Yungblud And Halsey Go Instagram Official Following Her Breakup With Rapper G-Eazy

On Wednesday, Halsey shared a photo of herself, seemingly proving that she has a brand new man in her life. The 24-year-old singer shared a photo with Yungblud, her rumored boyfriend yesterday on the 2nd of January.  Halsey posted a photo with Yungblud in which she walked alongside the rock musician in his country, England. He wraps his arm around her back and she wrote in the caption, “Camden: now with a cuter filter.”

The pair has been spotted several times since November, however, this new Instagram post marks the first moment where she appears to make it look official for all of her fans and followers to see. In other words, they’ve made it Instagram official.

As it was previously reported, Halsey and G-Eazy called it off yet again three months ago. Their on-and-off relationship has ended an innumerable amount of times since they first began dating.

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camden: now with a cuter filter 🖤

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Initially, they were in a relationship together for 9 months before finally calling it off in July 2018. They got back together a month later and then broke up again in October.

A source who spoke with Us Weekly said they “just can’t seem to get past their previous issues.” At G-Eazy’s Halloween party, he allegedly was “all over” other girls right in front of her – probably revenge for her choice to hook up with MGK on their break.

And after their second split, Halsey and G-Eazy again stopped following each other on social media. Since then, the rapper has been spotted getting comfortable with the production designer, Christina Roseanne Ray, although, reports indicate it’s nothing serious.

As it was mentioned above, during the summer months, Halsey and G-Eazy’s relationship was called into question yet again after fellow rapper, Machine Gun Kelly, bragged about sleeping with her on Funkmaster Flex’s radio show.

It was a shortlived beef which lasted with only two diss-tracks in total but earned significant media attention for a short amount of time. Afterward, MGK released a diss-track against Eminem, in what was arguably the most publicized beef in 2018, next to the one between Drake and Pusha-T, and then Kanye and Drake.

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Pete Davidson Chokes Up Discussing Ariana Grande Breakup on SNL: ‘She’s a Wonderful, Strong Person’


Just thirty minutes prior to Saturday Night Live, Ariana Grande released a new song about her exes—including SNL’s very own Pete Davidson.

The song, called “Thank U, Next,” saw Grande sing, “And for Pete, I’m so thankful,” and contains a chorus that goes, “Thank u, next / I’m so fuckin’ grateful for my ex.” Its title is a reference to a tweet Grande fired off (and subsequently deleted) after taking issue with Davidson poking fun at their engagement in an SNL promo.

And on SNL’s “Weekend Update,” co-hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che welcomed Davidson on to roast some of the midterm election candidates.

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‘90 Day Fiance Recap: Jesse and Darcey Endure Nasty Breakup

While several couples got engaged during the Sunday, September 30, episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before 90 Days, Jesse and Darcey had an explosive break up that was full of name calling and drama. The two didn’t even attempt to be civil, and apparently it all had to go down in the back of an Uber. Catch up on what you might have missed during this week’s episode below!

Jesse Broke Darcey’s Heart

Jesse went to New York as he felt it was time to end things with Darcey for good. She was optimistic about meeting him and thought her boyfriend was only coming to America in the name of love.

“The way this relationship has been going, I don’t know exactly why he’s here. I just hope it’s to work things out,” Darcey said. “He wouldn’t come all this way if he didn’t truly love me.”

Darcey and Jesse
Darcey and Jesse TLC

When the two got in an Uber to head to the hotel, all hell broke loose. They started screaming at one another because Jesse found out that Darcey was arrested for hitting her sister and never told him. He also added that she needed to “get therapy for (her) alcoholism.” Darcey stormed out of the car.

“You don’t love me. You never did, you liar,” she screamed on her way out. “Get out of my life.”

Rachel Confronts Jon About His Exes

Rachel and her baby headed to England to be with Jon before their big wedding day. What should have been a happy time turned sour after she discovered Jon was corresponding with one of his exes over social media and voiced her concerns. Apparently Jon told his ex that he had loved her in the past, which really hurt Rachel the most.

“It was like I was stabbed with a knife, and when I saw the world ‘love,’ the knife twisted,” she said. Jon tried to clear things up by saying he was telling his ex about his great relationship and needed to apologize for breaking her heart.

“I am ashamed of the person I was,” Jon said.

Angela and Michael Double Propose

Angela wasn’t sure if she was going to propose to Michael before leaving Nigeria. She was scared of being hurt and admitted she didn’t fully trust him.

Eventually, when Michael told her that he wanted to be with her and he knew what he was getting himself into, she gave him a ring and an American flag. He was over the moon, and then to Angela’s surprise, he pulled out a ring for her.

“It’s the best day of my life,” Michael said. “Donald Trump, I’m coming to see you.” That’s an unusual way to celebrate an engagement, but good for them!

Ricky Risks His Life For Ximena

Ximena was still heartbroken that the real reason Ricky came to Columbia was for another woman, but she was trying to forgive him. She decided that the only way she would get closure about the situation was if he jumped into a freezing cold lake. Also important to note: Ricky doesn’t know how to swim.

“For Ricky to regain my trust if he wants, he will have to show me,” Ximena said. So, Ricky jumped and the crew had to help him get off the dock. Ximena was pleased, and it eventually led to Ricky giving her a ring to prove his love was real.

“If I have my life with you, I have to tell you everything,” he said on one knee. “Do you want to be my wife?”

She accepted so it seems like her devilish request actually helped their relationship.

Karine and Paul Lose Their Baby

This episode, Karine decided not to divorce Paul so they could raise their child in a loving home. Paul was excited that she wasn’t leaving him, but it also made him a little nervous about being a dad.

“Now that we’re back together, the reality is really starting to sink in,” Paul said.


During the episode, Karine was experiencing some complications and had to see a doctor. During the appointment, Karine learned she has miscarried about a week prior. The couple were completely curshed.
“I was praying for him to be OK but it wasn’t like that,” Karine said. “It was unexpected for me to find out he wasn’t OK.”

Tarik Proposes To Hazel

Tarik and Hazel’s final days in the Philippines were rocky. Tarik told Hazel that the mother of his daughter doesn’t know about her relationship because of their tumultuous past, and Hazel told her boyfriend that her sister, whom he had never met, didn’t like him. Hazel’s sister had also advised her to marry a Japanese man instead.

“I definitely love you and I don’t care what anybody says,” Tarik said.

On the final day, the two reconciled and Tarik proposed to Hazel by playing her a rap he wrote about her. Hazel took so long to come up with a response to the question that it led to the most awkward silence ever.

“She took a long time,” he said, and turned to Hazel. “Why did you take so long?”

90 Day Fiancé: Before 90 Days airs Sundays on TLC at 8 p.m. ET.

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