Scandinavian top blogger Helena-Reet: Vanity gives money for the clever and tooks it away from the vain

OHMYGOSSIP – NordenBladet & OHMYGOSSIP-sites developer Helena-Reet Ennet is the blogger who is weekly in Finnish and Swedish news, who has more social media followers than no other girl or company in Scandinavia and who “tells the ugly truth” directly to your face. talked with her about vanity.

– Vanity blinds people! People want to be “VIP” and “ESPECIAL”, but the truth is that VIP and special are only those who control their own lives. The old school well known “Snob-effect”* is the key how people get rich. It is not a secret, that if you want to make money – “approve a fool” and “pressure their vanity”! Sounds very cruel, but this is how it works. Vanity is the main thing which gives money for the clever and takes it away from the vain and foolish. And this works, always and in all life situations. Trust me!

– Don’t let others think/decide what is cool, original or nice. Make your own decisions! Yeah, I have said it thousand times, but I’ll tell it again. You do not need to waste a single penny to designer clothes/bags/widgets, especially for those you actually do not like but your “cool rich” friend has. Start decide yourself what is cool. If you truly think you like it, buy it, but if your idol has it and you do not like it, leave it.

– Just an example… you have a fat ass (like I do), believe me, it does not matter if you wear Armani, YSL, Gucci jeans or no-name trousers… your butt looks the same – fat – the “names” do not make your ass look better! Better try to find trousers what fit you well, no matter what their price/name is. Choose what is good for you and what you like! Show some personality!

– Imagine that there are things and no prices — what would you choose then? What would you choose if you do not know anything about the brands and names? It is difficult, I know.  People are very much affected what VIP’s or very rich think and wear –  that is “used to be” generally cool. Make your own decisions! Use your own head, otherwise you are a cheap and easy channel for business-branches, who uses you. I promise you, once you’ll find this confidence in you, your life is a thousand times more happy and successful!

*In microeconomics, the snob effect is a phenomenon referring to the situation where the demand for a certain good by individuals of a higher income level is inversely related to the demand for the good by individuals of a lower income level. The “snob effect” contrasts most other microeconomic models, in that the demand curve can have a positive slope, rather than the typical negatively sloped demand curve of normal goods.

This situation is derived by the desire to own unusual, expensive or unique goods. These goods usually have a high economic value, but low practical value. The less of an item available, the higher its snob value. Examples of such items with general snob value are rare works of art, designer clothing, and sports cars.

In all these cases, one can debate whether they meet the snob value criterion, which in itself may vary from person to person. A person may reasonably claim to purchase a designer garment because of a certain threading technique, longevity, and fabric. While this is true in some cases, the desired effect can often be achieved by purchasing a less-expensive version from a reputable brand. Often these high-end items end up as closeout items in discount stores or online retailers where they may be offered at deep discounts from original price, bringing into question the true value of the product. Ultimately, wealthy consumers can be lured by superficial factors such as rarity, celebrity representation and brand prestige.

Collectors within a specific field can suffer from snob effect, searching for the rarest and often most expensive collectibles. Such examples are classic automobiles, stamps and coins.


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Avoiding a Mess: Clever Ways to Streamline Your Renovation

You’re excited about sprucing up your property’s interior with a fresh coat of paint. The task seems easy enough for a DIY project, but there are concerns about messy conditions. Currently, there’s an entire market of products to protect your home with ease. Consider these tools for your next project. There’s no reason why a mess should be your biggest worry.

Dusty Conditions

It’s not unusual to kick up a lot of dust during a project. You might be removing materials from your “popcorn” ceiling or breaking apart hardwood floors. Protect the rest of the house from dust by adding containment walls to the project area. Plastic sheeting attached at the ceiling and floor allows only people through at a designated slit. The dust remains in the work area. It not only protects the home, but it also improves the air quality for everyone outside of the work area.

Surface Protection

Numerous surfaces require protection as you work on any home or business project. Floors, counters and furniture may require a covering offered by TRIMACO. These covers can be fabric dropcloths, plastic films or heavy-duty flooring options. The protection serves several purposes. Items falling onto the surfaces won’t mar them in any way. Workers can step on the protected areas without any worries. In some cases, machinery may require passage on a surface. Simply choose a covering that’s strong enough for the task at hand.

Masking the Edges

Every paint job requires preparation of the surrounding area. Masking tape and paper are common tools in the painting industry. Use products that only the professionals appreciate. Industrial, masking tools are easy to apply and peel off when necessary. You might consider tools that help you create a straight line with your masking tape.

Use the wrong tape on a wall, and you’ll be pulling off adhesive for months to come. Masking tapes are different because the adhesive pulls away with ease. Don’t leave it on for weeks at a time, however. Sticky areas might occur in these cases.

Personal Protection

Spray hoods and other protective clothing allow you to work without any concern about your favorite jeans or shirt. Wear these items when you’re dealing with noxious chemicals. Sprays are particularly bothersome without protective gear. For those huge projects, face masks or respirators may be appropriate. Be aware of the chemicals that you’re using so that you can pick the right protection for your body.

Find most of these products at your local, home-improvement store. They’re also available on Amazon when you want an at-home delivery. Purchase your products before you start any project. You’ll notice that the tasks aren’t as time-consuming as they were in the past. Project preparation simply streamlines every step.

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