David Beckham’s new Stone Roses clothing range includes T-shirts costing ten times more than near-identical designs

DAVID Beckham’s new clothing range includes items costing ten times that of near-identical clobber.

We revealed in January how prices in his fashion designer wife Victoria’s new range had been hugely hiked over similar products.

Footie legend David Beckham has been slammed over his super-expensive Stone Roses T-shirts

Her former England football captain husband, 43, also launched his own fashion collaboration yesterday with the Stone Roses.

It includes several £95 T-shirts with the band’s cover artwork on the front, including their single Waterfall.

However retailers are flogging near-exact designs at 1,000 per cent cheaper, with some £9.95 on Amazon.

Other designs in the collaboration with Kent and Curwen — of which Beckham is a business partner — include a £75 Stone Roses hat, £155 sweatshirt and £450 jacket.

David Beckham says the Kent and Curwen logo makes T-shirts like this worth almost £100
This virtually identical T-shirt can be found for sale online for just £9.95
Beckham also has a design emblazoned with the band’s iconic Lemon print

Getty Images – Getty

David and Victoria show their style at Paris Fashion Week[/caption]

The enormous mark-up was justified, according to Beckham, because they feature Kent and Curwen’s logo.

It comes after a Reebok collaboration with ex-Spice Girl Victoria, 44, included a pair of jogging bottoms costing £219. A similar pair from the sportswear brand costs £21.48.

Also in her collection, £99.95 was the price for a beanie hat – with Victoria and Reebok’s new logo emblazoned on the front – while a plain white T-shirt retailed at £63.

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Why It Doesn’t Seem To Matter That Amazon Will Soon Be The Largest American Clothing Retailer

Amazon, the all-seeing eye atop the pyramid of modern American capitalism, made a lot of news last year as it prepared to take over the top spot in American clothing retail. Hands were wrung on behalf of brick-and-mortar shops (that is, stores with physical retail locations) everywhere. It seemed logical that what Amazon had once done to book retail, and arguably in many other categories, it was doing again with clothing — that is, put nearly everyone out of business.

And Amazon’s business model indeed seems to spell trouble for many traditional clothing stores. Choices as far as you can scroll; an effectively limitless stock room; free 2-day shipping. Low prices, in part due to economies of scale. Instant, accessible ratings and reviews for products from other shoppers (because we trust them as much as our own friends).

The knee-jerk defenses of traditional clothing retail sound familiar. Online, you can’t replicate the experience of browsing casually through a shop and finding something rad via serendipity. Online, no sales associate can provide expertise or guide you to something you might like. Online, you’re not shopping. You’re just buying.

And it seems to be true that people are more comfortable buying from large online stores than most people expected a decade ago. On a recent episode of Jeremy Kirkland’s podcast Blamo!, Mr. Porter Managing Director Toby Bateman said that even in 2010, “There was a perception that guys were never going to do that [buy luxury clothing online], they needed to touch things, they needed to try things on.” Mr. Porter’s parent company, Yoox/Net a Porter, has grown sales annually and was taken over by luxury group Richemont in 2018.

And there’s the rub, really. Amazon isn’t coming for your favorite menswear shop (although Mr. Porter might be). Amazon’s top selling items in apparel are underwear and socks — the fashion equivalent of commodities. Amazon seems to be soaking up the sales of everyday goods lost by stores that were already losing, and where you, likely, don’t shop much, even if much of America does: for years, the top clothing retailers have been Macy’s and Walmart.

Plus, some of those benefits that bring shoppers to Amazon? They’re hollow. Amazon’s search results are often a disastrous list of not-quite-what-you’re-looking-for. Many products on the site are sold by third-party sellers that don’t necessarily have the capacity or logistical mastery of Amazon proper. Amazon’s customer reviews remain polluted with bogus content.

And their prices can be good, but are variable, and in some cases go up when a product is scarce — it’s always worth looking around. Lastly, unlike a place like Mr. Porter, Amazon doesn’t have a brand — it’s an infinite, crowded bazaar where weirdly specific print tshirts sit on the rack next to (used?) $ 5,000 Kiton suits.

It’s a tech truism that markets are disrupted when someone figures out how to remove friction from the customer experience — make it easier to get a ride, for example. Or maybe remove the need to actually interact with a sales associate. But for now, Amazon’s clothing market has too many friction points to attract customers who care much about what they’re buying.



