Declining Sales at All Divisions Sink Tailored Brands’ Q1 Results

The woes continued at Tailored Brands in the first quarter.
On Wednesday, the Fremont, Calif.-based retailer reported net income for the quarter fell to $ 7.1 million, or 14 cents a diluted share, from $ 13.9 million, or 27 cents, a year earlier. Results for the most-recent quarter included $ 4.4 million in restructuring charges to pay severance and terminate leases.
Adjusted earnings per share fell to 21 cents from 50 cents a year earlier.
Sales for the three months ended May 4, decreased 4.5 percent to $ 781.4 million from $ 818 million. On a comparable-store basis, sales also declined at each division, falling 4.5 percent at the flagship Men’s Wearhouse, 0.7 percent at Jos. A. Bank, 4.6 percent at Moores in Canada and 0.5 percent at K&G. Sales at the corporate apparel division dropped the most, posting a 10.1 percent decline in the period.
The company attributed much of the soft showing to fewer transactions and units per transactions, and cited lower clothing sales at Men’s Wearhouse in particular.
Investors were already on guard and sent shares of the company down 6.1 percent in regular trading Wednesday only to go further after the results came out, pushing the stock down another 6 percent to $ 5.54 after hours.
Dinesh Lathi,

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Constellation Brands’ stock drops as new tariffs could raise Corona, Modelo import costs

The drop put the maker of Mexican beers like Corona and Modelo on track for its biggest one-day loss since Jan. 9, when it fell 12.4%.


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How Fashion and Beauty Brands Are Giving Back for Pride Month 2019

As June marks Pride Month and the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, many fashion and beauty brands are coming out to support the LGBTQ+ community in impactful ways.
Several brands are showing their support by creating capsule collections full of rainbow-themed apparel and accessories, donating up to 100 percent of net proceeds to charities that benefit the LGBTQ+ community, including GLAAD, the Hetrick-Martin Institute and the United Nations Free & Equal campaign, among others.
Brands are also tapping famous figures to help spread awareness of LGBTQ+ rights, including H&M, which tapped actress and activist Laverne Cox to front its Love for All campaign, and Adidas, which partnered with a number of activists for its Love Unites campaign, including DJ Venus X and drag performer Flawless Shade.
Read on to see how 23 fashion and beauty brands are giving back for Pride Month 2019.
1. H&M 
H&M has tapped Laverne Cox to front its Love for All collection and accompanying campaign, “Stay True, Stay You.” The collection includes rainbow-laden unisex T-shirts, sweaters, shorts, pants, accessories and shoes and features phrases like “Every Body Is Free to Love,” “Free & Equal” and “Proud.” H&M will be donating 10 percent of proceeds from the collection to the

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6 Brands That Offer Safe Beauty Products

collage of safe beauty products

When you shop for makeup and similar items, do you check ingredient lists, and do you specifically look for safe beauty products? A few months ago, a New York Times editorial on cosmetics safety, “Do You Know What’s in Your Cosmetics?” got a lot of attention. In part, it explained that “federal officials [are] nearly powerless to regulate the makeup, lotions, toothpastes, deodorants and other elixirs that often are applied to the most intimate parts of the human body.” (Well, that’s comforting.) Some of the ingredients that have caused concern are toluene, parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, asbestos, and lead. You may have also heard about the recent study that found that the sunscreen ingredients avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene, and ecamsule are absorbed into your bloodstream through your skin. 

“Natural” beauty products are becoming more popular, and while we’ve previously featured cruelty-free beauty products, we haven’t specifically looked at this issue — so today we’re rounding up 6 brands that offer safe beauty products. (For the other side of the issue, do check out the links in “Further Reading” at the bottom of this post, including an article from Racked (R.I.P.) that states, “There is absolutely no convincing evidence that your beauty products are going to make you sick.”) Do you have any favorite brands for safe beauty products? Do you try to avoid certain chemicals? Or is this a topic that you don’t give much thought to?

{related: green cleaning products that actually work}

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for safe beauty products:

Here are 6 brands that make safe beauty products: 

Bite Beauty [available at Sephora]: Bite Beauty offers lip products that are made from “food-inspired ingredients” and are free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Some items are gluten-free. While the products aren’t vegan, they are cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified. Sample product: Amuse Bouche Lipstick, 46 colors, $ 26.

