Scouted: Invest in Lightweight Rain Boots to Make Sure Your Footwear Is Spring-Ready

For years, I was vehemently against rain boots. The idea of shoving my feet into a pair of galoshes that swallowed my calves in stiff, thick rubber made my skin crawl. But when more and more brands made ankle-height boots, I started to come around to the idea.

Boot brand BOGS just released their newest line of spring-ready shoes, and with that launch came the Flora Bootie. They sent me a pair to try out and, barring the unavoidably strong scent of rubber, these will now be the rain boots I take into spring and summer.

What these boots have that other ankle-height boots don’t (like Everlane’s Rain Boot or the Hunter Chelsea Boot) is a slimmer silhouette that feels lightweight, instead of hefty and clunky. In the fall and winter, give me a lug sole and a centimeter thick layer of rubber between my sock and the outside air. But in spring and summer, the thought of wearing shoes that weigh multiple pounds as the temperature (and humidity) climbs just seems uncomfortable. At that point, I’d rather risk my feet getting wet than end up with a damp sock caused by sweat from sweltering in personal foot saunas.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Spring Checks & Groovy Boots

A new outfit from Paulien Riemis of Polienne, whom we introduced to YLF in April 2014.

The groovy cowboy boots and playful checked blazer are the stars of this very trendy outfit. Paulien has tucked a lightweight cream pullover into cream high-rise jeans to create a column of colour that lengthens the leg line. Her on-trend straight leg jeans are cropped sufficiently to showcase an eye-catching pair of two-toned statement cowboy boots in their full glory. The neutral-toned blazer has an oversized fit with narrower cut shoulders, which streamlines the silhouette. Our blogger’s vintage Chanel bag echoes the camel in the checked print. She finishes off the outfit with oversized sunnies, and big hoop earrings, a gold necklace, bracelet and ring that match the bag’s gold chain strap.

Paulien Riemis - 2

Paulien Riemis - 1



Zappos Roundup: Dresses and Boots

In my experience, the Zappos online shipping experience cannot be beat which is why they made my list of highlights for 2018 — again! All shipping is free in the US, and it’s FAST. I’ve ordered something at night and received it the next day with no extra charge. Items are well packed, and the boxes are robust (an important factor when packages stand out in the rain here in Seattle). Zappos honours their return policy and refunds are quick. They’ll accept a return a year later, and listen to your quality concerns. I ordered a pair of pricey white designer loafers that I wore with joy for a couple months until they broke. I was very disappointed, and spoke to customer service about it. They were most apologetic and refunded me without question once I’d shipped back the shoes. That’s how it should be.

All this to say that I will often order an item from Zappos because I know shipping will be fast, free, and the return policy is excellent. Here’s a short roundup of winners from the great retailer. Browse the colour options and read the rave reviews.

  • Palladium Pampa LDN LP Mid Suede: Adorable hiking boots with a wide toe box. Super comfy and a little playful. The white soles keep the look crisp and pretty. Comes in four colours.
  • Mephisto Lili: Inge has these because they fit her orthotics, higher volume feet, and are very comfortable. Pewter metallics are hard to find, and the shine on these is subtle. They look better and a little dressier on the foot.
  • Frye Veronica Combat: Casual glitz is fab, and these create a streamlined fit on the foot and ankle. Comfy and well made. Not good on higher volume feet. I like the rose gold and white best, but they come in a fabulous distressed grey, and the usual black and brown. No easy access zipper so you have to be okay with that.
  • Frye Carson Piping Bootie: A little cream distressing for those who prefer it to a crisp optical white. Tapered on the ankle, well made and comfy. Comes in five colours.
  • Frye Melissa Deco Chelsea: Equestrian Bootie Fabness. A classic that works best on a lower volume foot and ankle. Rich, and well made.
  • Maggy London Catalina Crepe Twist Neck Asymmetrical Midi Dress: GORGEOUS elegant dress if you can fill it out. Traditionally flattering and works on a curvier hourglass body type. The neckline is a little high for a short neck, but it can work for a larger bust and longer neck. The fabric glides over the contour of the body and does not cling The crepe is quite luxe, and the romantic sleeves are not overwhelming.
  • Donna Morgan Geo Printed Midi Jersey Dress: A classic dress that is very flattering on those with a defined waist. Its structured movement is fabulous and awfully comfortable. It’s quite forgiving on the midsection, conceals a good amount of lumpage and bumpage, and packs well for travel. It would have been mine if the colours weren’t cool-toned.
  • Maggy London Flemish Tile Scuba Crepe Sheath Dress: A fab structured dress that’s a little more than a simple sheath. The placement of the pattern creates an extra streamlined effect, and the romantic sleeves are more streamlined than you expect. Best on a smaller bust, straighter hip, and short or regular waist.
  • Free People Tough Love Shirtdress: This style of dress silhouette works on a range of body types – from apple and pear shapes, to rectangles, hourglasses and narrow-hipped inverted triangles – because the silhouette moulds to the contour of the body. It hugs you where you’re narrowest and glides over the rest. No need for shapewear. It’s dramatic to wear over cropped skinnies or straights too. Comes in red, and runs TTS if you like a narrow fit, or a little small if you prefer a fuller fit. Broad shoulders will battle – no zipper and no stretch. My narrow shoulders thanked the narrow fit. You have to figure out whether it’s worth climbing in and out of. AMAZING side entry pockets. Fabulously flattering. Beautiful drape. Very nice fabric. I love this dress and one of the colours is sitting in my wardrobe ready for a hot Summer’s day.
  • Tahari By ASL 3/4 Sleeve Scuba Crepe Sheath with Side Ruching: A punchy classic faux wrap sheath that can work on a curvier or straighter body type.
  • Børn Regis: Extremely comfy biker bootie classics that go the distance. The ankle fit is more streamlined in person. Comes in four colours.
  • Aquatalia Belle Weatherproof: Beautifully made waterproof booties in a classic style. Works best on low to regular volume feet.
  • Franco Sarto Zelda: Classic loafers with a trendy touch. Dramatic on the foot. I love the height of that dear little heel. Refined, comfortable and versatile. I tried very hard to make these work, but they were too wide and I was in between sizes.

