2019 Tribeca Film Festival Preview: From The Biggest Movies To The Coolest Cast Reunions

2019 Tribeca Film Festival Preview: From The Biggest Movies To The Coolest Cast Reunions

The 2019 Tribeca Film Festival is about to get underway in New York City, featuring 103 titles and lots more to do, watch and experience. From cutting edge virtual reality exhibitions to intimate conversations with some of the best ever in the world of film and television, this year's festival promises something for every kind of entertainment lover. 

Fandango recently stopped by to preview the 2019 festival on New York Live. Some of the highlights include an opening night…

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Credit cards with the coolest perks: Wine tastings, museum admission, free hotels


Your first credit card probably lured you in with a free beach towel and a promise of 1% cash back. Is that still the card you’re carrying in your pocket? If so, you’re missing out on one of the best parts of the modern economy: credit card perks.

Credit card perks and rewards can be worth literally thousands of dollars every year, and you don’t have to be a big spender to enjoy these big rewards. In some cases, simply being a cardholder is enough to give you valuable perks and discounts. 

Whether you’re looking to fund your retirement, pay off your debt, travel in style, or take advantage of freebies and discounts, we’ve got the credit card with the coolest perks and rewards for you. Read more…

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The coolest airport attractions in the world


When they said it’s about the journey as much as the destination, they probably didn’t mean “check out these super cool airport attractions”, but they do make a fun change from spending all your money on duty free before you’ve even got on the plane, or trying to nap sitting up on hard metal chairs. Here are some fun things to check out at various airports around the world.

Aquarium, Vancouver International Airport, Canada

Vancouver has a fantastic aquarium, which is well worth a visit, but if you haven’t found time to squeeze it into your itinerary, the airport has a pretty decent offering. There is an epic 30,000-gallon aquarium where you will see over 5,000 different creatures swimming around, including wolf eels, giant kelp, and rockfish, and another tank that is just full of jellyfish!

Indoor Slide, Changi International Airport, Singapore

This airport has so many fun attractions (from a butterfly garden to a rooftop pool and bar to start your vacation early) that it’s hard to know which one to highlight. However, the enormous four-story slide that is suitable for adults and children is probably the coolest! Much better than having to wait for a lift when you’re in a hurry.

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Netherlands

The Rijksmuseum is one place that should be on your list if you are ever in Amsterdam, and thankfully there is a collection of exhibits in the airport for your perusal, to whet your appetite before you head to the real thing. You might not be surprised to learn that this is a record breaker, being the first ever major museum based in an airport terminal.

Live concerts, John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York

Live from T5 is a JetBlue exclusive concert series and offers some entertainment before you board. It was launched in 2009 and artists have included The Wanted, Boyz II Men and even Taylor Swift! Your trip has to be pretty well timed to allow you to see an act you love (and you have to be flying with JetBlue), but what a fun way to kick off your vacation before you’ve even left the runway.

Traditional Korean Cultural Experience Zone, Incheon International Airport, South Korea

This is a totally free attraction which aims to teach you a little about South Korean customs and culture in a fun way. There are craft workshops to teach you how to make fans, and amazing shows are put on featuring traditional South Korean acts such as harp recitals and masque dances. Educational but entertaining all at once, you’ll want to spend some time here before your adventures begin.

It doesn’t take much for us to need an excuse to start looking at flights and vacations, to be honest, but these quirky airport attractions are certainly helpful in deciding where to go next. After all, if a flight is delayed, we’d rather spend time going down a four-story slide, or watching fish, than waiting in line for overpriced coffee!


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Coolest food festivals around the world


Imagine jetting off on vacation. Now, imagine jetting off on vacation knowing that you get to satisfy your love of food at the same time. Who knew life could get better? Thankfully, there are a handful of the coolest food festivals around the world that should be more than enough for you to sink your teeth into.

Cayman Cookout – Cayman Islands

Want to learn how to cook from a Michelin-star chef while feeling the white sand from the beaches ooze between your toes? Look no further. The Cayman Cookout is the perfect place for anyone with a love of brilliant weather and food as cooks from all around the world all prepare some of their greatest meals alongside one another while everyone gets to try a piece at the end.