Ilia Beauty [available at Sephora]: Ilia Beauty has a down-to-earth perspective — its site notes that the company is “mindful that not every natural ingredient is good for the skin, nor is every synthetic bad.” Their products do not contain parabens, phthalates, sulfates, GMO ingredients, synthetic fragrances, gluten, or talc. Some products are vegan; the only animal product in the others is beeswax. The company doesn’t test on animals and is Leaping Bunny certified. Sample product: Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20, six shades, $ 42

Juice Beauty [available at Ulta]: A California company, Juice Beauty sources many of its ingredients from organic farms on the West Coast and makes all of its products in the U.S.A. Its name is inspired by its use of “30 freshly-squeezed organic botanical juice concentrates” and it claims to be one of the first companies to be completely paraben-free. The company is Leaping Bunny certified. Sample product: Phyto-Pigments Last Looks Cream Blush, four shades, $ 25

Kjaer Weis [available at Neiman Marcus]: Kjaer Weis’s products are made in Italy (Europe has stricter regulations regarding transparency in ingredients) and have many organic ingredients. The company is working toward eliminating synthetic pigments, and products are packaged in refillable containers to reduce waste. The items are not vegan, but the only animal product used is beeswax, and the company does not test on animals. Sample product: Cream Foundation Compact, 17 shades, $ 68

Lilah B. [available at Sephora, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus]: Like Kjaer Weis, Lilah B. makes all of its products in Italy. They’re created from ingredients such as aloe, agar and other botanicals and are free of gluten, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances. They’re also vegan and cruelty-free. Sample product: Marvelous Matte Crème Foundation, five shades, $ 54

The Lip Bar [available at Target]: The Lip Bar, which specializes in lip products, emphasizes natural ingredients (shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, vitamin E) and inclusivity. The products are also vegan and cruelty-free. On the company’s website, founder and CEO Melissa Butler shares one of her inspirations that’s worth highlighting: “I was determined to not change the way I looked to fit into some superficial or trendy beauty standard. F*** that. There is no standard.” Sample product: Matte Liquid Lipstick, $ 12.99

Have you tried any of these brands? What are some of your favorite safe beauty products?

Further Reading: 

  • “The ‘natural’ beauty industry is on the rise because we’re scared of chemicals” [Vox]
  • “What’s Driving The Billion-Dollar Natural Beauty Movement?” [Fast Company]
  • “Your Beauty Products Are Not Killing You” [Racked]
  • “Goop and others profit by shunning makeup chemicals. What do scientists say?” [USA Today]

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Outside of Tesla, future EV sales in U.S. may be thin for most brands: study

U.S. demand for electric vehicles, including hybrids, could rise to 1.28 million by 2026, a new study projected on Wednesday, but most brands will struggle to make money on the new models.

Reuters: Technology News


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7 Slow Fashion Workwear Brands to Try

In honor of Earth Day today, we’re sharing an update to our Guide to Slow Fashion: more slow fashion workwear brands. We’ll talk about brands that emphasize quality craftsmanship, ethical practices, and eco-friendly production. If you haven’t yet checked out the series, which we launched in 2015, here’s what we’ve covered so far:

Small, independent brands are on one side of the spectrum, while on the other side are big fast-fashion companies such as H&M, Zara, and ASOS that are trying to be more responsible and sustainable — for example, we featured H&M Conscious in a previous post in the series. A couple of years ago, Fashionista featured a piece that asked, “Do the H&M Conscious and ASOS Made in Kenya Collections Count as Ethical Fashion?” When you’re seeking out slow fashion/ethical fashion, are you more likely to buy from a smaller independent brand with a sole focus on those practices, or a mainstream retailer with an ethical/sustainable line?

I’ll note that the brands below offer a lot of items that are definitely more on the casual side (low necklines, high hemlines, more casual styles in general), but you can find office-appropriate pieces from all of them. Also, the entirety of the size ranges we mention for the brands aren’t always available for every item they offer.

Here are some slow fashion workwear brands worth checking out: 

Theory’s “Good Fabrics”

Good Wool and Good Linen are Theory’s environmentally-conscious lines, available at their own website (linen/wool) as well as Nordstrom (wool only — including Nordstrom exclusives) and Neiman Marcus (wool only). The merino wool comes from sheep in Tasmania and is ethically and responsibly farmed, while the flax that produces the stretch linen is grown in China without chemicals in a process that produces no waste. The fabrics are woven in Italy using renewable energy and other sustainable practices. Sizes are 00–16.

collage of Theory Good Wool

pictured above: one / two / three

Pure Collection

Pure Collection sources its sustainable cashmere from goats in Mongolia, where the company works directly with herders to avoid overgrazing — a big contributor to desertification — by encouraging them to give their goats healthy feed. They have a focus on slow fashion as well; as Pure’s website notes, “Each one of our cashmere garments undergoes 40 different hand processes.” The clothing is available on the brand’s own website and from John Lewis. Sizes are 2–22. 

collage of Pure Collection items

pictured above: one / two / three

Amour Vert 

Amour Vert makes its clothing in limited quantities from sustainable fabrics — and 97% of it is produced in factories near its San Francisco office. The fabrics used include a sustainable, pesticide-free, biodegradable modal; GOTS-certified organic cotton; ethical merino wool; and more. Also, with every t-shirt purchased, the company will plant a tree in California’s Sierra National Forest. After all, the brand’s name means “green love” in French. (And now I have Jody Watley’s “Real Love” stuck in my head, and oh yes I am old.) Sizes are XXS–XL.

