Marijuana and CBD companies can’t advertise on Facebook and Google, so they’re getting creative

CBD and marijuana companies can't buy ads from Facebook and Google, but that doesn't mean they can't run effective marketing campaigns. They're turning to storytelling, event sponsorships and connecting with relevant content.


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Maria Can’t Stop Wearing These Not-So-Wide Leg Jeans

Okay, so, remember when, almost exactly one year ago, I wanted to try this pair of big, baggy jeans? You probably don’t, but that’s totally fine. Turns out I did try them on and they did not look good. As much as I loved the wide silhouette and long length, I was swimming in these jeans — even …

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Ensuring Those Who Can’t Hire a Private Lawyer Have The Best Public Defender

For more than a decade, Ilham Askia has embraced an audacious mission: To ensure that those most prone to incarceration – young, indigent citizens of color – gain the best defense. As co-founder and Executive Director of Atlanta-based Gideon’s Promise, the former schoolteacher has sought to reform the culture of the criminal justice system by transforming public defenders from dispirited cogs cutting plea deals that have made courts “turnstiles to prison” to zealous advocates who relentlessly fight for their clients’ freedom.

“Right now, the criminal justice system really has a way of processing people through instead of allowing [them] to actually get their constitutional right to have a good, quality public defender,” she told Black Enterprise. “Gideon’s Promise works with public defenders, slowing down that system of processing and talking about the humanity of people who are accused.”

Reforming the Public Defenders System 

Gideon’s Promise was launched in 2007 as a nonprofit to provide strategic training to public defenders while changing their mindsets about clients who can’t afford to hire their own attorneys. The organization was the brainchild of Ashia’s husband Jonathan Rapping, the former Training Director for the District of Columbia’s Public Defender Service who was recruited by the Georgia Public Standards Council to design and run development programs for staff across the state.

After his first visit in court, Askia said Rapping was galled by the frequent occurrence of constitutional violations. For example, he witnessed lawyers not filing motions for dismissal when prosecutors failed to produce evidence to make their cases. In some instances, he was told that public defenders were fearful of angering judges who were focused on clearing their dockets. Recalls Askia: “We came down here to help reform the public defender system in Georgia. After going to Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana, and seeing young lawyers who were really passionate about this work quickly get burnt out by the system, we were trying to figure out why. Jon said, ‘They don’t have training and mentorship, and support to stay in this work.’ The next thing he said, ‘Why don’t you take a year off, and help me build this movement of public defenders?’ ”

The couple’s kitchen table conversation ignited the spark to spawn Gideon’s Promise – so named to fulfill the constitutional guarantee mandated by the 1963 landmark Supreme Court ruling in Gideon V. Wainwright that requires states to provide attorneys to defendants in criminal cases if they cannot afford such legal representation.

“Almost Every Man In My Family Has Been In The System” 

Forming the organization was also extremely personal to Askia. “Almost every man in my family has been in the system, whether it’s jail or prison. When I was five, my father was arrested and convicted, and I spent most of my childhood visiting him in Attica. We couldn’t afford a private defense attorney, and a public defender was assigned. That public defender never told the story of the impact of taking the head of our household,” she recalls. “Not that my father was necessarily innocent of everything he was accused of but he at least deserved to have an advocate. I had a distrust for the system. I thought everybody in the criminal justice system were against people that looked like me [or] who came from communities [like mine].”

Today, Askia works with Rapping to make sure others don’t receive the same type of legal neglect. Here’s how the program works: Rapping and Askia has develop a three-year “core program” for attorneys in which they gain training in technical areas such as forensic evidence as well as their approach to litigation, strategy and advocacy. The program also engages in a mentorship component that has help attorneys improve client representation. They also advise public defenders on how to best manager their annual average workload of 250 cases per year. In fact, she says that they have trained public defenders in the entire state of Maryland and Virginia at the senior management level. Moreover, they have aligned with law schools who have increased the pipeline of program participants. In terms of the success of their programs, she says Public defenders offices have retained 86% of Gideon’s Promise graduates and those trained by the program have increased the number of cases resolved in favor of defendants.

Their work has been so groundbreaking in the criminal justice arena that Rapping was named a MacArthur Foundation “Genius Fellow” in 2014.

