Beauty of 5: Amazon Launched A New Skincare Line And These Are The Products You Should Try

You're as beautiful as you believe you are

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Amazon launched their own beauty line and the entire world is excited. Belei is a cruelty-free collection, free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates. The in-depth skincare line was designed to address every blemish, dark spot, and wrinkle on your face. Get ready to indulge in serums, moisturizers, cleansers, masks and so much more. This is the first of the brand’s kind so the pressure is on for it to do well in the beauty market. If this launch sparks your interest, get ready to learn about 5 products carried by the collection that you must try.


One of the most amazing feelings in the world is taking a full face of makeup off with a damp cleansing wipe. Belei’s Oil-Free Micellar Facial Cleanser Wipes ($ 9.00, has a fragrance and alcohol-free formula that won’t irritate or dry out your skin. You can count on this product to lift makeup, dirt and oil, while unclogging your pores. What I love most about this product is that you’re receiving 2 packs of facial wipes for just $ 9.00. Every makeup regimen needs an effective moisturizer. The key to healthy, clear, beautiful skin is hydration. Belei’s Retinol Refining Moisturizer ($ 35.00, will smooth the appearance of wrinkles, and fine lines. Best use for this product? Anytime! Apply in the morning before makeup, at night before bed, or during the day on a clean face.



Adult acne is, unfortunately, a real thing that many people battle. Belei’s Blemish Control Spot Treatment ($ 22.00, is designed to address each dark spot and blemish head-on. Apply once a day to the affected area after cleansing your face. With a combination of washing your face, using the spot treatment, and moisturizing your face, you’ll be able to eliminate those pesky pimples! A good skincare regimen is so important. Us melanated folks have proven that we can age backwards. With the help of good products, we can really maximize on the youthfulness of our skin. Amazon dipping into the beauty industry is kind of major. The name alone packs enough power to have me curious about this collection.

What do you think? Will you be sampling the Belei line?





Fenty Beauty Restocks Body Lava, Launches Three Limited-Edition Bottles

Fenty Beauty just announced it’s dropping three variations of its best-selling Fenty Beauty Body Lava, including a brand-new shade called Trophy Wife, which everyone knows is signature to the brand. The new Body Lava shimmery oils drop on March 21 at midnight PST. Learn more about the launch, here.


Beauty of 5: Angela Bassett Shares Her Go To Beauty Products That Keep Her Looking Youthful

The Paley Center For Media's 2019 PaleyFest LA - '9-1-1'

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It’s hard to believe that actress Angela Bassett is 60-years-old. The Black Panther actress always looks so youthful and her body is snatched to the Gods! We had an opportunity to chat with the star about her beauty and skincare routine and she dished was she uses to keep her skin looking youthful. She admitted, “I use a number of things. I try potions and lotions as I call them.” Keep on reading to find out what products Bassett is using to keep her beauty at a premium.



Black Men Skin Care Brand Challenges The “For All Skin Types” Beauty Claim

Faced with a constant challenge of finding solutions created specifically for men of color, Patrick Boateng II and Blake Rascoe created Ceylon, a skin care brand developed to help men of color adopt an effective skincare routine.

With help from their advisor Dr. Lynn McKinley-Grant, Boateng and Rascoe created Ceylon as an exclusive product for men of color because research shows they are disproportionately affected by skin concerns such as acne scarring, eczema, razor bumps, and hyper-pigmentation.

“The biggest change that we’d like to see in the industry is an end to the lie that the product is for all skin types,” said Boateng. “There are specific skin concerns that disproportionately affect people of color and it is disingenuous for companies to imply that a skincare product that hasn’t been developed with skin of color in mind can, in fact, be a safe and effective product for people like us. For us, it’s important to have safe, effective, and well-researched products that help deal with these issues without the risks that many common products on the market carry.”

Built From the Ground-Up With People of Color in Mind.

Typically, targeting people of color is an afterthought for mainstream beauty brands. So when it comes to marketing and product development the founders leveraged their personal experiences and concentrated their efforts on education and accessibility.

“Together, we thought about how to create products that we would have liked to have when we wanted to take care of our skin. We knew that if we created the answer for us, it could be the answer for many others,” said Boateng. For Boateng it was when living abroad that he experienced daily breakouts and routine acne scarring. Despite trying hundreds of products, nothing seemed to help clear up his skin. For Blake it started in high school, when as a three-sport athlete, a rigorous schedule and constant sweating made it difficult to keep his skin clear. At the time, Blake began using an over-the-counter skin care product recommended by his dermatologist to help combat acne which also ended up bleaching his skin, leaving him with a pale, washed-out complexion.

Black Men Skin Care Brand

Beyond selling skincare products directly to consumers online, the trailblazing duo is also creating a community platform for men of color that fosters improved health and wellness outcomes.

“The most overlooked factors that can negatively affect our skin health include poor nutrition, lack of sleep, daily stress, exposure to air and water pollution, and inadequate personal care practices,” said Boateng. These are the same issues that can actually affect our overall health. So it’s important to note that our dermatological health and overall health are linked. Our ultimate goal is to start a conversation around overall health and wellness. We believe that starts with looking in the mirror.”

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Akira Beauty is a new site that always sells luxury beauty at 10% to 40% off

Akira Beauty is a new site that always sells luxury beauty at 10% to 40% off

Akira Beauty is a new site that always sells luxury beauty at 10% to 40% off

Let’s face it—we all love a good luxury beauty brand. From SK-II to Clé de Peau, a beautiful, prestige product is hard to resist. And our skin thanks us for it. Our wallet, however, certainly does not. Now, with the introduction of the new shopping website, Akira Beauty, you can have the best of both worlds.

The website, which just launched this week, sells global prestige products at an average of 10 to 40 percent less than retail pricing—all the time. Featuring hair care, skin care, body, cosmetics, and personal care products, Akira (which means “bright,” “intelligent,” and “youthful” in Japanese) might just change the way you shop online.

Akira Beauty
Akira Beauty

So how does the site charge so much less than, say, a department store, for the exact same luxury products? It’s simple—by eliminating costly things like advertising, samples, and gift-wrapping. This makes it possible for Akira to sell you, the consumer, products for less than ever.

All the products featured on Akira Beauty are hand-picked by a team of expert buyers, meaning that what you see is a totally curated batch of products across all categories.

Now go forth and shop! Your wallet will thank you.