collage of Amour Vert items

pictured above: one / two / three

Emerson Fry 

Emerson Fry clothing focuses on “limited production runs each week of new and existing products” made in the U.S.A. and also offers its India Collection, made by artisans in India who use heirloom hand print and dye techniques on organic natural fabrics using low-impact and natural dyes. For its U.S.-made line, the company takes orders before producing the items, and you can sign up here to get updates. Sizes are XXS–XL. 

collage of Amour Vert

pictured above: one / two / three


Reformation tries to keep 75% of its fabrics either (1) natural fibers that are rapidly renewable and plant-based and have a potential for circularity, and (2) almost all natural or recycled fibers. They prioritize energy-efficiency, recycling, locally/domestically-sourced materials, green building practices for stores, and ethical/sustainable practices in general. Most of Reformation’s clothing is made in the U.S., and you can actually tour the factory in L.A.) Sizes are XS–3X; you can also find the brand at Nordstrom

collage of workwear from Reformation

pictured above: one / two / three

No.6 Store

No.6 Store says it “takes great pride in its manufacturing practices” — and it makes its signature clothing line and handmade clogs in the U.S. In contrast to typical fast fashion practices of selling inexpensive, trendy items for customers to only wear for a short time, No.6 Store says its goal is to “create pieces that can be worn over and over.” In addition to its own designs, No.6’s site also offers dozens of other designers. Sizes are XS–L.

collage of No. 6 items

pictured above: one / two / three


On its website, Grana states that it wants to “fight fast-fashion one item at a time.” The site shares details about the origin and production of the various fabrics used; for example, its Tencel™ is made from sustainable forest wood pulp, and the chemicals used to make it are reused, not released as pollutants. Note that Grana’s wool comes from Tasmania, the source of Theory’s Good Wool, and that it’s woven at the same Italian mill, Tollegno 1900. (Sound good? Get 10% off with our referral code!) Sizes are XXS–XL.

collage of Grana items

pictured above: one / two / three

Readers, do tell: What are your favorite slow fashion brands for workwear? When you buy clothes, how important is it to you to support sustainable and ethical practices? 

Further reading: 

  • When “Made In China” Means Sustainable, Ethical, And Expert [Fast Company
  • 14 of the Best Resources for Becoming a More Ethical (and Educated) Fashion Consumer [Fashionista]
  • Favorites: Colorful & Patterned Responsible Clothing [Grechen’s Closet]
  • We Need to Change the Way We Think About Sustainable Fashion [i-D (Vice)]

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How Beauty Brands Are Banking on Cannabis

Beauty’s obsession with CBD isn’t slowing down.
CBD — the shortened term for cannabidiol — has become one of the hottest ingredients in beauty, popping up in different types of skin care, color cosmetics and wellness supplements as consumer interest in the plant’s purported benefits increases rapidly.
Brands are tapping into cannabis and its many ingredient extracts with varying levels of CBD — including hemp seed oil, which contains no actual CBD  — and now with the upcoming 4/20 “holiday,” brands are attracting customers with a slew of new products that promote relaxation, anti-inflammation and soothing qualities.
Read on to see how 11 beauty brands are cashing in on cannabis.
1. Heretic

Heretic’s Dirty Grass contains CBD oil that is meant to be absorbed transdermally. 

It was only a matter of time before CBD entered the fragrance space. Natural fragrance brand, Heretic, has released Dirty Grass, a “functional fragrance” that combines traditional scent with aromatherapy by using CBD oil, which is said to absorb into the wearer’s bloodstream. The earthy scent also includes notes of pink pepper, lemon, violet leaf and vetiver and retails for $ 85 for a 15-ml. bottle and $ 185 for a 50-ml. bottle.
2. Scotch Porter
For 4/20, men’s grooming brand, Scotch Porter, is hosting

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Brands are rolling with 4/20 as pot legalization grows

LOS ANGELES — Potheads have for decades celebrated their love of marijuana on April 20, but the once counter-culture celebration that was all about getting stoned now is so mainstream Corporate America is starting to embrace it. No, Hallmark doesn’t yet have a card to mark “420.” But many other businesses inside and outside the…
Business | New York Post


9 Fashion and Beauty Brands Spawned From Original Cast of ‘The Hills’

While it originally aired in the early aughts, MTV’s “The Hills” still holds a soft spot for many Millennials, who are now impatiently waiting for the show’s reboot, called “The Hills: New Beginnings,” set to premiere on June 24.
More than just a cultural moment that gave birth to many famous lines and sage pieces of advice, the show launched a new generation of reality TV stars turned entrepreneurs. Many of the show’s cast have gone on from the show to launch their own companies in the fashion, beauty and wellness spaces, some lucrative — for instance, Emily Weiss’ Glossier Inc., valued at $ 1.2 billion — while others — like Heidi Pratt’s Heidiwood — fell flat.
The show is coming back with some of its fan favorites, including Pratt and her husband, Spencer; Whitney Port and Audrina Patridge, and newcomers, like actress Mischa Barton, who is making her reality TV debut.
Now that MTV is reprising the show, WWD takes a look at all the brands created by “The Hills” current and former cast.
1. Lauren Conrad: LC Lauren Conrad and The Little Market

Left, Lauren Conrad attends season three premiere of “The Hills” in 2007. Right, Conrad at the Baby2Baby Gala in 2018. 