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ICYMI: Bright-Red Street Style Inspiration, Justin Bieber’s Yeezy-esque Clothing Line & Our Favorite Beauty Products of the Month

Sure, we’re all glued to our phones/tablets/laptops/watches that barely tell time, but even the best of us miss out on some important #content from time to time. That’s why, in case you missed it, we’ve rounded up our most popular stories of the week to help you stay in the loop. No need to thank …

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The Hypocrisy of Justin Bieber’s Boring, Beige Clothing Line

via Instagram

According to Justin Bieber, the kids are, like, all right, I guess.

At 24 years-old, the Canadian singer has joined the ranks of performers like Kanye West, Rihanna, and Beyoncé, who all founded clothing lines.

Bieber’s take is called Drew House, and it dropped yesterday after months of hype and promotion on his own Instagram account. The first collection includes sweatshirts, t-shirts, corduroy pants, and a few button-ups, almost exclusively in varying shades of beige.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Eric Jennings to Join Peerless Clothing

Peerless Clothing is bringing Eric Jennings on board to head up its creative strategies.
The former men’s fashion director of Saks Fifth Avenue will serve as vice president of creative direction for the Canadian manufacturer.
John Tighe, president of Peerless, said Jennings will “be collaborating with our merchandising and sales teams on trends, marketing, advertising, public relations and sales support.”
Peerless, the industry’s largest tailored clothing manufacturer, has two of its own brands, Tallia and Tailored, and holds the license for most of the largest brands including Lauren Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Todd Snyder and Van Heusen.
Tighe, a longtime J.C. Penney merchant, joined Peerless last February after Ronny Wurtzburger transitioned our of a day-to-day operational role.
Tighe said Jennings “will be a strong addition to our team, provide a great style sense and great leadership.” He succeeds Suzanne Anderson who left the company last year.
Jennings said the offer came out of the blue, but he felt it was too good an opportunity to pass up.
“I’m thrilled to lend my experience to innovate and evolve the tailored clothing offering at Peerless,” he said. “For much of my career, I’ve been involved in the tailored world, starting at Armani, Hugo Boss, Hickey

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Clothing Crease Tolerance Levels

My tolerance for creases is low. My style moniker is Urban Polish, and I take the polish part to heart. Outfit polish means different things to different people, but to me it’s about wearing great-fitting and well-pressed clothing that looks pristine. 

Compared to many of my friends, family and clients, my intolerance for outfit creases is extreme. Here are the lengths I go to prevent them. 

  • I re-press clean, folded wardrobe items if they look creased before wearing them.
  • I re-press a wardrobe item that I’ve worn already but can be worn again before it goes into the laundry.
  • I press all my clean jeans and flannel pyjamas after they’ve air-dried.
  • I press many of the items that come out of a suitcase wrinkled when I travel.
  • I repress a jacket or coat if it’s creased but doesn’t need a dry clean yet.
  • I send items to eco-friendly cleaners, where they are beautifully pressed. I take the items off the wire hangers and use our hangers so that they stay wrinkle-free.
  • I don’t overpack my storage spaces for wardrobe items. That way items have enough room to breathe and don’t get creased by being squashed into a too small a space.

Yes, I haul out the iron and ironing board frequently. Although I don’t enjoy ironing, being crease-free adds to the happiness factor of an outfit, and makes it worth the effort. I relax into the process and simply make ironing part of my dressing ritual.

Most importantly, I check how crease-resistant an item is BEFORE I purchase it. There is no point in going to the effort of being crease-free at the start of the day if I’m going to be a wrinkled war zone in half an hour. I scrunch the fabric of items on hangers before I commit to buying them to test how wrinkle-resistant they are. I do sit-down tests at home, wave my arms around, bend my elbows and knees, and look at how the fabric of the items handle movement. Items do not have to be completely wrinkle-free, but the fewer creases I can prevent upfront, the better.

100% Linen, viscose, rayon, and all sorts of cottons and wools are the worse crease offenders. That’s why I’m not opposed to fabric blends that make natural fibres more wrinkle-resistant and robust. That said, I do have some 100% cotton, wool and rayon items that stay fairly crease-free throughout the day.

