How Nintendo Should Build on Its New Zelda Formula

Breath of the Wild was a huge departure from the usual Zelda formula. The world was completely open to explore and rarely felt empty or boring as there was always something to do. Every quest you embarked on could be interrupted by dozens of other objectives to complete. The changes not only satisfied longtime fans but left them yearning for more.

Although little has been confirmed officially, speculation suggests that 2019 will bring a new Legend of Zelda game. Given the success of Breath of the Wild, we can only hope that Nintendo will continue to build upon its new formula. Here’s what we think Nintendo should do next to continue to evolve the Legend of Zelda franchise.

Customization — Who Says Link Has to Be Hylian?

Character Customization

Imagine starting up the next Zelda game for the first time, selecting “New Game,” and being greeted by a character customization screen. A Mass Effect-level of customization might be a bit much for a game whose main character is as iconic as Link. But being able to choose your gender or even race, as seen in games like Skyrim, could be a lot of fun. And what would happen if you chose to be a male Gerudo?

Speaking of customization, building swords, bows, and axes from materials you find during your travels would be a lot of fun, and a great way to introduce new items to the game. Customizable weapons might also force the game designers to give players each weapon a few more stats, too. Hey, wait, weapon building could mimic one of the best systems in the game: cooking. Imagine all the exciting “recipes” to try.

Ironing Out That Confusing Lore

Zelda Lore

What if Breath of the Wild didn’t just reset the Zelda formula? What if it was also intended to reset the timeline? It’s no secret that the Zelda timeline was an afterthought to Nintendo. The company even waited until the franchise turned 25 to finally release an official timeline. But now that the Zelda formula has been reinvented, couldn’t the timeline be reset as well? Breath of the Wild could be the start of its own story arch.

At the very least, it would be great to build upon Breath of the Wild‘s world. We don’t have to go full Dark Souls, but the follow-up to Breath of the Wild could continue the story with the same characters, items, weapons, and world. And what if you could live that lore by helping to rebuild Hyrule yourself? Sweet.

Give Us More Than Just Land to Explore

Flight in BotW

Bigger is better when it comes to map sizes for open-world games. Breath of the Wild is the biggest Zelda game yet, but it could be even bigger. Think Grand Theft Auto 5 or the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. And what about water? That’s right — maybe it’s time to bring those iron boots back. There were exactly zero underwater areas to explore in Breath of the Wild. Opening up the game to water exploration would lead to a bigger map, which, in turn, could lead to a whole new set of game mechanics.

And we haven’t forgotten about airborne travel. Surely, we weren’t the only ones who started Breath of the Wild, saw the Divine Beast Vah Medoh floating in the distance, and thought, “Oh my gosh, it’s Skyloft!” or, “Oh my gosh, it’s the City in the Sky!” Wouldn’t it have been great to try to figure out how to get up there? And you know that jumping off to see how far you could glide is also a must.

Hey, Link! Let’s Start a Band

Kass - BotW Instrument

Musical instruments are no strangers to Zelda games. Link has played the ocarina, the guitar, and the drums. He’s even played disembodied voices… and grass. It seems a musician as eclectic as Link can play just about anything. Breath of the Wild was about reimagining the Zelda experience. So why not get the Champions together for a reimagining of the Indigo-Go’s?

Better yet, how about an entirely new musical experience? Besides collecting items and ingredients, Link could be a travelling minstrel much like Kass. Collecting musical themes and writing original scores could be a key game mechanic. Music could even influence the environment, like how you could cause a storm in the Ocarina of Time with Link’s ocarina. This would lead to a lot of experimentation in songwriting and hours of gameplay.

Bigger Bads and Tougher Big Bads

BotW Enemies Were Too Easy

Remember when you first scaled the mountains in Lanayru and found the cursed Naydra dragon at the top? It was a unique airborne battle that had Link glide down the mountain to loose arrows into the Malice-infested dragon. But later in your travels, when you found the other two dragons, there was no battle at all. Sure, you could collect dragon scales. But it’s weird that there was only one dragon to fight.

Then there was the first time you encountered a Lynel or Hinox. The heart-pounding battles that ensued resulted in dozens of deaths, enough to make anyone want to quit. But these clashes got easier over time, and we all wished there was an even greater challenge. The hard mode released with the DLC helped, but the next instalment of Zelda would benefit from a much larger roster of tough enemies. Give us more unique battling experiences please, Nintendo.

The Heartbreaking History of Speedrunning in ‘Ocarina of Time’

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Millennial Moves: How to Build a Digital Marketing Career

There are few people disciplined enough to teach themselves the inner workings of internet tools and turn their learning into a career. Interpersonal communication has become somewhat of an anomaly. As interactions become more digitized, there are even fewer people capable of creating relationships online that translate into practical connections. If you’re looking for a rare example of someone who’s done both then look no further than Rebecca Ijeoma, better known as Dimplez. Dimplez, the founder of IJEOMA Agency, built a digital marketing career working with Capitol Records, SXSW, Ne-Yo, and more. Capitalizing on timing, transparency, skill expansion, and opportunity brought her a career with limitless growth potential.

