via TMZ:

Jodi Pliszka, who has alopecia, says in her lawsuit … she never gave Missy permission to use her picture. The shot Jodi’s referring to shows Missy — on her “Pep Rally” cover — wearing a top that has a bald woman’s face and head on it.

In docs obtained by TMZ, the author and motivational speaker says she did a modeling shoot years ago, and the image on Missy’s chest is from that shoot.

To the naked eye … it certainly seems like the woman on Missy’s tee bears some resemblance to Jodi — but whether it really is her might be a question for a jury.

Jodi’s suing Missy and her label, Atlantic Records, for unspecified damages. We’ve reached out to Missy’s camp … so far, no word back.

Considering no one really acknowledged Missy’s 2016 “Pep Rally” single, Jodi probably won’t be getting much — if anything.