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The March 2019 Allure Beauty Box: See All the Product Samples You Could Get This Month

This month, there are several versions of the Allure Beauty Box. You’ll receive a box filled with Allure tested and loved products, based on your member history. See below for two products that everyone will be getting, Acure Seriously Soothing Night Oil and Mamonde Rose Water Toner, along with select coveted products below that we can’t wait for you to try!


Sherri Shepherd Talks Diabetes, Natural Hair And Black Beauty

(Photo Credit: PR Photos)

After being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and losing her mother to the disease, Sherri Shepherd decided to get serious about her health; which prompted a weight loss journey that includes a no carbs/no sugar diet.

So far the actress/comedian has lost 40 pounds and she recently flaunted her slimmer body in the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women Red Dress Collection fashion show last week. caught up with Shepherd backstage to dish about her heart health, her love of natural hair and how she defines beauty. Check out the interview below.

Hype Hair: What did walking in the AHA Red Dress Collection Fashion Show mean to you?

Sherri Shepherd: Knowing that this is the number one killer in the African American community, we have to do something. If you’re a diabetic– diabetes runs in my family– this really is a killer. So for me, I want to encourage women, especially women in the African American community because we do everything for everybody and we always put ourselves last. So, I want women to stop and think about the health of their hearts because our children are depending on us.

HH: What do you think we can do to keep the conversation going?

SS: I think number one, this is such a wonderful time to be a woman. We have to encourage each other. We have to get our girlfriends and say, “Let’s walk together. Let’s exercise together. Let’s cook together.”

They say we are our brother’s keeper, but we’re our sister’s keeper. We have to start encouraging and lifting each other up. It’s a lot of women out there and we’re tired. We have kids, and we have everything else. So, if you can take a moment and look outside yourself to say, “How can I help my sister?”  That’s what we can do!

HH: We’re all about celebrating Black beauty? How would you define beauty?

SS: Beauty means to me, how do you feel inside? Can you find joy? Because happiness is temporary, joy is everlasting. I always tell my son Jeffrey; when he doesn’t like somebody or get along with them, find the humanity in the next person. Find the beauty in them and get off sugar. [Laughs]

HH: As a Black woman in the media, how would you like to see our beauty celebrated?

SS: I would love to see our skin celebrated, our chocolate yumminess celebrated, our lips that are ours, our bodies, no fillers, our booties that are ours, yes! I would love to see that celebrated and the fullness of who we are. I would love to see people in the entertainment industry go even deeper and find the other levels. I tell my son all the time! He came to me and said he like the big booty girls like the Kardashian’s and I was like, “Let me sit you down and give you a history lesson.” So, I love the celebration of the Black woman. Black love is amazing.

HH: We see that you’re #teamwigs! What are some of your favorite hairstyles?

SS: Right now, I love a bob. I’m filling in for Wendy Williams and that style is my go to. I love the freedom of a bob. See y’all young, so you don’t know about this, but when you get to my age, you get some hot flashes. You need air on the back of your neck. [laughs]

Your mother knows about this. If you don’t know, ask your grandmother and your mother. So, I love bobs with a choppy cut, I love natural wigs. I have afro wigs that I rock on stage all the time.  It’s something about freedom fighting and I love that but, I love to see sisters with the natural hair.

I love that we’re embracing our natural individuality. You know, sometimes you just have to put your hair up, boom, boom, boom. I love that we can rock different hair because it has become our accessory. It’s how we’re feeling one day. There’s nothing wrong with it and we can change it up. I love that. We’re loud and proud.

HH: When did you first fall in love with your natural hair?

SS: Oh my goodness! I remember the times when my momma used to press my hair and she would put a straw on it and wrap my hair around it and I’ll have a little crinkle with my little baby hairs. I’ve always loved my natural hair.

Being in this industry it’s very hard to do your natural hair because there is so much heat that they put on. So, I have to protect it by wearing different hair. But on the weekends, girl, I’ll rock a bun in a heartbeat. And, I got my little toothbrush for my edges…what?

HH: Today is all about celebrating the power of red. What are your favorite red lipsticks?

SS: Ruby Woo! Always! You cannot go wrong with a Ruby Woo lipstick. I think I have about eight of them because my girlfriends always take them. Niecy Nash has three of them already that she has taken from me.

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What Online-Only Beauty Brands Do You Love?

There are so many brands now that don’t seem to exist in the main stores but are huge driving forces because of social media — so what online-only beauty brands have you tried based on social media ads? What do you love, what was a waste of money? Some notes from me…

Glossier – I forget which product I kept seeing online that made me try Glossier, but a lot of the ones I’ve tried are in my regular rotation, including their Milky Jelly cleanser, their highlighter (Haloscope) and their lash tint (even I can wear it and mascara often bugs me). I’ve also tried their scent (like but don’t love), Boy Brow (not the best for my sparse eyebrows), and the Generation G lip gloss (too dry for me). I still have a good liquid blush but I’d try their CloudPaint next.

Thrive Causemetics – I finally bit the bullet because I wanted to try their mascara; about a month ago I wound up ordering that as well as a lip gloss, a lip liner, and a navy eyeliner. I’m still figuring out how I feel about all of them, to be honest — the mascara seemed a bit gloppy on first applications but it’s definitely more volumizing than the Glossier mascara. The lip liner seems more moisturizing than my MAC one and is unnoticeable. At first I really liked the glossy lip but now I wonder if it’s too “wet” for daily life (my coffee cup gets totally covered in it).

Native Deodorant – I think Target just started carrying this. A friend of the family is really into animal rights and has been trying a lot of cruelty-free brands; I tried Native based on her recommendation and ordered a sampler pack. I like them faaaaar better than Tom’s, which is the only other natural deodorant I tried, and in general I’m wearing them instead of my 15+ year preferred brand, Mitchum. Come summertime we’ll see whether I still use my Native deodorant, but for non-sweaty weather it’s fine. My favorite scents thus far are seasonal Cotton & Powder, Lavendar & Rose, and Vanilla & Coconut — I really hope they make the Cotton & Powder a permanent scent.

Phlur – I wrote before about my love for my new date-night scent, Hepcat…

HanacureI wrote before about my experience with the Hanacure mask — to be honest I haven’t bought it again though. (Although, hmmn, I have a bachelorette party coming up in a few months…) It’s now available at a ton more spots, including Barney’sNeiman Marcus and Amazon.

ColorPop – Who among us hasn’t randomly ordered $ 50 worth of stuff? To be honest I ordered a bunch of stuff many moons ago — two years — and none of it wound up in regular rotation.