Capitalize on Timing

“I first got my start in undergrad, while at the University of Arizona. I began as a blogger and didn’t realize that I was onto something until ’07-’08 when some of my blogs started getting syndicated on Global Grind,” she says. “The traction my writing was gaining piqued my interest. I wanted to create more, and cover more—and wound up teaching myself photography. I eventually learned everything that went into creating and maintaining a site, including web and graphic design.”

By 2009, came to life. It served as Dimplez’ digital real estate where she could provide her perspective on cultural moments. The year 2009 was the dawn of the creativepreneur era, a time where people were turning their creative abilities into cash. Using tools like WordPress, Tumblr, and Twitter anyone could build their own site, and share content to the masses. Major outlets were syndicating independent work in a mad grab for content. It turned bloggers, graphic designers, photographers, and videographers into authoritative voices in culture. Dimplez took full advantage by teaching herself transferable skills, making her a prime candidate for opportunities in the newly formed job market of digital marketing.

Creating Community and Opportunity

Instead of shielding her learning curve from the world, Dimplez used transparency to build community. She shared the good and bad of her website building experience. It connected her with people who needed her newly acquired expertise, which turned into paid work.

“I was designing sites, creating graphics, and maintaining servers for artists and media personalities alike. People who had never met me in person got to see and trust my skills and abilities based off of what I presented and was able to create digitally.”

Employment Is Not The Enemy

Being your own boss is a millennial’s dream. When Capital Records offered Dimplez a digital marketing manager position, she happily took the job.

“Stepping into a role or position at a company you do not own is not a step back, nor does it take away from who you are as a creative,” says Dimplez. “It actually serves as an opportunity to learn a broader perspective and hone a skill set that will only benefit you in the long run.”

“Effective storytelling is the distinction between gaining a fan or just gaining a follower. Fans make an emotional investment in you, your career, or your art. A lifelong fan is worth more currency in theory and actuality, than 1,000 followers that may never truly buy into you.”

Dimplez represents what creative work and building a career in digital marketing is all about: being a self-starter and seeing the lesson in every working scenario. 


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Portugal to build satellite launch pad, lab with China

Portugal plans to build an international launch pad for small satellites in the Azores and has agreed with China to set up a joint research center to make satellites on the mainland, its science and technology minister said on Tuesday.

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Four Unconventional Ways to Build Your Network

unconventional ways to build your networkWe’ve talked about the best professional organizations to join, as well as other ways to make new friends and build a book of business — but today, let’s talk about unconventional ways to build your network. Do you have sports, hobbies, volunteering, and clubs that you’ve found to be great sources of networking? Today, Rebecca Berfanger is sharing some ideas of her own, but we’d love to hear from you — what are the unconventional ways to build your network that really work? Can something as unrelated to professional life — like, say, roller derby or CrossFit — ever be a great way to make new friends, meet clients, and hear about job prospects?

As a reporter, especially for legal publications, I felt like I was always networking — looking for the next story idea, talking to potential sources on the types of articles I often covered, often attending bar association events as a non-lawyer guest before I went to law school. Even if I was there to write about that event, I was always looking ahead to my next stories and who might be a helpful resource. As a law student and now as a lawyer, I’m still attending CLEs and bar association functions where the networking aspect is sometimes more valuable than the actual educational component.unconventional ways to network

But when I was off the clock, I was still networking, just in a different, much less obvious way by volunteering for different organizations, events, and even playing a league sport. For all of those opportunities, I was able to share my skills — writing, editing, marketing — and ultimately have stayed in touch with the people I shared a common interest outside of my professional world as much or even more than those I’ve met through the local bar associations, even though that wasn’t my intent when joining.

Unconventional Way to Build Your Network #1: Hobbies

It’s no secret that if you have a hobby, even if you’re not that good, it’s a good way to take your mind off of the junk in your life to spend time not thinking about work or personal issues or family feuds or whatever happens to be going on. A hobby should make you happy, and help you to ignore everything else for a while. So consider finding a local group that also does that hobby. If you’re into crafting, check out your local yarn or fabrics store for classes that are at your level and work with your schedule. Sign up for a drawing or photography class at a local art school. Seek out a meetup in your area for other subversive cross stitchers. Essentially by doing a search for your hobby and city will likely bring up a group or class to join. (Psst: check out some of our old Hobby Wednesday series here.)

