Why Freelancers Need a Freelance Contract

certainly have a lot to consider when operating their business, and a freelance
contract (also known as an Independent Contractor Agreement) helps with a lot
of it. Some of these things are so fundamental to how you do business that both
you and your clients will be happy having it all laid out in an official

example, establishing details like compensation, ownership rights, and the
nature of the partnership can help start the relationship off smoothly. Let’s
take a look at the biggest reasons you should have a freelance agreement with
your clients.

Mutual Understanding with
a Freelance Agreement

A contract
isn’t a substitute for a conversation with your client—it’s complementary and
in the same spirit. The difference is that a contract takes into consideration all
the little nuances that could actually become big factors in the partnership.
For example, if your client prefers that invoices be filled out in a particular
way, the contract can account for that. It can also cover details like the
duration of the contract (the number of calendar or working days until

In an Independent Contractor Agreement, each party’s responsibilities (such
as payment, delivery, and quality assurance) are clearly laid out, which
ensures both you and your client know what to expect from one another.

One of the misconceptions
about contracts is that they place too many restrictions on both parties, which
can constrict the relationship. However, all relationships—even business ones—grow
when both parties have an understanding of the parameters, expectations, and
nature of the relationship, and a freelance agreement can help in this regard.

A Contract Ensures You Get
Paid Properly

You might
also be thinking about all the financial details you’d like to outline in your contract.
Your client will likely want to have their budget noted, and you’ll want them
to clearly understand your fees. However, there are other details you may want
to include but might not have considered, such as:

  • When and how (through which forms of
    payment) you’d like to be compensated
  • Whether you’ll be charging fees for
    work that’s submitted late
  • If there are costs outside the
    parameters of the project (additional expenses such as travel costs) and which
    party will cover them

Of course,
you want to be paid properly, and your client won’t want any surprises on their
invoice. This is one of those areas where even the most minor slipups can have
major consequences, so it’s a good idea to have a contract that covers these

Intellectual Property and
Ownership Rights in a Contract

You should
also consider what you’d like to happen to your work after you complete the
project. In particular, consider who will have ownership and all the rights to
the product.

property, as it pertains to freelancers, includes any copyrights, trademarks, and
other rights associated with the product. Intellectual property determines which
party owns the product and is able to use (or even reproduce) it as they like. This
is where things can get a bit more complicated.

example, let’s say you’re an author and you write a short story for a client. The
client pays for the product along with all the rights associated with it, and
then, a year later, makes a short film out of it. Because they purchased all of
the rights to the story, including the right to reproduce it, the copyright is
theirs, so all the profits are too.

As a freelancer,
you might run into issues regarding ownership rights. Usually, you have the
option of holding onto the rights to your work, and you can opt to sell those
rights later if an opportunity comes up. If all you want is recognition as the
author of your work, be sure to include an intellectual property clause in your
freelance contract.

It’s About Both the Project and
the Partnership

Think of a
contract as being complementary and supplementary to your conversations with
clients. A freelance contract covers the important topics that almost always
come up in a partnership, but does so right from the start which helps to avoid
any future misunderstandings.

A freelance
contract ensures you get paid properly, and that your client isn’t surprised by
any additional fees you need to charge them. The contract also lets you hold
onto your work and receive appropriate compensation for its reprinting or

A freelance
agreement will help you cover all the bases in your professional relationships
and build the kind of partnerships that could last far beyond the project.

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Machado’s deal, if completed, would be the second-largest in baseball history behind Giancarlo Stanton’s $ 325 million, 13-year deal signed with the Miami Marlins ahead of the 2015 season. Among free agents it tops Alex Rodriguez’s $ 275 million, 10-year contract with the New York Yankees from 2008-17.

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However, general partner Peter Seidler, without confirming the deal, said: “Ron and I, we love the city of San Diego, we love sports in San Diego, we’re also well aware of the history. There’s never been a championship … We as an organization, we want to completely change that. We want our franchise to win year after year after year. And we’re going to do whatever we can rationally do to make that happen.”

The Padres haven’t had a winning season since 2010 and haven’t been to the playoffs since 2006. They haven’t won a playoff series since the 1998 NLCS against Atlanta.

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The Padres have been rebuilding mostly with prospects and draft picks, although they are making a stunning move early in spring training for the second straight year after reaching a $ 144 million, seven-year contract last February with first baseman Eric Hosmer.

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With the 26-year-old Machado on board, the next big move for the Padres is expected to be the promotion of shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr., the 20-year-old son of a former big leaguer and the No. 2 overall prospect in baseball.

A four-time All-Star, Machado hit .297 last year and set career bests with 37 homers and 107 RBIs. A four-time All-Star and two-time Gold Glove winner, he has a .282 career average with 175 homers and 513 RBIs in seven big league seasons.

The Chicago White Sox were among the teams that pursued Machado.

“Still in a bit of disbelief. The one thing I can say — I just told Rick (general manager Han) this and I will tell Jerry (owner Reinsdorf) and our coaching staff and players — I feel we put our best foot forward. Jerry, in particular, really stepped up,” he said.

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Machado also met with the Yankees, a team that had expressed concern over Machado’s remarks about hustling — not hustling, actually — during the playoffs.

After failing to run out a grounder in the NL Championship Series, Machado said: “Obviously I’m not going to change, I’m not the type of player that’s going to be ‘Johnny Hustle’ and run down the line and slide to first base.”

Machado tried to clarify his remarks after the season, saying, “looking back, it doesn’t come across how I meant it.”

Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner took notice of Machado’s initial comments, labeling them “troubling.”

“If we’re interested in any player, to sit down with them face to face and ask him, ‘Where did this come from? What was the context around the entire interview? Was there a point? How do you justify it?’” Steinbrenner said in November.

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