendants definitely give the bathroom a unique, unexpected look and it also offers up a wide variety of design possibilities. This is also a great solution if you want to maximize mirror space but can not mount lighting right onto the mirror.

LIVING LIGHTING TIP: Fixtures in the bathroom are subject to frequent steam and moisture exposure. Choose a pendant made of an easy to clean material like metal and crystal and avoid materials like linen shades that may become damaged and are harder to ripe clean.


LED Pendant by Elan, 1 Light Pendant by Feiss, Celestial Pendant by Artcraft

WHO DESIGNED IT: Jamie Banfield

WHAT MAKES IT STAND OUT: In this bathroom, Designer Jamie Banfield choose to use two scones mounted on either side of the mirror rather then a vanity bar above the mirror.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to consider using sconces instead of a vanity bar. Side-mounted sconces offer a more even light with less shadows, an important consideration if this is also where you’ll be doing things like applying makeup regularly. In a small bathroom, using sconces creates a more horizontal sight line, elongating the space and making it feel larger. On the other hand, you can break up the large expanse of a double vanity by using two separate mirrors and three scones for a more intimate feel.

LIVING LIGHTING TIP: For best results, mount fixtures at least 28″ apart and 60″ off the floor.


Wall Sconce by Kichler, Opal Glass Bathroom Sconce by Artcraft, Sconce by Elan

WHO DESIGNED IT: Negar Reihani

WHAT MAKES IT STAND OUT: Sconces are mounted directly onto the mirror!

If you love the look for a side-mounted sconce but don’t want to sacrifice mirror space, this is a great solution. You can still choose a wall to wall mirror for maximum impact and then have the fixtures installed over the mirror. This is especially useful in small bathrooms as the mirror reflects the light back from the scones, making the room feel bigger and brighter.


Gemma by Fredrick Ramond, Mira by Hinkley, Wall Sconce by Kendal

WHO DESIGNED IT: David Jurinic of Toronto Custom Concepts

WHAT MAKES IT STAND OUT: While David still went with a vanity bar, he choose a more modern version and mounted it on the mirror rather then above.

If you still prefer the look of overhead lighting but want to give it a more modern feel, this is a great choice. Mounting the vanity bar onto the mirror gives you many of the same benefits you get from mounting a sconce over the mirror; a larger available space for the mirror and more light reflected back into the room. In the bathroom above, the light fixture mimics the linear shape of the vanity and cabinet pulls which helps to pull all the pieces together.

LIVING LIGHTING TIP: Mount the strip 78″ off the floor.  If you’d like to maximize visible mirror, choose a fixture with a smaller center plate rather than a full length mounting plate.


Vega Vanity Lighty by Kuzco Lighting, LED Vanity by Feiss, Elegante Bathroom Vanity by Artcraft

Decorative and Functional Accent Lighting

WHO DESIGNED IT: Jamie Banfield

WHAT MAKES IT STAND OUT: Under cabinet lighting brightens up a storage shelf.

In this bathroom, two rows of cabinets run along the wall and continue through the shower to conceal plumbing. The space between the cabinets creates a useful shelf space for displaying often-used items. To keep this shelf space from becoming a dark spot int he bathroom, under cabinet lighting was installed through out. Not only does this brighten up the space, but it also makes an interesting decorative feature as well! When planning the lighting for your bathroom, think beyond the decorative and consider using pot lights, under cabinet lighting and other accent lights to brighten up darker spaces.

LIVING LIGHTING TIP: Under cabinet lighting can make middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom safer and easier. Install a low-voltage linear lighting or LED system in the toe spaces beneath the vanities and cabinets. Consider installing an occupancy sensor wall switch so the lights come on when you need them and switch off when not in use to save energy. 

Showcase the Focal Point

WHO DESIGNED IT: Isabelle Boba

WHAT MAKES IT STAND OUT: A fun, modern chandelier hung above the freestanding tub becomes a decorative focal point.

Using a freestanding tub as a decorative focal point of the bathroom is a very popular trend right now and we love this look. It gives the bathroom a luxurious, spa-like feel that welcomes you to come in, relax and let go of the stress of the day. This also offers the opportunity play with creative lighting, adding stylish luxury to the space with a pretty chandelier above the tub.

