VIDEO: Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda Guest Star on BROOKLYN NINE-NINE

On last night’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Lin-Manuel Miranda guest starred as David Santiago, Amy’s overachieving brother. From stopping a someone from committing suicide, to only getting a promotion to give the extra money to his sick partner, David is the perfect son, which drives Amy crazy. Featured Content


Iyanla: Back In Brooklyn | Iyanla: Fix My Life | Oprah Winfrey Network


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Alife Collaborates With the Brooklyn Museum, Faith Ringgold

Last year, Alife relaunched with an unexpected Crocs collaboration.
Alife approached Crocs before the footwear brand reentered the fashion conversation via a tie-in with Balenciaga on an imaginative, platform pair that retails for $ 850. But since then, newer streetwear brands including Pleasures and Chinatown Market have released their own co-branded Crocs.
“That’s the last thing we wanted to happen,” said Treis Hill, an Alife cofounder, when asked about these collaborations. “One thing that Alife consistently tries to ensure, which might be to our detriment, is that we aren’t trying to follow what people do. No one was thinking about Crocs until we did it, so for us let’s move on to something else and focus on a new message.”
That new message is Black History Month, and Alife has partnered with the Brooklyn Museum and Faith Ringgold, a Harlem-born artist whose work was featured in the “Soul of a Nation” exhibit at the museum. Ringgold is known for her quilts, but also practices painting, sculpting and performance art.
“Alife is centered around art and our objective is to push art and perpetuate that through our apparel, but this is the first time we’ve done something during Black History Month,” said Hill. “This was an

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Shaun King: A Horrible Situation At A Brooklyn Jail

I have a few important updates that I’d like to give you this morning and we’ll start with the jail right here in Brooklyn, New York that went 7 days without heat or electricity in the dead of winter. By the time the general public learned about the problem on this past Friday, the men and women in this federal detention center had already gone 5 days without heat or electricity.

The only reason we ever found out was because the jail stopped letting family members call or visit – and those family members started telling their attorneys that something was clearly wrong. And when attorneys tried to visit their clients last week, they were either told that they couldn’t, or the few who did quickly learned that the entire jail was dark and damn as cold inside as it was outside.

While the power and heat are back on in this facility, many men have since communicated with their families and attorneys that they have been retaliated against by the guards there for ever communicating with the outside about the conditions. Men said guards have been withholding their food, pepper spraying them, raiding and ransacking their cells and more.

And I keep seeing people say stuff like – well when you do the crime, you do the time – and other foolish stuff like that. But I have two things to say to that type of response.

First and foremost, these are human beings. They deserve fair treatment and some basic human dignity. But I also need to let you know that this is mainly a pre-trial detention center. What that means is that most of these men and women have not even been convicted of a crime. If they were wealthy and white, 99% of them wouldn’t even be there right now. Out nation claims that we are all innocent until proven guilty, but at any given point in this nation, about 500,000 men, women, and children are in jail without ever being convicted of a crime – mainly because they are poor and cannot afford the cash bail that was set for them.

And the men and women in the federal jail in Brooklyn are no different. I met their mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, and they are just everyday people. And I’m grateful for the activists, organizers, and even some dedicated local politicians who made sure that the heat and power got turned back on here, but I tell you what, that jail didn’t give a damn about any of it. And the Trump administration, who oversees the jail, didn’t give a damn about any of it, and I wonder if the jail was anywhere other than right in the middle of America’s largest city, would we have ever heard about it.

I wanna close this morning by giving us an update on what has turned out to be an absolute debacle in the State of Virginia. This weekend we learned that the Democratic Governor, Ralph Northam, had a page in his yearbook where he was either dressed up in Klan robes or in blackface. By Friday evening he apologized for it not once, but twice, saying it was racist and despicable. Every elected official in Virginia, the Virginia Democratic Party, and every prominent Democrat in the nation called on him to resign.

Then, on Saturday, Northam then held a press conference saying that even though he apologized for the photos, that he now believed he was not one of the people in the photos, but that he actually did dress up in blackface while he was in med school.

And it appears he is not going to resign. He’s holding out. And what makes it doubly outrageous is that just 2 weeks ago the Republican Secretary of State of Florida was caught with an old photo of him in blackface, and resigned the next day. But here we are, on Tuesday morning, and Ralph Northam is still the Governor of Virginia.

