Witchy Woman! Vote for Birthday Girl Emma Roberts’ Most Iconic American Horror Story Character

Emma Roberts, American Horror Story, AHSSurprise b**ch, it’s Emma Roberts’ birthday!
We bet you thought you’d seen the last of her…well, maybe not, but it might come as a surprise to some that the American Horror…

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Riverdale fans are reeling after its main character is seemingly killed off

Say it isn’t so!!


Netflix teen drama Riverdale is in its third season and we’re completely hooked.

It’s hardly surprising therefore that the show’s hiatus, ending today, has been tough – going on for what feels like an eternity.

But Riverdale is officially back, and we want answers. Now.

Are Veronica and Reggie going to get together? Is there more to the Gargoyle King than Betty thinks? And what on earth is going on with the creepy farm group?

We need to know!!

But it wasn’t these questions that got the internet talking today after the airing of the show’s newest episode, ‘No Exit’. Instead, it was the morbid cliffhanger, with the show’s main character Archie Andrews appearing to die.

Yes, it looks like Archie Andrews is dead – and we don’t know what to do.

But how has he seemingly died? A bear attack.

Yes, this is not a drill. The gorgeous redhead survived the black hood and juvenile detention centre – he even managed to escape with a gaping stab wound – but he got killed by a bear.

Like most Riverdale shock plots, there are of course a lot of conspiracy theories out there, with some believing that he’s not actually dead, presuming that he has faked his own death to get Hiram off the scent.

Only time will tell though, so we’re going to have to wait till next week to find out the fate of the lovely Archie Andrews.

Cue the longest week ever…

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Today in Movie Culture: ‘Glass’ Character Study, Rob Marshall Discusses ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ VFX and More

Today in Movie Culture: ‘Glass’ Character Study, Rob Marshall Discusses ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ VFX and More

Character Analysis of the Day

With tickets for M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass now on sale, let’s get reacquainted with Kevin Wendell Crumb, a.k.a. The Horde, and his many personalities, including The Beast. In this video essay, Shane Bertram discusses the psychology of the supervillain character as seen in Split:


Easter Eggs of the Day

Escape Room, the first hit movie of 2019, is filled with clues to solving its clever set-piece puzzles. Zac Morris highlights…

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‘Bumblebee’ Director Didn’t Want Michael Bay’s Opinion on the Character

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains mild spoilers for Bumblebee. Proceed at your own risk.

If fans – or, should we say, haters? — of the Transformers franchise aren’t discussing how unconvincing the robot fight scenes are, they’re debating the intricacies of Bumblebee’s voice. One minute, his dulcet tones are completely destroyed and he’s using a blend of soundbites and music from the radio to communicate, the next he’s using the voice he was born with. And then it’s busted again. Sometimes, the problem is implied to be fixable, and sometimes it’s suggested that he doesn’t want it fixed.

So, with the sparky little yellow VW-Beetle-Autobot now starring in his own spin-off movie, it seems timely to tackle the contentious issue of Bumblebee’s voice, and attempt to figure out once and for all why it’s so all over the place. Especially since, as you’ve probably heard, Bumblebee speaks (with Dylan O’Brien’s voice) in this movie. Though not for long…

The Origin Story

For this 1987-set prequel, franchise champion Michael Bay relinquishes the reins to make way for animation genius, and self-confessed Transformers fan, Travis Knight, at the helm. It’s a brave but calculated move that might just reinvigorate a franchise that saw its fifth film, The Last Knight, take a considerable drop in profits. Amid accusations that the series has become overblown, for Bumblebee it’s very much back to basics, with a small-scale, heartwarming, coming-of-age story taking precedence over high-stakes robot wars. It works beautifully, and while the slate in some ways is wiped clean, Knight still had to take care to incorporate Bay’s tweaks to the lore.

“In Michael’s films, they changed some of the mythology, and Bumblebee speaks through the radio. That’s one of his iconic characteristics,” says Knight. “So, it was really important for me, if we were going to tell an origin story about one of the Transformers, one set in the era where the Transformers originated – the mid-’80s – [to address Bumblebee’s voice].”

As a child of the 1980s, Knight first fell in love with Transformers when he saw the original animated series.

“Bumblebee always had a voice,” says Knight, remembering the cartoon. This meant that it was critical for Knight “to understand some of these aspects of Bumblebee’s character that never really got satisfying answers as to how these things happened”.

For Knight, it was important to show how Bumblebee’s voice became damaged: “And how, both literally and metaphorically, he regains it by the end of the movie.”

His Voice Is Unfixable

Bumblebee's voice
Bumblebee's voice is unfixable, says director Travis Knight.

That isn’t to say Bumblebee regains the power of speech as he once knew it. Instead, he finds this new, arguably more effective, way to communicate via the relationship he has with Hailee Steinfeld’s outsider teen, Charlie. It is she who teaches him about the power of music to communicate and express emotion and complex thought, and as he uses the technique more and more, we witness him become increasingly adept at it. A good thing too, since Knight declares that Bumblebee’s voice can’t ever be fixed because of what we see happen in the film. And if you don’t want that scene spoiled for you, scroll past the next paragraph now.