Go to the collection page to see the items alongside my descriptions.

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How to Wear Brown Shoes & Boots

When assembling outfits, even some otherwise style-savvy men can be unclear on the guidelines for wearing black or brown dress shoes. Hence, this article will elaborate on when and how to wear brown shoes, and highlight how you can combine them with socks and pants. Regularly, sayings such as “no brown in town” or “no brown after six” are mentioned, when in fact things are quite different from when these rules were invented. To understand the basics of Brown Shoes, make sure to:

  1. Watch the Video
  2. Read the article
  3. Check out the infographic at the bottom
  4. Download the free pdf pocket guide & cheat sheet here

History & Evolution of the Rules

If we go back in menswear history, we find that Beau Brummell (1778 – 1840) liked his black, champagne polished leather boots for town wear. Subsequently, leading arbiters such as Comte d’Orsay (1801 – 1852), Hermann Fürst von Pückler-Muskau (1785-1871), Honoré de Balzac (1799 – 1850), Barbey d’Aurevilly (1808 – 1889), and Edward VII (1841 – 1910) followed his example and wore black footwear for formal occasions and in town. During this period, rules along the lines of “no brown in town” or “no brown after six” were very much respected, and ensured people were socially accepted.

Beau Brummel in black boots

Beau Brummel in black boots

By the 1930’s, Edward the Prince of Wales had relaxed some menswear rules, leading to softer materials and bolder colors. He also was a supporter of brown slip-on spectator shoes (the most common type of two-toned shoes)and brown shoes in general. By the 1950’s, even English clothing guides such as Clothes and the Man by Sydney D. Barney advised: “Business and Daywear in town: a lounge jacket with matching waistcoat and trousers with footwear in black or brown, according to the suit.” In this context Barney declares, “Brown shoes with a dark blue suit are undesirable.”

On the other hand, evening dress was still rather formalized; Full Evening Dress with white tie and Dinner Dress both demanded black shoes.

So, you can see, by the 1950’s, the “no brown in town” rule was no longer valid, although black was still the color for evenings.

Three Neapolitans - Three Single Breasted Navy Jackets

Three Neapolitans – Three different pairs of brown shoes

Today, dress codes are much more relaxed than they were in the fifties, and if you’re wearing a well-cut suit, you are likely to be more well-dressed than 90% of the people around you. Even if you wear brown country boots to a restaurant for dinner, chances are that your shoes are still more elegant than many other men — unless it is a respected establishment with a dress code. Many debonair Italians, for example, only wear black dress shoes for funerals, weddings, and formal evening events. Otherwise, they prefer wearing brown leather shoes in varying shades — such as dark brown or tan shoes — especially when paired with blue suits. In Britain, black still holds a certain association with business, at least in more conservative circles. Still, many Englishmen wear more than just black dress shoes for business, with conservative styles like brown oxford shoes becoming increasingly popular.

To be explicitly clear: Today, wearing brown shoes with your outfits is generally acceptable both in the evening and in town. With that said, certain outfits and situations still call for certain footwear; light tan shoes may not be the best option for the evening, and black shoes are imperative for black tie. Remember: just because you can wear brown shoes day and night, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

Wingtip Oxford Shoe with houndstooth bespoke suit

Brown Brogues (specifically, Wingtip Oxford Shoes) with houndstooth bespoke suit

When to Wear Brown Shoes

Brown shoes can be worn with almost anything, ranging from blue jeans to cavalry twill and corduroy to flannel, worsteds and tweed. Unlike black, brown leather comes in an endless variety of shades, allowing you to create a distinguished shoe collection that is unique. Here are a few guidelines that you can adopt and adapt as you please – just take a look in the mirror and use your sense of style.

1. Business Suits

For 3-piece or 2-piece business suits, in the following colors, in solid worsteds or flannels, pinstripes or faint windowpanes or Prince of Wales Checks:

  • Black: Simply put, don’t wear a black suit with brown shoes. Black shoes, in a conservative style, work best.
  • Charcoal Grey: We suggest black over any form of brown leather. Dark brown can work, but avoid tan shoes.
  • Mid Grey: Black works, of course, but dark brown or cherry are also suitable colors. Once again, avoid tan.
  • Dark Navy: Black works well with a navy suit, but cordovan, tan, and dark brown can also look magnificent and dashing. Of course, you will stand out visually with light tan shoes and a navy suit — something to bear in mind.
  • Lighter Navy:  Black will often look better than brown, but it ultimately depends on the cloth. With pinstripes, we suggest wearing black shoes and never brown.
  • Dark Brown: Pair a dark brown suit with brown shoes, and skip black altogether.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Since a 3-piece suit is more formal than a 2-piece suit, the heightened formailty of black shoes means they will generally pair better with such outfits. Still, pay attention to the color, as above.
    • If you wear a contrasting double-breasted waistcoat in dove grey or buff, go with black shoes as you will have created a similar ensemble to the formal stroller suit.
    • If you want to play it safe, always choose a shade of brown dress shoes darker than your suit color.
    • Of course, if you are confident enough, you can pair lighter shoe colors with dark suits, but be aware that you will gather more attention that way.
    • Black remains the #1 color for business, so if you’re unsure, stick with black, and if you invest in your first pair of business shoes, go with a black captoe Oxford shoe.
    • If you’re wearing a belt, try to match the color of the shoe to that of the belt. Since there are so many shades of brown leather shoes, your belt doesn’t have to be made of the exact same leather or the same color–just try to match it as closely as possible. If you wear suspenders, you won’t have to worry about this at all!