Building a Sustainable Empire 

More than just a movement, Askia has built Gideon’s Promise into a sustainable enterprise. “Although this is a nonprofit, there are a lot of business philosophies I had to learn and adopt to attract those public defenders to partner with us,” she says. “For funders, it’s really telling a story. We make sure that our donors hear the story from the lawyers and the people that they serve.” As a result, Askia and her team have been in securing financing from sources ranging from the Ford Foundation, Koch Industries and Open Society Institute, developed by billionaire George Soros, to individual donors who may contribute amounts ranging from $ 100 to five dollar check. “The demand for our service has increased. I am supposed to have doubled in capacity by 2023, ideally is to have Gideon’s Promise Hubs in each quarter of the country. That’s $ 1.5 million of funding that I have to find additional to what we’ve raised.”

Askia draws upon another personal example to share the impact of Gideon’s promise. One day, she pick up her eight-year-old son. Lucas, from school and brought him to the office. At a local deli, her son was asked by the one of the cooks, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ Lucas said, ‘I want to be a public defender.’ So when my children say that, I’m ready for the negative reaction that most people give us. The guy says, “That’s great, I had a public defender once. I had been in trouble my whole life, and it was the first time that a public defender actually fought for me, and we won.” So I  asked, “Where did this happen?” He said, “Here in Georgia.” His public defender was a lawyer we had just trained the year before. My son got to meet someone who was positively impacted by a lawyer that came through our program, and is now leading an office here in Georgia. That just warmed my heart.”

In the video, find out how Gideon’s Promise seeks to protect the legal rights of citizens regardless of their financial standing.


A core tenet of the Market-Based Management framework developed by Charles G. Koch, CEO of one of the nation’s largest privately held corporations, Principled Entrepreneurship focuses on companies that emphasize value creation, innovation, self-determination, and integrity to drive long-term success while developing products and services to help people improve their lives. As such, we feature Ilham  Askia, co-founder and Executive Director of Gideon’s Promise as our subject in this installment of our special “Profiles of Principled Entrepreneurship” video series.

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You Can’t Escape Your Past, Take It From Kevin Hart

Critics have blasted Kevin Hart and all those coming to his defense over homophobic comments that the comedian made between 2009 and 2011 on Twitter. The tweets resurfaced last week after it was announced that Hart would be the master of ceremonies at the 2019 Academy Awards. The 39-year-old actor initially refused to apologize for the controversial remarks, arguing in an Instagram video that he has since “evolved” and should not be held accountable for past mistakes. He, however, later issued a public apology on Twitter and stepped down from the hosting gig.

Since then, a number of prominent high-profile black comedians have rushed to Hart’s defense, including Tony Rock, Nick Cannon, and D.L. Hughley.

“So let me get this straight, a comedian tells a joke that offends people and refuses to apologize, and people want to know what I think of that,” said Hughley. The comic then went as far as to call a transgender woman who disagreed with his opinion a sexist slur.

Although Hughley and others argue that comedians are granted a creative license to use offensive language in the spirit of telling jokes, this truth remains the same: your past can, and likely will, come back to haunt you, especially in today’s digital landscape. As a result, this can tarnish your brand and cause you to miss out on endorsement deals and other opportunities.

Here are five ways to use social media effectively and avoid a branding crisis.

1. Present Your Best Self

Like in Hart’s case, how you present yourself online could be the deciding factor for whether or not an opportunity materializes into fruition. Even if you delete a controversial social media post, nothing on the internet is truly ever erased. So keep in mind that you never know who may have taken a screenshot of your post before you publicly undermine your job or a client, rant about a colleague or boss, or document yourself while under the influence.

2. Think Before You Tweet

Many people use social media as a platform to vent and express their grievances about life and its many upsets. Although it’s perfectly OK and normal to share your gripes with others online, sometimes it’s best to avoid posting in the heat of a moment, which can cause you to say something you’ll live to regret.

3. Be Authentic

People have a low tolerance for B.S. and can oftentimes sniff out those who front for the gram, i.e., that time Bow Wow was caught lying about flying around on a private jet. Hence, it’s imperative to be true to yourself when building your social media brand—just make sure it’s your best self, as stated in point No. 1.

4. Post With Intention

Social media platforms give you the ability to control what the world thinks of you and what you represent. Be sure that you’re creating an image that you can feel proud of and posting thoughts that don’t come with a shelf life.