And for a few days everybody was excited about the possibility of Justin Fairfax, the Black Lt. Governor, becoming Governor. But in a surprising twist, Fairfax has now been accused of sexual assault when he was a political staffer back in 2004. And Fairfax, of course, has denied it, but in doing so, dug himself into a bit of a hole.

In his denial, he said that the Washington Post had the story, but did not publish it because it had holes and inconsistencies.

Only for The Washington Post to come out and actually say no the accusers “story did not have holes or inconsistencies.”

So – we have a lot going on in Virginia right now and I have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen next there. No matter what though, Ralph Northam needs to resign – whether Justin Fairfax becomes the Governor or not.


Black America Web


Brooklyn jail banned copies of the New York Post

Cruel and unusual punishment! The city has inexplicably banned the New York Post from Brooklyn’s only jail, forcing the roughly 800 inmates there to somehow subsist on a deficient diet of lesser newspapers. “New York Post Newspaper is no longer accepted,” reads a 5-by-11 sign on Department of Correction letterhead hanging in the visitor’s center…
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Brooklyn Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke Shares 5 Keys to Success in 2019

During this year’s second annual Success Supper—an annual family-style dinner designed to recognize and celebrate women who embody grace and fortitude while impacting their community—Brooklyn Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke, a Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives and a legislative pillar in Brooklyn, New York’s 9th district, talked about the importance of communities supporting black women.

As a co-chair of the Congressional Black Caucus of Black Women and Girls, Clarke focuses on providing women with the education and entrepreneurial resources needed to become successful business owners.

Congresswoman Clarke shared five keys to success in the New Year:

Evaluate your network

“It’s about the circles you’re in, your network. We have to ask ourselves who is in our network? The challenge for our community is not one of worth, it’s one of trust. Because we’re spending money every day how much of those dollars do you spend with black entrepreneurs?”

Use your Influence

“We’re not using our influence. Were very influential. As a matter of fact, there is not a popular trend that’s been started that we have not been at the heart of.”

Trust Your Abilities

“Always trust in yourself and your abilities. Be self-aware, because understanding yourself helps you to improve your leadership.”

Stay True to Yourself

“It’s important for us to stay true to ourselves. Not everyone is going to be out here [protesting] in the street but some folk may fund the movement. Not everyone is going to be the person who is going to be out front but every leader is building an organization of support.”

Stay Focused

Stay focused enough [on your] own goals and aspirations.

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10 Best ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Episodes Ever

There was a time – fairly recently, in fact – when we thought we’d had all the Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes we were ever going to get. In May 2018, it was announced that the cult television series had been cancelled by Fox, as the network was “trying to create a more cohesive program, and scheduling [it in] would prevent [them] from promoting something new.”

At the time, Dana Walden, Chairmen and CEO of Fox Television Group, told Entertainment Weekly that “with Thursday Night Football, there were two fewer hours to program” and that ultimately, they decided they just didn’t have room for it anymore. Fans took to social media to share their devastation, as did several cast members including Melissa Fumero, Joe Lo Truglio and Stephanie Beatriz. But their sorrow was short-lived. Thankfully, the show was picked up by NBC just a day later.

If the few hours in which we believed Brooklyn Nine-Nine was over forever taught us anything, it’s just how great this cop comedy is. So ahead of the newly homed show’s sixth season kicking off in early January, we take a look back at 10 of the best episodes. So far, that is…

“The Swedes” (Season 3, Episode 9)

Anders Holm and Riki Lindhome are ‘the Swedes’.

In “The Swedes,” Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Rosa Diaz (Beatriz) catch a dockyard thief who stole expensive jewels, and due to their origin, two Swedish detectives visit the precinct in order to pick up the 39-carat diamond and the suspect.

The two officers, played by Anders Holm and Riki Lindhome, are extremely close as work partners, causing Jake and Rosa to question their distance and if that makes them unprofessional. That feeling gets amplified when the foursome is assigned a case to work together during their stay.

The episode is full of great one-liners, as the Swedes rip it out of their American counterparts and they attempt to snap back. But it’s also brilliant because it allows the characters to play up their most defining qualities; Rosa, being awkward; Jake, trying to overcompensate; and Amy Santiago (Fumero) and Terry Jefford (Terry Crews) being lovable nerds as they help administrator Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti) study for an upcoming test.

