How Comic Book Costumes Make the Transition from Page to Screen

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating a superhero costume on screen? It’s a lot more involved than you might think. It’s not just a case of copying the comic book illustrations. In fact, the two are often poles apart. And while a costume designer working on a superhero movie will look at the evolution of the costume on the page, it’s a very small part of bringing the costume to the screen.

For the comic book artists, it’s unlikely they’re thinking much further ahead than the blank page they have to fill. Artist Alan Davis has been prominent in the field for more than 30 years. He’s worked for both DC and Marvel, and for him, it’s about keeping things simple.

Making Life Easy for 22 Pages

Batman's ears look just about the right size, but as for Catwoman's nose…

“Where we differ from film is that with a real-life costume, you can make it as detailed as you want and film it from every angle. I’ve got to draw it and I don’t want to draw every detail so simplicity is usually one of the things I consider,” says Davis.

The artist, who has worked on 2000AD; X-Men, Avengers and Fantastic Four titles for Marvel; and DC’s flagship Detective Comics among others, adds “I don’t think [a director or costume designer is] going to care what I’ve done. They’re going to want to do something that’s going to make a good toy. I’m worried about my considerations, which are that I’ve got to draw it for 22 pages so it needs to be something I can draw quickly and economically. They’re looking at something that’s going to be flashy so it’s completely different.”

But does Davis find he has to stick to a set of limitations? Either because of the iconic nature of a character on the comic book page or because a certain style of artwork is considered ‘sacred’?

“Oh without a doubt,” he says with no hesitation. “Yeah, the first criticism I got was: ‘Make Batman’s ears smaller’. That I’d made them too big. It was: ‘Make Batman’s ears smaller and make women’s noses smaller’. Those were the two criticisms I got on my first job. I was drawing women with real-sized noses. It didn’t go down well at all.”

Wonder Woman Challenges

Lynda Carter's iconic Wonder Woman costume with Michael Wilkinson's modern version from Batman v Superman in the background at London's DC Exhibition: Dawn of Super Heroes.

For costume designer Lindy Hemming, who worked on the Dark Knight trilogy with Christopher Nolan and Wonder Woman with Patty Jenkins, the route to finished design and beyond is far more involved and labour intensive. And that’s despite the fact that on Wonder Woman, she had a previous screen design to work from.

Lindy explains, “The great thing about designing the Wonder Woman costumes was, and you can’t imagine how liberating it is, that they had already had Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman. So I had a kind of backstory to fall back on. I wasn’t falling back on Lynda Carter twirling, I was falling back on [costume designer] Michael Wilkinson and Batman v Superman. So my challenges to bring it from the script to the screen were to try to create a world for the Amazon women which somehow keyed into the end result. Which is that Wonder Woman takes this costume and leaves the island of Themyscira and goes off into the world.”

Integrating Wonder Woman Into the Real World

Wonder Woman
One of Wonder Woman's most memorable scenes.

Hemming continues: “So all of the costumes for the island of Themyscira needed to somehow, design-wise, make sense with this costume. Instead of it being a standalone thing that comes from nowhere and is only originating from [Lynda Carter’s 1970s] cloth costume, it came from some logical armour.

“My other challenges in this film were to bring the worlds which she then goes to save, or help with — which was the First World War — to make it feel as absolutely real and horrible and muddy and dirty … so that when you see her in her superhero costume you accept it as more real and more believable because the world she’s entering is a real and believable world. That’s the sort of juxtaposition which you can say you want to do, and you can only know if it works when you watch it happening in the film.”

It’s probably safe to say it works – and the swathes of people who went to see the film will most likely agree.

Ancient History + Comic Book Art = Screen Design

Wonder Woman concept
Wonder Woman concept art.

Although Lindy admits to taking inspiration from the pages of the comic books, she points out that what Alan Davis and other artists like him do is a “different discipline.” When she’s designing for a film, Lindy’s process is all-encompassing.

“You must look at everything,” says the Oscar winner, who’s worked on everything from Harry Potter to James Bond. “I looked at ancient Greece, I looked at ancient Thrace, all these places and then I also looked at the way… the people drawing the comic book art had obviously looked at the same things, and [I looked at] how they’d interpreted them. So, you’re every day allowing yourself a bit of leeway when you design things because you look to see what the [comic book artists] did and how [what you do] will be acceptable to the fans. You think: ‘Would they believe this, would I believe it if I saw it? So you do look back at the comics.