Salon du Chocolat – France

We have two words for you: chocolate and Paris. Yes, this food festival will combine the elegance of the city with the deliciousness of chocolate all in one incredible event. Hundreds of people from all around the world travel to the Salon du Chocolat where they create everything from their finest tastes to chocolate sculptures and everything in between. Still not convinced? There is also a fashion show where the models wear chocolate dresses.

Pizzafest – Italy

Many of us have fallen for pizza over the years, and it seems as though it could soon be time to travel to Italy to give it all the love this food truly deserves. As well as getting to try all kinds of flavors (cue mouth drooling already), visitors can also learn how to make the pizzas for themselves as well as watch some of the top chefs in the world compete head to head in the annual World Pizza-Making Championship.

Chinchilla Melon Festival – Australia

While you might have never realized how much you love melons, that could all be about to change thanks to the Chinchilla Melon Festival in Australia. There is celebrity melon eating, melon skiing, and even melon chariot racing. This food festival is also the perfect place for melon growers to show off their incredible harvest of the year before everyone gets to tuck into a melon feast while dancing the night away at the street parade.

La Tomatina – Spain

This festival is held in a small town in Spain and could be the ultimate way that many of us need to let off some steam. If pelting thousands of strangers with perfectly ripe tomatoes sounds like your idea of a good time then it might be time to book a flight to Spain. Be prepared to get messy as people at this food festival spend an hour throwing nearly 133,000 pounds of tomatoes all thanks to a street brawl back in the ‘40s.

Whether you want to enjoy a selection of gourmet meals or finally have the chance to play with your food, there are so many food festivals in the world that allow thousands of people to come together and show their appreciation for the goods on offer. Life really can’t get much better.


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The coolest bars Berlin has to offer


Home of the famous Berlin Wall and the capital of one of Europe’s most entertaining and experienced-packed countries, Berlin is filled with vibrant streets, legendary parties, and cultural landmarks you just can’t miss. It’s a tourist destination that attracts millions of people from around the world every year. In addition, one of the things that Berlin is known for is it’s unique bar scene.

The bar culture in Berlin is something to be taken very seriously, as the city offers a wide variety of hip places to hang out. Here are some of the coolest bars that Berlin has to offer

The Green Door

Behind an actual green door lies The Green Door, a very popular cocktail bar that attracts a lot of tourists and deep-pocketed regulars who come to experience the classy lounge environment while sipping on one of their delicious cocktails from their impressive beverage menu. Their specialty? The Green Door cocktail that brings you a balanced mix of excellent champagne, lemon, sugar and a touch of mint. It’s a go-to bar you just can’t miss.

Das Hotel Bar

If you are looking for something a little more casual and relaxed, Berlin’s famous Das Hotel Bar is the place to go. It is located in the heart of Kreuzberg and is known to be one of the best places to visit in that area. With a variety of local drinks, live music, and shabby decor, you don’t have to worry about being too dressed up or worrying about your credit card being drained. Simply grab a chair, sit down with your friends and try their famous twist on the classic gin and tonic. But don’t let the casual look fool you as this place can get pretty packed during the weekends, so make sure you get there early if you want to grab yourself a table.


Looking for a beautiful view with that beer? Located on top of a high building, the Klunkerkranich is the absolute best and top of the line rooftop bar in Berlin. Known to attract the youngsters of the city, this bar surely does the trick on a hot summer day or a spring night as you watch the sunset with a delicious drink in your hand. And unlike other places, this bar is far from pretentious. Maintaining a strong cultural vibe around an urban gardening scene, this bar is worth the three euro entrance fee that goes towards keeping the place green and supporting the live music that plays there every day. If you’re looking for a beautiful and relaxing place to grab a drink, Klunkerkranich is the place.

There is truly an endless list of spectacular bars in Berlin, all unique and interesting in their own way. From the refreshing open-mindedness of the Silver Future bar to the elegant and classic ORA bar, there really is a bar for every taste and budget. Sitting in a local bar is also a great way to bond with the community and to experience the culture of Germany, as you meet individuals who share their stories in places that resemble pieces of German history.