Although Lauren

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Acuity Brands Q2 Profit Beats Estimates; Sales Up 2.7% – Quick Facts

Acuity Brands, Inc. (AYI) reported that its adjusted EPS for the second quarter of fiscal 2019 increased 5.3 percent, to $ 1.99 compared with adjusted diluted EPS of $ 1.89 for the year-ago period. On average, 9 analysts polled by Thomson Reuters expected the company to report profit per share of $ 1.81 for the quarter. Analysts’ estimates typically exclude special items. Adjusted operating profit increased 6.7 percent, to $ 112.4 million from the year-ago period adjusted operating profit of $ 105.3 million.
RTT – Earnings


Lathi Elevated to CEO of Tailored Brands

In a widely expected move, Dinesh Lathi has officially been named to the top post of Tailored Brands, Inc.
Lathi, executive chairman of the men’s wear retailer, who has been acting in the role of chief executive officer — without the title — since the retirement of Doug Ewert last September, was named president and ceo Thursday afternoon. Theo Killion, a one-time ceo of Zale, will become chairman of the board of directors. Both appointments are effective immediately.
“Dinesh has demonstrated a deep commitment to building and leading a customer-obsessed company that empowers our talented employees with technology, data and the creative resources needed to exceed customer expectations and position Tailored Brands for long-term sustainable growth,” said Killion.
Earlier this month, Lathi was highly critical of the company during its fourth-quarter and year-end earnings call, saying the retailer has underinvested in its business and failed to keep pace with a rapidly changing customer.
He was especially hard on former management, saying the company needs to change — and quickly — to offer more personalized products and services, a better omnichannel experience and fewer promotions in favor of more “brand stories.”
He reiterated that in a statement on Thursday, saying: “After spending extensive time with our

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Tailored Brands Needs Major Overhaul to Improve Results

Tailored Brands managed to reverse year-ago losses in the fourth quarter, but is still struggling with a serious slowdown in sales, one that is going to require a major transformation to improve.
“This is not business as usual and we are not accepting the status quo,” Dinesh Lathi, executive chairman, said on an analysts’ call Wednesday afternoon.
Lathi said the company needs to change — and quickly — to offer more personalized products and services, a better omnichannel experience and fewer promotions in favor of more “brand stories.”
Lahti was highly critical of former management, saying the company’s issues have “roots in a degree of historical under-investment and [inability to keep] pace with an evolving customer.”
He said the company does “some things well, but we have considerable work to do in order to be considered great. There are examples where we have relied on [our market position] instead of investing to build on our leading position in the category.”
Lahti slipped into the top slot at the company last year upon the retirement of former chief executive officer Doug Ewert. Although a ceo search is ongoing, sources expect Lahti will eventually be named to the position.
In the past six months, Lahti said he has

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These are the clothes brands Prince George and Princess Charlotte love

Your complete guide to Royal baby fashion

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge iPads

With the new Royal baby set to be born any day now, we can imagine the Duchess of Cambridge has already stocked up on lots of cute children’s clothes, and there’s no doubt she will be returning to some of her favourite brands that she’s shopped for Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Kate has famously always opted for traditional clothes, including lots of shorts for Prince George (there is a good reason for both of these, if you follow those links), and the general public loves it, with many items selling out as soon as the Royal children wear them (what Kate effect?).

So here’s your ultimate guide of the baby and children’s fashion brands Kate and William love the most, and where you can shop them.

G.H. Hurt & Son

The family owned brand saw a huge spike in visits to their site (and by huge, we mean 100,000 in less than 24 hours) when Princess Charlotte was presented to the world outside the Lindo Wing, swaddled in its traditional knitted shawl.

The Duchess Of Cambridge And Prince William royal baby Princess Charlotte

Photo: Rex

Shop now: Super-fine Merino Wool Christening Shawl for £54 from G.H.Hurt & Son

Cath Kidston

Prince George at Kensington Palace

Photo: Kensington Palace

Who can forget THAT picture of Prince George in his toy soldier tank top for his last official Christmas portrait before the arrival of Princess Charlotte (he was 17 months at the time)? The tank top was possibly one of the most popular Cath Kidston items ever, and has been re-issued in one form or other ever since.

Shop now: KIDS SWEATSHIRT for £13.50 from Cath Kidston

Rachel Riley

Check out Prince George's red shorts

Photo: Rex

British brand Rachel Riley is Kate’s go-to for traditional designs for George. He wore a smock shirt and red shorts for Princess Charlotte’s christening, prompting many comparisons with a similar outfit Prince William wore when he was a child.

