Prenatal allergies prompt sexual changes in offspring

A single allergic reaction during pregnancy prompts sexual-development changes in the brains of offspring that last a lifetime, new research suggests. Female rats born to mothers exposed to an allergen during pregnancy acted more characteristically ‘male’ — mounting other female rodents, for instance — and had brains and nervous systems that looked more like those seen in typical male animals.
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‘Pet Sematary’ Tickets Now on Sale: Watch The Stars and Filmmakers Explain The Biggest Changes Between Book and Movie

'Pet Sematary' Tickets Now on Sale: Watch The Stars and Filmmakers Explain The Biggest Changes Between Book and Movie

Fresh off its frightening debut at SXSW, where it was identified as the scariest movie to see as soon as possible, Pet Sematary is heading to theaters with terrific early buzz. In the latest adaptation of Stephen King's iconic novel, Jason Clarke and Amy Seimetz star as parents who move their family to a beautiful new home with the best of intentions, never suspecting that they will soon be unleashing undead terrors that they could never have imagined. John Lithgow also stars as a kindly…

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Cadbury is making big changes to the iconic Heroes tubs

Say hello to some new additions

cadbury heroes

This Easter we have a lot to look forward to in terms of chocolate – the Aldi ruby chocolate gem Easter egg, Game of Thrones chocolate dragon eggs, Ferrero Rocher mini eggs

And if you’d prefer something savoury, there’s even a cheese Easter egg so that you don’t have to miss out while everyone else is tucking into their chocolate.

But if you’re after a sweet treat you can get stuck into all year round, Cadbury has some exciting news. They’ll be changing up the goodies in their iconic Heroes tubs.

Don’t panic that some of your favourites will be replaced. All the current chocolate minis will stay where they are – it’s just that there’ll be some new little bars on the scene.

Cadbury is inviting Dinky Deckers and Crunchie minis to the Heroes party.

Dinky Deckers are the smaller version of the popular Double Decker, a crispy cereal and soft nougat mix covered in chocolate. The Crunchie mini is a bitesize version of the classic, honeycomb dipped in chocolate.

They’ll be joining the current line up of Dairy Milk, Twirl, Wispa, Fudge, Eclair and Creme Egg.

The boxes, tins and cartons will be upgraded to include the latest additions in April and will be available nationwide.

We’re SO ready.

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Diet-induced changes favor innovation in speech sounds

Diet-induced changes in the human bite resulted in new sounds such as ‘f’ in languages all over the world, a study by an international team led by researchers has shown. The findings contradict the theory that the range of human sounds has remained fixed throughout human history.
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NFL Teams Propose Changes to Replay and Overtime After Season of Criticism

NFL teams proposed major changes to replay and overtime on Saturday after a season of consistent criticism of officiating and which plays can be challenged or automatically reviewed.

Among the proposals teams have made to the league’s competition committee are an increase in the number of plays subject to video replay review and a change to the overtime format.

The idea of more or even unlimited coaches’ challenges is not new, but could have stronger support now. Also, the league is reluctant to expand replays for officiating because it would slow games even further.

The competition committee will present teams’ proposals and some of its own to the 32 owners at the league meetings March 24-27.

Several teams are proposing major moves.

Washington wants any play to be subject to coaches’ challenges or to automatic review by the officiating department in New York. The Redskins also suggested that all personal fouls be subject to review, while Kansas City added potential personal fouls that were not called on the field be looked at.

Philadelphia seeks scoring plays and turnovers negated by a penalty be immediately reviewed, and Denver suggests adding all fourth-down plays that are spotted short of a first down or the goal line, and all extra-point tries.

The Rams, Panthers, Seahawks and Eagles want to include reviews of designated player safety-related fouls whether called or not on the field.

Kansas City proposes that both teams possess the ball at least one time in overtime even if the first team with the ball scores a touchdown.

The Chiefs also want to eliminate overtime for the preseason, and get rid of the overtime coin toss so that the winner of the coin toss to begin the game may choose whether to kick or receive, or which goal to defend in OT.

Fans and many media members have vociferously expressed displeasure with the current system regarding coaches’ challenges since a blown call late in the NFC championship game — officials missed a blatant pass interference penalty and a helmet-first hit by the Rams’ Nickell Robey-Coleman deep in Los Angeles territory. The non-calls helped Los Angeles force overtime and eventually win the game to reach the Super Bowl.