5. What you wear on social media matters, too

According to author and Black Enterprise contributor Gayneté Jones:

Social media wardrobe choices are etched into the minds of viewers. Employers, potential clients, contractors, romantic interests, and other concerned parties usually seek to view your social media pages in the first instance, prior to meeting you in person or giving you a call to organize an important meeting. In a brief moment of scrolling through your page, viewers have obtained a solid impression of who you are and what they believe you represent.

Style expert, Perri Furbert adds, “Your wardrobe is a form of non-verbal communication and usually acts as a deciding interaction factor. People will, unfortunately, judge you based on what they see. It’s very important to express what you want to say to the world in your apparel.”

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‘I Can’t Date Jesus’ Best-selling Author Michael Arceneaux On Writing

Michael Arceneaux, author of I Can’t Date Jesus: Love, Sex, Family, Race, and Other Reasons I’ve Put My Faith in Beyoncé, is breaking barriers and assisting in bringing necessary diversity to our bookshelves. Arceneaux is all shades of amazing – he’s a black, gay, millennial man from Houston, Texas, doing his thing. When BLACK ENTERPRISE asked how he feels about the ceilings he has crashed through, he replied, “I have a habit of being extremely hard on myself because I’m always thinking about the next goal, but I have tried very hard to make sure that I take in this moment as much as possible.”

He’s also very aware of societal stigmas that keep marginalized folks back. “I’m Black, I’m gay, I’m country, and from a working-class family,” he said, adding, “I am proud of myself for getting to this point. I am also truly happy that I am helping make it easier for others like me to share their stories, and ideally, take them even further.”

Becoming The Cardi B of Lit

The New York Times best-seller list is an unfathomable dream for most authors. The allure of it has always been there, but the difficulty and rarity of it happening has left many discouraged. Arceneaux, however, says he’s honored to join this elite class of writers. “I’m fortunate and very much grateful that everything aligned the week my book was released and I was fortunate enough to make the list.” He added, “Now, other black writers, black queer, and queer writers, southern black writers, or some combination of these can cite my book in their proposals and show publishers that our stories are not niche.”

It wasn’t a stroke a luck, however. Arceneaux is a brilliant writer with a unique, hilarious style. The former Howard University grad has been writing for many years for the likes of Essence, Complex, and The Root. He has also been featured on BET, MSNBC, VH1, The Breakfast Club, and CBS.

Needless to say, he has built a solid platform and name for himself in the industry. He is a blue-tick certified, Wikipedia-page-having, New York-Times-appearing real deal. A very humble and admirably transparent real deal. He mentioned that he received the news of making the list on a terrible day,

“I was questioning aspects of my life and choices and then my agent called me while I was at the gym and everything just felt lighter in that moment. It reminded me that I am going to be okay because I always am. Also, made me think of my friend Nakisha, who always tells me to chill out because every goal I said I would achieve eventually happens.”

While so many have been grabbing his best-seller off of shelves, his parents aren’t tuned into this aspect of his life and still have not read it. The family members who have, on the other hand, are proud of him and have opened up to him in ways they hadn’t before. As for his friends, some are getting a kick out of the response he has been receiving. “I think some of my friends – like the ones who don’t live in NY – are kind of surprised at the different types of people who know I am alive. One, in particular, could not believe so many white folks showed up to a book event I did in Baltimore. My response at the time was, ‘Me either, but I told you I was gon’ crossover and become the Cardi B of lit.’”

Life Has Been No Crystal Stair

The most difficult part of the author’s journey was getting others to believe what he already knew – that there was an audience for books like his. “Getting people to believe black gay me was not ‘niche’ and finding the balance between writing to support myself and working on my book, which ideally would get me over that hump.”

Getting an agent and publisher behind him wasn’t an easy feat for Arceneaux either. “I had envisioned a book idea some eight, nine years ago, but it took a very long time to convince the people necessary to make it happen (an agent and a publisher) to get behind me.”

I Can’t Date Jesus & Future Projects

I Can’t Date Jesus: Love, Sex, Family, Race and Other Reasons I Put My Faith in Beyoncé launched on July 24, 2018, from 37 Ink/Atria Books/Simon & Schuster. His publishing house describes the book as, “A timely collection of alternately hysterical and soul-searching essays about what it is like to grow up as a creative, sensitive black man in a world that constantly tries to deride and diminish your humanity.”

There have not been many books I’ve read this year that made me laugh out loud, while at the same time reflect and question the world around me. Arceneaux’s book did just that. It was both humorous and inspiring. To my surprise, he didn’t think too much about the message while writing.