2. Casual Suits

Bolder patterns, material blends or brushed cotton, corduroy, etc.:

  • Green: Brown every time, for all shades. Avoid black.
  • Khaki: Dark browns work well. Avoid black.
  • Tan: Cordovan, cherry and medium brown are great. Avoid black.
  • White/Off White:  Two-toned shoes, such as brown-and-white spectators, are a dapper choice, but dark brown, mid-brown or reddish brown work as well.
  • Brown: As before, pair brown suits with brown shoes and skip black altogether.

brown shoes_900x400_2

3. Sport Coat / Odd Jacket – Trouser Combination

Fresco, Tweed, Thornproof, Cheviot, Donegal, Flannel, Worsted, Corduroy, Velvet, Cotton, Linen, Gabardine:

  • Black: With black corduroy, tan leather boots (such as chukka boots or desert boots) are a good choice. Black dress pants worn with a sport coat will look best with black shoes, though more casual shoes like black loafers could be a good compromise in terms of formality.
  • Charcoal Grey: We suggest black over any form of brown. Dark brown can work, but avoid tan.
  • Mid Grey: Black works, but dark brown and cherry are also good colors. Avoid tan shoes.
  • Blue: All kinds of brown men’s dress shoes can be worn with blue colors – cordovan, tan and dark brown can look especially smart. As before, you will garner more attention with a light tan shoe.
  • Denim: Basically, all kinds of brown leather shoes work well, even with black jeans (similar to the corduroy example above). Tan and cordovan oxblood will serve you well here. Leather boots are a natural pair for jeans, though anything with a higher ankle would naturally interfere with skinny jeans (not that we necessarily advocate for such a style)!
Chocolate brown half brogue oxford by Antonio Pio Mele

Chocolate brown half-brogue oxford by Antonio Pio Mele

  • Red:   All shades of brown work well, though reddish brown can look a bit too deliberate. Dark brown and tan are good choices
  • Green: As before, try wearing brown every time, for all shades. Avoid black.
  • Khaki: Dark browns work well. Avoid black.
  • Tan: Cordovan, cherry and mid brown are great. Avoid black.
  • White / Off White: Go for two-toned footwear, dark brown, mid-brown, or reddish brown.
  • Brown: Brown only.
  • Dark Brown: In a more smart-casual outfit such as this, tan works well when paired with dark brown.
  • Miscellaneous: Brown is the best shoe and boot color for sport coats and contrasting trousers. Sometimes you may also see boots or shoes with fabric inserts, which can be quite stylish.
Tweed boot

Tweed boot

When not to wear brown shoes

If you wear formal morning dress (morning coat or stroller) or formal evening dress (white tie or black tie) you should not wear brown shoes – go with black. The exception for this exception could be a tuxedo in brown, as worn by Noël Coward, Nick Foulkes, or Lapo Elkann. In that case, a pair of matching velvet slippers could be an option, but that’s only for the very advanced clothes horse.

Don’t wear brown shoes with black suits.

Some traditionalists would argue that you should not wear brown shoes to the opera. However, if you look at the general dress code at operas today, you will likely be more well-dressed in a conservative pair of brown shoes than the other attendees.

How to Combine Brown Shoes with Socks: Vintage Fashion Illustrations

Brown half brogue shoe with shadow stripe socks in blue & red with navy chalk stripe suit

Brown half brogue shoe with shadow stripe socks in blue & red with navy chalk stripe suit

In the vintage illustration above, a navy chalk stripe worsted suit is paired with chestnut brown calf leather brogues. This illustration is from the 1930s, proving that men wore dark suits with brown shoes even then. Moreover, they were experimenting with creative weaves, such as these beautiful shadow stripe socks in blue and red (which can be worn with all kinds of navy suits). Alternatively, blue socks with clocks or blue stripes would be a more subtle alternative.

Brown Oxford with patterns socks and pinpoint trousers

Brown Oxford with patterned socks and pinpoint trousers

The above illustration shows the benefit of understanding color temperature–that is, pairing shoes, socks, and trousers with a warm tone. Below, chinos paired with burgundy striped socks and mid-brown suede derby shoes operates on the same principle. Further, suede shoes in general will always give a more casual appearance, and are therefore a dapper alternative to more common “casual” shoe styles today, such as sneakers.

Shadow Stripe Ribbed Socks in Burgundy & light grey paired with brown suede Derby shoes

Shadow Stripe Ribbed Socks in Burgundy & light grey paired with brown suede Derby shoes

Chukka boot with rubber sole, yellow socks, and green trousers

Chukka boot with rubber sole, yellow socks, and green trousers

Here, grey-green pants pair well with mid-brown suede chukkas, underscoring the versatility of both that boot style and of suede shoes in general. The ensemble is brightened up further with some yellow socks. Bright pastel hosiery can be a smart way to add a pop of color that isn’t always visible; Fred Astaire was a proponent of this technique, often wearing things like pink socks in his outfits for films.

Dark brown Norwegian shoe with orange socks and patterned pants

Dark brown Norwegian shoe with orange socks and patterned pants

These checked pants are made of Shetland tweed, and they pair well with the rust-orange, over-the-calf socks and chocolate brown Norwegian shoes with crepe soles. This type of sole is more commonly associated with styles like desert boots, though it can work equally well with footwear with a lower ankle, as shown here.

Brown derby shoes with thornproof tweed and patterned socks

Brown derby shoes with thornproof tweed and patterned socks

The solid brown blucher or derby is a wardrobe staple because it pairs with almost every kind of informal outfit. The shoe in this illustration, while conservatively styled in terms of its leather upper, has a bit more character in its sole, featuring a solid heel and a layered toe.

Mid brown monk strap shoe with green socks and classic prince of wales suit

Mid brown monk strap shoe with green socks and classic Prince of Wales suit

Here, a classic Prince of Wales suit is combined with a mid-brown monk strap shoe and green socks. Blue would work just as well as a sock color, and perhaps even a combination of green & purple. While monk straps have an historical precedent, as shown here, they have exploded in popularity in the 21st century, as their formality level is above that of styles like loafers and boat shoes, but not quite as reserved as oxfords.

Brown oxford shoe with mid brown suit and purple socks

Brown Oxford shoe with mid-brown suit and purple socks

This mid-brown herringbone suit pairs well with a mid-brown shoe, although a pair of more highly contrasting socks would have been better. There are many styles of brogues, of course, and the more broguing a shoe features, the less formal it is.