But New York Giants owner John Mara said last month at the NFL combine that the powerful competition committee might not feel the same way.

“I just don’t sense a lot of support to use replay to call penalties. I don’t sense a lot of support for the expansion of it, either,” Mara said. “We’re early on, so that might change, but that’s my sense of where we are right now. I’m not saying it won’t change.”

While the league is wary of expanded replays, the Eagles’ suggestion on scoring plays and turnovers negated by penalty being reviewed could garner support.

Kansas City’s overtime proposals also stem from recent developments, including the Chiefs losing the AFC championship after rallying to tie New England. The Patriots won the coin toss, drove downfield and scored a touchdown without KC ever touching the ball.

The 2017 Super Bowl ended in similar fashion.

Denver recommended an alternative to onside kicks by allowing a team once during the fourth quarter to play offense instead. That team must notify the referee of its intention to forgo a kickoff or safety kick. The ball will be spotted on the kicking team’s 35-yard line and that team will have one down to gain 15 yards, essentially a fourth-and-15 play. If the play succeeds in gaining a first down, that team keeps possession as if it recovered an onside kick.

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New ‘Apex Legends’ Update Brings Hit Box, Balance Changes

Respawn Entertainment released an update for its popular battle royale title “Apex Legends” on Wednesday that brings some changes to its meta by tweaking balance and hit boxes. The patch is live now on all platforms, the developer said in a Reddit post. Respawn wants to make less frequent, better tested, higher impact changes, minimizing […]



Heart Health Scare Leads to Plant-Based Diet and Lifestyle Changes

February is Heart Health Awareness Month, a time to remind ourselves that heart conditions can often be prevented when people make healthy choices and manage their health conditions.

Steve Peters, a 57-year-old game designer from Culver City, California, is a perfect example. Last year, he began to find it difficult to do the things he enjoyed, such as riding his bike to the beach. Even climbing stairs became a challenge.

“I was getting out of breath very easily, and just assumed it was because I was overweight and out of shape,” Peters said.

Peters suffered from high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, but said those conditions were under control with medication and that shortness of breath was not something he had experienced before.

One day, he was walking home from lunch with friends and had to stop 6 times to catch his breath. “My chest was tight; it felt like I was having a heart attack,” he recalled.

Within a week, Peters ended up in the intensive care unit at Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center, where a sonogram of his heart and chest revealed one liter of fluid surrounding his heart. After a procedure to extract the fluid around his heart, Peters said: “I immediately felt 100 percent better, like a Ferrari engine had been put in me.”

After this health scare, his cardiologist, Jennifer Nguyen, MD, worked with him to implement lifestyle changes to further reduce his risk of having a heart attack.

“Based on his risk factors, I told him that he is at increased risk of having a heart attack and needed to make a major lifestyle change,” Dr. Nguyen said.

Since Peters had struggled to lose weight in the past, Dr. Nguyen recommended he adopt a plant-based diet, which he has been adhering to since last June. He already has lost 25 pounds and hopes to lose 25 more.

“My type 2 diabetes is turning around, and my bloodwork is finally in the normal range,” Peters said, adding he hopes to get off some of his medications soon. “I’m not the kind of guy who likes to count calories, but it has been easier than I thought to avoid meat, dairy, and processed sugar.” He noted that he allows himself a few “cheat days” every now and then.

Peters is taking charge of his health, and encourages others to do the same.

“What I learned over the last year is that if something doesn’t feel right, don’t be shy about it,” he said. “Don’t ignore it! Bring up your concerns to your doctor. They can only act on the information you give them.”

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Michael Cohen says ‘changes’ were made to his planned 2017 testimony to Congress

Michael Cohen told lawmakers Wednesday that President Donald Trump suggested during a 2017 White House meeting that he hide from Congress how plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow continued through much of the 2016 campaign. – RSS Channel – Politics

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5 Steps for Budgeting If Your Income Changes From Month to Month

Budgeting is difficult no matter what you make or how predictable your salary is.

But it can be even harder if your income fluctuates month to month based on commission, sales, tips or how many shifts you’re given.