“HalloVeen” (Season 5, Episode 4)

It’s fair to say that when it comes to holiday-centric episodes, Brooklyn Nine-Nine always nails it, but it seems that its Halloween-based outings are the best. As always, “HalloVeen” sees the squad take part in an annual heist — this year, the aim is to retrieve a belt (or cummerbund, as Holt likes to describe it) that declares the winner an ‘Amazing Human/Genius.’

Their antics, as you might expect, are over-the-top and hilarious, like Amy, Jake and Holt admitting to putting GPS trackers in Terry’s yoghurts in the run-up to the heist and Boyle teaming up with Rosa as part of an underdog alliance. But this episode is even more special than most Halloween episodes because this time, Jake has rigged the game. Not to win, but to propose to girlfriend Amy.

Amy has no idea, and neither does the audience, and it makes for such a touching moment. As hilarity falls by the wayside and Jake tears up while telling Amy he ‘loves her butt,’ you can’t help but swoon over those adorable, loved-up dorks.

“Yippie Kayak” (Season 3, Episode 10)

To steal a well-known phrase from protagonist Jake, Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s third season has a ‘butt-load’ of excellent episodes and “Yippie Kayak” is up there. It’s Christmas-based and revolves around Jake – having forgotten to buy buddy Charles Boyle (Lo Truglio) a present – drags Gina along to a store in the middle of the night. Annoyingly, Boyle decides to tag along, unaware of the real reason the twosome are heading out.

While in the store, the trio discovers that it’s being robbed by a bunch of criminals who are holding several customers hostage. Jake, inappropriately excited that the situation resembles his favourite movie Die Hard, takes things into his own hands to take the thugs down, with Terry’s help from the outside.

Elsewhere, Amy, Rosa and Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher) take part in a local ‘polar bear plunge.’ It’s a fairly silly, exaggerated episode but with a classic Brooklyn Nine-Nine spin and it’s so much fun!

“The Party” (Season 1, Episode 16)

Amy and Jake wreak havoc at Captain Holt’s birthday party, while Terry tries to keep them in line.

While all of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters are beloved among viewers – how could you not love every one of this ragtag bunch of misfits? – Holt is undoubtedly a fan favourite. So any episode that revolves him, and his relationship with the rest of the Nine-Niners, is a good one.

This one sees Jake, Amy and co attend the notoriously private Holt’s birthday party. There, Terry gets increasingly stressed out when he’s tasked with reining everyone in. Amy tries to find out whether her boss makes his own hummus, Gina draws the attention of psychologists with her candid confessions, Boyle bonds with a female guest over culinary chat and Jake attempts to impress Holt’s husband by pretending to have read an intellectual ‘New Yorker’ article – none of which goes down well.

It’s chaotic, comedic and even sweet, proving that the ensemble episodes are some of the most enjoyable.

“The Box” (Season 5, Episode 14)

Guest stars can often make or break an episode of any television series – the key, particularly when it comes to comedies is finding someone who gets the humour of the show they’re appearing in and isn’t interested in stealing the limelight necessarily. That’s why Sterling K Brown, who acts as the perfect scene-partner to Samberg and Braugher in “The Box” is perfect.

In the episode, he plays Philip Davidson, a shifty dentist who gets brought in for questioning following the mysterious death of his practice partner. Much to Holt and Jake’s surprise — the detectives tasked with interrogating him overnight — Philip has all the answers and as the pair try all different kinds of strategies to trip him up, they’re the ones that get the most rattled.

It’s a fast-paced episode that benefits from concentrating on just two characters and is filled with sharp one-liners and a surprising amount of heart too. One of the most prominent threads of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is how much Jake wants to prove his worth to Holt and this installment addresses that in a great way.

“The Cruise” (Season 3, Episode 13)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a plethora of recurring characters from Rosa’s unstable lover Adrian Pimento to Major Crimes officer Keith Pembroke AKA The Vulture, but one of the show’s best is definitely Doug Judy, who is often referred to as the Pontiac Bandit. Why? Well, because he’s famous for stealing more than 200 Pontiac cars, of course…

In this episode, Jake wins tickets to go on a cruise and invites Amy to spend the vacation with him. He’s planning a week of relaxation while she’s intent on doing all the activities the holiday can offer, but their (very different) plans are thwarted when they realise that Judy is the ship’s entertainer. Turns out, he was the one that got them there in the first place because he believes he’s the target of a hitman, hired by his former boss.