“Every day we work with concept artists and illustrators. So every day we’re handing over our stuff to them. But that’s a different process really. I don’t actually think [comic book artists would] be that interested to talk [to us]. It’s a different discipline, what they do.”

How An Unlikely Rockstar Influenced Heath Ledger’s Joker

the dark knight batman joker heath ledger
Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight.

One of Lindy’s favourite costumes she’s worked on is Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight. For Lindy, the challenge was conveying why he would have green hair, why his face looks the way it does and why he would wear the clothes he does. She took inspiration from real life ‘dandies’, as she calls them. She cites Keith Richards, Sid Vicious and Malcolm McLaren, as well as one other surprising one-time darling on the UK indie scene, ex of Kate Moss and former Libertines singer Pete Doherty.

They all use or used the look of madness as a method of getting their own way – that’s the conclusion she came to, and that provided the justification she needed. She borrowed ideas from fashion designers Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen and eventually landed on Ledger’s iconic look. With some input from Christopher Nolan, who was the brains behind the green waistcoat.

Batman’s costume was another, more complicated, matter. With Nolan intent on conveying gravity, and bringing a patina of reality to the character and his story, Hemming had her work cut out.

For Lindy, it was a case of trying to understand who the person that chooses to dress as ‘the Batman’ really was. And that was her springboard. This meant that the costume had to be logical, practical and modern. She took inspiration from the multilayered materials used in the manufacture of Nike trainers, specifically, shoes built for protection, flexibility and lightness. She investigated plastics, meshes and metal meshes as ways to create depth, and she also looked at military gear.

Batman’s cloak, in particular, was a challenge. She rejected Nolan’s suggestion of velvet as a fabric because, although it gave a look similar to the one she was after, it didn’t move in the way she felt the cape should. So she ended up consulting costume designed Graham Churchyard – known for his work on various Marvel and DC films – who suggested flocking kite fabric. Which turned out to be just the ticket.

Building a Leather Library

Wonder Woman and the Amazons in their Themysciran warrior attire.

And if you’re in any doubt, picking fabrics isn’t simple.

“I have a team of people who go out and I ask them to look — for instance, [for Wonder Woman], I asked them to bring me as many leather samples as I could specify: animal print skins, different textures of leather, different weights of leather,” says Hemming. “I began to make a sort of leather library so that I could use it for the Amazon armour. But also for the Veld, the Belgian village, we were looking for fabrics all over the place that were cottons, that were of the period, so that they looked like they belonged there.”

So how does she come to a final decision?

“So, you sort of make a room of fabrics and you’d have your character pinned on the wall, what you think you’re doing,” Hemming explains. “And then your fabrics, as you choose them, you pin them beside it and so slowly you build up a picture. Maybe the person only has one costume, then you have few fabrics. Or maybe they have ten costumes, so you sort of build your line of what the costume will entail and what you will buy and use for it. Sometimes you’re limited because the costume has to be a multiple costume for a stunt. You’re not able to use the thing you’d like and so what you do then, if you’re lucky enough, you find the perfect example and then you get the fabric printed.”

Next time you watch a superhero movie, think twice before criticising the costumes — if that’s your tendency — now you know the lengths they go to to get them just right. It’s one thing to draw them on the pages of a comic book. Bringing them to life on screen is a completely different thing altogether, involving endless research, countless 2-D and 3-D designs, the meticulous investigation of different materials and fabrics — as well as plenty of other practical considerations too granular to detail here.

5 of the Best Superhero Costumes Ever to Appear On Screen


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Here Are the Hottest Halloween Costumes of 2018

Flossing is gonna be huge this Halloween. (Calm down, dentists. Your dreams aren’t coming true.)

Fortnite, the video game that has captivated players and become the bane of professional baseball and hockey teams, looks set to dominate Halloween 2018. So, be prepared to hand out candy to all manner of Skull Troopers, Brite Bombers, and Bunny Brawlers.

Though Halloween is still well over a month away, Fortnite costumes are among the most popular searches for shoppers on eBay. The outfits are currently #2 on the site’s trend list after topping it Thursday. And interest is continuing to grow.

