Here are some very practical ways to love your body, courtesy of yogi Jessamyn Stanley

Here are some very practical ways to love your body, courtesy of yogi Jessamyn Stanley

Here are some very practical ways to love your body, courtesy of yogi Jessamyn Stanley

Alongside videos demonstrating yoga poses and offering motivational inspo, Jessamyn Stanley’s Instagram features a lot of very sensual photos of herself in various states of undress. Given the way she proudly shows off her fat, gorgeous body to hundreds of thousands of followers on a regular basis, you might assume Stanley is the most confident person in the world. (“Sexualizing my own ass cheeks feels like a very important step in my body liberation journeys,” she writes in a caption on a shot of her backside in a striped yellow swimsuit.)

But the truth is, even this badass, stereotype-smashing yoga instructor—who helped set in motion the larger movement for body inclusivity in the yoga world—still has her own share of body insecurities. “I still struggle with the same body image issues as everyone else,” Stanley tells me. “I really think that I’m addicted to body shaming, and I’ll be in recovery for the rest of my life.”

Her words are a breath of fresh air in a world that, these days, outwardly celebrates the idea of body positivity but has failed to dismantle its sexist, unhealthy beauty standards, and offers few tangible ways to really engage in the practice of self-love (other than buying unnecessary stuff).

Learning to love your body really is a journey that almost everyone needs to go through, and for most of us—even for bold, inspiring wellness leaders like Stanley—it’s an ongoing process. This focus on body-positive wellbeing and the practice of self-love is at the heart of Stanley’s newly launched digital yoga studio, The Underbelly, which is geared toward offering “yoga for the rest of us.” The app guides people into developing a yoga practice through three courses (with delightful names: Air to learn to breathe, Earth to get grounded in basic vinyasa postures, and Fire to turn up the heat). Notably though, her program emphasizes yoga as a means of self-inquiry and self-learning, focusing on the inner emotional benefits instead of the external physical ones.

For Mental Health Awareness Month, I spoke with Stanley about the universal struggle to be at peace with our bodies and real, practical ways to engage in this process of reclaiming and appreciating them.

jessamyn stanley
Bobby Quillard

HelloGiggles: These days, it feels like body positivity has become part of the cultural mainstream. The movement is thriving on social media, and many brands and media outlets are going out of their way to have more body diversity and representation. So why is it still so hard as individuals to love our own bodies in our day-to-day lives?

Jessamyn Stanley: The mainstream body positivity movement has nothing to do with the actual message of body positivity. Body positivity makes the assumption that every human being is perfect at the current moment. Most brands and companies need for us to believe that we are imperfect in order to sell us their products. So while the mainstream body positivity message sounds cute, it doesn’t actually uplift the message that would encourage us to love our bodies on a day-to-day basis.

HG: Do you have any good strategies for getting yourself out of a negative self-talk spiral?

JS: When in doubt, meditate and practice yoga. I mean, but I would say that, right?

HG: In past interviews, you’ve described the nude and semi-nude photos you post on social as being part of your “body reclamation work.” What do you mean by that?

JS: In order to accept the physical body, one must observe it organically. That means naked. The fact that so many of us are afraid to even look at our own naked bodies is a huge part of why we hate our bodies. You have to start with acceptance and work from there.

HG: I’ve heard you say your new yoga studio app, The Underbelly, approaches yoga specifically through the lens of body-positive wellness—not fitness. Why was this distinction important to you when creating the platform?

JS: The fitness bullshit isn’t cutting it anymore—people want to learn about yoga from someone who looks, talks, and lives like them. The Underbelly yoga classes are completely different from other yoga resources—they’re taught by a teacher who swears like a sailor, belches like a frat boy, and who is unapologetically fat, black, and queer.

HG: What does it mean to “take care of your body”? People usually talk about exercise and eating habits. What do you think?

JS: I think the first step of “taking care of your body” is respecting your body. Exercise and eating habits mean absolutely nothing if you fundamentally do not respect your body.

jessamyn stanley
Bobby Quillard

HG: Why did you decide to name your yoga studio The Underbelly?

JS: The Underbelly is named after the softest part of our emotional and spiritual bodies—the part that we fear showing to other people. The Underbelly is what yoga makes us see and accept, and I felt that it summed up so much of what I love about yoga.

HG: Are you a fan of journaling? I noticed your app encourages people to journal after taking a class. Why?

JS: I think journaling is a very helpful tool in any practice of the self. Photo and video journaling played a key role in my yoga journey, and I wanted The Underbelly to include a space in which practitioners could log and share their journeys in a safe space (aka the opposite of Instagram, which has become a somewhat brutal place to log a yoga practice.)

HG: What are some tangible ways to practice loving your body?

JS: Listening to your body is the best way to practice loving your body. Also, say nice things about it. All the time. Any chance you can.

HG: Other than yoga, what’s one go-to self-care practice you use to take care of your mental health?

JS: I turn off social media and read a book instead. It’s a game-changer.

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Cardi B Keeps It Real About Changing Her Body After Baby With The Help Of Plastic Surgery

2019 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals

Source: Daniel Torok / Getty

Cardi B isn’t ashamed to say she’s gone the mommy makeover route after having daughter, Kulture.

The 26-year-old star, who just picked up six Billboard awards at the show on Wednesday night, opened up about her post-baby body nine months after welcoming Kulture.