This brings me to my four-year-old toffee-toned Club Monaco trench coat. It fits like a dream and is beautifully made. The fabric is luxe and feels good on the body. It looks pristine and professional at the start of the day after I’ve given it a press, but wrinkles a lot during the day. I can’t wear it twice without a press in between. It’s a high-maintenance trench coat, and that’s why I don’t travel with it, or wear it too often. But I can’t pass it on just yet because it’s gorgeous. Ideally, it needs to go to a new owner who is more tolerant of creases than I am.

I have clients and friends with a very high tolerance for wrinkles. In fact, some don’t even notice them. Many never iron or steam anything, and creases don’t bother them at all. Or the creases bother them, but not enough to haul out the iron or steamer. Some press items after they’ve been laundered and leave it at that. And others are as extreme as I am, freshly pressing many items before wearing them.

There is no right or wrong way to feel about clothing creases. It is simply a personal preference. What is your crease-tolerance level for clothing, and how do you manage it?

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Woman claims luxury clothing store fired her for being Muslim

A New Jersey woman charges a luxe Manhattan men’s store forced her to use her “sexuality” to sell clothes, and then fired her because she’s Muslim, according to a federal lawsuit. Aiza Ejaz, 27, was hired in August 2017 to be operations manager for Arisoho on 471 West Broadway, which specializes in $ 800 cashmere turtlenecks,…
News | New York Post


Link Love: Clothing in Politics

Jess Cartner-Morley analyzes how Michelle Obama’s style has changed during this new chapter of her life.

An interesting article about Meredith Koop, who spent many years in the White House working with the former first lady on her wardrobe, and now continues to do so for the book tour.

Two interesting articles by Vanessa Friedman, chief fashion critic for The New York Times:

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Jessikams recently rediscovered this series of “sixty second styling” videos on Refinery29: “So helpful, like having a friend’s older sister tell you how to go from geek to cool kid.”

We did not invent clothes simply to stay warm. Rachylou thought this was an interesting article.

Suntiger enjoyed this TED talk on lessons from fashion’s free culture.

kkards wanted to share this article about how Cambridge Analytica used fashion tastes to identify right-wing voters.

Suz found some fashionable outfits from The New Yorker for those like her who work from home.

Fashintern wonders what you think of this Huffington Post piece critiquing a recent Wall Street Journal article about what to wear when you work from home.

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Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide From Black-Owned Businesses: Clothing, Jewelry, and Accessories

Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide From Black-Owned Businesses: Clothing, Jewelry, and Accessories 

Tracy Reese

Tracy Reese

Propelled to the limelight after Michelle Obama wore several of he designs, Tracy Reese is one of the brightest light in the fashion world. In an interview with Black Enterprise, she said her designs, “reflects my own vision and continually yields looks that are timeless and wearable, yet fun and feminine.”



I AM HER Apparel

Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide From Black-Owned Businesses

(Image: iamherapparel.com)

I AM HER Apparel is a collection of unapologetic, trendy clothing that makes powerful statements.

Nubian Skin

Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide From Black-Owned Businesses

(Image: nubianskin.com)


Nubian Skin launched with a carefully edited collection of lingerie and hosiery to provide the essential underwear needs to women of color. Headquartered in London, Nubian Skin delivers worldwide. (from the Sista Circle: Black Women in Tech, Holiday Gift Guide curated by Sista Circle founder, Lexi Butler, and stitched together by designer, Adanma Ojukwu.)



Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide From Black-Owned Businesses

(Image: mahnal.com)

Mahnal is a collection of delicate and contemporary jewelry that accents the natural elegance of a woman. Mahnal takes inspiration from the places we find most meditative, exploring themes like silhouettes in nature, the repetition of lines in architecture, or how light plays against texture. Hopefully, with each piece’s organic imperfections, we’re inspired to slow down and feel again. (from the Sista Circle: Black Women in Tech, Holiday Gift Guide curated by Sista Circle founder, Lexi Butler, and stitched together by designer, Adanma Ojukwu.)


Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide From Black-Owned Businesses

(Image: Rae-Vaughn Lucas )

Rep your HBCU with apparel from Tradition, a collegiate and lifestyle brand.

828 Clothing

Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide From Black-Owned Businesses

828 Clothing is a clothing line with a name inspired by the Romans 8:28 Bible verse. The line features versatile styles with the modern mother in mind.


Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide From Black-Owned Businesses



The Nude for all Collection by Naja is redefining the color nude for all races and ethnicities. The lingerie line features three styles of seamless underwear with a matching bra; underwear sizing from XS-XXL and bra sizing in 32-40 with cups A-DDD–all in seven shades of nude. Nude for All is also a movement that empowers women; the products are made by single mothers or women heads of households.


Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide From Black-Owned Businesses


Designer Virgil Abloh’s “Off-White” label has been named as the “Hottest Brand on the Planet” by The Lyst Index, a quarterly ranking of popular fashion brands and products. Off-White is known for its extremely expensive T-shirts, hoodies, and sneakers. It’s also noted for placing signature quotes on its clothes. The brand is often flaunted by celebrities like Rihanna, A$ AP Rocky, and Julia Roberts. 

Treason Toting Co.

Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide From Black-Owned Businesses

(Treason Toting Co./Instagram)

This Baltimore-based company’s products has caught the attention of NBA star Stephen Curry, who was seen wearing the Charles backpack from the original spring/summer collection, not to mention J. Crew and Nordstrom both having previously featured Treason Toting Co. for pop-up shops.

LaQuan Smith

Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide From Black-Owned Businesses


At just 29 years old, designer LaQuan Smith is making waves in the fashion industry. The native New Yorker is responsible for the sleek, body-hugging dress that Beyoncé wore as she presented Colin Kaepernick with the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award at Sports Illustrated’s Person of the Year Awards in December. Smith’s signature sexy, show-stopping pieces have also been flaunted by fashion trailblazers such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian West.

Pyer Moss

Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide From Black-Owned Businesses


Kerby Jean-Raymond, the founder of the Pyer Moss label, is renowned for using fashion as a fierce weapon of force to address and combat social injustice


Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide From Black-Owned Businesses


Born in Brooklyn, Lyfestyle captures the essence of New York City urban art, style, and flavor. The brand was birthed from the imaginations of four friends who loved the lavish fashion on Fifth Avenue but were limited to shopping on a SoHo budget

Abdju Wear

Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide From Black-Owned Businesses


Abdju Wear is a clothing line that sports high-end clothes and sneakers at affordable prices. The brand offers everything from polo-style shirts to high-top sneakers in traditional Pan-African flag colors.

Sassy Jones Boutique

Custom Bags (Image: Sassy Jones Boutique)

Custom Bags (Image: Sassy Jones Boutique)

Sassy Jones Boutique’s inventory consists of everything from earrings to bracelets, handbags, and much more, all customized, unique, and stylized. The boutique has also expanded its glamorous repertoire by introducing an ultra-luxurious mosaic handbag collection under $ 100. Exclusive to Sassy Jones Boutique, these bags are hand-crafted by women artisans in India.


Made Leather Co.

Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide From Black-Owned Businesses


In November 2016, Lenise Williams, an Atlanta-based mom, entrepreneur, and attorney traveled to Marrakech, Morocco, as a guest speaker for a United Nations conference. Little did she know, she would turn her newfound love of Moroccan leather goods into the Made Leather Co., a product-based business that would leave a legacy for her children and attract the attention of several NFL players.

Agbara Life

Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide From Black-Owned Businesses

Agbara Life

Agbara Life creates highly functional and fashionable powered backpacks that feature a sleek matte black look complemented with gold or silver hardware and triple USB output power to keep you connected while on the go. Their Type-C with Power Delivery option allows you to charge the latest phones and laptops including the MacBook Pro.

Mo’s Bows 

Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide From Black-Owned Businesses


Mo’s Bows is a line of handcrafted bow ties sewn from scratch created by teen-aged entrepreneur Moziah Bridges.

Curvy, Curly, Conscious 

These whimsical holiday sweaters feature a meditating “Santa Bae” and a meditating “Santa Zaddy.” Order them online.

The Hairbrella


The Hairbrella is an innovative way to protect hair and makeup from getting ruined in inclement weather. Think of a rain hat for your hair, but the company stresses that “this is not your Grandma’s hair bonnet”

No Sweat Liner for Headwear 

The No Sweat Liners are disposable moisture wicking liners that stick inside any hat, visor, helmet or hard hat. The patented SweatLock technology offers sweat protection from sweat marks, yellow stains, and odors.


The No Sweat Liners are disposable moisture wicking liners that stick inside any hat, visor, helmet or hard hat. The patented SweatLock technology offers sweat protection from sweat marks, yellow stains, and odors.

