Colourpop Launches New Zodiac Makeup Collection With KathleenLights

Colourpop Cosmetics is launching a new zodiac-themed makeup collection in collaboration with YouTuber KathleenLights, who its worked with for years now on several astrology-inspired launches. Get your first look at the products and find out how you can get your hands on them, here.


Ashanti Has A Swimsuit Collection With PrettyLittleThing On The Way

Source: David Becker / Getty

No need to look any further for your summer bathing suits or bikinis ladies, Ashanti is prepping a swimsuit collection with PrettyLittleThing and it looks like it’s going to be full of metallics, bright colors and bottom-bearing cuts.

Ashanti was spotted rocking a neon green bikini and blue metallic situation during a photo shoot for the collection that is scheduled to launch on July 1.

“PrettyLittleThing X Ashanti drops 1st July. Get ready to be flexin’ for the ‘Gram in the high summer staples to run the urban jungle in,” a message on a landing page says.

We’ll buy anything that makes us look like Ashanti on the beach.




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Soulland Gets Sustainable With “Logic_041904” Collection

Soulland continues its sustainable Logic collection with its Spring/Summer 2019 presentation of “Logic_041904.” The new collection is Soulland’s second under the Logic name and marks the latest stage in the brand’s move towards sustainability, a movement which encouraged the brand to produce everything more ethically.

The collection is comprised of T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and sweatpants that are all made from ethically sourced, certified organic cotton. Each garment is made under good working conditions and represents a movement of social awareness that examines the effects the fashion industry is having on the environment.

Soulland’s “Logic_041904” collection is adorned with the brand’s moniker which is printed in materials such as flock and water-based ink. Bold logos adorn long sleeve and short sleeve T-shirts, box logos consume the front of sweatshirts and micro-branding rounds off minimalist sweatpants and hoodies. Take a look at the collection in the gallery above and pick up your favorite re-interpreted staples on the Soulland website now. Prices for the “Logic_041904” range from €35 EUR to €120 EUR (approx. $ 40 – $ 135 USD).

In case you missed it, here’s why the fashion industry can no longer ignore sustainability.

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Alexander Wang Pays Homage to His American Fashion Heroes for Spring 2020 ‘Collection 1’

Discussing the current state of the American fashion industry is always a bit of a downer. There’s the messy fashion calendar situation; a jam-packed New York Fashion Week schedule with few marquee names to draw international press and buyers. Then there’s the matter of American talents either …

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This is what inspired Rihanna’s Fenty fashion collection

Rihanna made history as her Fenty clothing line finally dropped this week, as she is the first woman of colour to ever head a luxury fashion brand.

Her clothing line was launched in partnership with LVMH, the behemoth behind the likes of Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Loewe, Celine and Christian Dior amongst many others.

The designs, most of which are already sold out on the Fenty website, are a reflection of Rihanna’s sharp yet edgy style. Think perfectly tailored pieces with unexpected twists such as corset detailing and bold colours, and a hi-lo mix of sparkling jewels, bum bags, denim skirts and neon heels.

This first drop is called 5-19, and in a conversation with Vogue, the singer explained that her collection was actually inspired by the Black is Beautiful movement in the 1950s and 60s, which was pioneered by Brooklyn-based photographer Kwame Brathwaite’s work showcasing the African-American community in Harlem.

He was also the first to create a pageant solely featuring black models, which led to the phrase ‘black is beautiful’. The singer got in touch Kwame, who granted her permission to use his photographs in her campaign.

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She said, ‘When I was coming up with the concept for this release, we were just digging and digging and we came up with these images. They made me feel they were relevant to what we are doing right now.’

Rihanna was also praised for using a diverse cast of models, including 68-year-old JoAni Johnson.

But that’s not all of it, the entrepreneur wants to revolutionise the world of luxury fashion by regularly providing new pieces that her customers can shop directly online, proving she knows how to keep up with millennial demands.

If her beauty and lingerie successes are anything to go by, we think she’ll do just fine.

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Six Artists Scrutinized the Gaps and Hidden Gems of the Guggenheim’s Collection. Here’s What They Found.

The Guggenheim’s latest show puts a group of unusual curators at the helm: the artists Cai Guo-Qiang, Paul Chan, Jenny Holzer, Julie Mehretu, Richard Prince and Carrie Mae Weems. Here’s what they uncovered when they delved into the museums’ holdings.