“I feel good, and then sometimes I feel like not, you know?” she told Entertainment Tonight. “Your skin is more stretched out.”

Despite the stretching skin, Cardi has gone to different lengths to feel good in it. When asked about the rock-hard abs she’s been flaunting these days and what she has done to get them, Cardi coyly said, “Stuff.” And while she wanted to keep some things a secret, she wasn’t afraid to share that she’d recently had work done again on her breasts.

“I just got my boobs redone,” saying she’s fully healed from the experience. “My daughter f–ked me up! She did. She sure did.”

This revelation comes after Cardi revealed in an Instagram Live video last year that she was thinking about having some liposuction and getting her breasts done over, saying, “my body’s still not where I want it to be. I still got like a lot of love handles right here. They’re not much, but I’m used to having a real tight stomach, so it’s like seeing all this extra skin and sh-t — where the f–k did you came from? I might just get a little lipo, you know what I’m saying?”

“I will get my boobs done over,” she added. “I just don’t know when I’m gonna have the time to do it because I don’t think I got a whole month or three weeks for recovery.”

Well, seems like the star made time to recover just in time to be red carpet fresh for last night’s show.

This isn’t the first time she’s been honest about having work done. Cardi has spoken about having butt injections done during her time stripping, and getting work done on her breasts in the past. Being upfront about it all has seemingly given her the confidence to flaunt her curves, often doing so on social media and on stage. If you need some examples of this, hit the flip to check out more photos of Cardi showing off her body after baby.

Billboard Music Awards - Season 2019

Source: NBC / Getty



Lizzo Is In Total Awe Of Herself: “My Body Is Just So F—ing Beautiful All The Time”

Lizzo In Concert "Cuz I Love You Too Tour" - Seattle, WA

Source: Mat Hayward / Getty

Singer Lizzo doesn’t need anyone to hype her up because she’s got enough self-love to go around for everyone.

The Detroit native is the cover star for V Magazine‘s Summer 2019 issue to share her thoughts surrounding body positivity and self-acceptance under the lens of race, as she gears up promotion for her highly anticipated debut album, Cuz I Love You.

 Fellow performer Sam Smith, who is a huge fan of the artist, interviewed the singer for the cover story.

“I love my body. No matter what angle you shoot it at … my body is just so f—ing beautiful all the time,” she told the outlet. “I may talk s— about it sometimes, but f—. She’s still a bad bitch.”

In March Lizzo broke important ground after she was featured in Playboy, making history as the first plus-sized Black woman to be featured in the magazine.

And her totality and beauty, which she unabashedly says includes her Blackness, is a source of pride and strength for her, as it should be.

“I am really just so honored to be graced with this identity,” she said. “No shade to any other shade on the planet — I just can’t relate. I just love being a black woman, even in a world where [we] are statistically the least desirable. I am still here, and I still rise.”

Lizzo said she has felt the most love from marginalized communities, as she can relate to the struggles shared within. She also said that because of her place in society as a fat, Black woman, she will continue to advocate for the voices of those who remain muted.

“I have felt excluded my entire life, from so many things. I have felt excluded from [my] blackness because I wasn’t [culturally] well-read on certain things. I feel like, because of that, I never want anyone [else] to ever feel excluded. So my movement is for everyone. It’s about inclusion. And if I am going to fight what I have been marginalized for, I am going to fight for all marginalized people.

“Also, I honestly feel like there is no such thing as straight,” she said. “Because f—k boxes; I am too big to be put in one anyway. I am a fat bitch.”



This ultra-thin iPhone case made of real body armor proves good cases don’t have to be bulky

iPhone XS Max Case Amazon

We test a whole lot of iPhone cases here at BGR Deals. In fact, we’ve likely tested hundreds of different cases over the past few years. But no matter how many different cases we test, we always seem to come back to the same model when it comes to protecting the iPhones we use ourselves on a daily basis. It’s called the Pitaka MagCase, and it’s better than rivals on a number of different levels. It’s made out of the same material used to make actual tactical body armor, so it provides terrific protection despite being remarkably thin and lightweight. It also has a wonderfully sleek look and a great rubbery finish that offers tons of grip. This case costs a bit more than rivals, but it’s worth every penny and then some.

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Here’s what you need to know from the product page:

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  • Fits your phone perfectly — Easily and naturally access all buttons and ports. Each opening is not only accurately aligned, but also at natural “surface level”.—Package includes: 1 x MagCase compatible with iPhone XR. Notes: the screen protector is not included.

PITAKA Slim Case Compatible with iPhone XR 6.1″, MagCase Aramid Fiber [Real Body Armor Material…: $ 49.99

PITAKA Slim Case Compatible with iPhone Xs 5.8″, MagCase Aramid Fiber [Real Body Armor Material…: $ 49.99

PITAKA Slim Case Compatible with iPhone Xs Max 6.5″, MagCase Aramid Fiber [Real Body Armor Mate…: $ 49.99

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How I stopped comparing myself to the ideal “yoga body” that doesn’t actually exist

How I stopped comparing myself to the ideal “yoga body” that doesn’t actually exist

How I stopped comparing myself to the ideal “yoga body” that doesn’t actually exist

I found my yoga teacher, Joy, when my oldest daughter was 4 months old. In the middle of deep postpartum anxiety, taking her class was the first time I left the baby and did something entirely for myself. I chose Joy’s class because she taught “curvy yoga.” I hoped I would find a safe space to practice without feeling like an outsider because of my body.