LIVING LIGHTING TIP: Make sure to put bathroom lights on a dimmer! While you may want a bright, airy space for many daily tasks, a dimmer will allow you to create a calm, relaxing feeling on those days where you just want to sit back and soak for a bit.


Satellite Chandelier by Dainolite, Elaine by Hinkley Lighting, 5 Light Feiss Chandelier

Home Trends Magazine


The Trendiest Colors for Your Bathroom in 2018

Is your bathroom so last year? Keep reading for some trend-forward paint color inspiration to upgrade your bathroom in the new year. 


Icicles, by Behr 

As its name suggests, Icicles is a cool rendition of blue, bearing some likeness to grey, making it a fantastic new neutral color, perfect for the bathroom. Behr recommends pairing Icicles with Mortar, Pencil Sketch, and Tinted Ice. 

Photo Source:


Graylac, by Behr 

Speaking of new neutrals, Graylac, also by Behr, is a rich mix of grey and lilac that pairs well with both warm and cool tones. Besides its versatility, we love the richness the unexpected hue brings to the bathroom 

Photo Source:


Cameo White, by Benjamin Moore 

All-white bathrooms will likely never go out of style; white is reminiscent of cleanliness, which will always be appealing in a bathroom setting. Cameo White is a little bit warmer than standard white, boasting “subtle nuances that suit a tranquil, serene environment.”   

Photo Source:


Black Flame, by PPG 

Finally, if those subtle shades simply don’t appeal to you, there’s always Black Flame, by PPG. Black Flame is the perfect pick if you’re hoping to rev up the drama in your bathroom; to boot, it pairs well with a myriad of other colors. Read more about the unapologetic hue in our article, Everything You Need to Know About Black Flame.

Photo Source:

Home Trends Magazine


Kid-Friendly Renovations for Your Bathroom

So you’ve personalized your child’s bedroom, but what about their bathroom?  


Kid-Proof Your Countertops 

Bathrooms are notorious for accidents, especially when you have kids, which is why it’s important to ensure the materials used in high traffic zones are durable. Granite countertops, for instance, can be easily stained and scratched, while a material such as Quartzite is scratch and stain-resistant and bears a similar look to granite. 


Slip-Proof Your Floors 

Slips, trips, and falls are always a concern in every room of the house when you have little ones running around. Mitigate that risk as much as you can in the bathroom via slip-proof flooring. Large format tiles tend to offer better traction, and you can purchase them with a specific slip resistance rating. Steer clear of high-gloss flooring, which will become slippery when exposed to humidity. 


Install Anti-Scald Devices 

Anti-scald devices can be a Godsend if you have little ones in the home. Installing these devices on your shower heads and faucets will ensure temperature controlled water flow, and could keep small children from burning their hands unintentionally.  


Express Their Personalities 

Practicality is important when it comes to bathroom but so is personality. Give your child some say in the bathroom, especially if it’s a bathroom meant only for them. Paint color is a great, non-permanent way to personalize, so don’t be afraid to select paint with your child’s unparalleled energy in mind. 

Home Trends Magazine


10 Genius Small Bathroom Ideas That’ll Totally Transform Your Space

For a space so tiny, a whole lot has to happen in the bathroom. And don’t get us started on fitting all our makeup, haircare tools, medicine and more in a cramped vanity. These organizing solutions create new storage in spots you’ve probably never thought about before. That way, you can have your nail polish and flat iron, too.

Home Ideas – Good Housekeeping


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5 New Ideas for Your Bathroom in the New Year

New year, new you, new bathroom. We’ve rounded up five trend-forward ways to upgrade your bathroom in the new year. 


Large Format Tiles 

Large format tiles maintain trendiness in 2018, after their rise to popularity in 2017. In addition to being trend-forward, large format tiles also lend the illusion of a larger bathroom and tend to accumulate less dust and debris than their small format counterparts. 


An Unexpected Accent 

Wood is one of those materials that will never go out of style and the creative applications for it are seemingly endless. We love this idea, courtesy of Reno-Assistance, using recovered wood cut into different sized circular shapes to create an accent wall of sorts. 

Photo Source:


An Upgraded Shower 

The walk-in shower is a model that has garnered popularity to the point that it is practically a mainstay in modern homes. If you don’t already have one, consider upgrading to a walk-in in the new year, or consider other shower upgrades, such as integration of a steam system, an anti-fog mirror, or a linear drain.  