Selena Gomez’s Puma collection contains secret details

OHMYGOSSIP — Selena Gomez’s second Puma collection contains hidden messages about her life.
The 26-year-old singer released her much-anticipated new fashion line with the sportswear giant on Wednesday (15.05.19), and the star has revealed that she included subtle details about her past in her designs, including the “coordinates” of her Grand Prairie, Texas “hometown”.
There are semi colons referenced to represent the tattoo she got with the cast of Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’ – which she is executive producer of – that has become a symbol for the battle with depression and a new life chapter.
She told US Glamour: “I’ve put everything from some of my tattoos, my birthdate, the coordinates of my hometown — even working with lupus and having an artist create a box for a shoe that I release where some of the proceeds are able to go to that.
“I try to find original ways of doing it. Every single thing that I do in my career and my life, I just feel so grateful. So most of the time, I try to put a little piece of me in [it].”
And Selena loves to keep her wardrobe simple and “sophisticated”.
She added: “I love trying new things, but I generally love pieces that I feel very sophisticated, sexy, and classy in. I personally don’t want anything that’s too distracting.
“I like to be chill. I don’t overthink anything. I’ll put things together randomly–put on a sweater, throw on a belt with it, maybe wear a skirt or something. It just depends on where I’m at, mentally. I mean, half of fashion is being confident, I think.”
The ‘I Can’t Get Enough’ hitmaker also insisted that her attitude to fashion can come and go, but for the majority of the time, she “loves” it.
She continued: “I go through periods where I’m absolutely in love with fashion, and then I go through periods where I’m like, ‘I don’t know what to wear, I don’t know what’s cool.’ And I’m going to just do my own thing.”

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‘Exhalation’ Collection Will Expand Your Mind: A Q&A with Short Story Author Ted Chiang

Ted Chiang’s latest collection of short stories, “Exhalation” (Knopf 2019), out now, invites the mind to stretch and bend around thorny questions of physics, consciousness, free will and storytelling.


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5.8.19 New insane debt collection rules; Paypal & Venmo scams proliferate; One state is making it easier to work

The CFPB has proposed new debt collection rules that are really, really bad for consumers; Watch out when using Paypal and Venmo because scammers are finding more ways to get access to your money via those apps; Arizona is making it easier for folks that move there to find work without government overreach. 

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Police Are Looking For R. Kelly’s VHS Collection Of Him Engaging With Underage Girls

R. Kelly Back In Court For Aggravated Sexual Abuse Charges

Source: Pool / Getty

In Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly, many of the women interviewed confirmed that he has an extensive VHS collection of him engaging in sexual acts with underage girls. Now, the authorities are looking for those tapes to continue to build cases against Kelly. Prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois are interviewing people close to the Grammy-award winning singer in hopes of finding these tapes, TMZ reports.

After being hit with child pornography charges in 2008 for one of the VHS tapes that surfaced, it was rumored that there were more but they were never discovered.

Besides the 10 counts of felony criminal sexual abuse charges against him, he is being investigated in Illinois for sex trafficking, tax evasion and obstruction of justice. The obstruction of justice accusations stem from suspicions that parties close to him pressured and paid off witnesses to keep them from testifying or cooperating with police. Kelly has two other criminal investigations going on in New York and Atlanta. There’s also his back child support that he was arrested for in March.

After the Lifetime series, Kelly’s world began  to fall apart as more and more charges began to be thrown at him related to him engaging with teenage girls for the last 20 years. Attorney Michael Avenatti submitted a 45-minute video of Kelly with an underage girl back in February. It was later reported that he was being investigated by the FBI for allegedly having teenage girls travel from different states with the intent of sexually assaulting them. Chicago police also informed Detroit police of allegations that he sexually abused a girl there in 2001 when she was 13. This led to Lifetime responding with the follow-up, Surviving R. Kelly: The Impact, which aired May 4th  and hosted by Soledad O’Brien.



Collection of David Carr’s writings coming in 2020

NEW YORK — Writings by the late David Carr, the revered author and journalist, are coming out in book form next year. Ta-Nehisi Coates, a friend whom Carr once mentored, is providing the introduction. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt announced Monday that “Final Draft: The Selected Work of David Carr” was scheduled for the spring of 2020…
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India to auction fugitive billionaire’s art collection

Indian tax authorities are hoping for a windfall with the auction on Tuesday of rare oil paintings that were once part of fugitive billionaire jeweler Nirav Modi’s collection and have been seized by the government.