The Ordinary – I hesitate to include this brand in the list because a) I mostly heard about it from readers here more than social media, b) it’s now sold at Sephora, and c) there seems to be drama going on behind the scenes – but I use their Caffeine Solution on my eyes, particularly when they’re a bit puffy…

Others that keep popping up in my social media that I haven’t tried yet:

  • Mented – nude lipsticks for women of color (probably not for me, but they do look really well done!)
  • Prose – custom hair care
  • Madison Reed – DIY hair color

How about you guys — what beauty products have you ordered from online-only stores based on stuff you saw or heard about on social media? What online-only beauty products do you love — and what bad experiences have you had?

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ICYMI: Bright-Red Street Style Inspiration, Justin Bieber’s Yeezy-esque Clothing Line & Our Favorite Beauty Products of the Month

Sure, we’re all glued to our phones/tablets/laptops/watches that barely tell time, but even the best of us miss out on some important #content from time to time. That’s why, in case you missed it, we’ve rounded up our most popular stories of the week to help you stay in the loop. No need to thank …

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Moj Mahdara Partner on Beauty Competition

Modelpreneur Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Beautycon Media chief executive officer Moj Mahdara have their sights set on creating their own beauty competition-style TV show. “We’re working on it,” said Mahdara on Thursday night in Los Angeles, where she and Huntington-Whiteley hosted an influencer-packed dinner to celebrate the winner of their “Next Beauty Star” social media contest.
“We were introduced through a mutual friend, actually our facialist Shani Darden, and I felt like I’d known Moj for 100 years,” explained Huntington-Whiteley, who in May launched her Rose Inc. lifestyle platform which highlights new products and personalities in the beauty space. “We talked about how we could bring the brands together and feeling like we wanted to create a mentorship program to find the next rising star in the industry.”
They set five weekly challenges for their followers (create a blue smoky eye, glowing makeup, a sun-kissed look using pastel products), reviewed submissions sent via social media channels, and picked the winner, Cameron Day, who they will be sending to beauty school in L.A. “We loved Cameron and she had a really great story, coming to beauty later in life and moving to L.A. from Detroit to start her career. Hopefully she’ll be doing my makeup soon,”

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Kat Von D Beauty just launched the glitter eyeshadow sticks of our dreams

Kat Von D Beauty just launched the glitter eyeshadow sticks of our dreams

Kat Von D Beauty just launched the glitter eyeshadow sticks of our dreams

Kat Von D just released her latest “Current Crush,” Kat Von D Beauty Glimmerize LiquiStick Eyeshadows in two shades “Garnet” and “Twilight.” KVD crushes are one-time, limited edition releases that are created in super small batches. And once they sell out, they’re officially gone, so you have to act fast.

According to the brand, “crushes” are made up of “the coolest innovations Kat Von D Beauty has discovered in the lab and fallen in love with.”

Today’s launches are red and gray shimmery eyeshadow sticks that feature a base that’s 36% water, and as the water evaporates, the product dries down to a super glittery, opaque finish that doesn’t budge.

Hurry up and shop the Kat Von D Beauty Glimmerize LiquiStick Eyeshadows in “Garnet” and “Twilight” (or both) below! For only $ 22, you’ll want to snatch these up quick.

Kat Von D Beauty Glimmerize LiquiStick Eyeshadow in “Garnet”

Kat Von D Glimmerize
Kat Von D Beauty
Kat Von D Beauty | $ 22

This reddish-pink glitter shadow would look amazing on any skin tone.

Kat Von D Beauty Glimmerize LiquiStick Eyeshadow in “Twilight”

Kat Von D Glimmerize
Kat Von D Beauty
Kat Von D Beauty | $ 22

A glitter-loaded, smoky gray shade that you can wear day or night.

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Paul Wilmot Communications Is Seeking A Beauty Intern In New York, NY

Paul Wilmot Communications is seeking a hardworking and dedicated Intern for the Beauty Division who is bright, organized, upbeat, efficient and beauty enthusiast. This Intern role is one with various responsibilities, so this person should be comfortable multi-tasking and prioritizing. Work will …

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Chiara Ferragni Launches Beauty Bites Masterclass

QUEEN MIDAS: Everything Chiara Ferragni touches seems to turn into gold — or even better, into its modern equivalent of likes and followers.
The latest initiative launched by the influencer and entrepreneur behind The Blonde Salad digital platform and the Chiara Ferragni Collection footwear and accessories label is no exception.
Ferragni teamed with her personal makeup artist Manuele Mameli to launch Beauty Bites, a beauty masterclass to be held in Milan’s Teatro Vetra venue on Feb. 9–10.
Sponsored by Lancôme and Sephora, the project will “enable followers to move from virtual to real,” reads the dedicated web site providing information on the special event. Starting from 2.30 pm, the four-hour makeup and hair style masterclass will be divided in two parts: in the first, Mameli will share professional beauty techniques and tips, while the other will involve attendees — including Ferragni herself — trying to replicate the looks.
Mayhem in the social kingdom followed: after the Beauty Bites Instagram account featuring teasers, videos and Ferragni’s key beauty looks reached 44,500 followers in a few days, over 37,000 people queued online on Tuesday to buy the 700 tickets available to the masterclass, with many users giving up once they discovered that beauty — and Ferragni

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North West debuted new red lipstick from KKW Beauty, is officially cooler than all of us

North West debuted new red lipstick from KKW Beauty, is officially cooler than all of us

North West debuted new red lipstick from KKW Beauty, is officially cooler than all of us

North West may be just 5 years old, but the tot could already teach a masterclass on the art of a red lip. Kim Kardashian took to social media on December 26th to share a family snapshot featuring husband Kanye West with their three children, North, Chicago, and Saint West. In the photo, simply captioned “Merry Christmas,” North is seen with a bold red lip.

Check out the family photo below.

After Twitter user Travis White responded to the photo with “North and that red lip is so iconic!,” Kardashian revealed that the red lip just might be part of a new beauty launch. The KKW Beauty mogul responded, “It just might be a new Classic Red Lip I have launch VERY soon.”

In the photo, North dons an all-black outfit with a red lip alongside her siblings and dad Kanye, while mom Kim dazzles in a white long-sleeve dress. Is anyone else getting FOMO that North gets to use IRL makeup while aging millennials were only allowed to use faux beauty kits from Claire’s in their youth?

The family photos come a few days after the official unveiling of the 2018 Kardashian-Jenner Christmas card. On Christmas Eve, Kim took to social media to share the annual card alongside sisters Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie, and the Kardashian-Jenner children. In the minimalist photo, the family dons all-white outfits. Notably absent are sister Kendall and matriarch Kris, who had to run to meetings during the shoot.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for a new KKW Beauty red lip product. But will the beauty product make us look as fierce as North West?