If you now want to create shoe/sock combinations yourself, take a look at this great selection of superior over-the-calf socks here.

Change The Look Of Your Brown Shoes With Shoelaces

One of the quickest and most simple ways to change the look and feel of your brown shoes is to simply change your shoelaces. The advantages are simple: it’s quick, easy, inexpensive and reversible … For quality cotton shoe and bootlaces for men’s dress shoes, click here.

Red Flat Waxed Cotton Laces on Derby Shoe in Criss Cross Lacing

Red Flat Waxed Cotton Laces on Derby Shoe in Criss Cross Lacing

Light Brown Cotton Shoelaces on Dark Brown Derby Shoes with Bar Lacing

Light Brown Cotton Shoelaces on Dark Brown Derby Shoes with Bar Lacing

Light Brown & Blue Socks with Suede Shoes in Brown

Light Brown & Blue Socks with Suede Shoes in Brown and green shoelaces

Brown Leather Textures

You will notice that brown box calf leather and suede shoes have been becoming more popular in recent years. Buffalo, reindeer skin, and alligator have been classic, yet expensive, brown shoe leathers as well. Generally, you should keep in mind that shoes with more texture are less formal. Sometimes you may even see ostrich, pigskin, fish skin, or elephant hide for shoes. Most of the time, the last is not a classic shape and the entire shoe just screams for attention–as such, we would instead recommend wearing more traditional leather shoes with formal outfits, and with casual outfits, choices like brogues, brown suede shoes, brown loafers, or ankle boots.

Leather Patina

Unlike black leather shoes, brown shoes will develop a patina over time, which can be further enhanced by leather dyes and special polishing techniques. As an example, take a look at at this beautiful patina.

Cognac Brown Derby Full Brogue with 2 inch cuff

Cognac Brown Derby Full Brogue with 2 inch cuff

Carpincho shoes & antique patina oxford

Carpincho shoes & antique brown patina Oxford


Brown shoes are not a substitute for black shoes, and every man should own at least one pair of black plain Oxfords. If you work in a white-collar environment, you can invest in a few pairs of black leather shoes, but otherwise go with brown because it is more versatile, it develops a fantastic patina over time, and it is the better color for casual outfits. If you don’t work in an office environment and rarely attend formal evening events, a single pair of black shoes may be enough for you, but you can never have enough brown shoes! If you like formal evening wear, invest in a pair of black patent leather Oxfords (in Austria Derby’s) or opera pumps – it is historically the correct choice for evening wear, even though some prefer polished calf skin for evening shoes.

In the broad strokes, brown footwear–everything from loafers to lace-up boots, wing-tips to cowboy boots–sports an amazing versatility, and wearing brown shoes or boots with items as varied as button-down shirts and leather jackets will serve you well. All told, there’s a lot that brown can do for you.

Gentleman’s Gazette


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White Statement Boots

A new outfit from Veronica Popoiacu of Bittersweet Colours, whom we introduced to YLF in August 2013.

Veronica’s love affair with dresses continues unabated. Here she’s sporting a romantic vintage dress with a turquoise, white and black floral print that accentuates her slim waist. The pussycat-bow neckline emphasizes the retro vibe of the dress, while the elegant, just-below-the-knee length looks marvelous with the tall boots. Veronica’s amazing statement stacked boots add lots of crisp pizzazz to the look, and echo the white in the floral pattern. The dressy midi coat in a darker shade of turquoise is a great length to wear with on-trend midi dresses. And leave it to Veronica to find a colour-blocked satchel that perfectly matches the colours of her outfit!

Veronica Popoiacu - 1

Veronica Popoiacu - 2

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18 fashionable winter boots that are totally worth the investment

18 fashionable winter boots that are totally worth the investment

18 fashionable winter boots that are totally worth the investment

Whether you love winter or just tolerate it, we all can agree that finding the proper footwear to survive the season is the ultimate task. Between price, style, warmth and comfort, you can often find yourself searching high and low for the perfect pair of boots to carry you through the winter. Oftentimes we find ourselves compromising one of more of these things on our hunt. Look no more—there are plenty of winter boots out there for you to choose from that check off all of the requirements on your list.

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean that you have to throw on clunky boots that clash with every outfit. This year, make it your duty to find some fun, yet practical winter boots that you’ll love putting on time and time again. Here are 18 winter boots that you should add to your footwear arsenal, from sneaker-inspired booties to fur-lined calf boots.

1. Bernardo 1946 Winnie Rain Lace Up Boot

Bernardo 1946
Bernardo 1946 | $ 155

These lace-up, weather-friendly boots make fashion and winter footwear synonymous.

2. UGG Classic Short Leather Weatherproof Boot

UGG Australa
UGG Australia | $ 220

This twist on one of our favorite Ugg boots are just what you need to get through whatever the winter throws or snows at you.

3. Palladium Pampa Cuff Waterproof Lux St

Palladium | $ 165

These strong but lightweight boots are the perfect companion for all of your winter explorations. They’re padded for extra warmth, so no need to fret about the cold.

4. Steve Madden Weston Wedge Bootie

Steve Madden | $ 99.99

These cozy, chic, sneaker-inspired wedged booties are versatility at its best.

5. UGG Australia Isley Genuine Shearling Waterproof Patent Pom Bootie

UGG Australia | $ 249.95

This shiny boots finished with a pom-pom will spread cheer way past holiday season.

6. Carlos by Carlos Santana Syracuse Bootie

Carlos by Carlos Santana | $ 49.99

Faux fur anyone? The super warm lining of these ankle boots is just the twist you needed on a pair of lace-up ankle booties.

7. The North Face Raedonda Boot Sneaker

The North Face
The North Face | $ 150

These high-cut sneaker boots are the epitome of all-day comfort.

8. Cole Haan StudioGrand Waterproof Booties

Cole Haan | $ 180 original price

If you love glitz and glamour, these shiny gold booties are the perfect shoes to protect you from the many elements of winter.

