The Weekend Reset: Buster, Big Beats and Killing Robocalls

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It’s Friday. Looking for something to switch up your weekend, or to give you an excuse to relax a little? That’s what the Weekend Reset is for. Each week contributor Tim Johnstone pulls together five things to get your weekend started. Could be something to read or watch, something to eat or listen to, or even something to do. Enjoy the weekend fellas.


READ: Consider this your lifehack of the week.

If there is one thing I don’t do with my phone, it’s actually make calls and such. As in talking. Actually communicating via telephone seems so late 19th century. In the instance when mine actually rings, I deliver a withering side-eye and cuss like a sailor before ignoring it completely. You may have a different relationship with your phone. And that’s all good. I would imagine however, that we are of like mind when it comes to Robocalls. Which means this is totally relevant to your interests. With thanks to Joe for the heads up.


LISTEN: Jai Wolf brings big melodies to go with the big beats.

More of this please. Jai Wolf is a Bangladeshi-American producer who, having worked with Skrillex and other big names in the EDM world has released a debut collection of his own. This is electronic music that is warm and embraceable. The title gives away the idea here. The Cure To Loneliness. You have to be working hard to not find comfort in these songs. Yet it all rings true. It feels good. At the dog end of a particularly craptacular day gone by, I stumbled upon this and within minutes I had let my arguments with the day fade away. Not even kidding. There’s an indie-rock feel to some of this in a way that is less moronic than it sounds.


EAT: A different take on Spring’s favorite root vegetable. 

Roasted radishes with Herbs. I am fairly flabbergasted at the notion that people roast radishes. It’s not the actual roasting that flabbers my gast, but the idea that in all of my time on this particular orb, I had never run across it or had thought of doing it myself. I am such a disappointment. You, who aren’t burdened with such failure, are free to enjoy completely. But for reals, this is so good.


FISH: As in, adopt one. Or two.

My brother spent some time living at my place this summer, because life. While I was off enjoying a week at a mountain lake, he was goofing around at the state fair and when I returned I discovered a big fish bowl and two goldfish on my dining table. I was introduced to Loki and Thor and when my brother moved out last fall, the fish stayed behind. I knew this was going to happen the moment I saw them. What I didn’t know was how attached I would get to these guys. My previous experience with a state fair goldfish culminated with my father dumping the dregs of his scotch into the fishbowl when I was nine. To be honest, it culminated with a ceremonial flush later that night. I have since learned that even goldfish have personalities. So to speak. Mostly. Having lived with them for a good while now, I have to say that this article and this article do a good job of explaining why I am happy they’re still with me. Photo by Sri Lanka on Unsplash.


WATCH: I’m late to this party but what a party it is.

And by party I mean Western.  An entire anthology of first rate Westerns as only Joel and Ethan Coen could create. You get everything here. All the feels. ALL OF THEM. Because it’s the Coen Brothers, it is laugh out loud funny as well as bark real loud uncomfortable, funny or otherwise. Just don’t get too emotionally attached to the characters. Let’s face it, the American West of the era portrayed here, was not exactly the best of times. It was pretty brutal in fact. And with this as a backdrop, the stories that play out do so in ways that stick with you. The cast includes many Coen regulars along with a few surprises (Dudley Dursley we are looking at you!) including a classic performance from Tom Waits.


Tim Johnstone is Dappered’s music correspondent as well as our resident gatherer of all things interwebs related. He’s currently chasing his spirit animal. 

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