Bringing Jake and Amy together romantically is one of the best decisions Brooklyn Nine-Nine writers ever made as they bounce off each other so well, in both funny ways and sweet ways. It’s great to see them flex that here.

“Coral Palms, Pts 1, 2 and 3” (Season 4, Episodes 1, 2 and 3)

Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) lying low in their secret identities in Coral Palms Pt 1.

After their lives are threatened by mob boss and murderer Jimmy ‘The Butcher’ Figgis at the end of Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s third season, Jake and Holt are put into the Witness Protection Program and relocated to Florida. The first few episodes of Season 4 are all about them trying to adjust to their new lives – (something that Jake, in particular, struggles with) – while also trying to work out where the elusive criminal who forced them there is.

Every instalment in the trio of episodes is hilarious, giving viewers great gags — from Jake’s highlighted hair and mini-breakdowns to Holt’s relentless pursuit to become assistant manager at this new job. Maya Rudolph also features in a brilliantly funny cameo as a US marshal who coaches the former 99ers on their assumed identities.

While the first episode centres entirely on Jake and Holt, the follow-ups take us back to the precinct, where the likes of Amy, Terry and Boyle are trying to adjust to their inept new commander. The laughs just keep on coming!

“Johnny and Dora” (Season 2, Episode 23)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Jake and Amy go undercover.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season finales usually revolve around some moment that moves the story along significantly rather than the jokes. That doesn’t mean they’re not hilariously funny – heck, they always are – but they usually have a little something more meaningful going on. And when it comes to game-changing moments, “Johnny and Dora” is a doozy.

In it, Jake and Amy go undercover to catch an identity thief. During their mission, the former reveals that he has been intending to ask the latter out on a date for a while but was put off by her previous declaration of not wanting to date a cop. While pretending to be a newly-engaged couple in a restaurant though, the pair realise just how romantically interested they are in one another. The episode ends with them sharing a smooch, kicking off an interesting storyline that will inevitably carry into Season 3.

Elsewhere, Holt comes toe-to-toe with his rival Madeline Wuntch, resulting in her threatening to disband his colleagues at the 99. To stop her from doing so, he agrees to be transferred to a different precinct, along with Gina. Talk about moving the goalposts!

“Game Night” (Season 5, Episode 10)

As its a comedy show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes are often understandably judged on how funny they are but the series certainly doesn’t shy away from addressing things that are more meaningful than punchlines.

Continuing themes carried over from the previous episode, where Rosa came out as bisexual to the Nine-Nine squad, “Game Night” sees her turn to Jake for advice on how to tell her parents, and then to Holt when things don’t go down as well she’d hoped. It’s a great way to showcase just how supportive these characters, that we’ve grown to adore, are of each other and it’s such a treat to see Beatriz – who identifies as bisexual, elevating the poignancy of the storyline – able to show a more vulnerable side to the emotionally shut-down Rosa we’ve come to expect.

It’s also the first episode for a while when the whole gang star, which is a welcome breath of fresh air!

“Mr. Santiago” (Season 4, Episode 7)

Is there anything better than watching Jake squirm in impossibly awkward situations? True Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans are likely to think not, which is why “Mr. Santiago” is among the show’s best. It sees Samberg’s character try to impress girlfriend Amy’s father during a Thanksgiving visit – a task that proves challenging as he’s an uptight ex-cop who arranges the banknotes in his wallet according to serial number.

He researches Mr. Santiago (Jimmy Smits) ahead of time, which makes things easier but wowing him becomes tricky when he brings him back to Amy’s home, where his colleagues are squabbling over whether or not to kill the turkey they were planning on eating. And if that’s not dramatic enough, Santiago and Jake set out to solve one of the former’s unresolved cases mid-dinner – which, surprisingly, helps quell the escalating tension between the pair.