“I don’t really intend anything for the reader beyond making them laugh and making them think. I knew that I set out to write the book I wish I had growing up, but I try not to think too much on what the reader will take from what I write. I like to hear them tell me. And honestly, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. So many different types of people have reached out and it means a lot because there was concern from people I met in publishing about the book — that my identity made me have limited appeal. Meanwhile, white folks in their 70s are constantly emailing me to say they love my book with plenty of references they have never heard of (like Pimp C lyrics).”

It is no surprise that so many resonate with his words. His book grabs you from the very first sentence in the dedication, sharing the story of being told by an old high school classmate that he’d end up working at Burger King because he majored in journalism. Fortunately for fans of Arceneaux’s writing, he has a new book coming out, entitled I Don’t Want to Die Poor. It will be an expansion of the themes I touched on in an essay I penned for the New York Times’ Sunday Review about my struggles with private student loans. I think we need more stories about how many of us live with that debt.”

In five years’ time, he feels that he will still be writing books, but Arceneaux has much more in mind to use his voice to help the world around him through honest dialogue and laughter. “I plan to still be writing books but, I’ll be working primarily in television. I want to write and create shows, appear on camera, etc. I want to do speaking events, too, but I love television and I really want to lend my voice to the medium. My book was just the start of what I plan to make a long life of storytelling and shaking s–t up.”

Some Final Words for Beyoncé

Arceneaux’s love for Beyoncé is clear from the very beginning of the book, when he references the span of time since he last went to church by the amount of Beyoncé albums that had come out. The mentions of Queen Bey are side-splitting and his disdain for people who do not support her (Beytheists) is equally amusing. With this in mind, I had to know what he’d want her to know if she were to read this article. “Please read my book, my Lord and gyrator and fellow Houstonian. I talk real good about you. Also: girl, can you do that rap album for me already?”

If Arceneaux intrigues you, you’d love his book and rants on Twitter.


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What a judge can — and can’t — do in ruling on the Justice Department’s deal with CVS and Aetna

Judge Richard Leon is considering halting CVS Health and Aetna's integration. The Justice Department's agreement with the companies needs his approval, but he can't block the deal outright. 
Health and Science


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NBA coach, reportedly: ‘You can’t have a hot woman [coaching] in the NBA. Guys will be trying to f— her every day’

Many want to get a woman – namely Spurs assistant Becky Hammon – hired as an NBA head coach. Instead, the focus should be on removing barriers that have nothing to do with coaching. Women, racial minorities and gay people have a harder time advancing in coaching because of those identities, not their coaching ability.

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5 Games We Can’t Wait to Play This December

Winter is officially here. Now’s the perfect time to bundle up in a blanket, get something warm to drink, and play some video games. While there are a couple of highly anticipated titles coming in December, and a few eyebrow-raisers, the last month of the year is light on new releases.

This eclectic month in games will feature new installments in long-running and beloved series, a spiritual successor to a series gaining ground in the public eye once more, a long overdue remake, and a ridiculous number of rhythm games. In the season of “best ofs” and “year in reviews,” don’t forget to take a minute to check out these highly anticipated titles.

Just Cause 4

  • Release Date(s): December 4
  • Developer(s): Avalanche Studios
  • Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
  • Genre: Action-Adventure

The Just Cause series is back! After Just Cause 3’s mixed reception back in 2015, Just Cause 4 will have Rico Rodriguez face off against another criminal organization in a beautiful South American setting. Packed with more over-the-top action than even the zaniest of ’80s action flicks, this next game seems like it’ll be the most ridiculous entry yet. Traveling to the island nation of Solís in search of information about his father’s death, Rico will once again fight against the Black Hand criminal syndicate who now possess weather-controlling technology.

Just Cause 4 has a plot that feels like it was ripped straight out of a G.I. Joe cartoon and that could not be more perfect for a game whose protagonist can travel anywhere using a grapple gun and a wingsuit. If Just Cause 4 can rid itself of the bugs and technical issues that plagued its predecessor, playing as Rick will be a blast. The Just Cause series is at its best when it leans into the absurd, and thankfully, this upcoming game seems like it will be delightfully extra.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

  • Release Date(s): December 4
  • Developer(s): The Game Atelier
  • Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
  • Genre: Platformer

Coming off the heels of last year’s delightful Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap — a remake of Wonder Boy 3 — Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom looks like a delightful side-scrolling adventure. Similar to The Dragon’s Trap, this game will have the player control a boy who gains various animal transformations as the story progresses, giving him new powers and the ability to explore new areas. This boy, Jin, must stop his evil uncle Nabu from using dark magic to destroy the kingdom they live in. While this might not be the most original set up for a fantasy game, it looks like this title will have enough quirky charm to make the idea their own.

