The Oscars Are for Lovers: A Look Back at Our Favorite Former Couples at the Legendary Award Show

Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert Downey Jr., Oscar CouplesGetting an invite to the Oscars is an honor like no other. Getting nominated for an actual Academy Award is an even bigger deal, but being one of the hottest couples on the red carpet for the big…

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Celebrity Astrology Experts Reveal The Four Worst Zodiac Couples


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Some romances just aren’t written in the stars. Literally. Celebrity astrologists for Bustle , Kristin West and Skye Alexander, reveal the zodiac couples that are destined to have the worst relationships. Of course, compatibility ultimately falls on a couple’s ability to manage each other’s differences and make compromises–but these zodiac signs have fundamental issues that are prone to clash.

Aries & Scorpio 

According to astrologists, this pairing spells drama.

“They’re both heavily influenced by Mars, the planet of conflict,” West says.

“Aries is very straightforward while Scorpio tends to keep things hidden or in reserve,” West says. “Over time, it can even lead to trust issues, especially since both signs may find themselves attracted to others. Inciting jealousy could be a big issue for this coupling as well,” West says.

Taurus & Sagittarius  

These two clash where stability meets wild.

“Taurus folks tend to be homebodies who enjoy stability and creature comforts, whereas Sagittarians are wanderers and adventurers,” Skye Alexander, astrologer and author of Magickal Astrology, told Bustle.

Leo & Capricorn

This couple battles with resentment and jealousy.

“Leo, ruled by the sun, “likes to be recognized as the leader, but Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is a workaholic [and] likes to pay their dues and put in their time,” West said to Bustle.

“Both want to be ‘on top’ but Capricorn often feels like Leo hasn’t earned it or that Leo’s dazzling personality sometimes gives them an unfair advantage — all flash and no substance.”

Cancer & Aquarius 

This couple’s fundamental values compete with each other.

“Cancer people are traditionalists, who find security in the status-quo,” Alexander told Bustle.

“Aquarians are free spirits, who look to the future.”





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