If you’re having trouble budgeting with an irregular paycheck, don’t give up. Here are five steps to budgeting if you have a variable income.

How to Budget With Variable Income

A woman works as a bartender.

As you would with any budget, you’ll need to figure out what comes in and make what’s going out fit your needs. Even with an irregular income, there are only a few tweaks to the system.

1. Average Out Your Yearly and Monthly Income

A lot of jobs — whether in sales or hospitality — pay an hourly rate. If it’s significant, you can use that as your baseline.

Then, go through your bank statements for the past year and calculate what you made in commission and tips every month.

This will be easier if you’ve been in your current position for over a year. If you haven’t, calculate it for the months you can, and ask your co-workers about how and when their income fluctuates.

The goal is to have a realistic prediction of the minimum you should take home each month of the year.

2. Determine Your Monthly Sinking Fund Requirements

Because your expenses likely won’t change month to month like your income, it’s important to save during your high-earning months, so that you can pull from those savings in the sparse months — kind of like an income sinking fund.

Tara Frenck, a bartender at a brewery in St. Petersburg, Florida, has a noticeable high season and low season. Frenck tries to save 20% of her income every week to cover unexpected expenses — and even more than that in the busy season.

It’s taken some years of practice and saving, but at this point, I have not had to go without anything that I need or want, although my wants aren’t much,” she said.

Once you have your annual and monthly numbers, divide your annual projected income by 12 to get your monthly average. Calculate the difference between your monthly average and your expected income for every month.

You’ll get either a positive or negative number. A positive number is the minimum you need to save in that month; a negative is the maximum you can pull from your income sinking fund.

3. List Your Monthly Expenses

Now, go through your bank statements and list all of your expenses, no matter how small. Start with the last three months, then add annual or biannual expenses like insurance and car registration.

List your sinking funds as well. In addition to your income sinking fund, everyone needs an emergency fund for surprise expenses. Other potential saving options include a medical fund, car fund, Christmas gift fund and pet fund.

Most of your monthly expenses will vary month to month, at least by a little bit. You can average them the same way you average your income.

Sometimes, companies will do this for you. Many energy companies offer a free budget billing payment option that automatically averages your usage and gives you a set bill every month.

When you’re listing expenses, be as thorough as possible. Some commonly forgotten budget categories include tolls, technology replacements, professional memberships and fees, home and lawn maintenance, haircuts and ride-sharing costs.

4. Separate and Order Expenses Based on Importance

Once you’ve laid them all out, separate necessary and discretionary expenses. Necessary means essential to surviving now or in the future. Discretionary expenses are any additional expenses that enrich your life but aren’t necessary for survival.

After separating your expenses, it’s time to prioritize. The most important things to survival are food, water, utilities, a roof over your head and the ability to work. So your first priorities should look something like this:

  • Housing (i.e., rent or mortgage).
  • Groceries.
  • Water/utilities.
  • Electricity.
  • Transportation (car payment, bus pass, etc.).
  • Uniforms/work clothes.

Next should be savings — namely, transferring your monthly surplus to a high-yield savings account or pulling your surplus from one. Aim for at least $ 1,000 in an emergency fund. How much you save beyond that figure will depend on where you are financially and your personal preference.

Assign values to each saving category based on your spending toward your sinking fund and minimum debt payments. Try to take advantage of any 401(k) match your employer offers, and make IRA contributions if you’re able. So your savings might look something like this:

  • Emergency fund.
  • Debt payments.
  • Sinking funds.
  • Retirement savings.

That’s typically the extent of necessary expenses. What you bring in monthly needs to at least cover these costs, ideally even during your lowest income months. Then you can prioritize all your discretionary expenses in the order you see fit.

5. Budget for Discretionary Expenses

Once all your priority expenses are listed, you’ll need to add values to your discretionary expenses. Use the zero-based budgeting approach to make sure your priorities are funded, and give realistic values to everything else. Here’s how to do it.

Once all the necessities are paid for, you’ll go down your list of discretionary expenses as you have extra income and fund each category until you’re at zero.

