Cape Cod Shark Attack: Boogie Boarder, 26, Killed In Bloody Scene Resembling ‘Jaws’

For the first time in over 80 years, a Massachusetts man has died after a violent shark attack that happened off the shores of Cape Cod. Here’s what we know about the tragic event.

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Ness vs. Capone and the bloody battle for Chicago

He ran a ruthless mob, corrupted countless cops, even ordered a massacre – and no one could touch him. And then Al Capone made his big mistake.

He angered the IRS.

That’s the story of “Scarface and the Untouchable” by mystery writer Max Allan Collins and historian A. Brad Schwartz. But it’s not…

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C.J. Chivers Vividly Chronicles Bloody Missions of Misadventure in Iraq

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On Monday, September 6, Worley’s platoon, accompanied by several Iraqi troops, loaded into three seven-ton cargo trucks and a Humvee to return to its outposts. It was time to rotate back to the highway duty on Mobile.

Lieutenant Zirkle did not like the trucks as troop-transport vehicles; he considered them totally improper. They were outfitted with only rudimentary armor. Boarding them required Marines to huddle together in large numbers—a departure from smart tactics and best practices that made them vulnerable. Most of the Humvees available were not hardened either, and some had makeshift additions of “Hillbilly armor,” as troops called hastily fitted steel plates and sandbags. But Humvees at least carried only a few people, Zirkle thought, which limited how many Marines might be harmed by a single bomb.

The seven-ton trucks stopped at Camp Fallujah, the Corps’ big base outside the city, so the Marines could have a hot meal and pick up the Iraqi troops who would join them for the rotation. Worley usually rode with Lieutenant Zirkle in the lead truck. He climbed in to wait. But as the vehicles began to move, he realized he had made a mistake. The trucks were out of order. The lieutenant climbed into the cab of the truck behind him, which moved into the lead position as the convoy headed for the gate. The lieutenant would be out front without him.

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‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ Review: Samuel L. Jackson, Ryan Reynolds Banter, Get Bloody

When it comes to this R-rated action comedy, the joke is all in the title. Professional killer-for-hire Darius Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson) needs bodyguard Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) to protect him from England to the Hague, where the hit man is set to testify against a Belorussian tyrant (Gary Oldman, doing everything he can with a boxed-in role). In exchange, Darius' wife, Sonia, will earn

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Bloody Business

Bloody Business

Three thrilling tales of vampires and violence from the wild imagination of C. C. Blake:In “Bloody Business,” a sexy vampire with a vendetta against organized crime meets a gangster in the wrong place at the wrong time. Their encounter triggers a shooting war in the streets, and a pair of cops are caught in the crossfire. Will anyone make it out with their skin intact?”I Feel So Numb” presents a new twist on immortality. When two ancient bloodsuckers grow world weary, only one game remains to stimulate them: the most dangerous game imaginable. What follows is a story with high stakes and ferocious action!In “Night School,” the bloodsucker is an amoral teenager with plenty of time to kill. Yearning for company, he sets his sights on turning the girl who rejected him. Unfortunately, a mysterious group has identified him, and are about to take action. This is going to be one hell of a learning experience.As he did with his “Cave and the Vamp” series of supernatural thrillers (available from Vampires2 Publishing), C. C. Blake once again tackles vampire fiction and injects the genre with new doses of adrenaline and imagination.

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