Last year, we talked about Industrial Style Kitchens We Love, and this year, that love extends to the bathroom. Industrial style bathrooms are chock-full of attitude and personality and embrace imperfect elements, such as exposed pipes, bare concrete, and vintage light fixtures. 

Photo Source:


A Fresh Coat of Paint 

Not sure what new hue will best suit your bathroom? Check out our article, The Trendiest Colors for Your Bathroom in 2018, for some inspiration.

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Easy Ways to Lend Luxury to Your Bathroom

Luxury is trending in the realm of bathroom decor – and we can understand why! The standard stress and chaos of every day life calls for a balancing element; for some, this is a spa-like bathroom to come home to at the end of a long day, where they can effectively wind down and self-indulge. In the spirit of tranquility, keep reading for five products and ideas that will add a feeling of luxury to your bathroom. 

A Genius Shower System

At the forefront of bathroom luxury is Riobel, with their Genius™ Shower system. Their smart shower system comes with a user-friendly keypad interface, which allows users to adjust water temperature with the click of a button, and its high-flow functionality and auto-recharge battery ensures consistent water pressure, even in the effect of a power blackout!

Photo Source

A De-primping Station

While your morning primping routine may be a rushed one, addled with interruptions and chaos via everyone else’s respective routines, your evening de-primping routine doesn’t have to necessarily be so. Having somewhere to sit and take off your makeup at the end of a long day can be a godsend and is inherently indicative of a luxury bathroom. Think: a tufted ottoman, an ornate armchair, or even a chaise lounger, if you space allows for it.

Photo Source

A Towel Warmer

Stemming from European bathroom design, towel warmers are the feature you won’t know you needed until you get one. Particularly beloved by users during colder winter months and early mornings, the benefits of towel warmers are twofold: to keep you warm right out of the shower and to keep your towels mold and mildew-free 

Photo Source

The Power of Plants

Is there anything more luxe than a tall, exotic potted plant in the corner of your contemporary bathroom? Whether your feeling towards plants is more of a passion or preference, there’s no doubt the personality, health benefits, and subtle luxury plants can bring to the bathroom setting. Bamboo, orchids, and aloe vera are good starter plants which will do well in a humid bathroom setting. 

Photo Source

The Power of Plant-esq 

Not into plants? No problem. In the past year alone, the popularity of plant-reminiscent things has skyrocketed; greenery-inspired wallpaper, shower curtain, and wall-art are all great options. After all, you can’t go wrong with the calming and cleansing effects of the color green.  


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Bathroom Safety for the Whole Family

Bathroom accidents are nothing to scoff about. Whether your household is comprised of seniors, adults, teens, tweens, toddlers, or four-legged fur balls, bathroom safety should be treated as the priority it is, in the interest of all inhabitants, big and small. 

Easy Temperature Control

Particularly if you have seniors in your household, who may lack the dexterity to use traditional faucets with ease, it could be worth it to consider an alternate interface. Riobel’s Genius™ Shower system provides this ease-of-use and more. The design for the Genius™ Shower includes an interactive keypad, which is simple in both form and function, and can be installed right inside of the shower, for easy access. The shower itself is designed with a sophisticated pressure sensor, which will ensure your loved ones are unaffected by drops in hot or cold water pressure.

Non-slip Treads

For users young and old, grips or treads in the bathtub could be the difference between a happy bather and an (easily avoidable) accident. Non-slip treads have certainly evolved with the times, and are now available in a multitude of shapes and sizes, including kid-friendly designs, such as animal shapes, flowers, and marine-inspired patterns. 

Ample Tiles

Along the same lines as non-slip treads, is the idea of ample tile in your walk-in shower. Textured flooring can serve the same purpose as the aforementioned treads, preventing dangerous slip and falls. For best results, opt for small tiles separated by plenty of grout. 

A Handheld Showerhead

As we age, our mobility is certainly affected, oftentimes restricted, due to aches and pains that can easily impede everyday tasks. For households with senior members, showering is one of those simple everyday tasks that can become strenuous; luckily, this can be remedied by installing a handheld showerhead. A handheld showerhead can be an invaluable tool for those with flexibility or mobility issues, and can be used more effectively in sitting position than its affixed counterpart.

