Brewers All-Star Josh Hader’s Racism Controversy May Be History Repeating Itself

Stacy Revere/Getty

The real hero in this Josh Hader racist-ass tweets story isn’t the internet snoop who dug up the pure horseshit he wrote when he was seventeen years old and posted it while he was giving up a three-run blast to Mariners shortstop Jean Segura in Tuesday’s MLB All-Star Game (that’s not to say they didn’t do excellent posting, of course—dredging up old racist crap to hold someone accountable is good as hell). No, the hero here is pretty much everyone who has any stake in Josh Hader’s success. Because how the fuck, in 2018, did his girlfriend (who works in PR), his agent, his family, the management of the Brewers, the management of every minor league squad he ever played for, his friends, his lawyer, his teammates, his goddamn dentist, for Christ’s sake, not sit down, grab this idiot by the shoulders, and tell him to scrub everything he posted on the internet before he turned twenty?

I find it pretty hard to believe that Josh Hader is just so decent seeming, a kind and warm presence to everyone he has ever met, constantly giving money to charities and progressive causes, that it never occurred to anyone that he might have done some messed-up posting in his life. No, the only rational conclusion here is that all of these people knew that Hader could be prone to doing something like this when he wore the clothes of a younger man, and they decided, for the good of Josh and for the good of society at large, that letting him get caught and publicly shamed during the climax of his professional life was the only moral option; the only way to allow the universe to force Hader to atone for his youthful racism, homophobia and misogyny.

There is simply no feasible way this oversight could be an oversight at all: this was a deliberate action undertaken by dozens of people designed to drag the hideousness of Hader’s racism into the harsh light of day, hold it on display for all to see, and communicate a lesson to the youth of America who hope to someday play professional sports: it will be found, you will be punished. Clean up your act, check your goddamn privilege and quit being a vile shithead or society will scorn you.

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