Developed by the indie studio The Game Atelier, this title has the full endorsement and support of the creator of the original Wonder Boy series, Ryuichi Nishizawa. As this game is not trying to be a mechanically identical copy of a Wonder Boy game, like The Dragon’s Trap was, it’ll be interesting to see this title’s new take on platforming combat. It’s also hard not to get excited for a game that has a theme song with such a strong Saturday morning cartoon vibe.

Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection

  • Release Date(s): December 4
  • Developer(s): P-Studio
  • Platform(s): PlayStation 4
  • Genre: Rhythm

The Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection is technically three games rolled into one $ 100 bundle. Continuing the brand new Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, this collection will also contain a PlayStation 4 port of Persona 4: Dancing All Night, which was previously only available on the PlayStation Vita. Additionally, Dancing in Moonlight and Dancing in Starlight are available on the PlayStation Vita for $ 40 each, but do not come with Dancing All Night. Considering the Vita is a dying system, it might just be best to pick up the collection for PlayStation 4 and get the entire series in one convenient package.

These rhythm games will delight anyone who enjoyed the charming and endearing characters in the mainline games. Mixing the iconic music of the franchise with extra character-focused content is a brilliant idea — even if rhythm games tend to cater to a more niche audience. If you want to spend a bit more time with the lovable Persona protagonists and enjoy some of the best music in gaming, this collection will make a terrific gift to yourself this holiday season.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  • Release Date(s): December 7
  • Developer(s): Bandai Namco Studios, Sora Ltd.
  • Platform(s): Nintendo Switch
  • Genre: Fighting

Super Smash Bros Ultimate might be the most talked about and anticipated game of 2018. Since its surprise announcement back in March, every new piece of information about this game spawns dozens of articles, hundreds of analysis and opinion videos, and countless memes. Initially criticized as seeming like a port of the fourth Smash Bros. title, it’s now clear that there is enough unique and enticing content to call it a wholly new entry in the beloved fighting game franchise. It has more characters, a variety and single and cooperative modes, and an adventure mode where Kirby is the universe’s only hope. No wonder so many eyes are on this upcoming game.

Longtime fan of the Smash Bros. franchise will definitely love this latest entry in the series and all of its weird decisions, like the introduction of the Piranha Plant as a playable fighter. Newcomers will be drawn to Ultimate due to its tight controls and the genuine love shown for the many different franchises under the Nintendo label. Super Smash Bros Ultimate will likely be one of the best-selling games of this holiday season.

Katamari Damacy Reroll

  • Release Date(s): December 7
  • Developer(s): Namco
  • Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC
  • Genre: Puzzle, Action

When Katamari Damacy premiered in 2004, it received a decent amount of praise in Japan and became a sleeper hit in the United States. Featuring a minuscule cosmic prince who has to recreate the stars after his gigantic father destroyed them during a night of binge drinking, the quirky game definitely earned all of its praise. Its mechanics, which centered on rolling a ball around to collect random junk until it’s big enough to become a star, set Katamari Damacy apart from every other game in the early 2000s.

A remake of Katamari Damacy seems a bit overdue at this point. Luckily, Katamari Damacy Reroll will give younger players a chance to play and appreciate this eccentric title at an affordable price on either Switch or PC. It’ll also finally give gamers in the PAL region a chance to play this enjoyable game legitimately.

6 of the Most Ridiculous Videogame Titles

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Can’t Get It Together: Video Shows Tekashi 6ix9ine Ordering a Hit on Chief Keef’s Cousin [Video]

Tekashi 6ix9ine just needs to go to jail.

In newly surfaced footage, the rapper appears to have ordered goons to shoot Chief Keef’s cousin just days before his cousin was shot at in NYC.

via TMZ:

In shocking new footage, obtained by TMZ, you see Tekashi on FaceTime with Chief’s cousin, Tadoe, asking him if he’s going to be at Keef’s NYC hotel. When the convo ends, 6ix9ine brags to his crew about placing a $ 30,000 bounty on Tadoe. 

It’s interesting … the video was recorded in late May, just days before someone shot at and missed Chief Keef at the W Hotel in Times Square. Remember, 6ix9ine and Keef were beefing all spring over social media leading up to the shooting.