For five years, I followed Joy through different studios, and every class brought new ways to challenge myself and work with my body instead of treating it like a hindrance. Belly limiting your movement? Let’s adjust. This doesn’t work for you? Let’s try something else. Joy never sidelined a student for not fitting a predetermined idea of how yoga practice should look.

When Joy announced that she was taking a sabbatical from teaching, I had to figure out what yoga looks like for me, without her and our familiar judgment-free classes.

Trying to scratch out a start to this new path, I asked Joy, “What is your philosophy for yoga?” Instead she gave me her philosophy for life: “I exist.”

“As I have been teaching,” she said, “I am seeing it in everyone—that they too want to exist.”

One summer Saturday afternoon, about a dozen of us sat on mats around the loft studio for Joy’s last curvy yoga workshop before her sabbatical. We chatted about parking and the weather, then a deeper conversation began: Why had we each joined a curvy yoga workshop that day? A confessional of inexperience and insecurities followed.

I listened to women who were taking their first-ever yoga class and were drawn to Joy because she used the “curvy yoga” label. They talked about how they never felt like they had the right body type for yoga, so they were too intimidated to join a room full of “yoga bodies.” I also listened to Joy’s regular curvy yoga students bemoan her break from teaching and their fears of finding a new class where they can fit in.

I thought about the times in class when a folding or twisting pose made anger swell up from deep in my long-hated gut — all the times yoga was a physical expression of my emotions.

I weigh 250 pounds; I do not have a “yoga body,” but there is no such thing as a yoga body.

I have a body, and I have yoga.

Books and Instagram accounts tell the stories of curvy yogis and nontraditional yoga practitioners. When I google images of “yoga body” today, the first few results are pictures of Jessamyn Stanley, author of Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get On the Mat, Love Your Body. Stanley and Anna Guest-Jelly, founder of a Curvy Yoga-branded teacher training program and author of Curvy Yoga: Love Yourself & Your Body a Little More Each Day, challenge assumptions about what yoga looks like and who can practice. Dana Falsetti’s Instagram is filled with daring poses and minimal clothing, a striking image against the idea that bendy yogis MUST be small and taut.

These women are challenging expectations associated with yoga, and I want to do the same. So when my teacher left, I retained these lessons:

I am my own teacher.

I had a mission when I went to Joy’s last workshop—to figure out what I would do next. In the quiet of savasana and deep breath, I wondered, what would Joy tell me to do? I imagined her response at once both compassionate and DGAF: “You figure it out. This is not about me.”

Yoga is for every body.

We are doing accidental yoga all day. My two-year-old executes a perfect downward-facing dog before her sister tickle-tackles her. Both the pose and the laughter are yoga. On the rug, my husband grimaces into an awkward frog pose to loosen up after a long run. I suggest a modification because “Joy says…” Both the pose and the communication are aspects of yoga. The practice does not only consist of people perched on mats, defying gravity and joint mechanics.

Practicing yoga when others think we don’t belong is a subversive act. It allows us to be an ambassador for all those people who are too nervous to take that first class.

Joy isn’t here. It’s time for me to try new classes with new teachers and new peers. My calendar is populated with the class schedule of the nearby gym. It’s five minutes away, offers childcare, and has an attached cafe. Still, I think about walking into that room for the first time and wonder if my body will be too disparate from the other bodies there.

But I go to class because showing up is the first step.

I will try not to be the one committing the offense of comparison: She is older than I am, she is shorter than I am, she is more graceful than I am. We all belong in yoga because we chose to be there, and at the same time, no one will have an identical practice. I will focus on commonalities, not differences when I practice yoga—even if that means the common experience of feeling different.

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Oh, brother! NASA twins study shows how space changes the human body

An American astronaut experienced multiple biological changes in space but returned to normal – with some exceptions – after coming back to Earth, according to a study involving twin brothers that shed light on how space flight affects the human body. 

Reuters: Science News

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Film Review: ‘Body at Brighton Rock’

Filmmaker Roxanne Benjamin spends a tad too much time on the character-establishing setup during the first act of her “Body at Brighton Rock.” Once she has lured her audience into joining her plucky but ill-prepared protagonist into a secluded area of a picturesque state park, however, the first-time director efficiently ratchets up the suspense — […]



Raising an intersex child: ‘This is your body. … There’s nothing to be ashamed of’ – RSS Channel – Health


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John Oliver Body Slams WWE Ahead of ‘WrestleMania’

John Oliver put aside politics for Sunday night’s episode of Last Week Tonight, and focused on professional wrestling, or as he calls it, the “only good excuse to wear a onesie.” “That’s right babies, you’re not pulling it off,” Oliver said.

While it may come as a surprise, Oliver claims he is a fan of wrestling and the WWE, which he finds “generally entertaining.” He’s not alone: The WWE has a billion fans on social media and, as per Oliver, earned $ 930.2 million in revenue last year. WrestleMania, WWE’s flagship event, rakes in more viewers than baseball’s World Series.