Elsewhere, Holt helps Adrian come to terms with no longer having a job in the NYPD. It’s an episode that manages to cram a hell of a lot into 22 minutes and it’s fun, sweet and memorable too!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns for Season 6 in the US on January 10, 2019. The UK premiere is yet to be announced.

10 Best West African Film Posters

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Everything you need to know about Brooklyn Beckham’s new girlfriend

Sorry ladies but it seems that Brooklyn Beckham has been snatched up once again; the young photographer has been spotted out and about, with a new girl on his arm. Who is she?


Words by Zeinab Batchelor

Sorry ladies but it seems that Brooklyn Beckham has been snatched up once again, and not by any of us.

The young photographer has been spotted out and about, with a new girl on his arm. But who is she?

We’re used to seeing Brooklyn with his ex girlfriend Chloe Moretz, but it seems that the former couple are officially off, with this week seeing not only Brooklyn and his new GF, but also Chloe moving on too with a playboy model.

The name of Brooklyn’s new girlfriend? Hana Cross.

But who is she? Here’s everything we know…

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A post shared by Hana (@hancross) on

Birthday: 7th September: aged 21
Star sign: Virgo
Occupation: Model, signed to the likes of Select, Premium Models, the Lions LA. First making her modelling debut with high-street brands like Asos, Nastygal and Topshop, then got the attention of major fashion house Fendi which sees Cross in one of their latest campaigns.
Height: 5’8
Hometown: Chipping Campden, a small market town in the Cotswold district of Gloucestershire.

How the lovebirds met: Hana is close friends with Brooklyn’s cousin, Libby Adams, as seen on many Instagram stories of the two. Libby Adams is the daughter of Victoria’s sister, Louise Adams.

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Severe delays

A post shared by Hana (@hancross) on

The young couple has made a string of appearances over the past few months, some less informal like Winter Wonderland and the Mumford and Sons gig last month. However they seemed to up it a notch by attending The British Fashion awards together, on the 10th December, hosted at The Royal Albert Hall.

And while Hana was photographed on the red carpet alongside Brooklyn and his parents, there are reports that they spent time together during the event, even attending an after party in Belsize Park together.

Now, the question that’s on everybody’s lips – has she met the parents?

Yes she has. Hana Cross and David Beckham were spotted at his launch party for Haig Whiskey just a few weeks ago – surely that’s saying something!

What’s in store for Brooklyn and Hana? Only time will tell.

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GoFundMe for Jazmine Headley, Brooklyn Mother Who had Baby Ripped From Her Arms by Cops, Exceeds $25,000 Goal

A GoFundMe campaign to raise $ 25,000 for Jazmine Headley, the Brooklyn mother who had her toddler wrestled from her arms by police, exceeded its goal– raising $ 30,894 in just a day.

In a viral video, the 23-year-old mother holds on desperately to her one-year-old son as police officers forcibly attempt to separate the child from her arms.


The police were called in after Headley refused a request to stop sitting on the floor of a Human Resources Administration facility. She was on the floor, reportedly, because there were no chairs available as she waited for service.

Headley was arrested and spent time on Riker’s Island, but was freed after New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio’s office convinced the Brooklyn District Attorney to drop the charges against her, reports CBS News.

The GoFundMe was started by the Brooklyn Defender Service, the legal team that got Headley out of jail. According to a note posted on the GoFundMe page, the funds will be used to help Headley get back on her feet and also to “help her pay for child care and other expenses, allowing her to get back to the job and life that is waiting for her.”

The incident is the latest in what has become routine acts of police brutality against people of color. In May, a 23-year-old woman was violently arrested at a Waffle House in Alabama, after she refused to pay $ 0.50 cents for plastic spoons and had requested a corporate phone number to lodge a complaint.

Earlier this year, 22-year-old Stephon Clark was fatally shot by police in his grandmother’s backyard after cops mistook his cellphone for a gun.

And more recently, Jemel Roberson, an armed security guard who apprehended a shooting suspect in a Chicago bar, was mistakenly shot dead by police who thought he was the perpetrator.





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Brooklyn Beckham Spotted With New Girlfriend Hana Cross

Might Hana Cross be The One for Brooklyn Beckham? The couple left a Fashion Awards afterparty holding hands on Monday, December 10, confirming their budding relationship.