We got Tekashi in Bev Hills hours after bullets flew in Keef’s direction, and 6ix9ine denied any involvement. But, Tekashi’s very public denial didn’t stop cops from looking into his role in the failed hit.

Tekashi is now sitting with neutral inmates at a federal facility after getting busted on racketeering, among other charges. Prosecutors say 6ix9ine and his crew conspired to commit a slew of crimes, including shootings. 

Now, if Tekashi was serious in his apparent threat, we have video evidence the rapper might’ve ordered at least one hit. 

You can see the footage for yourself below.

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Kenzo Takada ‘Can’t Do’ Social Media

PARIS — It took nearly 20 years for Kenzo Takada to complete his first book.
The fashion designer was approached by author Kazuko Masui moments after he left his namesake brand in 1999. At the time, Masui had a plan to make a book of Takada’s drawings, more than 5,000 of them. It since blossomed into a full-fledged biography, opening with the letters a young Takada wrote to his mother upon first arriving in Paris in 1965 and ending with dozens of pages dedicated to his final show at the fashion brand, held at the Zénith concert hall in 1999. Around 400 drawings still made the cut.
Born in 1939, Takada studied at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo before setting off to Paris to pursue his career. After a couple of years working for a design agency and selling drawings of his designs, including to the house of Louis Féraud, Takada opened his first shop in March 1970, named Jungle Jap.
It was an immediate hit, with Takada’s colorful cotton designs and Japanese kimonos gathering press attention. The brand officially launched as Kenzo in 1976 when it inaugurated its flagship on the Place des Victoires in the center of Paris. Takada quickly became

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11 Unique Gift Ideas That Are So Unusual We Can’t Say No

Tis the season for holiday shopping (at least amongst the forward-planners in our midst), and who doesn’t want impressively original gift ideas? Not that we don’t love getting and giving candles, but nothing really says “I love you” like dinosaur garden statues or logs that grow shiitake mushrooms, are we right? Thankfully, unique gift emporium UncommonGoods is here with these and more surprising offerings sure to amuse and delight everyone on your list. Read on for our picks, and get shopping before all the good stuff is gone!

For the Quirky Gardener

Dino-philes and green thumbs alike will surely appreciate these steel garden sculptures, which were made by hand in Arizona.

Buy It! Velociraptor Garden Sculpture Set, $ 180;

For the Farm-to-Table Fanatic

Maybe your significant other takes an interest in micology, or maybe they like locavore dining. Whatever the case may be, this shiitake mushroom-growing kit, which is good for up to three years’ worth of fungi, is certain to please.

Buy It! Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit, $ 30;


For the Tequila Enthusiast

Those who appreciate a fine tequila will love this set of four reusable, hand-carved shot glasses made from Himalayan sea salt. Salud!

Buy It! Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses, $ 28 for a set of four;


For the Sports Fan

Not fun: Scraping snow off your car in the dead of winter. Slightly more fun: Scraping snow off your car with a novel hockey stick snow brush. Perfect for the hockey-viewer (or player) in your life.

Buy It! Hockey Stick Snow Brush, $ 25;


For the Cat Fancier

Any friend of felines knows that cats need something to scratch on, and we’d rather it be this cute cat-sized laptop scratcher than the new couch.

Buy It! Laptop Cat Scratching Pad, $ 35;


For the Avocado Toast Addict

No ugly brown avocado halves to be found here! These specialty kitchen items are made from BPA-free silicone and ensure more efficient avocado storage. The pit pocket can conveniently be pushed in or out depending on which half you’ve saved.

Buy It! Avocado Huggers, $ 7.95 for a set of two;


For the Animal Lover

Animal enthusiasts (or anyone who appreciates the cuter things in life) will go wild for this beginner-level felting kit, which provides materials and guidance for making 2-3 tiny, adorable wool hedgehogs. Thoroughly aww-inducing.

Buy It! Hedgehog Needle Felting Kit, $ 20;


For the Beer Drinker

Exalt six packs with these peel-and-stick magnetic strips, which adhere to the ceiling of your fridge and allow you to store bottles of your favorite brew up high. Not only do they free up precious refrigerator real estate, they look pretty darn cool.