Over on Amazon, meanwhile, princesses, and T-Rexes are leading demand, so far. Among kids’ costumes, a Frozen-inspired dress and inflatable T-Rex costume are the two most popular items.

T-Rex costumes are just as popular for men and women, as they were in 2017, as well. (Lederhosen and Dirndl dresses are also popular among adults, but those tend to spike before Oktoberfest and typically see interest dwindle before Halloween.)

Halloween costumes are big business for both manufacturers and companies that license their characters. In 2017, Americans were spent an estimated $ 9.1 billion on the holiday. One study found that the average per person Halloween spending ranged from $ 169 to $ 183.


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Link Love: Olympic Figure Skating Costumes

Designer Vera Wang, who used to be a figure skater herself, reflects on more than 20 years of designing Olympic figure skating costumes.

I also enjoyed this Racked article explaining everything that’s involved with making these costumes.

French figure skater Maé-Bérénice Méité received lots of comments because she wore a a bodysuit with pants for the ladies’ short event.

The Huffington Post looks back at “some of the best, boldest and most memorable men’s Olympic skating costumes through the years.”

Fab Links from Our Members

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Firecracker was touched by this report on Carolina Herrera’s farewell show as designer of her clothing line. Wes Gordon is taking over as head designer.

L.L. Bean is tightening its generous return policy. Aquamarine says: “Of course it was abused, human nature being what it is, so I can’t say I blame them.”

Beth Ann would like to share this article about the styling of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in “Grace and Frankie. She adds: “The music used in the show is as good as the styling!”

Last but not least, our wonderful YLF’er Jane was featured on the website of Libby, a British clothing label that makes all their clothes in London. Doesn’t Jane look super stylish!

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Check out some of the year's most creative costumes below:

Cardi B as Cruella de Vil

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The best pop culture Halloween costumes of 2017

This Halloween, make a news-splash! 2017 was a yuuuge year, with headlines coming faster and in greater numbers than Kardashian spawn. Why not take advantage of the non-stop insanity and let it inspire your costume on Oct. 31? Here, The Post teaches you to dress like lazy mayors, casual princesses, Instagrammable beverages and more.
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The Most Offensive Political Costumes of 2017

Trump’s long-promised wall as a Halloween costume looks like a janky onesie of a
Pink Floyd classic.

Credit: via Amazon
Trump’s long-promised wall as a Halloween costume looks like a janky onesie of a Pink Floyd classic.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Julianne Moore Wears Costumes From 3 Different Eras in ‘Wonderstruck’

“You have to treat it like two completely separate films that you’re working on concurrently, so I would have a ’20s day and a ’70s day,” legendary costume designer Sandy Powell told me when asked about working on the new Todd Haynes movie, “Wonderstruck,” which opens in theaters on …

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3 Clueless Halloween Costumes That Cher Horowitz Would Approve Of

While there may be plenty of current pop culture–inspired costumes you could choose this year, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that gets more compliments than one of these Clueless Halloween costumes, never mind that the movie was released in 1995.

Whether you go as Cher Horowitz, Dionne, or Tai, the classic ’90s flick provides ample fashion inspiration—and the outfits are relatively easy to re-create at home (bonus points if you grab a friend or two and go as a group). All you need is plenty of coordinating plaid, knee socks, shiny Mary Janes, and an attitude that says “we’re friends because we know what it’s like for people to be jealous of us.” Alternatively, grab a red minidress (no Alaïa required), a slightly OTT white feather boa, and an old flip phone, and you’re ready for a party in the Valley.

Below, shop three perfect costumes inspired by the girls of Clueless, and start memorizing your speech about how it does not say RSVP on the Statue of Liberty.

What you’ll need:
What you’ll need:
What you’ll need:
In need of more inspiration? Here are the most stylish Halloween 

Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend Coverage |


Up to 50% Off Original Price @!

Women in these Halloween costumes are likely to cheat

You may want to keep an eye on your other half this Halloween, after 66 percent of women said they were more inclined to stray on October 31. And it’s all down to their costumes getting them in the mood, according to a survey of 9,300 ladies by affair dating website Victoria Milan. Even more…
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10 historical Halloween costumes for smart girls and boys


Joyce Slaton

posted in Products

You can’t go wrong with a Halloween costume based on history. Portraying a historical figure helps kids understand history in a new way — not as dusty old-timey events that existed only in the pages of a book, but real things that happened to real people.