9. Marc Fisher LTD Izzie Genuine Shearling Lace-Up Boot


The shearling detailing make for the perfect transition from fall to winter.

10. UGG Australia Brystl Waterproof Insulated Boot

UGG Australia | $ 249.95

These insulated boots are warm but never bulky. Trust us on this.

11. Aerosoles Binocular Winter Boots

Aerosoles | $ 159 Original Price

These boots were made for walking through the snow with your head held high.

12. The Muck Boot Company Waterproof Liberty Alpine Boot

The Muck Boot Company
The Muck Boot Company | $ 155

Who doesn’t love functional fashion? These 100% waterproof boots offer the best of both worlds.

13. BEARPAW Inka Boots

BEARPAW | $ 59.99

No need to hibernate this Winter season. These fleece lined boots can handle anything from freezing temperatures to heavy snow.

14. Ryka Aurora Sneaker Boot

Ryka | $ 69.99

If you haven’t gotten the memo, sneaker boots are totally in this winter.

15. Blundstone Thermal Boots

Blundstone | $ 214.94

Slushy puddles are no match for these waterproof and weather-proof boots. Your feet will thank you.

16. GUESS Ducksy Quilted Boots

GUESS | $ 139 original price

Pairing these boots with your favorite puffer jacket is a recipe for winter fashion success.

17. Cougar Donato Leather Mid Boot

Cougar | $ 159.99

Not only are these cute boots waterproof, they have a slip proof bottom to help you avoid any winter weather mishaps.

18. Cougar Cheyenne Deertan Winter Boots

Cougar | $ 175

Dress these up or dress them down. No matter how you rock them, your feet will be completely protected and comfy.

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Michelle Obama Stuns In $4,000 Sequin Balenciaga Thigh-High Boots

Michelle Obama spoke about her style choices as first lady during a sold-out sit-down with “Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker as part of her “Becoming” book tour Wednesday night.

But it wasn’t what she said that’s got folks blowing up social media, it’s the $ 4,000 sequin Balenciaga thigh-high boots she slayed in to close out the tour at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn.

Instagram Photo

“All other boots are cancelled,” Cosmopolitan magazine declared.

“Naturally, Michelle dressed up for the occasion, and when I say ‘dressed up’ I mean she rendered all other lewks irrelevant thanks to a pair of sparkly gold thigh-high boots worth almost $ 4,000,” wrote Mehera Bonner.

“RIP my shoe collection because all other boots are dead to me.”

Instagram Photo

Mrs. Obama paired the jaw-dropping over-the-knee boots with a striking yellow Balenciago dress. One Twitter user wrote: “Michelle Obama got my social media feeds ablaze with those fire ass thigh high boots. She inspires women on so many levels and I’m here for this kind.”

Another said: “When I die, please project these blessed images of Michelle Obama’s boots on my tombstone”

Michelle explained to SJP that, as first lady, she knew the clothes she wore would be discussed.

“I did know that my clothes were making a statement, I knew that was the case. So we decided why don’t we use this platform to uplift some young new designers who normally wouldn’t get this kind of attention, because you can change their lives, which is one of the reasons why we chose Jason Wu for my inaugural gown.”

Michelle said Wu was surprised to receive such an honor, while other big-name designers felt entitled to the job.

“You learn that there are people in this scene who feel entitled to these things because they’ve done it for a while, and I hated that feeling. There are whole lot of people out here who are trying to make it, there are young women and immigrants and black folk.”

Obama continued: “I didn’t want to wear the clothes of someone who didn’t have a good spirit, and you could hear these things, you could hear how they treated my staff or how they treated their works, so everyone I wore as far as I knew had a good spirit as well.”

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Life & Style – Black America Web


Team Boots, Team Sandals or Team Sneakers

Our final poll for 2018 is about footwear. Do you prefer to wear boots, sandals or sneakers? Maybe you prefer the look of one, but the comfort level of another. Or maybe there’s no contest, and you like one type a lot more than the other two. 

Obviously this isn’t about your choice on any particular day. Boots are always going to be more practical than sandals on a cold winter’s day. But which of these three types of footwear do you enjoy wearing the most.

My clientele are a pretty even split between boots and sandals as their favourites of the three, although sneakers are gaining momentum. But my guess is that Team Boots will win the race here today.

I wear all three styles of shoe, but boots most of all because they work best for my climate. I find sandals extremely hard to fit, and impossible to wear unless they’re very soft, flat, reasonably supportive, and in a narrow size. I’ve found two pairs that work and left it at that. I enjoy wearing a white fashion sneaker in the Summer, and LOVE my fleece-lined leather Converse hi-tops for the rest of the year. But I enjoy boots most of all, and have a great assortment that go the distance. I bat for Team Boots.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Boots, Team Sandals, or Team Sneakers? Tell us why and no batting for more than one team. If you can’t pick a side, feel free to sit this one out on the bench with your favourite meal of the year.



The Hunt: Stylish High-Heeled Boots for Work

Sure, we all know what wardrobe essentials for work professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have.

There have been so many boot styles lately that it kind of makes one’s head spin — block heel boots! sock boots! shooties! lace-up boots! Chelsea boots! Western style boots! — so we haven’t gone on a Hunt for a while for boots. Still, there are a ton of these very sleek, professional-looking stiletto booties right now — so let’s take a look at what’s out there on the market.  (Looking for flat ankle boots for work? Just a few months ago we did a roundup of flat and low-heeled options…) 

Stylish High-Heeled Boots under $  50

This one isn’t the sleekest, but it is $ 15, and still available in a ton of sizes 8-13 (with wide sizes also!) — that’s kind of hard to beat. (Amazon has a bunch of smaller sizes for $ 39 and Prime.) Readers have LOVED the DexFlex Comfort line in the past. 

Stylish High-Heeled Boots with Comfort

If you’re looking for a reliable brand for comfort, it’s hard to go wrong with Clarks — these heeled booties have a bunch of solid reviews at Zappos, and are marked 50% off (down to $ 60 today!). They’re available in sizes 5-11. Nordstrom has a very similar style for $ 139, but with a zipper. 