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The coolest food trucks in America


It seems like more and more food trucks are taking over the culinary world and we can’t help but absolutely love it! Food trucks have opened a new world for foodies, for those who just like to grab a bite on the go and especially for those who are looking to start a career in the restaurant business, it’s really a win-win for all sides. It’s almost like a micro-test of how well your business and concept could go before you go and invest thousands of dollars on opening a restaurant. Moreover, it’s like free advertising where you pretty much have your own rolling media platform and all you have to do is focus on cooking good food.

The amount of food trucks that have opened across the U.S. and across the world even, is simply ungraspable. People have realized that there is more than just sandwiches, ice cream or flipped burger, in fact, there is an entire world of tastes cuisines that is now open  for the wide public. You don’t have to book a table at a michelin star restaurant if you want top-notch food, because you can now buy gourmet food on the street if you are craving for something special. Food trucks have definitely gotten fancier over the years, but there’s still a neat variety of nostalgic trucks that serve just good but simple dishes. The best thing about traveling food trucks is that if you hear about a certain theme or concept that is being served in one side of the country, there’s a good chance you’ll get to taste it in your area because these babies go on food-tours as well! We’ve selected the coolest food trucks that can be found in the U.S in terms of design, taste and just overall awesomeness.

Thoroughfare Food Truck

This beautiful food truck opened it’s windows back in 2013 and has been serving the residents of Greenville, South Carolina ever since then. Neil and Jessica who also happen to be a married couple own this lovely truck and they serve a good combination of refined ut also familiar flavors. For example, you can get rosemary chicken salad topped with fine goat cheese. They also specialize in private events.

Border Grill

Ok, so this one has got to be all about good food, after all Border Grill was founded by two former Top Chef Masters contestants, Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger. These two took their upscale Mexican food to the streets with their lovely Border Grill Truck. They just made a few tweaks to make their original menu fit the -on-the-go crowd. You can find six different tcos, five options for quesadillas and other great side dishes.

Cupcake Carnivale

On a sweeter note, Cupcake Carnivale is every dessert lover’s dream come true. From Strawberry Oreo Cookies & Cream to Chocolate Pumpkin Patch and That’s S’more, one can find the sweetest and most creative cupcakes they’ve ever seen. It’s truly a cupcake festival in one cute truck.

Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

This Hawaiian truck is one historical institute. The family business opened its gates and later its windows in 1953 when there were just a couple of shrimp recipes. What started as occasional stops alongside the North Shore soon turned into a sensation all over the country. Just by the number of signatures that are found all over the truck you can sense that this place is a must-visit.


Washington D.C. wouldn’t seem like obvious choice or location for a food truck, but that’s part of the charm. This is a fusion-free food truck, which is kind of refreshing in a way. The menu constantly changes and some of the dishes you can find there are  grilled cheese with manchego, seared beef tenderloin and for dessert – hazelnut ice cream flauta. Yummy!


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Disney and Beats By Dre have just collabed on the coolest Mickey Mouse headphones

Oh boy.

disney headphones

The past month has been a whirlwind of Disney-related nostalgia as the brand’s iconic mouse is turning 90 this year. From super cool Vans’ collaborations through to an omega nostalgic 90s Flashback line, music lovers are the next to get their much-needed dose of nostalgia with a pair of sick headphones. Audiophiles, steel yourselves — Beats by Dre have just launched the ultimate pair of headphones for Disney lovers and we’re totally in love.

The new headphones have been created especially for Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary and unsurprisingly, he’s plastered all over the wireless headphones. Designed in a cool grey and with big comfy cushioned ear muffs, you’ll find Mickey striking a pose across the band looking ready to bust a move as you bust out some tunes.

Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary Edition Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

disney headphones

Priced at £279.95, sold through Apple and Disney

Available on November 11

The headphones also come with a cute anniversary pin, sticker and a sleek felt case (because something this adorable needs to be protected). You also don’t have to worry about any fiddly cables getting in the way as it’s totally wireless, meaning you can leave your phone on the table and go about your business in the house without lugging your tech around. And you know what that means: impromptu vacuuming dance party.

The headphones aren’t available just yet, but you’ll be able to snag a pair of your very own on November 11. You’re going to have to pay top dollar though, as they’re priced at £279.95 and will be available through the Apple store and online on Disney.com. Potential Christmas present? (‘Tis the season for expensive gifts, after all.)

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