While WWE is fun to watch, especially compared to every other show that isn’t “a guy exploding through a table,” Oliver says there is a very dark side to the franchise, including the “shockingly high” death rates of pro wrestlers. The figure is so high—even compared to NFL players—that Oliver jokes it’s like “test pilots who lied on their resumes” or “zookeepers who aren’t going to just let some f—ing baboon talk to them like that.” While Oliver doesn’t get into specifics about the early death rate for wrestlers, he does note that WWE founder and owner Vince McMahon doesn’t provide health insurance or worker’s compensation for the stars. That’s because, according to Oliver, the WWE wrestlers are independent contractors who have exclusive contracts with the WWE and can’t work for anyone else, but are not technically employees of the company.

As Oliver explains, it’s because “McMahon plays an a—hole on TV, but is also an a–hole in real life.” According to Oliver, when you take “independent contractors working in a monopolized industry largely free from meaningful oversight who are able to be fired at any time, you wind up with huge potential for unsafe conduct.” To back up the claim, Oliver showed interviews with former wrestlers who pushed themselves to work when they were sick or injured, because if they didn’t they would not be paid and could potentially be fired. According to Oliver, the WWE is now worse than the NFL when it comes to taking care of its athletes. “When you have lost the moral high ground to the f—ing NFL you are morally subterranean,“ Oliver said.

There might be hope, though. Wrestling fans have become increasingly vocal and they genuinely care about the wrestling stars. If fans want McMahon to take better care of his employees—or even recognize them as employees—WrestleMania is coming up and, Oliver pointed out that it could be a good place to fight for change. “The event is live, the crowd is miked, they won’t be able to cut the chants out,” Oliver said. And then to make sure his point was clear “in the preferred language of wrestling of fans,” Oliver played a WWE-style ad pressing for “all your favorite wrestlers” having access to retirement accounts, workers compensation and family and medical leave.

Entertainment – TIME


I started ballet lessons aged 26 – this is how it changed my body

To mark the release of Rudolf Nureyev biopic, The White Crow, Victoria Fell started four weeks of intensive ballet training – and the results were amazing


Surprising fact: I never attended a ballet class as a child. As a slightly more robust kid, I gravitated more towards climbing trees and pony camp, where I spent rainy afternoons eating packed lunches in old caravans.

So ballet, which is often a rite of passage for young girls was something I never got into: no tutu, no pink tights, none of those impossibly tidy hair buns. Apart from a two-month foray into the world of classical dance at the age of 11 when I had ambitions of becoming a musical theatre sensation, my experience with the art form is zero.

Which is why when offered the chance to train with Bennet Gartside, I jété’d (sorry, not sorry) at the chance. A Principal Character Artist of The Royal Ballet, who also runs Everybody Ballet, Bennet coached Ralph Fiennes leading up to the production of his new film based on the life of ballet legend Rudolph Nureyev, The White Crow, so that he could get a better understanding of the art form. Safe to say then, that I would be in good hands.

Would I be sugar plum failure, or would it turn out that ballet was the pastime I was born to do? Only time would tell.

Week 1, Day 1

I am anxiously lurking outside the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, and I’m pretty sure that at this point, I’m the personification of imposter syndrome. However, Bennet is an absolute pro at making even the most inexperienced beginner (me) feel welcome. We start with the first few basic positions of arms, then move on to legs, and I am immediately using muscles that have pretty much lain dormant for the last 26 years, AND using them all simultaneously. By the end, I had managed a plié and learned what turnout is, and how important it is. Not bad for Day 1.

ballet challenge

My first picture – it might look like I am merely standing on my tiptoes, but I am thinking about at least 6 different posture-related matters at this point.

Week 1, Day 2

Ballet takes mental, as well as physical strength, and the fact that I’m up at 6.30am to do a class before work proves this. After a quick warm-up, today we ventured into the realms of tendus and battements – the latter involving lifting your leg off the floor. It’s so much harder than it looks, and I feel a wave of pride when I manage to bring my straight leg and pointed-ish toe to the heady heights of about 5cm off the floor.

Post-class, I am raring to go for the work day ahead. Outside of classes, I’ve also started thinking about my posture more – the muscles in my back are frankly, killing me, but I already feel that I am sitting and standing more upright.

Week 2, Day 1

The muscles in my back are finally back to normal, but the fact that it’s taken a week is a pretty worrying sign of how bad my posture actually was before. Today’s class was filled with jétés, battements, and even the odd grand battement, but the most fascinating thing for me has been seeing how my body has responded to the training. Bennet has been catering for an old injury in my left knee (I sledged into a wall on a Norwegian mountain aged 9, as one does), yet ballet is the only sport I’ve undertaken where my left leg has a noticeably weaker side… it’s no exaggeration to say that ballet uses every muscle.

Big thank you to the team at Bloch, who put up with my many questions about ballet shoes and have the most social media-friendly packaging ever.

Week 2, Day 2

Today we moved away from the safety of the barre into no man’s land, where we worked on jumps, and this is some serious cardio. Thankfully, having played netball at school definitely helps with the jumping, however the muscle memory for flailing my arms around (interception queen) also remains, which isn’t particularly balletic.

Leaving the class, I felt pretty positive about my new-and-improved posture, but then I see actual Royal Ballet company members gliding into the studio incomprehensibly gracefully as I leave, and realise that I definitely need to keep on practising.

Week 3, Day 1

Today we faced a milestone in my ballet training: the pirouette. However, like most things in ballet, the effortless appearance of these spins is very, very deceptive. The checklist of muscles to keep engaged is lengthier than usual, so means that pirouette prep takes a lesson – there is balancing, there is turnout, there are toes that need to be pointed. This element of ballet is as much as a cerebral workout as it is a physical one, and I’ve noticed that the mornings where I have my ballet lessons before work are often the most productive.

