The Secret World of Online Dating Consultants

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A college student wants to choose photos for your Tinder profile. A blogger wants to rewrite your Bumble bio from scratch. A former event planner is offering you his best opening lines, while an ex-journalist will run the whole date-seeking operation—from the first swipe to the number exchange—for $ 250 a week. Already in a relationship? Not to worry: A clairvoyant psychic is standing by scour Tinder for any traces of your significant other.

With dating apps now dominating the mate-finding market, the gig economy is rising up to meet it. On sites like Fiverr, alongside offers of cheap sound-editing or hourly data entry, an army of freelance workers are ready to help you find love, for as little as $ 5.

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services, marketed as a way for entrepreneurs to get help for their start-up without hiring full-time employees. But typing “Tinder” into the site’s search bar and selecting “relationship advice” category turns up dozens of freelancers from around the world hoping to help you with your love life. (The Daily Beast’s parent company, IAC, owns Match Group, which operates dating apps including Tinder and OKCupid.)

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The Best Resources and Blogs for Female Consultants

Best Resources and Blogs for Female ConsultantsWhen we rounded up the best blogs for women law students a few months ago, we got some reader requests to do a list of favorite resources and blogs for consultants, as well! It’s been far too long since we’ve had a guest post from Road Warriorette, so we reached out — Sarah has been a frequent business traveler for over a decade, flying around the world week after week, and in the past she’s advised Corporette readers about how to plan your FIRST business trip, as well as how to be comfortable on a long flight. Thank you so much for guest posting, Sarah! – Kat.  

Hello Corporette readers! I’m Sarah, and I write about business travel for women over at Road Warriorette. I’ve been a fan of Corporette for a looooong time, and I’m thrilled Kat has asked me to put together a list of my favorite blogs for consultants and other frequent business travelers.

Before we start, let me be straight with you. There just aren’t a ton of blogs written for women business travelers, whether they’re on the road all the time or only once in a while. That’s why I started Road Warriorette almost ten years ago! What I’ve put together below are helpful resources from a variety of perspectives, which have combined to make my life on the road easier. I hope they help you too!


Clearly, if you’re reading this you understand how amazing Corporette is. When I first started traveling for work I would wear black pants and a black blouse and call it a day. Kat shared so many ideas about combining more colors and patterns, helping me create a travel wardrobe that was fun as well as functional.

Go Jane Go

Go Jane Go is a company that bills itself as “aligning industry with the woman business traveler,” and as part of that they have a great collection of essays about consultant and frequent traveler life. They also have a fairly active Facebook group where you can ask questions that only other traveling ladies can answer.

Best Resources and Blogs for Female Consultants

Travel Fashion Girl

Travel Fashion Girl has packing lists for all kinds of travel. Their business travel section is pretty thorough, and many of their general tips are applicable to business travelers as well.

Lady Light Travel

Lady Light Travel was a blog after my own heart. She wrote about traveling the world with a single carry on, with tips on toiletries, outfits, and more. Unfortunately she stopped writing last year, but her blog has plenty of great information and suggestions for frequent travelers.


Best Resources and Blogs for Female Consultants

Outfit Posts

Outfit Posts: The name of the blog says it all — most of her posts are literally pictures of her outfit for the day. As part of her job she is on the road a lot and has some great packing lists and suggestions for capsule wardrobes.


RoadWarrior.Blog is written by a couple of guys, and their take on packing is decidedly different from mine. However, they write some really interesting and helpful things about productivity and healthy travel, and I like their straightforward style.

Best Resources and Blogs for Female Consultants

The Points Guy

If you travel a lot, I highly recommend maximizing your points via strategic credit card use. The Points Guy can show you how to do it whether you want to travel for free or get cash back. The site also has tons of reviews of different flights, airlines, and individual airplanes, which I find especially helpful when planning international travel.

Random Articles For Female Consultants and Business Travelers

There are plenty of articles on regular career blogs that talk about business travel, and a couple I’ve really enjoyed are Road Warriors: The Ups and Downs of Jetsetting for a Job from The Everygirl and How to Manage Frequent Business Trips from FairyGodBoss.

Of course, I can’t leave without plugging Road Warriorette. I write about business travel from a woman’s perspective, primarily focused on packing, etiquette, and making travel easier for newbies.

While there aren’t many comprehensive sites designed just for frequent female business travelers, there are plenty of resources that offer helpful tips and advice. Happy travels!

Readers, what are your favorite blogs and resources for female consultants and business travelers? How often do you travel for business? 

Top photo: Deposit Photos / Corepics. All other photos via Stencil.

Guestblogger and business travel expert Road Warriorette shares her favorite resources and blogs for female consultants and other women business travelers, including the best sites to help you maximize your points, sites geared for women travelers, and sites with fashion advice for business travel!

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