Netflix’s Turn Up Charlie: Season 1 Review

All eight episodes of Netflix’s Turn Up Charlie are now streaming on Netflix.

It’s not Turn Up Charlie’s fault, but it’s bittersweet that the new Netflix comedy – co-created by, and starring, Idris Elba – premiered the same week Netflix canceled One Day at a Time. Turn Up Charlie isn’t out to offend – certainly not by merely existing in the wake of a beloved, ground-breaking comedy getting the axe – but then again… Turn Up Charlie isn’t out to make waves of any kind. And that’s the overarching issue.

Big names, mediocre projects. More often than not, that’s Netflix’s M.O. Usually, it comes at us from the Original Movies side of the equation (Bird Box, Triple Frontier, Cloverfield Paradox, Bright, The Titan, etc), but TV is far from immune. So gone is a funny, important show that addressed today’s issues with insight and humor and arrived is a series where a guy is about to take a bite of his dinner but then immediately loses his appetite because the woman next to him simply mentions the idea of a woman on her period. It’s not even clinical talk – it’s like a flowery euphemism: “The Red Queen is coming to visit” or something. That’s all it takes for the dude to stop himself mid-fork-to-mouth. Hilarious, right? That’s Idris Elba’s Charlie, by the way.

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‘Charlie Says’ Trailer Debut: Horrible But True

'Charlie Says' Trailer Debut: Horrible But True

Three young women fall under the captivating, murderous spell of Charles Manson (Matt Smith) and commit horrible crimes. They are caught, convicted and sentenced to death. Locked away in prison, they must confront the specter of their heinous actions in Charlie Says, directed by Mary Harron (American Psycho).

The first trailer follows an empathetic graduate student (Merritt Wever) who is assigned to help the women. They were all transfixed by the murderous Manson, who constructed devious…

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Charlie Sheen Recalls the Epiphany That Led Him to Get Sober

A whole new world. Charlie Sheen opened up about how his life has changed for the better since becoming sober and recalled to Us Weekly exclusively the moment that he knew he had to change his ways.

“It was a Sunday. My daughter called and said, ‘I need to get to this appointment immediately,’ and I’d already had a few drinks,” the Two and a Half Men alum, 53, told Us of his personal epiphany while promoting his Planters Super Bowl commercial. Sheen added that he had to call a friend to help him take his daughter to where she needed to be. “On the drive back, I was just like, ‘Damn, man, I’m not available. I’m just not responsible, and there’s no nobility in that.’ It was that night, I just sat with all that.”

Sheen continued: “If you can’t be available for the basic necessity of being there for your children, then something really needs to shift. It was that next day that I said, ‘All right. It’s time. Let’s give this a shot.’ And then a month went by, a couple months went by, I’m [like], ‘Alright. This feels good. This feels good.’”

The Major League actor went on to note that he’s “excited to be excited again,” adding he has “got all this energy and I’m putting it into daily responsibilities, children, family, with health, and all that.” (Sheen shares Sam, 14, and Lola, 13, with ex Denise Richards, as well as 9-year-old twin sons Max and Bob with Brooke Mueller. He is also father of 34-year-old daughter Cassandra whom he shares with Paula Profit, and was briefly married to model Donna Peele.)

Sheen knows that he has a lot of people to be thankful for, including his mother, Janet Sheen, who have been his support system. “Gosh, it’s friends I’ve known for decades. It’s my children, [my] ex-wives have been terrific, my parents. Yeah, it’s just my immediate group.”

The New York City native also revealed that his relationship with his dad, Martin Sheen, has been better than ever through his journey to sobriety. “[We’re closer] than we’ve ever been,” Charlie gushed. “Yeah, he’s terrific. He’s who I lean on for a lot of guidance.”

Charlie celebrated one year of sobriety in December 2018. “So, THIS happened yesterday!” he tweeted alongside a photo of his Alcoholics Anonymous sobriety coin at the time. “A fabulous moment, in my renewed journey. #TotallyFocused.”

Earlier this month, Charlie also told Us that he “would do” a Two and a Half Men revival in order to “get closure.” He was fired from the series in 2011 after he slammed the show’s cocreator Chuck Lorre. He starred as the leading man in the comedy for eight seasons from 2003 to 2011.

With reporting by Marc Lupo

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‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,’ Charlie Brown and other holiday classics sparking controversy

While the holiday season brings a lot of joy, this time of year isn’t always holly and jolly — often bringing controversy alongside the turkey and bow-wrapped presents.
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