Photos from the event show Beckham, 19, leading Cross, 21, through a group of photographers and into a black cab outside the afterparty’s North London venue on Monday night. He wore a white shirt half-tucked into his skinny jeans, while she sported a white crop top, a black blazer and patterned slacks.

The same evening, Cross posted an Instagram Stories video of herself and Beckham dancing to The Jacksons’ “Blame It On the Boogie.”

Brooklyn Beckham Spotted With New Girlfriend Hana Cross at Fashion Awards Afterparty
Brooklyn Beckham and Hana Cross dancing at afterparty for the British Fashion Awards, held at a private address in Belsize Park. Courtesy of Hana Cross/Instagram

The model has hung out with Beckham at least three times last month, according to The Sun: The couple visited London’s Hyde Park Winter Wonderland attraction, took in a Mumford & Sons concert at the city’s O2 Arena and met up with Brooklyn’s parents — David Beckham and Victoria Beckham — at the Haig Club House Party in Notting Hill.

Brooklyn Beckham Spotted With New Girlfriend Hana Cross at Fashion Awards Afterparty
Brooklyn Beckham and Hana Crossattend a afterparty for the British Fashion Awards, held at a private address in Belsize Park. INSTAR Images

Brooklyn may have started dating Cross even earlier, though. His left hand, recognizable from the eagle tattoo on his wrist, appears in a photo she posted to Instagram in October.

The photographer was previously in a relationship with actress Chloë Grace Moretz. “I think we chose each other,” the Suspiria star, 21, told Us Weekly in 2017. “It’s been years now off and on and it’s just one of those things, you come back, and it’s like no time spent away from each other at all.”

Since Brooklyn and Moretz’s split earlier this year, he’s been photographed with musician Lexy Panterra, model Alex Lee Aillón and model Lexi Woods. Meanwhile, Moretz was spotted kissing model Kate Harrison earlier this month.

Us Weekly


Brooklyn Rapper 6ix9ine Arrested On Racketeering Charges

NEW YORK (AP) — Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine was deemed a likely danger to the community and denied bail Monday after a prosecutor said there was evidence that he directed or participated in multiple acts of violence as part of a deadly gang.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Henry B. Pitman concluded an hourlong hearing by citing “troubling” corroborating evidence offered by a prosecutor to show that 6ix9ine directed or participated in multiple acts of violence over the last eight months.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Longyear said a backpack stolen during a gunpoint robbery in April was found during a raid at 6ix9ine’s Brooklyn residence, along with an automatic pistol.


Instagram Photo

“The defendant is quite violent,” the prosecutor said of a man whose debut album, Day 69, was among the most downloaded records on iTunes.

Longyear said 6ix9ine was captured on surveillance video as he sat in a car and filmed the scene in Times Square when his co-defendants carried out a violent robbery against a rival gang member.

The prosecutor said he was also part of a video boasting about shots recently fired by a co-defendant in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

Longyear also said the rapper was a threat to flee because of his worldwide connections, hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and the knowledge that a conviction would bring a mandatory minimum sentence of 32 years in prison and as much as life.

Pitman ordered 6ix9ine held until a Tuesday bail hearing, saying he was concerned about the danger to the community, particularly because the rapper could direct others to carry out acts of violence.

6ix9ine was among five people charged in an indictment containing racketeering and firearms charges. The indictment alleged that he participated in the July shooting of a bystander in Brooklyn and the gunpoint robbery of one of his gang’s rivals last spring.

His lawyer, Lance Lazzaro, said 6ix9nine — whose legal name is Daniel Hernandez — posed no threat and denies directing or playing any other role in violence.

Lazzaro said his client had fired some of his co-defendants as part of his management and security team last week and was offered protection by federal agents on Saturday after some of them were overheard on wiretaps threatening his life.

After the rapper refused protection, he was arrested on Sunday.

6ix9ine has been one of the most ascendant and controversial names in hip-hop in recent months. His album Day69: Graduation Day was among the top records on iTunes following its February release.

He is also known for the multiplatinum hit “Fefe” with Nicki Minaj, which peaked at No. 3 on the pop charts, and “Stoopid,” featuring the incarcerated rapper Bobby Shmurda.

But 6ix9ine also has had a series of run-ins with law enforcement and has publicly identified himself as a member of a violent New York gang, 9 Trey Bloods, which was mentioned throughout the indictment.