Unconventional Way to Build Your Network #2: Sports

While golf is the obvious one for networking (here’s our previous advice on what to wear to a golf-related event for work!) — just about every professional association has a golf outing at some point during the year — other athletic activities have been coming up more often. Cycling and spinning classes have been taking off as a networking activity, as well as social sports for adults like softball, kickball, bowling, soccer, you name it. For the more hardcore athletes (or those looking to be more athletic), most cities have options for adults to sign up for crossfit, martial arts, and even roller derby. Some places even offer amateur women’s football, lacrosse, and rugby teams for post-collegiate women. While you will likely need to don some kind of uniform or buy equipment for some of these options, many of these have different levels of competition ranging from I-played-this-sport-in-college-and-almost-went-pro to when-do-we-get-to-have-that-after-game beverage. If you’re not sure if it’s right for you, consider asking to observe a team of if it’s a sport that involves spectators, you can ask if they have volunteering opportunities for game days and scrimmages. Check your local parks and recreation website, YMCA, or Google the sport and your city.

Unconventional Way to Network #3: Volunteering

What better way to meet like-minded people — especially if you’re not super athletic or don’t have time or funds to develop a new hobby — than volunteering for a cause that is near and dear to you? Most organizations are often seeking high-achieving women to add to their rosters. Whether it’s at the board level, or just being available to take tickets at fundraisers or hand out water at 5Ks, or even working remotely on a research project or helping design an organization’s website or social media, chances are there is a place for you to devote as little or as much time as you have. Volunteering is also a good opportunity through a professional organization because it shows your colleagues you care, even if it’s planting trees or helping to organize a food pantry. Your local United Way will have several opportunities if you don’t already know what organization to help. Later in the year is also a good time to volunteer for any holiday drives for gifts, clothes, hygiene products, and other necessary items.

(Psst: we’ve discussed how to do strategic volunteering to bolster your resume if you’re leaning out for family reasons, as well as how to get on a board and how to help charities.)

Unconventional Way to Network #4: Start your own group

Is there a group of people you’d like to get together based on specific interests and you just can’t find them, whether it’s a book club, movie club, theater club, indoor pot gardening, stargazing, beer or wine tasting, or some other interest you want to explore, start your own group. Depending on the size of your social media network you already have, you might be surprised by putting out a call-out via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, or just starting a private group on social media, how many of your friends might be interested in joining something new. Ideally if you can get a couple people you know to join, they’ll invite two friends, and they’ll invite two friends, and so on. Just try to keep it geared toward your other group members and maybe get their feedback in terms of days, times, locations, at least early on.

Of course, while all of these are meant to focus on your interests that may or may not be related to your professional work, if your purpose is networking, you’ll eventually need to talk to other people. However, you already have something in common going into it, which will hopefully put you at ease and should make the next steps easy. For instance, try to get to class or meetings a little early, plan to stay a little late to talk to the people in the group, if you know a little bit about the backgrounds of others try to talk to them in a genuine way, and if you’re starting your own thing, build in a space for introductions to make sure everyone feels welcome.

While it might not seem like you’re networking when you’re just there to knit, play a sport, support your favorite cause, or just talk about a book you just read, you’ll be at ease doing something you enjoy, and down the road a classmate might know of a friend of a friend with a job opening, or suggest a client who would be a good fit for you. You also shouldn’t discard the more traditional methods of networking, but hopefully these suggestions will help if you’re looking to meet people not necessarily in your usual network based on your education or profession.

Readers, what are your favorite unconventional ways to build your network? What hobbies, sports, or volunteering do you already do — and how do you find them to compare to professional organizations in terms of networking?

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(Stock photo via Stencil.)

Can joining a roller derby league or a CrossFit gym be as effective for networking as a professional organization? You might be surprised... Lawyer and journalist Rebecca Berfanger took a look at FOUR unconventional ways to build your network -- super helpful for women lawyers, bankers, and more!


Beach home survives storm nearly untouched: ‘We intended to build it to survive’

The seaside community of Mexico Beach, Florida, was demolished by Hurricane Michael — but one family’s newly-built concrete home survived virtually untouched.
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Marei 1998 to Build on Interest in Faux Fur With New Label ‘I Am Furless’

FAKING FUR: More than three years after Maya Reik launched her company Marei 1998, the 20-year-old is stretching her ambition with a spinoff label called “I Am Furless.”
Building off the success of the faux fur items that have been offered from one season to the next, the designer has decided to capitalize on that interest. Her own company is self-funded with financial support from her family. The Italian-made collection is made possible through a 10-person team in the Tel Aviv home office, as well as outposts in Milan, New York and Los Angeles.
Seasonal trunk shows with Modus Operandi has helped to raise her profile, as have more traditional ones and wholesaling to select European boutiques and Marie 1998’s e-commerce site. About 60 percent of annual sales are driven by the company’s own site, she said. The main collection consists of about 30 styles retailing from $ 300 for a coat to $ 2,000 for an embroidered dress. By far, the faux fur coats have been bestsellers, Reik said.
The “I Am Furless” label is expected to launch in two weeks or so and will include handbags, scarves, sweatshirts and coats. A Paris photo shoot is planned with Daniel Jackont, who recently shot the

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