Shop now: RACHEL RILEY Baby Boys Ivory Cotton Shortie for £75 from Children Salon

John Lewis

Princess Charlotte

Photo: Kensington Palace

To celebrate Princess Charlotte’s 2nd birthday, her parents released a pic of the tot wearing a pastel yellow Fairisle jumper from John Lewis, which obviously sold out instantly. A fashion influencer or what?

Shop now: John Lewis Cardigan, for £12 from John Lewis

Pepa & Co

The Spanish kidswear brand won Kate over with its pretty embroidered designs, and both Princess Charlotte and Prince George have a few of the brand’s clothes hanging in their Royal wardrobes. They both wore it to Pippa Middleton’s wedding, Prince George sported a whale jumper for an official 3rd birthday portrait, and Charlotte wore a pretty dress on her tour of Canada.

Photo: Rex

Prince George 3rd birthday photos

Photo: Rex

Shop now: TRADITIONAL HAND SMOCKED DRESS for £84 from Papa & Co


Remember that adorable picture of Princess Charlotte wearing a pie crust dress and playing with her cuddly toy? Yep, that was M&H.

Princess Charlotte First Baby Photo

Photo: Kensington Palace

Shop now: Smock dress for €35.95 from M&H

Amaia Kids

Prince George wore an Amaia jumper to meet his sister for the first time, and Princess Charlotte wore a pink dress for the Queen’s 90th birthday. She also wore an Amaia coat for her first day of school.

The Queen at 90

Photo: Rex

Photo: Kensington Palace

Shop now: Burgundy coat for £140 from Amaia Kids

My 1st Years

Remember that cute customised robe Prince George wore to meet President Obama? That was by My 1st Years. He teamed it with velvet slippers and silk pyjamas, and the internet did the rest. Cue 100,000 memes.

Prince George Obama

Photo: Rex

Shop now: My 1st Years Baby Personalised Prince Gingham Robe for £13

With Meghan and Harry about to become parents for the first time, we’re sure the new royal baby will have plenty of chic hand-me-downs to start off with.

We can’t wait to see.

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What Online-Only Beauty Brands Do You Love?

There are so many brands now that don’t seem to exist in the main stores but are huge driving forces because of social media — so what online-only beauty brands have you tried based on social media ads? What do you love, what was a waste of money? Some notes from me…

Glossier – I forget which product I kept seeing online that made me try Glossier, but a lot of the ones I’ve tried are in my regular rotation, including their Milky Jelly cleanser, their highlighter (Haloscope) and their lash tint (even I can wear it and mascara often bugs me). I’ve also tried their scent (like but don’t love), Boy Brow (not the best for my sparse eyebrows), and the Generation G lip gloss (too dry for me). I still have a good liquid blush but I’d try their CloudPaint next.

Thrive Causemetics – I finally bit the bullet because I wanted to try their mascara; about a month ago I wound up ordering that as well as a lip gloss, a lip liner, and a navy eyeliner. I’m still figuring out how I feel about all of them, to be honest — the mascara seemed a bit gloppy on first applications but it’s definitely more volumizing than the Glossier mascara. The lip liner seems more moisturizing than my MAC one and is unnoticeable. At first I really liked the glossy lip but now I wonder if it’s too “wet” for daily life (my coffee cup gets totally covered in it).

Native Deodorant – I think Target just started carrying this. A friend of the family is really into animal rights and has been trying a lot of cruelty-free brands; I tried Native based on her recommendation and ordered a sampler pack. I like them faaaaar better than Tom’s, which is the only other natural deodorant I tried, and in general I’m wearing them instead of my 15+ year preferred brand, Mitchum. Come summertime we’ll see whether I still use my Native deodorant, but for non-sweaty weather it’s fine. My favorite scents thus far are seasonal Cotton & Powder, Lavendar & Rose, and Vanilla & Coconut — I really hope they make the Cotton & Powder a permanent scent.

Phlur – I wrote before about my love for my new date-night scent, Hepcat…

HanacureI wrote before about my experience with the Hanacure mask — to be honest I haven’t bought it again though. (Although, hmmn, I have a bachelorette party coming up in a few months…) It’s now available at a ton more spots, including Barney’sNeiman Marcus and Amazon.

ColorPop – Who among us hasn’t randomly ordered $ 50 worth of stuff? To be honest I ordered a bunch of stuff many moons ago — two years — and none of it wound up in regular rotation.

The Ordinary – I hesitate to include this brand in the list because a) I mostly heard about it from readers here more than social media, b) it’s now sold at Sephora, and c) there seems to be drama going on behind the scenes – but I use their Caffeine Solution on my eyes, particularly when they’re a bit puffy…

Others that keep popping up in my social media that I haven’t tried yet:

  • Mented – nude lipsticks for women of color (probably not for me, but they do look really well done!)
  • Prose – custom hair care
  • Madison Reed – DIY hair color

How about you guys — what beauty products have you ordered from online-only stores based on stuff you saw or heard about on social media? What online-only beauty products do you love — and what bad experiences have you had?