Attempting an arabesque (note the intense concentration).

Week 3, Day 2

Last lesson’s prep came to fruition today… well, sort of. I spun, and I spotted and I almost succeeded at a pirouette (again, see the Marie Claire Insta channel for the evidence). I don’t think I’ll be able to master pirouettes by the end of the challenge, but trying to is amusing enough.

From the way my clothes are fitting me, I am seeing the toning effects of ballet first-hand. This is only with two sessions a week: imagine what the professionals go through, working and training six days a week.

Week 4, Day 1

The final week is here. The pirouettes are still as hard as they were the week before, but my muscle memory has developed to the point where the mental checklist of muscles to squeeze and tighten is being ticked off so much quicker than at the beginning.

Today also saw me attempt what can only be described as ‘speed tendus’, which illustrates the general position I find myself in with ballet, where my mind understands what I need to do but my body just won’t play ball. Having said that, I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my stamina and my consistency, which makes doing 14 of these moves in a row a fraction easier.

Week 4, Day 2

We went all out for our last sessions: think jumps, think turns, think chassés across the diagonal of the floor. All this in The Clore Studio, an incredible rehearsal and performance space in the Royal Opera House, which has hosted such names as Princess Margaret in the audience… no pressure then.

An hour of putting what I’d learned into action, and the mental checklist that I went through with every balance and tendu was getting quicker and quicker. It’s also probably rose-tinted glasses, but in this session, it felt like I was able to balance for longer and could lift my legs higher and more accurately than even the session before. And with a final chassé smiling at my imaginary Royal audience, our final lesson was over.

The Clore Studio

So, what did I learn?

Even in four weeks, a lot. Firstly, a huge thanks to Bennet Gartside, whose knowledge and patience made what could have been a fairly embarrassing challenge (I am that clumsy) so much fun. Post-challenge, my posture is noticeably better and I have so much more awareness of what each muscle in my body controls and is capable of doing: even something as simple as trying to stand in the middle of a tube carriage during rush hour without taking anyone out is easier.

Add on to this a somehow even greater respect for just how intense ballet is, and just how much effort it takes to make an art form so intensely difficult look so breathtakingly easy, and I’m sold.

I’ll see you at the barre.

The White Crow is out on March 22.

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Fenty Beauty Restocks Body Lava, Launches Three Limited-Edition Bottles

Fenty Beauty just announced it’s dropping three variations of its best-selling Fenty Beauty Body Lava, including a brand-new shade called Trophy Wife, which everyone knows is signature to the brand. The new Body Lava shimmery oils drop on March 21 at midnight PST. Learn more about the launch, here.


Body language: The Russian science keeping North Korea’s dead leaders looking fresh

Perhaps none of the communist legacies shared by Vietnam and North Korea highlighted during Kim Jong Un’s “goodwill visit” to Hanoi is stranger than the embalmed leaders on display in their capital cities, and the secretive team of Russian technicians that keeps the aging bodies looking ageless.

Reuters: Science News

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Topless Hugh Jackman shows off ripped body as he showers on the beach in Australia ahead of Greatest Showman sequel

HUGH Jackman revealed his incredible body as he showered on the beach in Australia today.

The 50-year-old actor, who has secretly begun work on a sequel to The Greatest Showman, showed off his ripped physique during an early morning swim at Bondi Beach in Sydney.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman revealed his incredible physique on the beach in Australia
Splash News

The Wolverine and X-Men star made a splash as he jogged out of the sea and looked refreshed from his Monday morning workout.

Revealing his toned bod, the actor rinsed the sand off his abs underneath a public shower.

Despite his huge fame, Hugh was left to get on with his morning routine in his native country – after The Sun revealed he has been dividing his time between his native Australia and America as he secretly films the sequel to The Greatest Showman.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh, 50, looked refreshed from his Monday morning workout Down Under
Splash News
Hugh Jackman
He stripped down to his shorts for his early morning dip
Splash News
Hugh Jackman
Hugh rinsed the sand off underneath a public shower
Splash News

The Aussie actor is already working behind-the-scenes on the new blockbuster with director Michael Gracey.

The  film was predicted to be a flop by critics on its release in late 2017.

But it proved a hit  and went on to become the third highest-grossing musical in history.

Jackman opened this week’s Brit Awards with a performance as circus legend PT Barnum after the soundtrack became the biggest selling album of last year on both sides of the Atlantic.

Hugh Jackman
High opened the Brits last week with a performance from The Greatest Showman
Splash News

A sequel to the Hugh Jackman musical phenomenon The Greatest Showman sequel is secretly being made, The Sun can reveal
20th Century Fox

A sequel to the Hugh Jackman musical phenomenon The Greatest Showman is already being made, The Sun can reveal[/caption]

In London to support his leading man, Gracey told The Sun: “When a movie becomes as big a success as this, it’s only natural there is demand for a sequel. So those discussions have started and we are working on one right now.”

It is not yet known if the new film will follow on from the first or  be a prequel.

Jackman is expected to lead the cast but the involvement of his co-stars Michelle Williams, Zac Efron and Keala Settle is unclear.

However, acclaimed songwriting duo Pasek and Paul — behind hits including This Is Me and Never Enough — are likely to return.