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2019 make-up trends: 6 beauty brains predict the biggest looks for next year

Make-up is getting a shake-up…

2019 makeup trends

A new year is fast approaching, so naturally 2019 make-up trends is the buzzword on everyone’s lips right now.

Love them or loathe them, beauty trends have a pretty big impact on the world of make-up. So even if you don’t follow the crowd, you can expect the below trends to filter into drugstores and beauty counters all all over the world next year.

With all that in mind, we decided to grill some of our favourite beauty brains to get their thoughts on what the most popular 2019 make-up trends will be.

Intrigued? Keep reading to find out their guesses (and when you’re done here, check out our experts’ 2019 hair trends predictions too).

Charlotte Tilbury, Brand Founder and Pro MUA

2019 make-up trends Charlotte Tilbury

Goddess Skin

‘Gorgeous, glowing skin is never not on trend, but next year it’s all about goddess spa-cleansed skin; think of that “just-stepped-out-of-a-facial” feeling with a replenished, restored and refreshed complexion. I’ve always believed that the key to a beautiful painting lies within creating a beautiful canvas, and that taking care of your skin with every day rituals is essential.

‘I have created a NEW miracle ‘spa-in-a-jar’ duo so everyone can double cleanse with the supernatural powers of a goddess, for perfect spa-cleansed skin at home! My Goddess Skin Ritual is all about bringing those backstage secrets to everyone in an educational, easy cleansing ritual with innovative, hard-working super- natural ingredients. First comes the citrus oil, second comes the charcoal – then it’s fresh, glowing, clean skin with a sparkle!’

Charlotte’s Goddess Cleansing Ritual launches in the UK on 26th December

Amy Conway, Bobbi Brown Senior PRO Artist

2019 make-up trends Amy Conway

The Sun-Kissed Sweep

‘A gorgeous new take on bronzer application as we move away from the heavy contoured cheekbones and into a healthier-looking bronze skin! This is the kind of trend that we love because it’s super wearable, easy to do and instantly makes us look more youthful.

‘The sun-kissed sweep is achieved by taking a matte bronzer across the cheeks and nose, focusing on the apple of the cheeks as opposed to the cheekbones. Then layer a cream highlighter on top to create that candle light glow.’

Read more about the best bronzers money can buy next.

Cher Webb, Pro MUA

2019 make-up trends

Pastel Eyes vs a Strong Lip

‘I can see an influx of colour coming onto the make-up scene for SS19. I predict a pastel palette for the eye and strong lip with not much else, just gorgeous balmy skin and natural groomed brows. 2018 was an experimental year for make-up and lots of colour was introduced, not only on the runway but also for everyday women. It’s less of a thing now to wear colour instead of neutrals, though I love how the jewel-toned shades of emerald for the eye have become a major trend on social media!

‘Next year will we will be following on from this with a beautiful makeup colour story… I see an array of fresh rosy pinks, mint pastel greens and baby yellow for the eye. My favourite look would be a pink glaze on the eye with a velvet matte oxblood lip. Divine!’

Caroline Barnes, Max Factor UK Ambassador

2019 make-up trends Caroline Barnes

Colour Clash

‘Just like the red lip trend took at least a couple of years before all your friends and colleagues adopted the look, the same goes for colour. Many of us have been sporting a neutral style make-up for a while now and bright, bold tones have been edging their way into our make-up bags but only as statement, one-off color blocking.

‘Next year color clash make-up will be a big trend. Think bright orange-based reds matched with soft blended lilac eyes, or peppermint liner matched with diffused sugar pink cheek and lips. The combinations are endless but, most importantly, colour is back with a splash and must be enjoyed to the max – with absolutely no age limits.’

Thea Green, Nails Inc Founder

Gen-Z Yellow

‘We’re hugely backing Gen Z Yellow as the colour for SS19. Bright, happy and zesty, whilst the millennial pink fatigue has really set in, this colour feels fresh and current for the new season.

‘We’re introducing a highly pigmented, sunshine yellow nail paired with a unique pigment bubble jelly shot for a hint of this trend. Our Gen Z nail colour works for every skin tone and is already the favourite nail shade of the entire Nails inc office for next season.’

Fancy a yellow mani over the holidays? Read all about the best nail salons in London here.

Claire Mulleady, MAC Global Senior Artist

Colour as an Accessory

‘Viewing make-up elements as an accessory is the way to approach vibrant colour for SS19. Colour works so well when it stands on its own so keeping the skin clean and fresh is key to pulling it off. M·A·C Chromalines (£17) are an easy to paint formula that allows you to express whatever you’re feeling. Become your own artist and mix them together for any colour on the spectrum.

‘It’s about being empowered through colour so choose your hue according to your mood, whether it’s a calming pastel or energy driven primary colour. Give the look a modern lived in feel through smudging, blurring and applying your colours with fingers. Play it bold and keep it bright.’

Which of these 2019 makeup trends is your favourite? Let us know on social at @marieclaireuk

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Style Your Home’s Outdoors with All the Perfect Additions from MacKenzie-Childs! Save on Tables, House Letters & Chairs. Shop Now!

Ulta Holiday Beauty Blitz 2018: Shop the Best Deals on Products

Ulta’s 2018 Holiday Beauty Blitz Sale means you get access to beauty deals every single day leading up to Christmas from brands like Smashbox, Stila, and more. Follow along here so you don’t miss out on the offers as they drop each week, with just 24 hours to score them before they’re done.


50 glorious stocking stuffers to give the beauty enthusiast on your list

50 glorious stocking stuffers to give the beauty enthusiast on your list

50 glorious stocking stuffers to give the beauty enthusiast on your list

Every year, the holidays sneaks up on us like the Grinch trying to steal our gifts. Except, unlike the Grinch, most of us enjoy the community and generosity displayed during the holiday season. Let’s be honest, regardless of religion or tradition, giving and receiving gifts is a universally loved activity. If you’re excited about the parties and quality time with loved ones but feel anxious about crossing all the Ts on your gift list, you’ve come to the right place. We are deeply familiar with how overwhelming holiday shopping can be, which is why we’ve gathered some of our favorite stocking stuffer options for the beauty lovers on your list.

Whether your loved one is makeup-obsessed, a lover of all things green beauty, or someone looking to baby their body through the winter, we’ve got festive and affordable options across the board. Now, you can focus less of your energy on anxiously combing through holiday sales, and more of your energy on consuming delicious cookies and cranking Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

So go ahead, pour yourself a nice cup of cocoa, settle into your couch, and behold all of the fabulous stocking stuffer options we’ve found for the beauty lover in your life.