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15 Sneaky Storage Tricks for a Tiny Bathroom

Keep everything you need right at your fingertips — but off your countertops — with these genius ideas.

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This Incredible Rustic Bathroom Makeover Cost Less Than $100

Fresh white paint made all the difference.

Home Ideas – Good Housekeeping


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What’s Trending in Bathroom Tile 

We’ve talked about what’s trending in kitchen tile as of late, ( but what about the other tile-heavy room in your home: the bathroom. Here’s what’s popular:  


Fish Scale Tiles 

Since garnering popularity as a tile trend in 2016, the fish scale tile appears to still be a fashion-forward pick for bathrooms across the board. Sure, fish scales are a little less traditional than your average tile-scape, but it’s also a little more fun. 

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Matte Black Tile 

For something with more of a contemporary edge, matte black tiles are as daring as they are dashing. They also look great when paired with natural textures, such as wood-look and woven textiles. 

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Vertical Tile 

You’ve probably seen plenty of horizontal subway tile in your day, but what about vertical subway tile. Long rectangular tiles staggered horizontally is not only unexpected, but it will lend visual height to your bathroom.  

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Real wood is great, however, it’s also expensive and susceptible to warping. A durable alternative to real wood is faux wood tiles, made of ceramic or porcelain. Faux wood tiles are water resistant, a fraction of the cost of real wood, and can be easily personalized.  

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Patterned Tile 

We wrote about patterned tiles in our kitchen tile rundown earlier this year, but we haven’t had enough of them yet! Reflective of the bourgeoning trends surrounding artisanship and craftsmanship, tiles featuring geometric patterns and middle eastern-inspired motifs are stealing the spotlight from their non-patterned counterparts. 

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Save vs. Splurge for Your Bathroom

Designer Jacklynn Little shares where to splurge and where to save when designing a bathroom! – As seen in Canadian Home Trends Renovations 2017.

Selecting tile before anything else is key when designing a bathroom. It’s the most used product in the room and the most expensive, with material and labor, to install. It can be used as the inspiration for everything else in the room. For instance, if you select a neutral colored tile with a blue undertone, the vanity can be painted in a dark blue and the walls in a soft blue. You can also select accessories in complementary colors to bring it all together.

For a bold look, accentuate a neutral tile with a small band of colored tiles. The chosen color can then be used to help select the vanity, paint and accessories.


  1. The most affordable way to give your bathroom a makeover is to paint it! Color Shown: Just Off White No. 239, Farrow & Ball
  2. Replace existing hardware on your vanity to give it a fresh look! Hardware Shown: Home Depot


  1. Invest in a stunning light fixture that will be a showpiece! Fixture Shown: Union Lighting & Furnishings
  2. You can never spend too much money on quality towels! Towels Shown: Au Lit Fine Linens
  3. Install a luxurious vanity to make a bold statement in your bathroom! Vanity Shown: Union Lighting & Furnishings
  4. A bold wallcovering is always a good investment as it will make a statement in your bathroom. Wallcovering Shown: Farrow & Ball

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Amy Schumer Buys $2,000 Mattress for Store Employee Who Let Her Use the Bathroom

If Amy Schumer asks to use your toilet, make sure you say yes.

The Snatched star was jogging around Chicago recently when she stopped into the local Six Corners Mattress Firm hoping for an emergency bathroom.

Sagine Lazarre, the store employee, happily pointed her towards the restroom, not realizing the desperate jogger was Schumer.

Grateful for the hospitality, Schumer walked up to Lazarre on her way out and asked which mattress was her favorite. She then bought the $ 2,000 mattress on the spot as a gesture of her appreciation.

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The mattress came at a perfect time, as Lazarre and her daughter had just recently moved into a new apartment. It wasn’t until later that she realized the Inside Amy Schumer star was her generous benefactor. 

“It’s amazing, mind blowing. I’m still shocked,” Lazarre told Chicago’s WGN News on Wednesday.

“After she left, I Googled her name. The lady that was right there talking to me is Amy Schumer. It was amazing. Unbelievable.”

Schumer’s new film with Goldie Hawn, Snatched, hits theaters May 12.