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How the bacteria in your gut affect your mind and body

The vagus nerve serves as a connection between the brain and the gut, transporting inflammatory markers and more.
ABC News: Health

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Body Recovered From Plane in English Channel Is Argentine Soccer Star Emiliano Sala

(LONDON) — Police have confirmed that the body recovered from a plane in the English Channel is that of Argentine soccer player Emiliano Sala.

Dorset police made the announcement on Thursday evening after a coroner’s examination of the body, which was recovered from the seabed wreckage of the plane on Wednesday.

Sala, who had just signed with Premier League club Cardiff, and pilot David Ibbotson were the only people onboard the small aircraft that disappeared over the English Channel last month.

Investigators have not been able to recover the aircraft, which was flying from Nantes to Cardiff after Sala transferred from the French city’s team.

Sports – TIME


A Body Has Been Recovered From the Wreckage of Emiliano Sala’s Plane

Authorities have recovered a body from the wreckage of a plane that crashed in the English Channel with Argentine soccer star Emiliano Sala and pilot David Ibbotson on board.

The Guardian reports that the body was successfully extracted but authorities have yet to confirm whether it is the footballer or the pilot.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) found the body using remotely operated vehicles in “challenging conditions” in poor weather. The recovery took place three days after the aircraft was found on the seabed, more than two weeks after its disappearance on Jan. 21.

“The operation was carried out in as dignified a way as possible and the families were kept informed of progress,” the AAIB said in a statement, according to the Guardian. An attempt to recover the aircraft, which is largely intact, was suspended due to harsh weather conditions.

The AAIB said the operation has been brought to a close and the body is being transferred to the care of the Dorset coroner.

Ibbotson was flying the 28-year-old Cardiff City striker on a Piper Malibu plane from Nantes, France to Cardiff, Wales when the plane fell out of contact. The aircraft was found nearly 200 feet underwater. Difficult tidal conditions have hampered rescue efforts at the site of the wreckage, 21 miles north of the Channel island of Guernsey.

On Wednesday, Sala’s previous club, Nantes, demanded that the city of Cardiff pay the first installment of the $ 19 million transfer fee of Sala, the BBC reports. Sala was Cardiff’s record signing but had yet to play for the club at the time of his disappearance.

Sports – TIME


Exclusive: Mobile network operator’s body GSMA considers crisis meeting over Huawei

Mobile communications industry body GSMA has proposed its members discuss the possibility that Chinese network vendor Huawei [HWT.UL] is excluded from key markets, amid concerns such a development could set operators back by years.

Reuters: Technology News


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Persistent low body weight in young kids increases risk for anorexia nervosa later, study finds

A new study has found that a persistent low body mass index (BMI) in children, starting as young as age 2 for boys and 4 for girls, may be a risk factor for the development of anorexia nervosa in adolescence.
Child Development News — ScienceDaily


What the brutal cold does to your body


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RuPaul’s ‘Drag Race’ inspires college course on race, body image

Drag queen class is now in session. A full-semester spring course called “RuPaul’s Drag Race and Its Impact” launched this week at the New School in Manhattan. Taught by drag historian Joe E. Jeffreys, the course will study the reality TV hits in the context of contemporary culture — and spill the tea on drag…
Entertainment | New York Post


It’s Janu-Hairy! Check Out the Women Who’ve Flaunted Body Hair on the Red Carpet

ESC: Miley CyrusNo Shave November has nothing on the new, budding women’s movement, Janu-Hairy.
This month, women all over world are putting down their razors, waxing strips, tweezers, thread,…

E! Online (US) – Fashion Police

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Miranda Kerr: I’m happy with my mum body

OHMYGOSSIP — Miranda Kerr feels happy with her “mum bod”.
The 35-year-old model – who has sons Flynn, seven, and six-month-old Hart – has revealed she is content with her post-pregnancy figure.
She confessed: “I’ve got a mum bod and it’s fine!”
The Australian beauty – who married her second husband, the billionaire businessman Evan Spiegel, in 2017 – thinks it’s important that women don’t feel under pressure to lose their baby weight in sudden fashion.
Speaking to Marie Claire Australia, Miranda shared: “It’s really important as women that we’re gentle with ourselves and don’t feel like we have to snap back into shape after a baby.”
The Victoria’s Secret model is happy to bide her time to regain her pre-pregnancy figure.
In fact, Miranda admitted her body may not ever feel the same as it did before the arrival of her second child.
She said: “I don’t mind. It’s all part of it. I took nine months – well, 10 months – to grow a beautiful child and it might take 10 months to feel good in a swimsuit again. Or longer. Or never!”
Meanwhile, Orlando Bloom – Miranda’s first husband – is reportedly ready to “settle down” with Katy Perry.
The British actor – who is the father of Miranda’s son Flynn – is feeling “like a new person” and thinks he’s “matured” a lot since the first time they started dating in 2016.
A source recently explained: “He is ready to settle down with Katy.
“Being with Katy makes Orlando very happy.
“In the past, he seemed so scattered and unwilling to settle down. He is like a new person now and everyone is excited for him.”

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Body Goals: Jazmine Sullivan Shows Off Weight Loss On Instagram

ESSENCE Best In Black Beauty Awards Carnival

Source: D Dipasupil / Getty

Listen…Jazmine Sullivan is back…and looking like a snack!

The 31-year-old has been on Instagram showing off her svelte snatched body after losing what looks like more than 70 pounds.