1. [tempo-ecommerce src=”″ title=”Marc Jacobs Beauty” context=”body”], $ 28

Few makeup additions scream holiday cheer more than a glittery, runway-ready shade of the Marc Jacobs eyeshadow. Both the Topaz Flash and Blitz Glitz colors will help you ring in the New Year.

2. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Nugg Exfoliating Lip Scrub” context=”body”], $ 9.99

The holiday season can wreak havoc on our lips, which is why an adorably packaged Nugg lip scrub is an ideal addition to any beauty lover’s stocking.

3. [tempo-ecommerce src=”–-mini-amuse-bouche-lipstick-and-mini-lip-pencil-neutral/8022158.html” title=”Bite Beauty Perfect Pair Lip Set” context=”body”], $ 15

Bite Beauty

Who among us doesn’t want to pucker up to Bite Beauty’s neutral-colored Mini Amuse Bouche Lipstick and mini Lip Pencil?

4. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlighter Mini Ornament” context=”body”], $ 19

This adorable, yet elegant ornament not only contains the wildly popular Champagne Pop Highlighter, but your loved one can even hang it on their tree after opening it up.

5. [tempo-ecommerce src=”″ title=”Louvelle Juliette Hair Scarf” context=”body”], $ 20

A cute hair scarf is a gift that can be used all year-round. Plus, Louvelle has four different patterns to choose from.

6. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Tarte Mermaid Kisses Lipstick Set” context=”body”], $ 19

Tarte Cosmetics

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to limit your gifting to holiday-themed cosmetics. Especially when the summer-loving friend on your list might be longing for these four mermaid-inspired shades.

7. [tempo-ecommerce src=”″ title=”Soap & Glory Mask Force Five” context=”body”], $ 16

This affordable mask set will cover all your loved one’s winter skin care needs. There’s a mask for purifying, moisture, pore-refining, and radiance-boosting, complete with two under-eye brightening hydrogel patches.

8. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz” context=”body”], $ 21

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Few things say “I love you” quite like high-quality brow tools, and Anastasia Beverly Hills is the place to shop for brow products.

9. [tempo-ecommerce src=”″ title=”Huda Beauty Obsessions Eye Palette” context=”body”], $ 27

With nine gem-inspired palettes to choose from (each palette comes with nine shadows), there’s a goldmine of eyeshadows for the beauty lover on your list.

10. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Crème Shop x Hello Kitty Macaron Lip Balm” context=”body”], $ 8

There are few stocking stuffers both as cute and practical as a macaron-shaped lip balm. This Crème Shop one draws inspiration from Hello Kitty. Every time your loved one moisturizes their lips, they’ll be filled with happiness.

11. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Sigma Beauty Blender” context=”body”], $ 15

In a perfect world, beauty sponges would last forever, (aka through all of our makeup looks and furious washings). But the reality is that most of us need to replace them. So why not give your friend the gift of a clean, new makeup sponge?

12. Lano Lips Coconutter Holiday Cracker Duo, $ 19

Holiday Stocking Stuffer

This adorably packaged balm duo can be used on everything from your lips to your cuticles, and it’s especially helpful for dry, wintry patches.

13. [tempo-ecommerce src=” Set#start=9&cgid=gifts-for-all” title=”Kiehl’s Kiss Me Lip Balm Trio” context=”body”], $ 25

Holiday Stocking Stuffers

We fully believe the Holy Trinity refers to this trio of the Kiehl’s original lip balm, cranberry lip balm, and mint lip balm.

14. [tempo-ecommerce src=”″ title=”Baylis and Harding Wild Blackberry and Apple Shower Sensation Gift Set” context=”body”], $ 20


Celebrate the holidays with this luxe Baylis & Harding bath set.

[lisheader nr=15]The Better Skin Co. Lava Magik, $ 32[/listheader]

This 3-in-1 skin care product functions as a cleanser, scrub, and mask, depending on how thick you apply it and the length of use. This is ideal for the time-efficient person on your list.

16. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Juice Beauty Plant Me A Kiss” context=”body”], $ 19

Juice Beauty

This gorgeous duo includes a mascara as well as a satin lip cream, both of which can be placed inside the metallic ornament and hung on the tree.

17. [tempo-ecommerce src=”″ title=”Pixi Beauty Fast Flash Facial” context=”body”], $ 22


This pretty-in-pink trio will treat your loved one to the Peel & Polish Resurfacing Concentrate, the beloved Glow Tonic, and the soothing Rose Flash Balm. This is perfect for holiday travels, as well.

18. [tempo-ecommerce src=”″ title=”Sincerely Jules x Scunci[ Jeweled Bobby Pins” context=”body”], $ 7.99


New Year’s is a time for over-the-top updos, which means dropping some jeweled bobby pins in a loved one’s stocking is not only a sweet gift, but it’s seriously helpful.

19. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Osea Malibu Mini Vitamin C Brightening Treatment” context=”body”], $ 20

All of the delicious holiday treats can wreak havoc on our precious skin, so giving your loved one the gift of a brightening and fortifying scrub is a surefire way to make them feel fresh.

20. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Shu Uemura Chocolate Topped Curler” context=”body”], $ 21

Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura makes the most glamorous eyelash curlers on the market, which is why festive curlers are a must-have this holiday season.

21. Voir Haircare She’s Like The Wind Dry Shampoo, $ 20

Getting naked for a shower in the dead of winter is less than ideal, which is why dry shampoo is a great gift for anyone trying to stay fresh.

22. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Milani Bold Obsession Eyeshadow Kit” context=”body”], $ 19.99


This gorgeous 12-shade palette will make the eyeshadow enthusiast stand out more than your holiday decorations.

23. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Aquis Rapid Dry Hair Turban” context=”body”], $ 30

The worst part about washing your hair is the 18 hours it takes to dry—particularly if you’re trying to avoid heat damage. Luckily, Aquis has the answer for all of us lazy air-dry lovers.

24. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”One Love Organics Detox + Glow Kit” context=”body”], $ 159

This set is ideal for your BFF who loves green beauty. They’ll be able to mask it up with charcoal, cleanse their skin with Vitamin B enzymes, and moisturize with a soothing balm.

25. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”It Cosmetics Confidence In A Cream Confetti Popper” context=”body”], $ 12

Normally, an anti-aging moisturizing cream might not feel like an exciting gift, but this special popper makes it a lot more fun to open!