Prosecutors said the gang carried out acts of murder, robbery and narcotics trafficking in Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn since at least 2013.

The indictment said each gang member was required to participate in at least two acts of racketeering conspiracy. Those acts could include murder, robbery, extortion and drug distribution, the court papers said.

The 22-year-old recently pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in Brooklyn Criminal Court in connection with a May traffic stop.

In a 2015 case in New York, 6ix9ine was sentenced to probation for his involvement in a sexually explicit video of a 13-year-old girl.

The video, posted on social media, showed the girl performing a sex act on another man while 6ix9ine “stands behind the child making a thrusting motion with his pelvis and smacking her on her buttocks,” according to court documents.




Entertainment – Black America Web


This Kid From Brooklyn Could Return America to Chess Dominance for the First Time Since Bobby Fischer

Fabiano Caruana did not start playing chess in Brooklyn, New York when he was five years old because his mom thought he’d be a future grandmaster, or that he’d one day play for the World Chess Championship, just like fellow Brooklynite Bobby Fischer did back in the early 1970s. No, Caruana’s mom thought chess would calm him down and keep him focused in school.

“I was having trouble with concentration,” Caruana, 26, tells TIME, “and the idea was that maybe chess would help with that. It was more of a remedy.” Before long, this cure for little-kid hyperactivity took Caruana much further than his Lego buildings and origamis ever could. Within a year, he was winning tournament games against kids who were in junior high school and older. “His first instructor told us he was trying to teach her chess concepts,” says Caruana’s father, Lou. “We knew he was special.”

Starting on Friday in London, Caruana will become the first American since Fischer, who won the world chess title in 1972 and held it until 1975, to challenge for the World Chess Championship. Curuana faces Norway’s Magnus Carlsen, the world chess champ since 2013, in the 12-game match that will be played over three weeks at The College, a 10,000-square-foot venue in the city. Chess rarely attracts much mainstream attention in the United States. But chess pundits expect that a Caruana victory could spark an explosion in chess interest America hasn’t seen since Fischer’s heyday. “You do like your winners, don’t you?” says Mark Crowther, the U.K.-based founder and editor of The Week In Chess.

In March, Caruana earned the right to face Carlsen by beating out seven other top players to win the Candidates Tournament in Berlin. “Fabiano has the power to be better than Carlsen,” says Crowther. “There have been very, very few players you can say that about. I honestly don’t know who’s going to win this match. It’s a total toss-up.”

Caruana forged a circuitous path to representing the U.S. on chess’ grandest stage. His family decided to take Fabiano out of school and move to Spain when he was 12 in order to compete in more high-level tournaments and train with top instructors. Since his mother is Italian, he could compete for Italy’s chess federation. “It was not an easy decision,” says Caruana’s father Lou of taking his son out of school. “The plan was always to do it for a year or two and see how it works out. Is he loses a year of school, so what? He’s smart and can catch up. We could always correct things if it wasn’t going in the right direction.”

Initially, Caruana didn’t support the plan. “I wasn’t really keen on the idea of going to Europe when my parents suggested it,” he says. “I had friends in Brooklyn; I had a life in Brooklyn. But once I started playing chess pretty much full time, it just became a normal part of life. Me and my dad would just go from tournament to tournament in different countries. I missed out on social things in school and everything, but I was able to see the world as a young kid, which is very rare.”

Lou, a former data processing consultant who also earned income from real estate holdings, says he spent as much $ 100,000 on chess travel and instruction for his son in those early years in Europe. The investment paid off: Before his 15th birthday, Caruana became the youngest chess grandmaster, at the time, in the history of both Italy and the United States. Caruana admits early success swelled his head a bit. “You don’t think you need the work, which is always a mistake,” Caruana says. “I would take excessive risks and do crazy things to win a game, and commit suicide.”

Caruana overcame his growing pains, however, and started earning a living playing chess. At the same time, he eyed a return to the United States. In 2014, he turned in a dominant performance at the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis, beating out Carlsen and other elite players to win the tournament. The Sinquefield Cup is named after Rex Sinquefield, a financier who pioneered the first index stock funds back in the 1970s – and has invested north of $ 50 million over the past decade to building one of the world’s premier chess clubs in St. Louis. With St. Louis now a budding epicenter of global chess, Caruana moved back to America in 2015, and switched federations from Italy to the U.S. Caruana now lives in St. Louis. “For a chess player,” Caruana says, “it’s the best place to be.”