Blended Designs 


Blended Designs offers backpacks and travel backs celebrating the culture.


Vertical Activewear


Vertical Activewear is “a contemporary, multi-active lifestyle brand for both traditional AND alternative workouts, such as pole and dance fitness, barre, and various forms of yoga.”

SLAPS by Grace Eleyae



Keep your hair game tight with this assortment of stylish, yet protective, satin head wear.


Please note: Black Enterprise makes a small commission when you purchase one of these products via the embedded Amazon links. 

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Which Clothing Tags Do You Remove?

I just got a McQueen scarf from Yoox on deep discount (pictured), and when it arrived I had the usual “ugh, tag” reaction. On really fine fabrics, trying to remove the clothing label can sometimes feel like a game of Operation! So, inspired by that thought, here’s today’s topic: What clothing labels do you remove? Which ones do you leave on even though you know you should remove them? On a related note, are there any clothing brands you specifically hate the tags or clothing labels of — or buy them because you prefer their clothing labels?

For my own $ .02:

What Clothing Labels You Should Remove

I’ve always heard that you should remove the labels on scarves (certainly the care labels, and possibly the brand label like the one pictured) but that you could choose to keep the label affixed and just fold the scarf so the tag is hidden.

Remove the label that comes on the sleeve of your winter coat. (Here’s a fabulous stock photo example of the winter coat sleeve label, which I wasn’t willing to pay $ 175 to use to illustrate this post!) 

On a related note, as we’ve noted in the past, you should rip any vents that are sewn shut with an X (such as on blazers or skirts), and you may also find it easy to rip the pockets for pants and blazers that are sewn shut. (If you can see the lining of the pocket on the inside of the pant or blazer but can’t access it, that’s an indication that it’s meant to be ripped.)

Brands with Itchy Clothing Labels

Personally, I don’t have an issue with itchy clothing labels, but I’ve started noticing them because one of my sons is sometimes sensitive to them. I also remember that one of the female partners I worked with at my firm always wore Hermès scarves along her blazers in large part because she found the blazer collars to be itchy. So I’m curious to see what people say! In general, the places we find eczema-friendly clothing for kids tend to have friendly tags — for example, H&M Conscious and Hanna Andersson — and I’ve found Eileen Fisher clothing to have pretty comfort-friendly labels.

Readers, over to you: What clothing labels do you always remove? Do you ever find clothing labels to be itchy or annoying — and if so, do you avoid that brand in the future? 

Further Reading

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Ezra Miller’s Puffer Coat Dress Shows How Exciting Gender-Neutral Clothing Can Be

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast

From the moment Ezra Miller stepped onto the red carpet for the premiere of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald last week, the actor’s Moncler puffer jacket became a sartorial Rorschach test.

Some said Miller’s ribbed black cocoon turned him into a human sex toy. Dr. Who fans saw a dapper Dalek in Miller. A case could be made for Miller looking like robot actor at a fitting for a futuristic production of Henry VIII. Or even a slightly styled-up Handmaid.

One tweet perhaps summed it up best: “Ezra Miller dressed like a sassy sleeping bag last night & somehow managed to pull it off.”

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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How to Get a Deal at Discount Clothing Stores Like T.J.Maxx, Nordstrom Rack and More

I was perusing Nordstrom Rack and T.J.Maxx recently for the first time in a long time, and I was thinking to myself that when you’re shopping in the stores — particularly discount stores — there are a separate set of rules than if you’re shopping online, to be sure, but also if you’re hunting in […]


Dad Style, Shirts & Clothing – How To Dress Well With Children

Once you become a father, your interest in clothing and style doesn’t change, however the demands of parenting require some creative adaption regarding your wardrobe. If you’re a father of young children, your little one’s needs take priority over a new blazer, a pair of oxfords or a signet ring, but that doesn’t mean you have to switch to sweats until your kids are in junior high.

In today’s guide we show you how you can dress well as a dad and what items to incorporate into your wardrobe.

We all know that eBay is an excellent place to find great deals on clothing that would otherwise be ridiculously expensive for the average gentleman. Between eBay, Craigslist, flea markets and thrift stores, there is no shortage of apparel for the sartorially-savvy man. So what differentiates the average man on a low budget from a father? The short answer is boogers.

The average toddler gets around seven colds a year, and they last an average of three weeks. You do the math. That means that on any given day, a parent is dealing with the side effects of an illness in addition to mealtime messes, diaper duty, the occasional discovery of a jar of shaving cream.