Fashion Deals Update:

The Supreme Court Decided Not to Decide on Trans Bathroom Rights

More delays for Gavin Grimm’s case.

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Waterfall Widespread Bathroom Chrome Finished Bath Tub Faucets Mixer Taps

Waterfall Widespread Bathroom Chrome Finished Bath Tub Faucets Mixer Taps

This is Waterfall Widespread Bathroom Chrome Finished Bath Tub Faucets Mixer Taps. store provides apple accessories, electronics, tablet PCs, cool gadgets, cell phones, LED flashlight, car accessories, phones accessories, toys, health and beauty supplies, computer accessories, video games accessories, holiday gifts and security camera.
List Price:

5 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

5 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

The oil-rubbed bronze finish gives the Georgian bathroom combination a unique dark texture. The multiple strokes on each of the items’ wall piece signifies the trademark look of the Georgian collection.Features:Made from oil-rubbed bronze5-piece bathroom accessory comboBrass/porcelain/glass constructionGeorgian designMounting hardware includedMaterial: BrassFinish: Oil Rubbed BronzeCollection: Georgian
List Price: $ 207.99
Price: $ 207.99

7 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

7 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

Inspired by its traditional classic design, the BA package adds elegance in making your bathroom a luxurious settingFeatures:Made from antique brass6-piece bathroom accessory comboBrass/porcelain/glass constructionGeorgian designMounting hardware includedMaterial: BrassFinish: Antique BrassCollection: Heritage
List Price: $ 207.99
Price: $ 207.99

7 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

7 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

Inspired by its traditional classic design, the BA package adds elegance in making your bathroom a luxurious settingFeatures:Made from antique brass7-Piece bathroom accessory comboBrass/porcelain/glass constructionGeorgian designMounting hardware includedMaterial: BrassFinish: Antique BrassCollection: Heritage
List Price: $ 252.99
Price: $ 252.99

7 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

7 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

The chrome-plated finish gives the Claremont bathroom combination a glistening shiny look. The square-shaped blocks on each of the items’ wall piece signifies the trademark look of the Claremont collection.Features:Made from polished chrome7-Piece bathroom accessory comboBrass/porcelain/glass constructionClaremont designCoordinates perfectly With Claremont collectionMaterial: BrassFinish: ChromeCollection: Claremont
List Price: $ 214.99
Price: $ 214.99

Uncle Johns Bathroom Puzzler Word Search Challenge Book

Uncle Johns Bathroom Puzzler Word Search Challenge Book

Uncle Johns Bathroom Puzzler Word Search Challenge Book: The word-obsessed trivia geeks at the Bathroom Readers’ Institute offer a collection of not-so-ordinary puzzles to challenge even the most experienced word searcher: traditional and theme-shaped puzzles, quirky word lists, and a variety of unu
List Price: $ 9.95
Price: $ 9.95

Creative Home Double Rings Marble Bathroom Accessories Set – 8-Piece

Creative Home Double Rings Marble Bathroom Accessories Set – 8-Piece

CLOSEOUTS . Made of warm, caramel-hued marble, Creative Homeand#39;s Double Rings bathroom accessories set supplies everything your powder room could need — from a toothbrush holder to a home for your cotton balls. Available Colors: CARAMEL MARBLE.
List Price: $ 130.00
Price: $ 59.95

Hana 4 Piece Bathroom Accessories Set

Hana 4 Piece Bathroom Accessories Set

Modern lines are paired with natural elements in this 4-piece bathroom accessory set. The Hana collection will add elegance and unique beauty to any bathroom. These decorative bath accessories are made of pristine, white ceramic with handwoven accents. The set includes a tumbler, soap dish, toothbrush holder and soap dispenser.
List Price: $ 55.99
Price: $ 55.99

4 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

4 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

This four piece bathroom accessory set includes a 24″ towel bar, 6″ towel ring, robe hook, and a toilet paper holder. Each piece is built for long-lasting durability and reliability. All mounting hardware is included and installation is easy.Features:24″ towel bar6″ towel ring2-1/2″ wide robe hook8-1/4″ wide toilet paper holderAll mounting hardware includedMaterial: BrassFinish: ChromeCollection: Americana
List Price: $ 35.99
Price: $ 35.99