Here’s the “Need U Bad” singer slaying in this royal blue suit!

Instagram Photo


Looking like Nicki Minaj’s twin, here’s another amazing picture of her back in September looking flawless in a black and white patterned suit. She has definitely been working out.

Instagram Photo



Instagram Photo

Fans have been flocking to social media to show the songtress some love and congratulate on all of her hard weight-loss work.

It’s pretty obvious that Jaz has been hitting the gym and eating healthier for the past year. According to a June 2018 Media TakeOut post, Jazmine weighed around 190 pounds. But thanks to her intensive weight loss regimen, she’s dropped 60 pounds.

Listen, we love Jazmine at any size, we’re just happy that she’s happy!





Life & Style – Black America Web


Tamar Braxton Compares Her New Boo To ‘Jesus Walking Out Of The Water’ While Fans Body Shame Vincent Herbert; She Defends Her Ex – Here’s The Video

Tamar Braxton has been living her best days for a while. She is together with her new boyfriend on vacay, and she has been keeping her fans and followers updated.

Tamar has been sharing lots of pics and videos from their vacation, and the latest video shows her boyfriend getting out of the water, while she’s lying in the sun.

We can hear Tamar comparing her new man with Jesus as she asks: ‘Is that Jesus walking out of the water?’

🎤 Said i wasn’t gone tell nobody but I….😂😂😩🤷🏽‍♀️’ Tamar captioned her video.

Someone posted ‘Vince shouldn’t have messed her career around the way he did. She wanted a new manager, and Vince couldn’t handle that. To sabotage your wife’s career is disloyal. How could she ever trust Vince again? A smart women to file for divorce and move on. Tamar wasn’t Vince property to do with as he pleased. He decided he made her and he was gonna break her. That decision cost him the marriage. Hooray for Tamar💥💥💥

View this post on Instagram

🎤 Said i wasn’t gone tell nobody but I….😂😂😩🤷🏽‍♀️

A post shared by Tamar Braxton ❤ (@tamarbraxton) on

Another follower wrote ‘He better be able to keep up with you’re lifestyle a hot body comes a dimes a dozen haha.’

One commenter made a joke and said ‘I had to call my lil boo cuz I thought that was him😂 I almost had to make a trip lol enjoy @tamarbraxton you deserve it👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

Someone criticized Tamar for what she said and posted ‘the fact that she called another man Jesus period is just wrong.’

Someone made a comment involving her ex, Vincent Herbert and Tamar hopped in the comments section as well to defend the man.

The Shade Room was quick enough to see the conversation and post it on their social media account.

View this post on Instagram

Okay #TamarBraxton!! We see you sis

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

‘That’s one hell of a transformation I don’t care what nobody say…..I had to keep reading comments to know that it really was Vince! He looks amazing’ someone commented, suggesting that the man is Vincent.

Someone else posted ‘I mean he lost hella weight after he had that health scare. Shouldn’t that count for something??? I can’t stand body shamers 🙄

Tamar has recently unveiled her new thigh tattoo while she was on this vacay, trying to lay low with her new man. She seems happy andprobably that’s all that matters.

Celebrity Insider


Octavia Spencer Working With Mark Wahlberg to Transform Her Body

Octavia Spencer and Mark Wahlberg working out
Octavia Spencer and Mark Wahlberg Courtesy of Mark Wahlberg/Instagram

To be the best, you need help from the best — which is exactly why Octavia Spencer has recruited the help of her Instant Family costar, Mark Wahlberg, to help transform her body.

The Shack star, 46, has teamed up with the Mile 22 actor, 47, for a unique training partnership — and the results are already starting to show. Spencer has been documenting her workouts on Instagram and in a video she posted on October 28, she credits Wahlberg’s Performance Inspired supplements for the assistance in slimming down.

“I never go sleeveless. But here is what I want to show you. I’ve been working out for years and the cellulite on my arms has NEVER gone away. It’s melting away from my thighs, too!” she captioned the clip, which features her showing off her arms.“The changes I’ve made? @performinspired supplements. Combined with balancing nutrition and the right workouts the changes are amazing.”

The Boogie Nights alum can’t help but praise Spencer for her commitment and dedication in losing weight. “It’s 5:24, I’ve gotten hundreds of requests from very, very close and dear friends about coming over, working out with us and joining the 4 a.m. club,” Wahlberg says, referring to his early-bird workout group. Turning to the Oscar-winning actress, he gushed, “This one [was the] first one to show up, shows up at 3:30 and puts in the work with Brian like no one has ever seen. I am so impressed. Oh, wow … talk about an inspiration.”

“I really am so impressed, you know what? You are really an inspiration. Talking about everything she’s going to accomplish, she went out there and made it happen and this is just another extension of that,” he continued in the Instagram video, posted on September 24. “You are a true champion.”

To check out Spencer’s weight-loss transformation, follow her on Instagram here.

Us Weekly


This teen’s body was ‘bending by the hour.’ His 18th surgery changed his life

John Sarcona was at a baseball game when his mother Joanne found the bloodied T-shirts in his laundry hamper. His bedding was bloody too, and she knew something had gone terribly wrong. – RSS Channel – Health


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‘KUWTK’: Kylie Jenner Confesses She’s Feeling ‘Insecure’ About Her Body After Giving Birth — Watch

Kylie Jenner gets a pep talk from Kim Kardashian after she admits she’s feeling ‘insecure’ about her post-baby body in this preview of the Oct. 28 episode of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians!’