There is no stylish way to carry a baby carrier - just suck it up and deal with it

There is no stylish way to carry a baby carrier – just suck it up and deal with it

So how can you maintain a wardrobe on a budget with kids and avoid ruining clothes that not even a dry cleaner will touch? From one father to another, here are some tips and tricks.

Baby covered in spaghetti

Baby covered in spaghetti

Budget Finds

By now, most of you know the key ways to find a wardrobe for less.  Where to buy clothes, how to find good deals and what to look for from a quality perspective. Instead, in this article, we’re going to focus on what items to buy, how to keep them clean and how to change a diaper in a bow tie.

Me playing with my daugther wearing a suit and bow tie

Me playing with my daugther wearing a suit and bow tie

The Essentials

In most cases, when we refer to essentials we’re talking the gray suit, the navy blazer, the black captoe oxfords. When it comes to the dad’s wardrobe, it’s more about the material than anything. A father is nothing short of a jungle gym. If you’re anything like me, you have clothes you wear in the house and ones you wear outside. The house clothes are just a down-sized version of the full outfit. Assuming you enjoy wearing business attire, here’s how you can keep your wardrobe intact and clean.

1. Be keenly aware of what can and cannot be easily cleaned in your wardrobe.

Let’s face it; you don’t have a lot of time to spend ironing and steaming your shirts or treat your cashmere sweaters the way they deserve it.

You also don’t want to spend your time at the dry cleaners. Hence chose items that are easily washable like cotton over wool or cashmere. Of course, you can still wear your wool suits and dress clothes, but expect to get drooled on. So maybe don’t wear your favorite items around the kids all the time.

You will get dirty with kids, guaranteed - choose clothes that you can easily machine wash at home

You will get dirty with kids, guaranteed – choose clothes that you can easily machine wash at home

2. Don’t wear clothes you’re not willing to get dirty around your kids & Get Cotton Cloths

The best way to avoid getting your clothes dirty is to change your work clothes as soon as you get home. Maybe you have a mudroom where you can do that or you have to get a little more creative, but a house wardrobe is your friend. Maybe you can enlist your partner’s help if need be or maybe it is possible for you to change at the office or the gym.

When you have little ones, it pays to have have a burp cloths handy so you can wipe noses and clean up quickly or prevent clothes from getting stained in the first place. In our opinion, cotton diaper cloths are best, as they are effective, inexpensive and easy to wash. Of course, they are also gentle and soft on your babies’ skin.  You can never have too many of them. In the beginning, I wondered we needed 20 of them, now I think 20 is the minimum.

You will get dirty with kids, guaranteed - choose clothes that you can easily machine wash at home

You will get dirty with kids, guaranteed – choose clothes that you can easily machine wash at home

3. Keep a Second Set of Clothes Handy

If you’ve seen the movie The Transporter, you probably remember the scene where he opens the trunk of his car and has a second identical suit in it. Copy that. At some point in your career as a parent, you will inevitably end up going out in public without realizing you’re wearing a special gift.

A second outfit in the car or at the office can be a lifesaver. Or both. Stick with staple outfits that can be used in various scenarios and paired with clean items you’re already wearing.

The navy blazer, a gray suit, a red tie, and a white dress shirt. It may be a little boring, but it’s clean.

4. Adjust your everyday wardrobe to better suit your family lifestyle

You never want to not play with your kids because your clothes are too precious. So, the best course of action is to add more easily washable clothes to your everyday rotation. 

That means

  • Cotton khakis and corduroys
  • Cotton Polo shirts
  • Cotton cardigans and sweaters and vests
Cotton Cardigans and sweaters are your friend when you have little ones

Cotton Cardigans and sweaters are your friend when you have little ones

Buy Multiples

Sweaters are easy to layer over a dress shirt and a tie. They make you still look put together but they also protect the layer underneath. If you like certain items, consider buying multiples of them, as they may get ruined. So, found a great pair of pants you love? Buy 2 or 3 pairs

Bow Ties Not Neck Ties

Keep in mind, bow ties are a lot more practical than neckties with kids as they are smaller and won’t get stained as easily. Of course, anything that hangs from your neck will get touched but bow ties have less surface area to get a hold off.