Stylish High-Heeled Boots for Work with Kitten Heels

Sam Edelman doesn’t market itself as a comfort brand, but their soles are usually packed with comfort features — and these kitten-heeled booties (above) look great to wear with tights and trousers. Note that this one comes in a ton of colors — if you’re on the hunt for white, red, or gold leather booties, this may be the solution you’re looking for. Note that Amazon has even more colors (leopard! shiny silver!) and some colors and sizes are Prime Wardrobe eligible and as low as $ 51.

Sudini has long been one of my favorite brands for comfortable kicks in sleek packages — these pointy-toed booties with kitten heels look fabulous. They’re only $ 159 and available in black and cognac suede, sizes 6-11, in medium and wide sizes. 

If you’re going for a very sleek look, these DvF stilettos are well-rated, with some colors and sizes on sale for $ 240 (down from $ 348). These also come in a variety of colors, including cherry patent, silver, and ivory leather — the vertical details really look fabulous on the ivory pair if you’re on the hunt. Unfortunately the matte black (pictured here) seems to just have lucky sizes left.

Readers have ALWAYS sung the praises of Aquatalia — particularly for waterproof boots — and these pointy-toed styles are a polished and sophisticated way to keep your feet warm and dry. Zappos has the black matte pair for $ 237.50 (50% off!), while Nordstrom has the black patent still full price at $ 475. 


Like this feature? Check out other recent installments! Looking for older versions of this roundup of boots for work? Here’s 2018 (flat boots), 2017 (boots to wear with tights), 2016, 2015, 2010, and 2009 (yikes).

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Outfit Formula: Festive Silver Boots

Metallic boots are a great way to jazz up an outfit, especially for the holidays, when you have grey, or salt & pepper hair to bookend the look, or when your wardrobe is neutrally-rich. Metallic boots add shine, which is festive, eye-catching and unique. Silver boots are especially popular because they’re less bright and gaudy than most gold boots. Pewter boots straddle the line between silver and gold and are another way to go.

Silver boots come in all sorts. Heeled, flat, matte, extra shiny, dressy, casual, minimal, maximal, high shaft, low shaft, so take your pick.

Here are four outfit formulas that incorporate silver boots in easy ways. Note that none of the models have silver or salt & pepper hair to bookend the look, but that would add something extra to the look.

1. Skinnies, Black Top & Silver Boots

Combine a pair of dressier blue skinny or straight leg jeans with a festive top and silver boots. The top needn’t be black, but that might be what you have on hand. Finish off the outfit with a silver bag to match the boots, or another bag that works with the palette. Silver jewellery picks up the silver of the boots.

Eloquii Cropped Sequin Turtleneck

2. Flares & Silver Boots

Pointy toe heeled boots or pumps are a classic worn under flared jeans and pants. The combination is dressy, streamlining and elongating. Here the model is wearing a black top with waist definition, but a colour or pattern works just as well – as will a fluid fit. The eyelet detailing of the top does effectively pick up the silver of the boots. Adding silver jewellery will do that too. Personally, I find the jeans here two inches short, but that’s subjective.

Eloquii Slim Bootcut Jean

3. Flared Midi, Fluid Top & Silver Boots

A soft flared midi skirt worn with a fluid, untucked welted top is a comfortable and modern combination. The pairing can shorten the leg line so in this case heeled boots are a good bet. The silver boots are low contrast to the model’s skin tone which further elongates the leg line. The silver complements the white in the pattern of the skirt, which pulls the outfit together.

Eloquii Print Blocked Circle Skirt

4. Column of Black & Silver Boots

If you wear a lot of black, breaking up the head-to-toe column with silver boots is extremely effective. The same can be done with a column of navy, ink blue, red, grey or a pattern. Here, the black trim of the boots complements the black of the outfit. Although this is a skirted look, adding silver boots to black pants and top is as fabulous. Just about any colour or patterned handbag would work here.

NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD Casati Embellished Metallic Textured-leather Ankle Boots

I prefer warm metals so it’s gold boots for me. I have a flat smart casual pair that I bought last year that became instant workhorses. I wear them day to day instead of on occasions because I like glitz and shiny things. I often complemented them with a matching gold belt. But now that I’m off wearing belts with high rises and exposed butterfly jeans, we’ll see what happens. My gold boots are great to travel with because they’re very comfy and go the distance. I wear them in the Winter and Spring when I feel like more of a party on my feet. They are particularly good with white jeans. The metallic leather scuffs quite easily, but not too bad. I’m an urban walker and don’t let my shoes boss me around.

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White go go boots are making a surprise comeback so break out the disco ball

You can dance, you can jive…

white boots

I’m not afraid to say it: I’m a diehard ABBA and Mamma Mia fan. As my exasperated pals can attest to, I would not shut up about Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again when it came out and I’ve been low-key trying to sneak 70s inspired pieces into my wardrobe ever since. While the summery dresses won’t work for the winter cold anymore, I have been noticing a pretty surprising fashion trend around a lot recently: the return of the white go go boot. And honestly, I stan.

Although in the past I’ve typically only seen them at costume parties, they’ve cemented themselves a little niche amongst the fashion forward this season. From chic leather pieces to jaw-dropping white snakeskin, a number of them were spotted all over the fashion week just gone.

With some of my favourite high street retailers and luxury brands jumping on the bandwagon, I’m genuinely tempted to join in – even if they’re not the most practical colour. (Needs must when it comes to looking cool AF.)

white boots


While they might seem pretty daunting to style, they’re a total dream if you pair them with another big winter trend: patterned midi dresses and midi skirts. And seeing that shock of white underneath a statement winter coat will have you Instagram ready in no time with a kick ass OOTD.

If you’re a go go boot purist, this might not be 100% the right edit for you as I’ve popped in a few pieces that take the staple into 2018. Don’t @ me on Twitter for steering away from the latex please, I’m just a girl in love with white boots.

And cowboy boots.

