Pink’s Savage Response To Instagram Troll Who Criticized Her Family Photo Is Best Clap Back Ever

Don’t come for Pink’s family time. The singer went full-on mama bear the other day when an Instagram troll criticized a picture of her with children, Jameson, age 2 and Willow, age 7, as well as her husband Carey Hart enjoying a fun dinner together.

“At least twice a week on tour, we shut the door to the outside world and have family dinner,” shared the loving mother.

It is a cute photo with the entire Hart clan enjoying some tacos. Unfortunately, not everyone who follows Pink had good things to say about the pictures. One Instagram troll had a beef with the mother of two sharing her quality family time on social media.

Comments by Celebs was first to notice the extremely unfriendly exchange between a protective mother and her critical fan or perhaps former fan now.

“Except it’s posted on ig,” wrote megablack921

The comment appears to be a response to the singer saying her family likes to shut out the world but then posts that private time on social media. Pink wasted no time defending her choice to share the family time picture, as well as giving a not so subtle reminder to the user to stop being a douchebag.

“yes I like to promote healthy stuff. I also like to remind people to stop being TOTAL D— BAGS TOO. Consider this your reminder, f—o,” she said in a response that was again captured by Comments by Celebs.

The user went on to tell the ‘So What’ singer that he or she was going to her show in Nashville but not anymore. Oh yes, the user was offended by the response and made it clear they are still a fan of the music, however the singer not so much.

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Pink was not fazed at all by the reply and stood by her original answer, even calling the troll “confused.” Anyone who tries to criticize the mother of two should know she is not going to take it lying down.

There are so many times that a celeb can’t deal with the nasty trolls and defends their selves. Pink is one of the best at coming up with the most savage responses to those who believe they have the right to judge her life. It is merely one of the reasons she is an inspiration. You go, girl!

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90 Day Fiance’s Colt, Larissa Clap Back at Each Other After Divorce Filing

It’s far from over. The battle between 90 Day Fiancé‘s Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima rages on after her arrest and his subsequent divorce filing on Friday, January 11.

In a lengthy statement posted on Instagram Stories on Saturday, January 12, Dos Santos Lima, 32, said “the truth will come out” following an alleged altercation between the couple that left Johnson, 33, with “a swollen lip” and “bloodied” gums and teeth. (The Brazil native had bruising of her own, but authorities said that her lacerations did not corroborate her story.)

“After cleaning her off, officers determined that the cuts were not consistent with the kind of bleeding she was claiming,” Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Officer Jay Rivera told Us after the incident. “She also has scratches on her abdomen, but those injuries were also not consistent with the length of [Johnson’s] fingernails.”

90 Day Fiance Larissa Dos Santos Lima Speaks Out After Her Arrest
Courtesy of Larissa Dos Santos/Instagram

Dos Santos Lima seemingly addressed the authorities’ remarks, writing: “I want to thank everyone who toke [sic] time to investigate the domestic violence episode and found a ‘history of long nails.’” (Some fans posted photos on social media showing Johnson with longer fingernails and suggested that he had bitten them after the couple’s physical altercation.)

The TV personality also thanked fans for their GoFundMe donations, claiming that she raised all the money she needs to pay her friend back for posting her bail, as well as attorney’s fees for her pending court date. “It was extremely important for me because I have no income at this moment … I can’t legally work yet and I can’t start my business.”

She continued: “I also never had access or any control of the money we made on the show and with the cameos. They did buy to me some girl stuff so I could use on the show.”

The software engineer took to his own Instagram page soon after, detailing all the items he alleges he bought for his wife throughout their relationship and claiming that she came to the U.S. with “literally nothing.”

“The suitcases she used for travel I provided for her,” he captioned a picture of full garbage bags and boxes. “On her arrival I already had clothes waiting for her to wear and everything she needed to start a basic life in America. Over the course of months I continued to provide for her, gave her shelter, food, and supported her wants and dreams. When she wanted a dress or makeup I bought it for her. When she wanted to take ESL classes I found a class for her and drove her. When she wanted to go to a gym I took her to every gym in town and eventually she joined two gyms simultaneously. When she needed a doctor, lawyer, therapist I would always do what I could for her.”

“My sole mission since her arrival was to see that she was happy, taken care for and nurtured,” he added. “When she wanted to start her business I gave her a thousand dollars just to start. Every time she was in trouble, I was there.”

Dos Santos Lima, for her part, took to her Instagram after the Las Vegas-born star’s post, claiming that the TLC series bought her clothes and accessories— not her husband.

Despite all the he-said, she-said, people are taking sides on social media. Fellow 90 Day Fiancé star Anfisa Nava, who starred on season 4, wrote on Johnson’s post, “Should have maybe tried not to cheat on her and understand what she actually wants? And not instigate drama and then act all innocent? … Never wanted to comment publicly but you are a gaslighter … and the way you act is disgusting.”

The estranged couple, who have been hit with multiple cheating accusations and rumors since December, got engaged five days after they met in person in Mexico and tied the knot in June 2018, days after she was arrested for domestic violence the first time. She was arrested for the second time in November. Both charges were dismissed.

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