26. [tempo-ecommerce src=” Riley&SIZE=&sp=1&spc=22&ruleId=54|BOOST SAVED SET|BOOST ATTRIBUTE&searchPass=matchNone&slotId=1″ title=”Sunday Riley Glow, Repair, Repeat Kit” context=”body”], $ 59


We’d be hard-pressed to imagine a friend who wouldn’t squeal upon receiving this Sunday Riley set, which includes the Luna Sleeping Night Oil, the Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment, and the C.E.O. Moisturizer.

27. [tempo-ecommerce src=” SIZE&type=REGULAR” title=”Urban Outfitters Tangle Teezer” context=”body”], $ 16

Urban Outfitters

Detangling your luscious hair is a year-long activity, which is why gifting a loved one with a cute and practical detangling brush is a gift that will keep on giving.

28. [tempo-ecommerce src=”″ title=”Ten Days of Tocca Gift Set” context=”body”], $ 50

The fragrance lover in your life will feel completely pampered by all 10 perfumes in this gift set. Whether they fancy a rollerball or a scented hand cream, this sampler is an ideal way for them to find their signature scent.

29. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Kopari Beauty Besties Kit” context=”body”], $ 40

Have them channel a tropical Christmas with this delicious set that includes a coconut deodorant, coconut lip gloss, a face cream, and a multi-tasking lotion.

30. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Ahava Mini Trio Celebration” context=”body”], $ 15


Since winter can be such a stressful time for our skin, this cream trio will be a miracle for your loved one’s dry and parched hands.

31. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Emera Haircare Sample Box” context=”body”], $ 14.50


If you have a loved one who is currently obsessed with the wide-ranging benefits of CBD, then introducing them to Emera’s hair care offerings might be a perfect match. This sampler includes a CBD-infused shampoo, conditioner, serum, and scalp treatment.

32. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”OneOSeven Premium Snow Mask” context=”body”], $ 3

This luxurious sheet mask is a fabulous stocking stuffer for the K-beauty lover on your list.

33. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”EOS Sugarplum Balm” context=”body”], $ 3.29

This festive lip balm is great for moisturizing the lips, and it’s good enough to eat (but please don’t eat it).

34. [tempo-ecommerce src=”″ title=”Lapcos Rejuvenating Sheetmask Variety Pack” context=”body”], $ 14.50


Is there any better way to enter 2019 than with a collection of luxurious sheet masks? We don’t think so.

35. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Jill Stuart Beauty Lip Blossom” context=”body”], $ 24

Your beauty-loving friend will feel like royalty when they gaze upon this fairy tale-inspired packaging from Jill Stuart Beauty’s lipstick collection.

36. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Olive M Antioxidant Balm” context=”body”], $ 36

This organic multi-purpose balm is infused with neroli and rose so you can keep your body, face, and lips silky smooth throughout the winter.

37. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Waxing Kara Rose & Lavender Facial Oil” context=”body”], $ 42

This sweet-smelling blend of essential oils is great for the person on your list looking to even out their skin tone and soften wrinkles without using harsh chemicals.

38. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Pinrose Best Travel Perfume Kit” context=”body”], $ 24

This beautifully packaged perfume kit includes 20 samples of Pinrose fragrances, so your loved one can smell just as good as they look.

39. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”White Sands Orchid Oil” context=”body”], $ 26

White Sands

This heavenly-scented oil will serve as a calming balm for your loved one’s dry, winter hair. Plus, we can’t get over how luxe the packaging is.

40. [tempo-ecommerce src=”″ title=”Priori Gentle Cleanser” context=”body”], $ 19.95


This travel-sized lactic acid cleanser is great for anyone looking to stay on top of their skin care routine.

41. [tempo-ecommerce src=”″ title=”SheaMoisture Coconut And Hibiscus Holiday Bath and Body Set” context=”body”], $ 9.99


There are few brands that consistently put out formulas as deeply moisturizing and delicious-smelling as SheaMoisture. This will be a real treat!

42. EIR NYC Surf + Turf Kit, $ 40

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Help them take care of their skin, especially during the winter when most forget about sun care.

43. The Balm The Dew Manizer’s Quad, $ 27.50

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide
The Balm

A set of four dazzling liquid highlighters and all-over illuminators.

44. Farsali Unicorn Essence Mini, $ 22


This cult-favorite essence will be perfect of the skin care lover on your list.

45. Bobbi Brown Luxe on Luxe Lip Color Collection, $ 155

Bobbi Brown

Give the gift of incredible lips with this ultra-luxe mini lipstick set.

46. [tempo-ecommerce src=”″ title=”Kristin Ess Rose Goals Kit” context=”body”], $ 14


All of the Kristin Ess products are incredible, so you can’t go wrong with any of their gift sets. But the Rose Goals kit is truly a treat.

47. [tempo-ecommerce src=”″ title=”Juicy Couture Oui Eau de Parfum” context=”body”], $ 105


A fun and flirty perfume, with notes of jasmine water lemon, that will match their spirit.

48. [tempo-ecommerce src=”″ title=”Buxom Cosmetics Doll in Disquise Lip Plumping Trio” context=”body”], $ 24


Give them this playful lip plumping trio that comes with Buxom’s bestselling lip liner, two high-shine liquid lips, and a sultry eye veil.

49. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Urban Decay On the Run Mini Eyeshadow Palette in Detour” context=”body”], $ 25

Stocking Stuffers
Urban Decay

For the eyeshadow lover on your list, Urban Decay launched three mini palettes inspired by its beloved Born to Run palette.

50. [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Pinrose Intention Scenting Gift Set” context=”body”], $

Stocking Stuffer

A perfume set that offers a range of scents and a little bit of self-care. Each fragrance is paired with a positive intention, just the kind of vibe we want to have in 2019.

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Christmas beauty gift sets: the ultimate christmas beauty gift guide

Something for everyone

christmas beauty gift sets
Wayne Tippetts/REX/Shutterstock

It’s seriously time to start thinking about Christmas presents. Isn’t it much better to be prepared and to spread the cost of everyone’s presents over a couple of pay days?! That’s what we thought. You know what else? Everyone LOVES Christmas beauty gift sets.

However, there are quite literally too many Christmas beauty gift sets on offer this year. So we’ve been jolly helpful and rounded up the best of the bunch.

You. Are. Welcome. Happy (early) Christmas.

Tom Ford Fabulous Gift Set, £262 Selfridges

christmas beauty gift sets tom ford

Yes it does say ‘Fucking’. Give this to your most fantastic, your utterly wonderful and ‘fucking fabulous’ friend.