To prepare for his match against Carlsen, Caruana spent some time this summer training at Sinquefield’s country home in Missouri. Besides playing hours of chess with fellow grandmasters, he jogged and shot hoops and played tennis to keep in peak physical shape. “Chess requires a lot of stamina,” says Caruana. “You’re sitting down and you’re playing six, seven hours at a time. You’re burning a lot of calories and you can easily get mentally tired. If your physical form is not good, then you’re likely to crash at some point.” Caruana doesn’t stick to a strict diet, though he does try to avoid excessive sugar, to avoid the high and inevitable come down.

In the weeks leading up to the World Chess Championship, Caruana has trained in Spain, where he’s done yoga and swam in the Mediterranean to keep his head clear. He’s also played games for up to eight hours a day. “The goal is get you thinking about chess 24/7 in preparation for the match,” he says. “It’s playing quick games, slow games, anything that will get you in that mode where you calculate very quickly. Your mind is working in the best possible shape.”

Caruana knows that Americans are blessed with plenty of sports and entertainment options. So why would even casual observers of chess have a stake in his three-week match with Carlsen, never mind those who don’t play the game? “It’s sort of like boxing or MMA,” Caruana says. “It will be a fight that is blow for blow, with each of us trying to get the upper hand, trying to impose our will on the other guy. It’s not a physical sport. But if people are into these one-on-one duels, chess is in a way similar to that.”

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Marcia Patmos Opens Brooklyn Store for M.Patmos With Focus on Community

Six years after officially launching her M.Patmos brand, Marcia Patmos has opened her first store in Brooklyn.
Located at 380 Atlantic Avenue, the lofty space offers her designs and a range of other products, including art books, records, organic beauty products and home decor. Jewelry from local designers, sneakers from Alumni, upcycled styles from the Los Angeles-based VisionQuest, cashmere blankets and throws from Sage and zero-waste pillows from Oliver Yaphe are some of the pick-up items for sales. Photographer Sarah Bird’s “Trees” exhibition is on view, too.
Patmos said of the opening: “I thought it was a good time, because people are interested in independent designers. There are two things happening. There’s the Amazon world and there’s also people, who like to go into a store to touch things, speak to a person and find special things that you don’t find on Amazon, etc.”
To design the space, Patmos used as many recycled goods as she could, “stalking” The Big Reuse in Gowanus for salvaged goods like mirrors, shelves and other finds. With large bay windows, old wood floors and tin ceilings, the designer wanted the interior to have an industrial feel. She made the clothing racks from plumbing pipes. To keep things

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Inside the Brooklyn Witches’ Antifa Hex on Kavanaugh

Alaina Demopoulos

You could see the protesters gathering outside the Hex on Brett Kavanaugh from the edge of an industrial block in Brooklyn. They could be heard from even farther down the street.

The mainly Christian-identifying crowd condemned the group of antifa witches who made headlines this week for planning to conjure misfortune onto the new supreme court justice.

The hex was hosted by Catland, an occult shop that sells spiritual literature, healing crystals, tarot cards, burnable incense, and other occult accoutrements.

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Met and Brooklyn Museums Will Not Use Saudi Money for Programs on the Middle East

As more details emerged about the fate of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the museums said they would use their own money for events originally supported by Saudi funds.
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Apple will host major event at Brooklyn Academy of Music

Apple is finally coming to the Big Apple for a big product release. The iPhone maker revealed on Thursday that it will host a major event on Oct. 30 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Howard Gilman Opera House. Apple is expected to unveil its next-generation iPad Pro family at BAM, as well as updates…
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Jimmy Kimmel Didn’t Have to Do This Brooklyn Interview (But He Did)

Jimmy Kimmel had every right to cancel this interview. Whenever Kimmel brings his late-night ABC show to the east coast for one of its popular week-long runs in Brooklyn, he does a little publicity on the Saturday before things kick off. He doesn’t have a lot of time. Kimmel wrapped a Thursday broadcast of “Jimmy […]




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