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The Top 10 Most Comfortable Heel Brands

The Top 10 Most Comfortable Heel Brands

Here’s something we haven’t talked about in far too long, ladies — which are your top 10 most comfortable heel brands? We last did a roundup of everyone’s favorite brands for comfortable heels maaaany moons ago (2012!) and there have been some changes since… which are your favorites? While there are definitely well-known comfort brands that are maybe a bit frumpy or funky, I’ve always thought the magic lies in knowing which regular, popular brands are ALSO really comfortable… I’d love to hear your list, ladies! Here are my top 10 brands for comfortable heels — many of them have been reader favorites for years, but others may be new on your radar…

10. Affordable Comfortable Heels: Dexflex Comfort

Readers have long sung the praises of this classic comfortable, affordable heel, but the whole line gets good reviews if you’re looking for budget-friendly comfortable heels! Note that Amazon also sometimes carries the line.

Pictured above: one / two / three

9. Widely Available Comfortable Heels: Sam Edelman

Not only does this brand have a great cushioning system, but many colors are available in multiple widths and extended sizes 4-13. Other contenders here: MICHAEL Michael Kors and Calvin Klein.

We’re picturing all of the Sam Edelman heels in black, but you’ll be surprised by how many colors, prints, fabrics and textures they come in… Note that you can find them at Nordstrom, Zappos, Amazon, 6PM, Bloomingdale’s and Lord & Taylor.

brands for comfortable heels - Sam Edelman

Pictured above: one / two / three

8 & 7. Not a Surprise Comfort Heels: Rockport & Clarks

Rockport’s Total Motion line has been a reader favorite for years, particularly because of the cushioning system that used Adidas technology. (Update: Looks like Adidas and Rockport have parted ways  — if you liked the brand in the past, stock up now!)

most comfortable heel brands - RockportRockport, pictured above: one / two / three

Clarks can definitely run on the funky side, but readers have always sworn by the brand for their intense cushioning system, and with the full price being under $ 125 (and frequent sales!) they’re definitely a great affordable option. A similar brand in this price point but not a lot of heels right now: Vionic.


Clarks, pictured above: one / two / three

6 & 5. Comfortable Heels You Can Buy In a Mall (Tie): Aerosoles & Naturalizer

Don’t discount these brands just because they’re available in a mall — there are great options for style, particularly trendier things. Obviously, both brands are sold at Zappos; Naturalizer is also found at Nordstrom. The Aerosoles wedge pictured below (#2) is a best seller at Zappos and occasionally comes in fun prints; for example right now you can get a black leather upper with a leopard wedge.

most comfortable heel brands - Aerosoles

Aerosoles, pictured above: one / two / three

Naturalizer’s N5 Contour system is pretty great. They describe shoes with the system as offering extra cushioning, a breathable lining, balanced heel to toe, and flexible soles, and note that they are made with lightweight but durable materials.

most comfortable heel brands - naturalizer

Naturalizer, pictured above: one / two / three

4 & 3. Stylish Heels You Didn’t Know Were Comfortable: (Tie) 1.State and Franco Sarto

Franco Sarto is old on the scene, whereas 1.State is relatively new — still, both brands are worth checking out if you want things that are a bit more on the trendy, stylish side. Another brand to keep an eye on: Marc Fisher LTD — in particular, their block heel pump is hugely popular right now.

most comfortable heel brands - Franco Sarto

Franco Sarto, pictured above: one / two / three

most comfortable heel brands - 1.state

1.State, pictured above: one / two / three

2. OG Comfortable Heel: Cole Haan

Cole Haan Air was, for many years, the default comfortable heel for women getting started. It was a collaboration with Nike Air! The shoes were mostly affordable (generally under $ 300!) and super stylish! There have been some fits and starts in the years since the collaboration ended but they’re still going strong. Their bow pumps are still some of the brand’s best-sellers (there’s a waterproof version now 60% off at Nordstrom!), and while Nordstrom doesn’t carry their classic 75mm heel anymore, Zappos does. The shoes pictured below are all under $ 200.

most comfortable heel brands - Cole Haan


Cole Haan, pictured above: one / two / three

1. Splurge-Worthy Comfortable Heels: Salvatore Ferragamo

If you’re looking for a brand with extended sizes and widths, AND open to splurging on a heel that’s $ 500-$ 700 — it’s hard to find a more reliable “fancy comfortable heel.” Readers were just talking about how most female law partners they know wear Varas (pictured below) — and there are always seasonal colors and prints or sculptural heels if you want a bit more “fashion cred.” We haven’t updated our guide to designer shoes in a long while, but other brands on my radar for comfortable heels in this price range include Jimmy Choo, Miu Miu, and Aquazzura.

