The work bonus that is way more important than money

Studies reveal that above a certain amount of money — $ 105,000 in the US, says Gallup — more income doesn't create more happiness. What does have a significant effect on well-being is free time. The good news: More companies are offering flex time.


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Juul gets $2 billion bonus from Altria deal — to be split among its 1,500 employees

Juul's 1,500 employees are receiving a $ 2 billion bonus from Altria, averaging about $ 1.3 million each, as part of the tobacco giant's $ 12.8 billion investment in the e-cigarette maker, people familiar with the matter say.
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‘A Star Is Born’ Returns to Theaters for IMAX Screenings with New Bonus Footage

'A Star Is Born' Returns to Theaters for IMAX Screenings with New Bonus Footage

Bradley Cooper's directorial debut, A Star Is Born, is a powerful emotional experience that has won acclaim from critics. It's also proven to be quite popular with audiences worldwide, earning more than $ 360 million to date.

What makes the film special? No doubt it's a combination of factors, starting with Cooper himself. He stars as Jack, a longtime singer and songwriter who has enjoyed much success, but finds himself struggling with age and addiction. Then he discovers Ally,…

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