Most historical figures are also easily recognizable — kids HATE people asking what they’re supposed to be — and lend even the smallest trick-or-treaters an air of dignity. So whether it’s Cleopatra or Alexander Hamilton who makes your kids’ eyes light up, here’s what you need, or can easily whip up at home.

1. Joan of Arc

She changed history in France — and was a badass with a really cool outfit. This version in particular has a great hood that’s made of mesh that looks a bit like chain mail, yet is still light and soft, and the dress is comfy and warm (though you may want to add a flesh-colored bodysuit underneath or a cloak on top). Though the costume is pictured with the sword, it doesn’t come with — pick up this good-looking California Costumes Crusader Sword & Shield Costume Accessory for $ 17.53 extra if your child wants the accessories. This version of the costume is only available for youth sizes 8-14; if you want the costume for a smaller child, look for “knight” or “warrior” costumes, particularly if they have “chain mail” head accessories and a fleur de lis on the front.

Buy it: sizes 8-16 $ 30.31-$ 36.95

2. Alexander Hamilton

Kids crazy over the musical will be eager to slide into colonial wear. We love this costume because it comes with the tricorn hat, which kids love playing with. It doesn’t come with the wig — a Hamilton costume may not need it, if your child does or if you want to turn your Hamilton costume into a George Washington, wigs can be had for $ 12.31 — or the shoes. You can fashion your own colonial look at home with white or black socks, and buckles made out of cardboard and tinfoil.

Buy it: sizes 6-12 $ 23.25-$ 28.99

3. Lady Liberty

A costume with great pomp, circumstance, and dignity, Lady Liberty’s green robes have the added bonus of being super comfortable. Carrying a book and a torch adds to the realism — but kids tire quickly of carrying things, so add that fact into your consideration. This costume comes with the headpiece, but not a torch. You can fashion something torch-like with an empty paper towel roll and some tissue paper, or buy a pre-made beauty for an extra $ 10.

Buy it: sizes 6-12 $ 10.06-$ 15.99

4. Blackbeard

No child can resist a pirate costume with its swagger, skulls, and crossbones. Why not allow your child to be the most notorious pirate of them all? Read up a little on pirates and what they did (and do!) — Blackbeard was a surprisingly gentlemanly pirate, despite his fearsome image, yet still a thief and a strongman. We like the fanciness of this particular pirate’s costume for toddlers through age 4, but if your child is older or doesn’t care for this costume, all a Blackbeard getup really requires is ragged pants, a white flouncy shirt, a vest, and a bandanna. This costume doesn’t come with a sword, which could be a good or bad thing for you.

Buy it: sizes 3-6 $ 18-$ 29.99

5. Cleopatra

The Egyptian ruler has an absolutely beautiful costume that can make even the silliest child glide along with royal dignity. You can make your own Cleopatra out of any tube of fabric (a pillowcase will do!) with a jeweled collar, and a headdress and a belt. But when a Halloween costume is this beautiful (and comfortable!) it’s hard to resist buying a ready-made costume.

Buy it: sizes 4-14 $ 19.75 to $ 24.17

6. Uncle Sam

Warning: Donning Uncle Sam’s trademark red-white-and-blue threads may lead to uncontrollable anthem-singing and razzle-dazzle. Teach your child a little about who Uncle Sam is — a drawing used for patriotic posters and graphics who’s supposed to be a little like the spirit of America personified — and you’ll be knee-deep in patriotism in no time. This costume for kids age 4-12 comes with the jacket, hat, pants, and bow-tie; you’ll have to supply your own white shirt, shoes, and goatee. You can buy a goatee for $ 12.60, but kids are notably non-fond of things they have to wear on their faces, so you may just want to leave it out altogether.

Buy it: sizes 6-12 $ 10.99-$ 13.97

7. Amelia Earhart

Any child in an Amelia Earhart hat and goggles looks so cool and walks so tough. This costume has the added bonus of making kids feel brave and adventurous. With its jacket and hat, it’s warm for chilly Halloween nights, and comfortable, too. You can fashion your own Earhart duds with the aviator cap, goggles, a brown jacket (preferably a bomber), and light pants tucked into boots. But these costumes come with all the pieces except the boots.