Pictured above: one / two / three


How about you, readers? What are your top 10 most comfortable heel brands? Which ones do you swear by for style AND comfort, and which ones are just so comfortable that you’re willing to sacrifice style (and maybe use them for commuting shoes)?

Stock photo credit: Fotolia / blacksalmon

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On the hunt for the most comfortable heel brands for style, comfort, durability, quality and more? Whether you're a woman lawyer on your feet in court all day or a senior executive who wants to look great for an important presentation, we've got you covered: We rounded up our TOP TEN comfortable heel brands and readers chimed in with more -- come check it out!


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Link Love: Discovering New Fashion Brands

I thought January is a good time to round up some new brands that are being talked about in the fashion world right now.

Fab Links from Our Members

Shevia wanted to share this Washington Post article that she says is “the most uplifting political story she has seen in a long time.”

Runcarla is excited to start reading Jennifer Robson’s new historical novel that centres on Queen Elizabeth’s wedding gown: “It looks like there is lots for the detail-oriented lover of fashion and clothing creation.”

This article about the New Year’s resolution all women should make really resonated with Jenni NZ because she agrees we all worry too much.

Is this the new Mum on the Go, asks Jenn.



Men’s Brands Breathe New Life Onto Bleecker Street

Bleecker Street has become a magnet for men’s wear.
The once-red hot stretch of the West Village stumbled badly over the past few years as nationally known names such as Marc Jacobs, Brunello Cucinelli and Ralph Lauren exited in the face of escalating rents and declining sales.
In fact, at its lowest point last year, there was a 25 percent vacancy rate for all of Bleecker from the East to West Villages, according to Chelsea Mullen, marketing director of the Skylight Group, which has been working to revitalize the street.
Joel Isaacs, founder and president of Isaacs and Co., a key real estate broker for the area, said a primary reason for the “revival” on Bleecker is that “rents have corrected and have gone from $ 600 a square foot to around $ 200.”
But it’s more than just rent that draws people to Bleecker. He said despite the empty storefronts, the street retains its charm and beauty. Residents of the area are very affluent, he said, and everyone — New Yorkers and visitors alike — like to stroll the street.
Slowly and without a lot of fanfare over the last year, many of those vacant storefronts have found new life as independent men’s brands — many of

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Altria shutters its e-cigarette brands as it eyes Juul, awaits iQOS decision

Altria on Friday said it would discontinue its MarkTen and Green Smoke e-cigarettes. The company is weighing a significant minority stake in competitor, Juul, and is awaiting a decision on Philip Morris International's heated tobacco product, iOQS.
Health and Science


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Payless, Sequential Brands Collaborate on Martha Everyday

Payless on Wednesday began offering a limited-edition holiday collection of footwear, inspired by Martha Stewart’s everyday life and style.
The new line, available at, is — for now — just a capsule collection for holiday. The line was in collaboration with Sequential Brands Group Inc., the brand management firm that owns the Martha Stewart brand.
Sequential’s chief executive officer Karen Murray said the new partnership “complements our strategy for the Martha Stewart brand, which is to create beautiful, high-quality products and make them available at an affordable price where consumers shop.”
Stewart last month partnered with Aerosoles for a separate footwear line called Martha Stewart for Aerosoles. She is also Aerosole’s brand ambassador. The line at Payless is part of the core Martha Everyday brand. The limited-edition capsule at Payless for includes a strappy, stiletto sandal; a flat, kitten-heel mule and two variations of sling-backs. Price points range from $ 29.99 to $ 34.99. Additional styles — casual sandals, sneakers and slip-ons — are on the agenda for spring 2019.
The lifestyle maven said, “Whenever I am designing items for my customers, I always want to give them the best possible product at the most affordable price. When I started designing this line for Payless,

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Ampersand Collective Brings Online Men’s Brands Into Retail Space

Some digitally native men’s brands have come together in a brick-and-mortar play for the holiday season.
Called Ampersand Collective, the 10-day pop-up on New York’s Lower East Side will feature gifts for guys from Stuart & Lau​​, a luggage and accessories brand; men’s outerwear from North & Mark​​; dress shoes from ​Wolf & Shepherd​​; ​hats and other haberdashery items from BM Franklin​​; grooming products from ​Fulton & Roark; timepieces from ​The 5th​​; socks and underwear from ​Nice Laundry​, and bikes from Tokyobike.
The idea for the shop was hatched by Stuart & Lau and North & Mark as a way to bring their brands to a different audience.