The classic Eton Red Ribbon shirt in white

The classic Eton Red Ribbon shirt in white

Wrinkle-Resistant Dress Shirts & Ironing



Personally, we have never been a fan of run-of-the-mill wrinkle-resistant or non-iron dress shirts. Why? Most are treated with formaldehyde which makes the shirt feel plasticky and it loses the wrinkle resistance after a few dozen washes. That aside it is not good for your skin.


The best one we have found comes from ETON. has a process that gives you an eco-friendly wrinkle-resistant shirt without formaldehyde or other toxins. Unfortunately, at close to $ 300 off the rack it is more expensive than most custom shirts. 

So at the end of the day, you may just opt for shirt fabrics that still look presentable even if they are not ironed. Typically, those are Super 80s or Super 60s yarns. Stay clear of superfine fabrics in the Super 180s or Super 240s as they wrinkle very easily. The higher the super number the easier it wrinkles. 

To minimize wrinkles, you can wash your shirts, shake out some wrinkles when it comes out of the laundry and when it is still wet. Then let them dry on a hanger and wear them without having to iron them. Of course, ironing is always better and to see how you can iron a shirt like a pro at home in our series here.

medium brown penny loafers

medium brown penny loafers

Stock Up On Slip-On Shoes

You won’t always have two hands to tie shoelaces with kids around, so loafers, boat shoes and slip-ons, in general, are your friend. In the winter Chelsea boots are a good option.

5. Become a master of home stain removal for washable garments

If you encounter a stain, it’s best to treat stains as soon as possible because the longer they sit the harder they are to remove.

Always start by blotting as much of the stain out of the fabric as possible. For fats and liquids, use a paper towel to draw out as much as you can then quickly research the stain online to find the best course of action or stay tuned for a series on clothes maintenance on our website.

In our experience, it pays to keep a shout wipe or tide stick in your wallet and a bigger stash in the diaper bag.

Kids may also ruin your hair but they will have a blast

Kids may also ruin your hair but they will have a blast

6. Find A Reliable Dry Cleaner With Pick-Up and Delivery Service

Dry cleaning is always an option that should be utilized as little as possible as it generally deteriorates your clothing due to the chemicals involved. Nevertheless, maintaining a close relationship with a good dry cleaner means special treatment when you need it the most. 



Tipping well and show your appreciation can mean staying open late or taking a second stab at a stain just for you. Some dry cleaners offer pickup and delivery for a marginal upcharge. That can be a huge plus as it saves a lot of time and hassle. So do your homework, not all dry cleaners are alike.

A chefs jacket keeps you clean during dinner and still looks good

A chefs jacket keeps you clean during dinner and still looks good



7. Cover Up at Meal Times

Anytime children eat, you will get dirty. It doesn’t matter what you serve. You can give them plain crackers and water, and somehow you’ll end up pulling caked soggy crackers out of their neck wrinkles. An apron is handy, but it just doesn’t cover enough surface area. Instead, hop online and buy yourself a chef’s jacket. They’re just as inexpensive as aprons, but they cover your entire upper body and arms. They also have a more masculine appeal, so you might even find yourself wearing it when dinner guests show up or when barbecuing for a crowd. The chef’s jacket will fit over your dress shirts and ties and prevent you from getting ketchup on the Charvet you just bought. It’s also white, so it can be bleached.

If you feel self-conscious buying yourself a chef’s jacket when you’re not a professional chef, get creative and suggest it as a father’s day present so you can shrug it off and tell people it was a gift from the kids. It’ll make you feel like super dad, and you look a lot cooler than you would in an apron.

Three little chefs enjoying in the kitchen making big mess. Litt

Three little chefs enjoying in the kitchen making big mess. Little girls making bread in the kitchen

8. Expect That Things Will Get Ruined

Last but not least, it is a wise idea to prepare yourself mentally that some clothes will inevitably get ruined. It is guaranteed to happen and the sooner you accept that, the better off you will be.

This isnt real. No family wears this much white. Its an advert

This isn’t real. No family wears this much white.


Hopefully, this primer on how to be a well-dressed dad gave you a little more insight and helped offer some unique suggestions. For many of us, it’s a matter of trial and error. The biggest thing is to maintain a barrier between your children and your clothing, but that doesn’t mean having to keep them at a distance. What are your parenting tips for dressing well?

This article was originally written by J.A. Shapira and Sven Raphael Schneider

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