And ankle boots.

Just, boots.

white boots

Cornel Cristian Petrus/REX/Shutterstock

Before I fall down a boot-related rabbit hole, here’s my edit of the best white knee high boots for the season.

If you end up buying a pair, sticking on ABBA’s Dancing Queen and having a little boogie, I’m right there with you. We should grab a coffee sometime.

FIND White Leather Slouch Boots

white boots

FIND is fast becoming one of my favourite new brands, as they’ve been knocking it out of the park with their footwear recently. After I fell in love with our Digital Fashion Editor Penny’s faux snakeskin cowboy boots, they had me falling in love all over again with these beauties. (P.S. They’re currently 30% off and also come in red and black.)

Priced at £72.10, available at

Shop now

New Look White Limited Edition Knee High Western Boots

white boots

New Look has really stepped up their game with this piece which brings the best of both winter trend worlds together: white footwear and Western-style boots. With subtle embroidery and a faux wood block heel, they look ultra expensive and won’t set you back too much.

Priced at £49.99, available at New Look

Buy now

Tibi Logan Patent-Leather Knee Boots

white boots

These are about as close as you’ll get to a traditional go go boot, as they’re made of the same shiny patent leather we’ve come to associate them with. That said, the pointed tip and rounded top bring it more into 2018 – so it’s more a chic throwback than a dated reference.

Priced at £780, available at NET-A-PORTER

Shop now

Mango Snake Effect High-Leg Boots

white boots

These are the shoes that kicked off my obsession with white boots, if I’m being perfectly honest. I saw them in Mango and they actually look a little paler than they do here, so IMO they still belong in the shade territory. Animal print is the trend that just doesn’t want to die this season and with faux snakeskin like this, why would you ever want it to?

Priced at £59.99, available at Mango

Shop now

Gabriela Hearst Linda Croc-Effect Leather Over-The-Knee Boots

white boots

Gabriela Hearst may be better known for their bags which swept Instagram into a frenzy, however these faux croc boots are a great case for why they’re nailing the broader fashion game. Pair it with a cosy long dress and you’ll be a total winter goddess.

Priced at £1,220, available at NET-A-PORTER

Shop now

& other stories Knee High Leather Boots

white boots

It came out recently that & other stories’ white cowboy boots were amongst the most in demand styles this season and they show no sign of slowing down with these boots. With a blockier heel for extra support, these boots were truly made for walking and are the epitome of Scandi-chic.

Priced at £199, available at & other stories

Shop now

Julia Mays Faux Fur White Nappa

white boots

I can never resist a bit of faux fur. These boots aren’t quite as tall as the others on the list and come to about your mid-calf. They’re giving me total Parisian chic vibes and while they’re a bit pricier, the quality speaks for itself as they’re made from Nappa leather and lined with faux fur inside to boot.

Priced at £495, available at Julia Mays

Shop now

TBH these boots aren’t made for walking, but that’s still what they’ll do.

I’m just going to bite the bullet and commit to buying a pair, who needs Christmas presents for the fam anyways?

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Outfit Formula: White Boots with Dresses and Skirts

This is part two on how to incorporate white boots in outfits. Last week I covered white boots with pants and jeans. This weeks it’s dresses and skirts. 

Repeating a few upfront comments I made in the previous post on white boots with pants and jeans: 

  1. Platinum blondes, light silver, and white-haired people naturally bookend white boots in outfits. If the white boots match nothing else in the outfit, they will effortlessly create a complement with their light-coloured hair.
  2. It is not essential to bookend the look. You can have ANY complexion and hair colour and rock white boots.
  3. When you wear tops and toppers in shades of white, white boots look more integrated into the outfit.
  4. Create a two or three item complement with white boots using a belt, a scarf that picks up some white in the pattern, a handbag, or a an item of jewellery. My white pearls do a good job of picking up the white in my footwear.
  5. Don’t worry too much about mismatching white boots in an outfit. Their jarring and bright effect as a stand-alone addition is in itself a trendy look, although an acquired taste

Some visuals to get those white boot outfits rolling:

1. Super Hero Dress

Combine short white heeled booties with any dress, walk out the door and feel like a super hero. Finish off the look with a topper that works with the outfit. The pattern of the dress does not have to have a white component. White works with any solid, and you don’t need blonde or silvery white hair to bookend the outfit.

Eloquii Printed Knit Fit and Flare

2. De-Bombshelled Mini

I liked how the short skirt is combined with a fluid blouse that’s tucked for structure instead of a tight top that would create a body-con look from neck to hem. The tailored flat booties further de-bombshell the outfit the same way a pair of sneakers would. The tailored low-contrast booties lengthen the leg line, as does exposing the waistline which offsets their flatness. The white in the tartan of the skirt picks up the white of the boots.

Heartmade Soran Skirt

3. Sharp Neutals

Combine a neutral top and bottom and finish off the look with white boots because it’s as neutral. The cohesion in the outfit comes from the repetition of the cognac bag, toffee top and ginger hair of the model. Of course, you can wear any neutral, but the earth-toned repetition here is interesting.

NEOUS Spath Leather Ankle Boots

4. The ‘90s

Black and white matched with bright red is the most classic palette of all. Combine a black skirt with a red top, and finish off the vibe with white boots. Here, the black soles and laces of the boots work well with the black skirt. The blonde hair of the model bookends the white of the footwear. Of course, black pants and jeans work just as well.

R13 Glossed-leather Ankle Boots

5. Prairie Fabness

Midi dresses are very fashionable, and flouncy ones like this are a nod to the Western trend. Tall white ruched boots with high heels are a fringe trend, and look fresh under the longer length of the dress. The light background of this dress complements the white boots, which pulls the look together. Tall white cowboy boots could look fabulous too.

Alexis Junno Dress

I wear white Western shooties instead of white booties with my skirts and dresses at the moment, and insulate with sheer barely black hose or black micro fishnet hose. Here are the exact items from my wardrobe. I add a pair of cropped flares to the short Zara dress and wear it as a tunic.