Buy Now

Tiba & Marl x Honest Skincare Beauty Gift Set, £60

christmas beauty gift sets tiba & marl

This set was designed with expectant and new mothers in mind, so find your favourite preggo (or new mother) friend. The soothing oil helps with stretch marks, the all-purpose balm really is all-purpose and can be used on dry patches and lips, and then candle is just for them to light at the end of the day when the baby’s in bed.

Buy Now

M&S Autograph Nail Collection Trio, £7.50

christmas beauty gift sets M&S

Do you have a favourite workmate? Give them this before the office party and you can nick it as you get ready together. A deep, dark red and glitter gold are really the only two colours you need this season.

Buy Now

Percy & Reed Stars of Wonder, £30 Marks & Spencer

christmas beauty gift sets Percy & Reed

Good hair? One of the best gifts you can give. This set of wonders (see what we did there?!) works on every hair type. So you could help condition someone’s curls, soothe someone’s dry ends or tame someone’s frizz. That’s a great gift.

Buy Now

Votary Hello Darlings Gift box Set, £105

christmas beauty gift sets votary

This is one heck of a luxurious gift set, so give this to someone who has been very, very nice this year. The Christmas beauty gift set contains their fab cleansing oil, the fragrance free Super Seed Facial Oil, that nourishes skin to make it winter-proof, their overnight Intense Oil, which helps to firm and their newest oil – the teeny tiny rollerball eye oil. Plus a soft flannel (much kinder to skin than the rougher muslin) and ANOTHER handy bag!

Buy Now

Lancome Hypnôse Drama Mascara Miniature Collection Gift Set

christmas beauty gift sets

Eyelashes with heaps of volume are a winter trend we’re 150% here for and Lancome’s signature Hypnose mascara will get you there with just a couple of swipes. This collection is perfect for the beauty geek who’s all about eyes as it brings together four of their mascaras: a full sized Hypnôse Classic and three travel mini sizes of the Hypnôse Classic, Hypnôse Doll Eyes, Hypnôse Volume-A-Porter.

Buy now

L’Occitane The Best of L’Occitane Collection, £69

christmas beauty gift sets l'occitane

You should buy this Christmas beauty gift set for three reasons. 1 – someone will get to enjoy all of these wonderful L’Occitane goodies. 2 – This box will make for very useful and smart storage in the future. 3 – £10 from each sale will go directly to Unicef to provide life-saving eye care treatment to those in need.

Buy Now

Alaïa Paris Nude Eau de Parfum Gift Set, £67 Harrods

christmas beauty gift sets alaia

It is highly unlikely that the majority of us will ever be able to afford a piece of clothing from Alaïa, which is a crying shame. However, most of us would be chuffed as anything to receive the sensual Nude fragrance, shower gel, body lotion and this buttery vanity case this Christmas. A little bit of Alaïa is far better than no Alaïa.

Buy Now

IT Cosmetics Your Luxurious Must-Haves Brush Set, £120 Selfridges 

Christmas beauty gift sets

This is a brilliant gift. Not only are IT Cosmetics brushes some of the best on the market, but LOOK AT THIS CHICER THAN CHIC CLUTCH! A winning combination.

Buy Now

Foreo Here and There Gift Set, £119 Look Fantastic

christmas beauty gift sets Foreo

Lovers of beauty gadgets will get a kick our of this gift set on the 25th December. There’s a normal-sized everyday cleansing brush, and a matching teeny tiny travel one. The vibrating tools help lift away dead skin and unclog pores to reveal glowy skin.

Buy Now

Face Gym Double Detox Gift Set, £85

Christmas beauty gift sets face gym

If you’ve ever had a Face Gym facial then you know that it can leave your face more sculpted, drained of all toxins and generally just looking about 10-years younger. Now there are sets for you to use in between appointments. Give this to someone who loves an at-home Sunday night pamper session.

Buy Now

Stila Enchanted Eyes Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow Set, £49 Fabled

Christmas beaut gift sets stila

Stila’s glitter eyeshadows – if you know, you know. These beauties are the best (and easiest) way of applying a little bit of magic to your lids. The shimmery ones work well as a base, with sparkle on top. The ideal gift for those with Christmas parties galore.

Buy Now

Surface Anti-Pollution Wash & Cream Set, £68 at Luisa Via Roma

christmas beauty gift sets

More and more brands are becoming aware of the need for anti-pollution skincare, especially when you live in a sit that’s prone to mucky air. This skincare set from Surface includes both a face cream and face wash to keep you looking so fresh and so clean.

Buy now

Sumptuous Lashes Xmas 18

Oskia Secret Book Of Beauty, £48 Cult Beauty

christmas beauty gift sets Oskia

If your friend (or let’s be honest, you) don’t know Oskia very well then this it the perfect introductory set. Four of their bestsellers, in super handy travel sizes. Find your faves and fall in love with this really brilliant niche skincare line.

Buy Now

Liz Earle Bontanical Body Care Duo Skincare Gift Set, £26 John Lewis

christmas beauty gift set Liz Earle

Bodies deserve love and attention as well you know?! Yes their Cleanse & Polish is legendary, but their body care collection is often overlooked. The Orange Flower scent of this body wash is sublime.

Buy Now

Harry Potter Swish & Flick Cosmetic Brushes, £20 Boots

christmas beauty gift sets

We all know a hardcore Harry Potter fan, who listens to the audiobooks on repeat, the film soundtrack when they clean and has been to the Watford theme park over four times. Imagine their face when they open up this on Christmas morning. Exactly.

Buy Now

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Good Enough to Steal Palette, £39


christmas beauty gift sets The Grinch x Pur cosmetics pallette

Yes, we love Christmas, but sometimes, our inner Grinch takes over and sentiments like ‘Christmas Whatever’ and ‘Go Away’ make so much sense. Which is why we’re still not sure if we’re going to make like the Grinch and keep this 12-piece face palette and color-changing lip balm set for ourselves, or gift it to a loved one…

Buy Now

Ameliorate 3 Steps To Smooth Skin Christmas Limited Edition, £19.50

christmas beauty gift sets

If you know somebody who really struggles with dry skin this time of year, Ameliorate’s gift set is a total lifesaver. It’s got everything you need for glowing skin including a Smoothing Body Exfoliant, Nourishing Body Wash, Transforming Body Lotion and Exfoliating Body Mitt. Packed with omega oils and designed to be deeply hydrating, you’ll want to buy two of these.

Buy now

GHD Dry & Style Gift Set, £199 Look Fantastic

christmas beauty gift sets ghd

This. Is. A. Great. Gift. Brilliant hair dryer? Tick. Incredible hair straighteners? Tick. Expect joyous smiles.