So, let’s say part of your discretionary budget looks like this:

  • Gym membership: $ 33
  • Coffee: $ 20
  • Restaurants: $ 100

If you’ve funded all your categories above that and you have $ 100 left, you can pay for your gym and coffee addictions and you’ll have $ 47 for restaurants that month. If there are any items below restaurants, they’ll have to wait to be funded until next month (or next paycheck).

Budgeting on an irregular income allows you to maintain a quality of life that’s not as dependent on the ebbs and flows of a business. Frenck deposits most of her $ 20 bills and uses the other bills for petty cash. It’s just one way she evens out her cash flow. She also changes up how she spends her free time throughout the year.

I do enjoy the occasional fine-dining experience — say, once a week in the good season, not so much in the slow,” Frenck said. “I also try to plan any trips or vacations in the slow seasons, knowing I wouldn’t be making as much working during that time.

Whatever you’re trying to save for travel or another financial goal, a budget — even an irregular one — will help you get there.

Jen Smith is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She gives money-saving and debt-payoff tips on Instagram at @modernfrugality.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

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Tax changes driving luxury NYC homeowners to Miami, says broker

CNBC's Robert Frank talks with Citadel's Ken Griffin’s brokers, Tal Alexander and Oren Alexander, about a Miami estate that sold for $ 50 million. It is the most expensive single-family home ever sold in the Miami area, according to people familiar with the deal.

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Goodell: Changes to replay again to be discussed

Roger Goodell said the league will again take a look at instant replay and possible changes this offseason. “The game is not officiated by robots,” he said. “It’s not going to be.” – NFL
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1.25.19 Small business tax law changes; Clark Stinks

Clark talks about how the new(ish) tax law will affect small business owners; Christa reads listener posts about how Clark has missed the mark in his advice this week. If you have a “Clark Stinks” to share you can leave it here

Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Kaiser Permanente Urges DHS to Withdraw Proposed Changes That May Prevent Access to Care and Coverage

This week Kaiser Permanente joined numerous organizations, advocacy groups, businesses, and policymakers in urging the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to withdraw a proposed rule to expand the definition of public charge, which may prevent legal immigrants and their families from accessing health care and coverage.

Under the proposed rule, the definition of public charge would include the lawful receipt of assistance from several health, nutrition, and housing programs, which were previously excluded from consideration by U.S. immigration officials when determining whether an individual was likely to become a “public charge.”

Kaiser Permanente is concerned that threatening the immigration status of eligible immigrants as a result of their lawful enrollment in public benefit programs would lead to more people being uninsured and negatively affect the health of millions of people. When people lose coverage and access to affordable care, we can anticipate sicker patients, increased use of emergency rooms, and worsening health outcomes for our communities.

Moreover, this policy has far-reaching implications beyond legal immigrants and permanent residents. Nationwide, over 19 million children live in a family with an immigrant parent, and nearly 9 in 10 (86 percent) of these children are American citizens.

In the best interest of our more than 12 million members and the 65 million people residing in the communities we serve, Kaiser Permanente believes that we must continue to support increased access to high-quality, affordable care, and ensure coverage for more — not fewer — people in this country. The proposed rule jeopardizes access to the care that is delivered by Kaiser Permanente’s more than 22,000 physicians every day.

Kaiser Permanente called on the Department to not penalize the individuals who use these important public benefits, to withdraw the proposed rule, and to maintain the Department’s longstanding guidance on public charge.

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Rules changes in House focus on bipartisanship


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Malaysia says former PM Najib’s office ordered changes to 1MDB audit report

The office of former Malaysian premier Najib Razak ordered changes to a 2016 audit report of scandal-plagued state fund 1MDB, including removing mention of financier Low Taek Jho’s presence at a board meeting, authorities said.

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PledgeMusic Announces Management Changes

PledgeMusic, the direct-to-fan music company that has fallen behind in payments to artists in recent months, today announced management changes in the wake of Dominic Pandiscia stepping down as CEO. Two of the company’s cofounders will be joining the executive team. Cofounder Malcolm Dunbar has been elevated to Global President and COO, co-founder Jayce Varden […]



Key Republican Jeff Flake will support Kavanaugh’s confirmation barring big changes

The Arizona Republican says he would support Kavanaugh shortly after he voted to advance the judge's nomination to a final vote, which is expected Saturday.  


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