“I am proud to have brought together some of the best emerging men’s and gear brands together for this short-term residency,” said Matt Stuart, founder of Stuart & Lau. “As mostly digital native brands, this pop-up brings us off-line ​and offers the opportunity to showcase the brands in a physical location.”
Steve Cho, founder of North & Mark, added: “It’s very exciting to have a physical place where people can come to and try products they normally could only get online. Even in the digital age, people still need to touch and feel products before they purchase. The brands

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6 Statement Outerwear Brands to Know Before Buying a New Winter Coat

When it comes to dressing for the cold winter months, it’s easy to get trapped in a sea of sameness and choose a mainstay outerwear brand, such as Canada Goose or Moncler. What else is out there? A group of young designers have noticed a lack of novelty in the category, launching brands that …

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UPDATE 1-Energizer adds Armor All, STP brands in $1.25 bln Spectrum deal

Consumer products company Spectrum Brands
Holdings Inc said on Thursday it would sell its global
auto care (GAC) business to battery maker Energizer Holdings Inc
in a cash-and-stock deal valued at about $ 1.25 billion.

Reuters: Company News


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Laudomia Pucci: How Styling Keeps Brands Fresh Across Generations

LOS ANGELES — “Don’t crush your chiffon, honey,” Neiman Marcus senior vice president and global fashion director Ken Downing advised a model.
The 10 women stood in a makeshift backstage, styled by Downing for an afternoon in-store event at the retailer’s Beverly Hills store on Wilshire Boulevard. They wore pieces from an exclusive Emilio Pucci capsule collection for Neiman Marcus.
Laudomia Pucci, the brand’s image director in town for the event, went to the archives to deliver a fresh spin on seasoned prints originating from the late Sixties and early Seventies for the resort capsule.
“I think the idea here was to have the ‘perfect wardrobe’ for resort escape,” she said. “And, of course, in this store there is not much resort-beachwear. So it’s morning-to-evening in the season. It’s what we call ‘Pucci perfect’ because you just easily put it in a suitcase. It’s light and you have everything. It goes from the beach, swim, caftan, eveningwear. So you can dress it up and dress it down as you wish and it’s styled as you wish.”
It’s all in the styling that allows for brands to remain relevant across generations, Pucci said, offering that the business her father started has remained appealing to younger

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Link Love: Workwear Brands to Watch

According to Fashionista, Modern Citizen is the Everlane of women’s professional clothing.

Refinery29 rounds up 5 plus-size-friendly workwear brands.

In this NYTimes piece three brands run by young women share their wisdom on workwear, and where it’s going next.

Fab Links from Our Members

Jessikams likes Universal Standard’s Transformers collection: “Super cool things you can add to your clothes to make them more interesting or fancy. Like Spanx ‘arm tights,’ but way more fun.”

She also thinks the video for Chaka Khan’s song Like Sugar is total fashion inspiration. She adds: “If you watch this one, and also Lizzo’s Good As Hell, while you get dressed, awesome outfits will result. Or at least you’ll have fun dancing around.”

UmmLila likes this ManRepeller/Leandra Medine piece on what maximalism means to her.

La Pedestrienne really enjoyed this New Yorker piece about the costumes and style on the ’90s sitcom The Nanny, starring Fran Drescher. “So many fond memories of that program from my childhood, and it is sooo fun to see the ’90s making a comeback. Talk about maximalism…”

Shevia directs us to this Vanessa Friedman piece in which she compares sneakers to Dutch tulips.

Jenni NZ thought people might like to read about Kelly Coe, designer of Augustine and other brands, whose collections are full of colour and sparkle.

And last but not least, Angie, Alyson from Wardrobe Oxygen, and Kat from Corporette, were interviewed for this New York Times article on what business casual really means.



Dsquared2 Revamps the Brand’s First Fragrance and Introduces a Women’s Version  

TIM-BER!: “We’re not killing trees anymore,” said Dean Caten of Dsquared2 at the exclusive launch of the brand’s revamped Wood fragrance, which no longer has wooden packaging.
The men’s and women’s fragrances — brown for the boys and pink for the girls — now takes the shape of a hefty beer bottle.
The 30-ml. bottle sells for 44 pounds and the 100-ml. bottle sells for 75 pounds. The fragrance launches at Harvey Nichols on Monday and the Caten brothers expressed the importance of launching exclusively with the department store.
“It’s important to give an exclusive to somebody because it makes it more important as opposed to coming out everywhere. It’s more intimate this way,” said Dean.
In May, Dsquared2 inked a licensing agreement with Euroitalia for the production and distribution of the brand’s fragrances, and Wood is the first perfume to be relaunched under this new partnership.
The men’s fragrance has been reworked while the women’s is a completely new scent created by perfumer Marie Salamagne. Both incorporate similar base notes such as white wood and ambrox.
“We’ve scrapped all of our other perfumes and since Wood was our first fragrance and our bestseller, we’re relaunching with this,” said Dan.
While the fragrance has been divided into men’s and

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Conagra Brands Q1 Results Miss View; Stock Down

Conagra Brands Inc. (CAG) reported profit for the first quarter of fiscal year 2019 that increased 16.8 percent from last year. Quarterly net sales grew 1.7%, and organic net sales, excluding the sale of the Trenton, Missouri production facility Trenton grew 1.2%, with growth in all four operating segments. Both adjusted earnings per share and revenue for the quarter missed analysts’ expectations.
RTT – Earnings