Buy Now

Crabtree & Evelyn Everyday Winter Hand Collection, £36

Crabtree & Evelyn are renowned for their luxury hand creams, which smell good enough to eat (though you probably shouldn’t). This set comes with six of their bestselling anti-ageing products including lavendar, rosewater, pomegranate and argan oil and more.

Buy now 

Medik8 Midnight Miracle Gift Set, £65

christmas beauty gift sets medik8

This is like giving someone the gift of youthfulness. Vitamin A, or retinol creams and serums, are meant to be the key to fighting the visible signs of ageing. Give this to someone and by next Christmas they’ll look 10-years younger.

Buy Now

Goldfaden MD The Glow Kit, £85 Space NK

christmas beauty gift sets goldfaden md

Another cracker of a present for post-party skin. If you have a friend who knows how to party, they’ll be super grateful for this skin saving kit. Ideal for New Year’s Day.

Buy Now

Pixi Skintreats Besties, £28 Marks & Spencer

christmas beauty gift sets

Give anyone a bottle of Pixi Glow Tonic and they’ll like you forever. Give that same person the Glow Mud Cleanser too, they’ll love you forever. Everybody is happy with the gift of glowing skin.

Buy Now

Elizabeth Arden Sparkle On Holiday Collection, £98 Look Fantastic

christmas beauty gift sets

This set is so incredible. Look at what you get inside – two eyeshadow palettes, a blush and highlighter palette, two lip glosses, a mascara, an eyeliner, four lipsticks AND a super chic red holdall. You’ve basically got yourself a whole new make-up. All of this is worth £292. Billy bargain.

Buy Now

The Organic Pharmacy Discovery Kit Face Care Set, £62 LuisaViaRoma

christmas beauty gift sets

Looking to make an eco-friendly shift in your beauty routine? This intro skincare kit from The Organic Pharmacy is a great shout as it comes with the brand’s bestsellers ranging from their carrot butter cleanser through to double rose ultra face cream

Buy Now

Away The Beauty Set, £75 (Out 13th November)

Away suitcases are THE fashion-packs go-to luggage. Why? Probably because you can charge your phone on them. Neat, eh? This Christmas sees the launch of the brand’s new beauty travel cases. In true Away fashion, the cases are filled with some incredible beauty products. No one who would be unhappy opening this on the 25th.

Buy Now (Out on 13th November)

Bioderma Beauty Essentials, £22.50 Look Fantastic

christmas beauty gift sets

This is quite literally the gift of good skin. Bioderma is a classic French pharmacy brand that delivers good results for a low price point. The micellar water is a cult classic and that little pouch of cotton pads will bring even the biggest Grinch a huge sense of joy.

Buy Now

Illamasqua Beyond Powder Vault, £125

christmas beauty gift sets

Ready to glow up? This dreamy set from Illamasqua comes with four of their most popular and super pigmented highlighters, ranging from pearlescent Frost to a bronze Epic.

Buy Now

Neom Limited Edition Beauty Sleep In A Box, £25 John Lewis

Christmas Beauty Gift Sets

This is the perfect gift for someone going on a long flight soon. The combination of the eye mask, pillow mist and super nourishing face oil is sure to knock anyone out. Each one is scented with their own blend of English lavender, sweet basil, jasmine and chamomile – it’ll calm your mind and body. Even in Economy class.

Buy Now

BeautyBlender Sweet Surprise Mystery Blind Bag, £19 Fabled


christmas beauty gift sets

Christmas is all about surprises and not even you will know what’s inside this pouch. What you do know is that each one contains a Beautyblender sponger and a matching cleanser, but you haven’t got a clue which colour. It’s the simple things…

Buy Now

Jo Malone London Pine & Eucalyptus Scent Surround Room Spray & Scent Surround Diffuser Duo, £108

Christmas Beauty Gift Sets

It’s not Christmas without a bit of Jo Malone London under the tree. Every year their gift selection sets pulses racing – you could opt for the full on cologne set or the beauty advent calendar, but this Pine & Eucalyptus duo will have any home smelling like Santa’s grotto.

Buy Now

Byredo Rose Hand Care Gift Set, £78 Liberty London

Christmas Beauty Gift Sets

You could buy your loved one a Byredo fragrance, but wouldn’t you rather put that money to buying yourself a Byredo fragrance?! That’s what we thought. However, give them this stunning hand wash and lotion set and you’ll still be the most popular person in the room. (Smelling so sweetly of Gypsy Water.)

Buy Now

Rossanno Ferretti Parma Esperienza 2 Volume Regime Set LuisaViaRoma

christmas beauty gift sets

Need a little more joozh? This luxury hair care set comes with shampoo, conditioner, spray and a movement enhancer – all designed specifically for fine hair that needs a little more volume. The only problem is that the box is so cute, you’ll never want to crack it open.

Buy now

Malin & Goetz Weekender Kit, £39 Space NK

christmas beauty gift sets malin and goetz

The best Christmas beauty gift set for that annoying person who just can’t pack light. Do it for them, with this essential (under 100ml) set.

Buy Now

Emma Hardie Cleansing Kit, £30 Marks & Spencer

Christmas Beauty Gift Sets

So many people don’t wash their faces properly. Emma Hardie’s Moringa Cleansing Balm removes every scrap of make-up and dirt and add some of the Rosehip Exfoliating Seeds to the balm and you’ve got yourself one heck of an exfoliator. Give this to someone, then give it a couple of weeks, their skin will vastly improve and they’ll have you to thank for it.

Buy Now

Elemis Frangipani Stars, £40 Fabled

Christmas Beauty Gift Sets

Frangipani is Elemis’ most beautifully scented range. Whilst this set is essentially a shower gel and body oil, this is the most luxurious shower gel and body oil anyone will ever receive. Trust us.

Buy Now

MZ Skin Christmas Eyessentials Kit, £165 (Out early December)

Christmas Beauty Gift Sets

If you really want to treat someone, then look no further. Dr Maryam Zamani is an Oculoplastic Surgeon and leading Facial Aesthetics Doctor with a long list of loyal clients, but with this gift box you have access to her expertise. This set includes her De-Puff & Define Contouring Eye Rescue, which will be super helpful after the party season, the Hydra-Bright Golden Eye Treatmant Mask and the brand new Tone & Lift Geranium Contouring Facial Roller that helps with skintone.

Buy Now (Out early December)

Espa The Replenishing Collection, £65 Look Fantastic