Buy It! BottleLoft, $ 38;


For the Eco-Conscious

This ingenious solar-powered charger is portable and powerful — it’s around the same size and weight as an iPhone and delivers a full charge in two hours. It also emits light for up to 150 hours, if you please. And for each purchase, the makers of the device will give one solar-powered light to people in areas of the world without electricity. Now that’s illuminating!

Buy It! Solar-Powered Charger & Light, $ 59.95;


For the Friend Whose Phone is Always Dying

For those in perpetual need of a phone charger, this bracelet is a game-changer. Its long-lasting lithium battery charges up to 50 percent in 40 minutes — not to mention it makes a good-looking accessory!

Buy It! Phone-Charging Bracelet, $ 149;


For the Humorist

The jokester in your life will find endless amusement in this Bluetooth-connected, banana-shaped wireless handset, which is designed to take your cell phone calls sans radiation exposure. It’s USB-rechargeable and made from recycled plastic for maximum appeal.

Buy It! Bluetooth Banana Phone, $ 40;

Fashion Deals Update:

Think Walmart Can’t Beat Amazon? Think Again: E-Commerce Extends Streak of Big Sales Gains

Walmart‘s strategy of blending stores and e-commerce to push back at is working.

The world’s largest retailer


reported on Thursday that comparable sales at its namesake U.S. stores rose 3.4% in the third quarter, above Wall Street expectations for 2.9% according to Consensus Metrix, setting it up for a strong holiday season. That performance was boosted by a 43% jump in e-commerce sales, the result of its efforts such as dramatically increasing locations where customers can retrieve online grocery orders, the addition of brands like Lord & Taylor and ModCloth to its web site and a vast expansion of its online marketplace. All Walmart stores ship online orders and allow customers to retrieve online orders.

“Our company is moving faster and we’re accelerating innovation,” Walmart Inc. CEO Doug McMillon said in a statement. “We’re creating a business model that functions as an ecosystem with the customer at the center.”

The years of mega-investments in e-commerce are paying off: digital consultancy eMarketer said in a report released Thursday that Walmart has now eclipsed Apple


as the No. 3 U.S. e-commerce player, behind Amazon


and eBay



It was the 16th quarter in row of growth in U.S. comparable sales at Walmart’s namesake stores, a metric that strips out revenue from newly closed or opened, and the 15th in a row of increased store visits by shoppers.

Elsewhere, results were also strong: comparable sales at its Sam’s Club division rose 5.7%, helped by the closing of weaker locations and strong digital growth. Sales at Walmart International rose 1.6% excluding the impact of currency fluctuations, helped by comparable sales increases in nine of its 10 foreign markets. Walmart reported adjusted earnings per share of $ 1.08, beating analysts’ forecasts of $ 1.01 per share and raised its U.S. sales growth expectation for the year.


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‘King Kong’: Spectacular giant puppet can’t make up for lack of complex characters and cohesive music

Stare hard into the gorgeous eyes of that gigantic gorilla, people: they’re deep emotional pools, transfixing in their moist, needy intensity. If they gave out Tony Awards for peepers on puppets, King Kong would already be monkeying with his acceptance speech.

But a great popular musical needs…

/entertainment – New York Daily News


Week 9 Takeaways: Ben Big Despite Scare in Baltimore, Carolina Can’t Be Stopped

Plus, Nathan Peterman can’t catch a break any more than his receivers can catch a pass, FitzMagic had them where he wanted them, Lions miss Golden Tate, Browns stink no matter who coaches them, Darnold’s nightmare run continues, and the Ravens are kidding themselves if they think John Harbaugh is the problem

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Trump Comes Face to Face With His Nightmare: A News Cycle He Can’t Control

Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero/The Daily Beast

Donald Trump is living a personal nightmare. Just days before a critical election, he finds himself unable to influence what the political press is covering.

The president has spent the last week attempting to gin up media coverage of a caravan of migrants making their way from Honduras to the Mexico-U.S. border. He’s heralded his signing of a major bill to combat the opioid epidemic. He’s touted additional—though currently nonexistent—legislation to further slash middle-class taxes.

But a series of real-world events—primarily the dispatch of explosive devices to numerous top Democratic officials by what appears to be an obsessive Trump fan— have overwhelmed that storyline. And it’s left Trump notably churlish.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Why Silicon Valley can’t shake accusations of anticonservative political bias

Silicon Valley's biggest companies — including Facebook, Google and Twitter — will not shake accusations they are politically biased against President Trump if they continue to keep the public in the dark about how their algorithms work. 


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