Sotheby’s Paris Preps Fourth Auction of Books From Pierre Bergé’s Personal Library

BERGE’S BOOKENDS: If reading is the key to enlightenment, Pierre Bergé sure had a lot of books to spark his intelligence.
Sotheby’s Paris will hold the fourth auction for a selection of books from Bergé’s personal collection on Dec. 14. Several choice lots are on view at Sotheby’s New York office through Saturday, and they illustrated the myriad interests of the late French business titan: botany, gardens, philosophy, activism and more. The upcoming auction is expected to drum up between 5 million euros and 6 million euros, according to a Sotheby’s spokeswoman.
Literature, the 19th century and music were among the areas of interest covered in prior sales, with the first auction having been held nearly three years ago.
The December sale includes such highlights as Bartholomeus Anglicus’ “Le Propriétaire des choses,” circa 1486. This complete copy of a major medieval encyclopedia is illustrated with 19 large woodcuts, all hand-colored at that time. Bidders will also find Gustave Flaubert’s “Salammbô” from 1863, a first edition that was inscribed by Flaubert to the composer Hector Berlioz.
Another reading relic is Leonhart Fuchs’ “De historia stirpium commentarii insignes” from 1542 that is considered to be the founding treatise of modern botany. The auction house will also

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5 Books That Will Actually Make You Productive

Over the last decade, I’ve read my way through the entire Barnes & Noble productivity section. Has it made me the most productive person in the world? Debatable. The Rock, or, perhaps, Elon Musk might lay claim to that title, but this little word binge did make me remarkably more focused. Whether you want to get more work done, stop procrastinating, pick up a new skill, or need a swift kick in your Aeron chair, there’s a book out there for you.

If You’re a Productivity Newbie

Great news, friends! You don’t have to master complicated filing systems, or download habit-tracking apps, or start going to bed at 8 p.m. every night to get more meaningful work done. Nope. What you have to do is focus on one thing at a time. Go small, says Gary Keller, author of The One Thing, by ignoring all the things you could do, and focus on what you should do. Pick a task, complete it, move on to the next. It’s shockingly counterintuitive, practically transgressive. He’s definitely not advocating multitasking, and getting this mantra drilled into your head for a couple hundred pages actually makes it stick. This book is so simple—and effective—it actually makes me angry I hadn’t thought of it first.

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