“He has his, whatever the equivalent of his vocal synthesizer/processor is, ripped out of his throat,” he explains. “It would be the same thing if we lost the ability to speak. We’d never be able to speak again, and the guy rips it out, and destroys it. So, no — he’s never going to be able to speak again but through this [radio] thing he’s able to communicate and express himself.”

Crawling Inside Michael Bay’s Brain

Important as it was for Knight to show how Bumblebee is irreversibly maimed, rendering him forever mute, it was less pressing for Knight to figure out exactly why Bumblebee’s voice drifts inexplicably in and out within Bay’s franchise. And he says he never questioned — or wanted to question — Bay about it.

“I didn’t want to know if Michael had a difference of opinion on that because I knew very clearly that this is why, and this is what it needs to be.”

“I had a number of conversations with Michael, but not specifically about that aspect,” says Knight. “It was important for me to just kind of sit director-to-director, filmmaker-to-filmmaker, and talk about his philosophy on the series. He’s the guy who’s been the shepherd for the Transformers franchise for the last decade. I really wanted to crawl inside his brain and just get his philosophy on things. How he approached it.

“But specifically with Bumblebee’s character, no, I didn’t ask him about that. Because in my mind I knew the story that I wanted to tell for this movie, and that was an aspect of that story. I didn’t want to know if Michael had a difference of opinion on that because I knew very clearly that this is why, and this is what it needs to be.”

Different Choices

Knight adds, “This movie is self-contained, so I imagine where it goes from here. And, of course, there’s the films that follow, which show you where he goes. But I might not have made that choice if I was making those films.”

Knight concedes that fans might never get satisfactory answers to the questions they have. “Look, it’s super inconsistent, I acknowledge that,” he says. “I think Michael would acknowledge that; that, oftentimes, it bounces around. I know that. He knows that. I don’t know why.”

With prequel Bumblebee garnering better reviews than perhaps any of the Transformers sequels, it’s clear there’s life in the franchise yet. Executives would do well to keep Travis Knight on for at least one more film — his vision has won over the critics and looks set to please audiences too. And if he does stay on, perhaps we’ll see some answers retconned after all — or the franchise entirely rebooted perhaps?

Bumblebee hits screens in Australia on December 20, the US on December 21 and the UK on December 24, with preview screenings in the UK on December 15, 16 and 20.

‘Bumblebee’: Hooray! Robot Fights Have Serious Consequences

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Comics on Film: Who Is Black Mask, Ewan McGregor’s Character in ‘Birds of Prey’?

Comics on Film: Who Is Black Mask, Ewan McGregor's Character in 'Birds of Prey'?

While segments of Star Wars fandom continue to try and advocate for a spin-off film featuring Obi-Wan Kenobi between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, comics-based movie fans were given one hell of a surprise this week when we learned that actor Ewan McGregor would be jumping into superhero film for the first time — specifically, into the DC Universe.

McGregor will join the cast of the upcoming Birds of Prey as Roman Sionis/Black Mask in the film, to be directed by Cathy…

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Joe Jonas wins Halloween as fiancée Sophie Turner’s ‘Game of Thrones’ character


Joe Jonas won hearts and Halloween itself on Saturday night with one of the best one-sided couple costumes we’ve ever seen.

Going as the ultimate stan of his bride-to-be, Sophie Turner, Jonas attended a costume party dressed as Sansa Stark, her Game of Thrones character. Meanwhile, the actress behind Sansa went as… an elephant. Perfection.

In case the iconic red wig wasn’t a dead giveaway, Jonas even posted a video of his dramatic entrance as Sansa with the Game of Thrones credits music playing in the background of his Insta story. We’re not sure if it was a great idea to also add a GIF of Sansa’s almost-husband, Tyrion Lannister, to the video — but at least Jon looks like he approves. Read more…

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This is how ‘The Connors’ handled the death of Roseanne Barr’s character

**Spoilers ahead**

The first task of “The Conners” was to kill off the family’s matriarch.

The new show debuted on ABC Tuesday following the cancellation of “Roseanne,” after the original show’s creator and star, Roseanne Barr, was fired in May after a racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett.

In the…

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Roseanne Barr Lashes Out After ‘The Conners’ Offs Her Character

Roseanne Barr’s character was killed off in Tuesday’s premiere of “The Conners,” but the former TV star took to Twitter to protest the narrative turn. “I AIN’T DEAD BITCHES,” Barr tweeted. Barr and her spiritual teacher Rabbi Shmuley Boteach also released a longer statement regarding the on-screen death. “While we wish the very best for […]



Princess Eugenie’s weird wedding request that compared hubby to doomed literary character

Princess Eugenie may want to reread “The Great Gatsby.”

The British royal family member — or as we Americans know her, one of Queen Elizabeth’s other grandkids — had a strange request at her Windsor Castle wedding Friday.

Eugenie, cousin to Prince William and Prince Harry, had her big sister Princess…

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