Hollywood Life


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Study explores infant body position and learning

A developmental psychologist has completed a study that is the first to measure how often infants spend time in different body positions over the first year of life. The study aims to understand how the physical context of infants’ everyday experiences – in particular, how much time they spend in different body positions – changes over the course of the first year and how these changes are predicted by infants’ developing motor skills.
Infant and Preschool Learning News — ScienceDaily


Prince Harry Double Hand Holding With Meghan Markle Shows ‘True Love’ — Body Language Expert Explains

Prince Harry recently used both of his hands to hold wife Meghan Markle’s hand, and a body language expert EXCLUSIVELY told us why it means he absolutely adores her.

Hollywood Life


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Gordon, Gino & Fred: Road Trip viewers in hysterics as Gino rubs his naked body up against Gordon’s on a nudist beach

GINO D’Acampo infuriated his co-star Gordon Ramsay by rubbing his naked body up against him during tonight’s episode of Gordon, Gino & Fred: Road Trip.

The celebrity chef wound up Gordon by pulling him in for a hug when he was only wearing his birthday suit, much to the amusement of viewers.

Gino D’Acampo thrilled viewers when he stripped off on a nudist beach during tonight’s episode of Gordon, Gino & Fred: Road Trip
But Gordon Ramsay wasn’t as amused

It happened after Gordon and Fred Siriex accidentally swam up to a nudist beach during filming.

Fred called Gordon uptight as he admitted he didn’t feel comfortable seeing so many naked bodies around him.

Seconds later, Gino ran out from behind a wall and revealed he was in the buff.

As Fred laughed, Gordon begged him to put his clothes back on.

He grimaced as Gino rubbed his naked body up against him

Ignoring him, Gino grabbed him and pulled him in for a group hug.

Gordon grimaced and told Gino he could feel his penis rubbing up against him, leaving fans crying with laughter.

One tweeted: “Oh my God!!!! Trust @Ginofantastico to turn naked! Gordon’s face and reaction was priceless!”

Another said: “In stitches again this week!! @GordonRamsay @Ginofantastico and @fredsirieix1 are amazing together!!”

Fans said they were crying with laughter as they watched the episode

While a third commented: “I’ve never laughed so much at Gino walking naked onto the nudist beach.”

The series has already proved incredibly popular, with millions tuning in to watch the trio travelling through Italy, France and the UK to discover the best food and drink on offer.

When asked about seeing Gino naked on the beach, Gordon admitted: “It was an amazing trip, but we did push each other to the limits and tested our nerves!”

The trio are already planning a second series of the hit ITV show and are hoping to travel the world.

Gino explained: “We’d love to do another trip.

“Fred wants to go to Jamaica, Gordon wants to take us to Las Vegas and I want to take them to Hong Kong!”

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Feet Don’t Lie! An Expert’s Tips on Reading Body Language

One look at how people are standing and Linda Clemons can tell the type of work they’d be best at and the outlook they typically bring to what they do. She can scan a room and spot the risk-taker, the decision maker, the most likely to be biased or to succeed.

Fake it til’ you make it? Not around Clemons. She can call out a crafty liar, even if they don’t utter a word.

The CEO of Indianapolis-based Sisterpreneur Inc., is a body language expert, certified in undercover surveillance tactics she uses to benefit clients from Southwest Airlines, Nestlé, and Major League Baseball to U.S. Customs and the FBI.

reading body language

Body language expert Linda Clemons

Petite and unassuming, she also consults with lawyers on jury selection and Fortune 500 clients seeking competitive advantages for their sales teams.

The ability to seamlessly blend into a room is a job requirement, but hand Clemons a mic and she transforms into her own version of Beyoncé’s alter ego Sasha Fierce. Entertaining and on-point in her ability to connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds, she will have you in stitches, even as she goes about the very serious work of schooling you on the nonverbal cues that are the most telling, and useful.

Here are her top three tips on reading body language:

Feet don’t lie. The eyes may be the window to the soul but, in non-verbal communication, the most illuminating cues happen south of the face. Feet, for example, point in the direction that we really want to go. Have you ever been in a networking situation and you’re in a circle and all of a sudden someone’s foot turns out even though they seem engaged? Says Clemons: “They’re ready to get up out of there.”

Even in silence, the mouth says a lot. Biting a bottom lip or pressing the mouth together is a sure signal of holding back. Clemons explains, “It’s what you automatically do in a meeting when somebody says something and you think to yourself, `That is absolutely cray-cray.’ Then you’re asked what you think and your first response is lip compression.”

Mastering eye contact is tricky. Yes, eye contact matters and “Don’t be the first to look down,” says Clemons, “because that signifies defeat or submissiveness.” Her secret for winning at the steady-gaze game? Rather than look directly into the eyes, look slightly above the brow line. It’s easier to hold that gaze and not look away, but the effect is the same.

The post Feet Don’t Lie! An Expert’s Tips on Reading Body Language appeared first on Black Enterprise.

Career | Black Enterprise


Netherlands officials say they caught Russian spies targeting chemical weapons body

Western governments mounted an unprecedented and coordinated fightback Thursday against “brazen” attempts by Russia to meddle in international affairs, publicly unmasking alleged intelligence agents and blaming Moscow for a series of audacious cyberattacks. – RSS Channel – World