Buy it: For toddlers age 2T-4T, $ 39.99; for sizes 4-10, $ 54.99; and for sizes 10-16, $ 28.81

8. Robin Hood

He wasn’t a real person — but his place in English folklore is so old and firmly established that he’s a real historical figure now. Read your child a few thrilling Robin Hood tales, or show them a movie — Men in Tights, perhaps? Or the Disney version? — and you’ll soon have a green-clad child leaping heroically around your living room. If you’re short on funds, fashion your own easy Robin Hood costume by cutting jagged sleeves and bottoms on a green shirt and pants. The hat and bow and arrow are a little harder to DIY. Both of these costumes come with the hat but not the bow and arrows. If you want to let your child have a bow and arrow, we like this toy version for $ 10.99 for very little kids, or this one for just $ 4.79. Warning: If you let your children have a bow and arrow, they might break it before Halloween night is over, and they will definitely try to hit you in the butt with the arrows.

Buy it: sizes 4-12, $ 9.38-$ 13.95; and for sizes 8-14, $ 23.56-$ 25.30

9. Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln is a classic because of that killer stovepipe hat. What kid can resist a Lincoln hat? Hey! That’s the guy on the penny! You can make your own Lincoln costume with any dark suit-like clothing plus the hat. We’ve seen stovepipe hats fashioned out of cardboard tubes, but they’re not comfy and will be quickly discarded. Better to buy a costume version, or better still, this costume that comes with the hat, jacket, a vest with a dickie so it looks like there’s a shirt under it, and the bow tie. It also doesn’t come with the facial hair. Fake beards are very uncomfortable — you can make comfy and serviceable-looking whiskers with any black/brown makeup, like mascara or Halloween paint.

Buy it: sizes 6-12, $ 12.52-$ 21.93

10. Rosie the Riveter

Her costume is iconic, cool, recognizable, comfortable, and warm — and she makes anyone who wears it feel like they can do it! Fashion your own with a chambray or denim shirt, jeans, a red-and-white bandanna, red lipstick, a strong bicep and a tough expression. Or buy this cool denim jumpsuit, which has a nametag and zips up the front like a real mechanic’s, and give your child something to fix, quick!

Buy it: sizes 3-14 $ 37.65-$ 56.25

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program which allows us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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Pink Poodle 50’s Kids Costume – Fifties Costumes

Pink Poodle 50s Kids Costume Kids Costumes – This 1950s Girls Pink Poodle Costume Skirt includes the pink skirt with a fancy black poodle and silver sequin leash appliqueand elastic waistband. Add a shirt (FIFT80), shoes and scarf for an instant costume! FIFT80-XS46

Price: $
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Bell Bottoms Pants Hippie Costume – Hippie Costumes

Bell Bottoms Pants Hippie Costume – Hippie Costumes

Adult Costumes – Add a little flare to your groovy style with these hip Hippie Costume Bell Bottoms. Match them with our hippie accessories and you will create a great Hippie costume look. Live the decade of peace and love this coming Halloween or Hippie Costume event.
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Rubies Costumes 197255 The Smurfs Shoe Covers Child

Rubies Costumes 197255 The Smurfs Shoe Covers Child

  • A smurfy look for your feet!Skip to the smurfy beat on your way to get sweet treats this Halloween! Complete your kids smurf-arific look buy adding these cool white shoe covers. Sure to have your little one looking smurf-tastic for his next costume party!
  • Available in One-Size fits most children.
  • Includes: Shoe covers.
  • Pair with your favorite smurf character for a complete and fun look this Halloween.
  • This is an officially licensed The Smurfs product.
  • Material: Polyester.
  • Care Instructions: Hand Wash.
  • Oversized: No.
    List Price:

  • These Mongolian Wedding Costumes Are Made Entirely of Paper

    This post was written by Pixable‘s Keith Estiler.

    There are so many things you can do with paper — you can use it to sketch, write down notes or even make planes for a badass paper airplane machine gun. But for Russian-based artist Asya Kozina, she uses this versatile medium to create intricate wedding costumes entirely made with paper.