Reuters: Arts


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MAC is launching an Aladdin collection and it’s about to open up a whole new world of magic

Calling all Disney lovers…

MAC Aladdin

Words by Sophie Saleh

Your wishes are about to come true, as MAC has announced a collaboration with Disney’s live action Aladdin movie, which hits cinemas on the 24th May.

Packed with a mix of precious metals and Jasmine-inspired jewel tones, there’s no doubt you’ll be left feeling like a princess when this drops.

MAC’s senior artist and BBC 3 Glow Up judge Dominic Skinner took to Instagram to confirm the news, writing: ‘Just you wait till you see what the collection has in store for you!! Your wish, our command!

‘Manifest your magic with the Disney Aladdin Collection by M·A·C. Launching this May, this wish-fulfilling collaboration highlights the self-determination and confidence of Princess Jasmine in the upcoming live-action adaptation of Disneu’s animated classic, Aladdin – in theatres May 24.’

The campaign puts Naomi Scott, who plays our hero Princess Jasmine in the upcoming film, at the forefront adorned in turquoise and gold.

A lot of the details are still yet to be released, but at the moment there are three products that we know about – cleverly mirroring the Genie’s three wishes granted to Aladdin. Until then, you can sign up for Aladdin updates on MAC’s website.

So far we’ve seen an eyeshadow palette, lipstick and bronzer, all encased in beautifully golden packaging, and MAC have shared some of the eyeshadow swatches on Instagram. All we can say is, take our money NOW.

MAC Aladdin

We’re already lusting over the nine-pan eyeshadow palette filled with purple and golden shimmers, and the hot pink lipstick named A Whole New World has really caught our attention. Not to mention the warm-toned bronzer that we hope will give us that Jasmine-esque glow.

The limited edition collection is said to be available on the 1st of May, so be sure to save that date as it’s going to sell out pretty fast. And, if we’re lucky, there may be a few more additions to the colourful range.

Thanks, Genie.

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Louis Vuitton Pulls All Michael Jackson-Themed Pieces From It’s Fall Menswear Collection

Michael Jackson en concert à Rotterdam en 1988

Source: GARCIA / Getty

Virgil Abloh paid homage to Michael Jackson during his second Louis Vuitton runway show this past January. It was clear the Abloh, like many others, was influenced by Jackson’s style, music, and overall presence. Since the premiere of the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, a slew companies have removed the pop icon’s songs, music videos and memorabilia from their respective platforms to show their solidarity with the alleged victims. Abloh and Louis Vuitton have decided to join the movement by pulling all Michael Jackson-themed clothing from their fall menswear collection.

In a statement to WWD, Abloh said, “I am aware that in light of this documentary the show has caused emotional reactions. I strictly condemn any form of child abuse, violence or infringement against any human rights.” In paying homage to Jackson in the collection, he said his “intention for this show was to refer to Michael Jackson as a pop culture artist. It referred only to his public life that we all know and to his legacy that has influenced a whole generation of artists and designers.

This is a bold move considering the entire collection was inspired by the artists. From the show invitations to the background music, it was clear that Jackson was a huge inspiration to the designer. If you’re not familiar with the F/W 2019 collection, take a look at some of the looks that hit the runway.



ICYMI: Karl Lagerfeld’s Final Chanel Collection, The Best of Paris Street Style & Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya

Sure, we’re all glued to our phones/tablets/laptops/watches that barely tell time, but even the best of us miss out on some important #content from time to time. That’s why, in case you missed it, we’ve rounded up our most popular stories of the week to help you stay in the loop. No need to thank …

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George Michael’s art collection goes on sale in online auction

More than 170 art works from George Michael’s private collection go on sale in an online auction from Friday to raise money for philanthropic causes the late British singer and songwriter had supported.

Reuters: Arts


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See Every Look From Comme des Garçons’s Fall 2019 Collection

In Paris on Saturday, Rei Kawakubo showed her latest collection for Comme des Garçons. Done almost entirely in black, with every model sporting jet-black hair, the overall vibe of Fall 2019 felt darker that her last few outings, though not unfamiliar for Kawakubo who is no stranger to black. And …

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