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Monday Sales Tripod – Nordy Rack’s Clear the Rack, J. Crew Oar Stripe Shoes & Boots Sale, & More

The Thursday Handfuls are great, but what if Monday (or Tuesday) rolls around and there are a few sales that can’t wait til the weekend? You’ll find three of the best, with a few picks from each, to start the week below.

Editor’s Note: Yes we’re posting today. For the last few years we’ve sat the “Veterans Day” sales out because the term just sounds odd (much like Memorial Day sales). But after hearing from more than a few Vets, our silence has probably been misplaced. Word is even stores on Military bases have Veterans Day sales, so, while much of the world sees November 11th (and the observance around it) as a solemn occasion, here in the States it’s a bit different. Our policy on keeping quiet on Memorial Day won’t change, but for Vets day, we’ve been given the green light from you guys in the Military. Thanks for all that you do.


#1. Nordstrom Rack: Extra 25% off Clearance Items

Nordstrom Rack

Not only is Nordstrom proper running a big fall sale, their outlet branch Nordstrom Rack is running an extra 25% off clearance items. That means prices that have seriously bottomed out. No code needed here. Prices are as marked online. Sale ends today.


#2. Jomashop: Extra 25% off Select Citizen Watches w/ CTZ25

Citizen Watches

Not a bad price for the Nighthawk. And that Promaster certainly could have been included in our recent best desk divers round up.


#3. J. Crew: 30% off w/ FRIENDS (or 35% off for rewards members w/FAMILY)

J. Crew

Getting another mention because I don’t recall all of those shoes getting that discount last week when this sale launched? I don’t have any in-person experience with their new oar-stripe shoe collection, but they’re claiming Italian leathers and Goodyear Welts. Don’t forget that you can save 35% (instead of just 30%) by simply signing up for their free rewards program. Prices above reflect that 35% off.


BONUS  Lands’ End 50% off Full Price (no limit) w/ GOLD & 9624

I can’t recall the last time Lands’ End did something like this. Usually there’s a caveat of just one item getting the deal when they go half off. So half off all full price items? No limit? Not bad at all.


BONUS II  Nordstrom Fall Sale Still Going on

Full picks over here. And as always, everything ships and returns for free thanks to Uncle Nordy.


Also worth a mention…

Dappered Style Mail


Outfit Formula: White Boots with Pants and Jeans

Boots in white shades are on-trend. There have been lots of questions on the blog and forum about how to incorporate them into outfits, so here is the first of two outfit formula posts on the topic. 

A few things upfront:

  1. Platinum blondes, light silver, and white-haired people naturally bookend white boots in outfits. If the white boots match nothing else in the outfit, they will effortlessly create a complement with their coloured light hair.
  2. It is not essential to bookend the look. You can have ANY complexion and hair colour and rock white boots.
  3. When you wear tops and toppers in shades of white, white boots look more integrated into the outfit.
  4. Create a two or three-item complement with white boots using a belt, a scarf that picks up some white in the pattern, a handbag, or a an item of jewellery. My white pearls do a good job of picking up the white in my footwear.
  5. Don’t worry too much about mismatching white boots in an outfit. Their jarring and bright effect as a stand-alone addition is in itself a trendy look, although an acquired taste.

Some visuals to get those white boot outfits rolling:

1. Column of Colour

The white boots here are a mismatched addition, which I think works well. Less expected than black, animal print, or cognac boots to match the top layers. There is no bookending with light blonde hair, but there is an extremely narrow white stripe in the pinstripe of the blazer that picks up the white of the boots. It’s very subtle, and might as well not be there. The column of navy, and the long layer of toffee add vertical integrity to the outfit which offsets the high-contrast horizontal line created by the white boots.

PAUL ANDREW Banner Patent-leather Ankle Boots

2. Low-Contrast bottoms & Topper

Wearing white boots with light bottoms like these light wash jeans creates a low contrast that lengthens the leg line. Adding a low-contrast coat further elongates the outfit and harmonizes with the light blue and white. Here the white boots are less visually jarring than in outfit 1 above. They blend like the froth of cappuccino.

LOEFFLER RANDALL Cooper Snake-effect Leather Ankle Boots

3. Graphic Matching

Wearing wardrobe items with white in them makes white boots look integrated into the outfit. Here, the white of the sweatshirt and colour blocking of the topper match the white of the boots. The black-white-denim palette is a graphic classic where the white adds crispness to the outfit.

BALENCIAGA Talon Slash Leather Ankle Boots

4. Suited & Unexpected

Another mismatched combination that looks as if the wearer forgot to swap out her shoes. Personally I like the unexpected and jarring effect of the white boots. They look interesting, fun, crisp, and make a bold statement. There is very subtle bookending with the black hair of the wearer and the soles of the boots, which in turn matches the black bag. These small visual details help pull together the look.

CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC Claire Metal-trimmed Glossed leather Ankle Boots

5. Black, White & Grey

Wearing a black-white-grey outfit with white boots is a classic colour combination. First, the column of black creates vertical integrity which offsets the horizontal line created by the high-contrast boots. The white in the plaid and stripe of the coat pick up the white of the boots to create a harmonized whole. When the coat comes off, the repetition of the white is thrown out the window. That’s fine because mismatched boots look just a fab.

THE ROW Coco Leather Ankle Boots

I’ve been wearing white footwear forever. It’s my thing, signature to my style, and bookends my blonde hair and white pearls. White footwear is my wardrobe essential, so much so that I don’t think about how I’m going to integrate it into outfits because white footwear always works to my eye. It’s a completely subjective thing. It might not be your preference, and it’s all good. Horses for courses, always.



‘Shrek’ and ‘Puss in Boots’ reboots are in the works

Here’s something that might leave “Shrek” fans feeling ogre-joyed.

A reboot of the popular animated franchise about a green ogre is currently in the works, as is a reboot of the “Shrek” spinoff movie “Puss in Boots,” a source confirmed to the Daily News.

Chris Meledandri — the founder of Illumination…

/entertainment – New York Daily News


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