    Kozina tells Pixable: “The idea for this project came from my fascination by Mongolian wedding costumes. They themselves are very extravagant and futuristic. I created my own versions of these outfits with paper, emphasizing their shape and details. Why Mongolian? Because they have a rich selection of them to choose from their culture.”

    Regarding the creation process, Kozina said that “there were technical difficulties in the process of shooting models that have not been able to sit down. Crumpled paper can not be restored, and the shoot took about five hours. Another difficulty was that I did not know how to react to Mongolians if they were to see my own rendition of their cultural costumes. What if I hurt somebody?  I immensely respect and love culture of this country. And I was very pleased that many indigenous Mongols, especially artists, took my vision with great appreciation. I was just happy!”

    Take a look at Kozina’s incredible version of Mongolian wedding costumes:

    (Credit: Asya Kozina)

    (Credit: Asya Kozina)

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    (Credit: Asya Kozina)

    So why paper? “I see great potential in paper. It is a way to translate ideas and largely… for me, it is also a metaphor of life and art,” Kozina told us.

    You can find more of Asya Kozina’s paper sculptures as well as non-wearable versions of these traditional wedding dresses on her website and on her Facebook page.

    View the original article on Pixable here.

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    Sexy Feeling Groovy Hippie Costume – Hippie and Disco Costumes

    Sexy Feeling Groovy Hippie Costume – Hippie and Disco Costumes

    Sexy Costumes – Want to live the 60’s and 70’s again? This Feeling Groovy Hippie Costume is perfect for you. It includes the slinky mod Hippie costume mini dress and the matching hair tie. Boots or other hippie accessories available separately for a sexy hippie look. Give Peace a chance pairing this costume with our Adult Hippie Costume (HIPP75) for a fun, dazzling Halloween party or Hippie event. Also great as a Disco costume! White boots available separately.
    List Price: 45.05

    Charades Costumes 83042 Duck Toddler Costume

    Charades Costumes 83042 Duck Toddler Costume

    Your lil one will look absolutely precious in this sweet Duck Costume for Toddler. Composed of this feathery-looking jumpsuit with duck head hood this outfit is sure to capture my hearts on Halloween as you go from door to door trick or treating. It also includes this incredible footies so that you can cover babys shoes. Consider pairing this Duck ensemble with any number of accessories which can be purchased separately from our Accessories Section such as 6 Inch Glow Stick. Take note that this costume is available in the following sizes: Toddler Size (fits 2–4 years old). You will also appreciate the competitive price of this incredible Childrens Outfit. Be sure to check out our large assortment of Halloween costumes for adults (standard to plus sizes) kids and babies. Youll be amazed at our great prices! Dont forget to bookmark our site and to return for our great buys. Features a yellow plush micro fiber jumpsuit with headpiece and footsies. Size: Fits Toddler (2-4 years)
    List Price:

    Tie Dye T-Shirt – Hippie Costumes

    Tie Dye T-Shirt – Hippie Costumes

    Adult Costumes – The perfect shirt to wear, if you really want to feel groovin’ and spread the message of Peace and Love. This Tie Dye T-Shirt goes just right with any of our hippie accessories. If you want to feel comfortable but colorful this is the ideal hippie shirt for you. Rock the coast in this Tie Dye T-Shirt this coming hippie event or Halloween party. Add other hippie accessories available below, for a dazzling experience.
    List Price: 23.05

    Tie Dyed Hippie Costume Bandana – Hippie Costumes

    Tie Dyed Hippie Costume Bandana – Hippie Costumes

    This Tie Dyed Hippie costume Bandana with Daisies will be a groovy highlight to your hippie costume. It?s a fantastic addition to wrap around your hippie hair. You’ll be ready to hit the coast when you accessorize this bandana with any of our hippie costumes or other hippie accessories.
    List Price: 9.85

    Weeklings!: The Gay Celeb Halloween Costumes I’m Still Thinking About (VIDEO)

    Halloween is the holiday when heterosexuals realize you can purchase gayness on a Party City gift card. Good for them!

    Now that All Hallows’ Eve is well over, we can officially count down the best and gayest celebrity costumes of 2013. I scrounged Instagram for the finest star getups and came up with this pack of heroes. Look out for the cuuuuuuute gays at #1, who’ll rot your teeth with sweet feelings.


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