Designer Alessandro Sartori created a ‘one-and-a-half-breast’ blazer

On a sluggish summer afternoon in Milan, Alessandro Sartori has a lot to do. Between showing off his spring 2019 fashion collection for Ermenegildo Zegna and getting started on next fall’s designs, he’s busy comparing fabric swatches at the textile trade show Milano Unica, while also organizing the logistics of moving into a larger house….
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How I got inside the teenage mind and created a YA hit

When writing about teens, it’s important to remember the first rule: E is for emotion. “It’s not hard to get into a teen’s head, because it’s all emotions,” says Jenny Han, author of the popular young-adult series “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.” “Their feelings are amplified; you have no luxury of hindsight. If…
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Why This Founder Created A Digital Mental Health Platform For Black Men

When Public Health advocate Kevin Dedner was looking for a therapist to treat his depression, he found the process to be exhausting. “I almost gave up, but a friend recommended a therapist who helped me get my life back on track,” said Dedner. This experience was one of several occurrences that inspired him to add mental health and wellness for black men to his life’s mission.

Throughout Dedner’s career in public health, he’s spearheaded policy and system changes in areas such as HIV/AIDS, childhood obesity, and tobacco control. Now, with the launch of Henry Health, Dedner, along with a diverse group of black leaders are on a mission to improve access to mental health for black men and increase the life expectancy of black men by 10 years within the next 25 years. Recently, Henry Health was accepted into the Startup Health accelerator program. Dedner discusses his latest initiative in an interview.

Black Enterprise: Why do you think black men need an exclusive space?

Kevin Dedner: I believe black men are having a unique experience in this country. And, while I don’t believe that you have to be black to treat black people, I do believe you have to be culturally sensitive and competent. It’s naive to think that the experiences that black men have just on a normal day are good for our emotional and mental health. From being accused of plagiarism in college because the professor couldn’t imagine that I could write to being pulled over by the police multiple times as a teenager and an adult, these are examples of what every black man experiences in daily life. These experiences can be traumatic and can have a negative impact on our emotional well-being, physical health, and ultimately—in some cases—our life expectancy once compiled.

How does Henry Health work?  

We have plans to launch the app this September in the Washington, DC metro area. Men will be able to download our app or sign-in on our platform. From there, they will take an assessment. Paying subscribers will be paired with a therapist post-assessment. Our digital app and platform will not only offer culturally sensitive teletherapy to black men, but we also recognize that health outcomes are influenced by many factors including diet, physical activity, setting reasonable goals, and managing stress. All users—subscribers and non-subscribers—will have access to self-care support, tools that support them in taking better care of themselves. We have not finalized our pricing. We feel confident that investors will respond in a way that will enable us to scale very quickly.

black men

(Henry Health)

Can you share three specific ways you hope Henry Health will change the face of mental health and wellness for African American men?

  • Increase the life expectancy of black men by 10 years within the next 25 years. Our approach to care includes a focus on self-care support and mental health services. We look at this through the lens of five stressors for black men: money and finances, race and racism, jobs and career, relationships and family, and health and illness. Helping them make better decisions in these areas and helping them to develop coping skills will have a great impact.
  • Lead the culture shift conversation around accessing mental health services in the African American community. We are beginning to see celebrities speak publicly about their struggles with mental health issues. For example, Jay-Z has talked about how therapy had helped him. Dwayne the Rock Johnson has talked about his challenges with depression. The next step is an offering of culturally-sensitive services for the community. Our digital campaign, #ReclaimOurStrength in partnership with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. is an example of how we can take a leadership role in facilitating the conversation.
  • Make culturally-sensitive services accessible. Less than 3% of the therapists in the country are people of color so we can’t possibly produce African American therapists fast enough to fill the void. Our intention is to make sure therapists regardless of their color are culturally-sensitive and competent to meet the needs of black men. It doesn’t matter where the men or the therapists live.

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Snoop Dogg Created ‘Bible of Love’ In Honor Of His Grandmother

Gospel and Snoop Dogg doesn’t exactly sound like a combination that makes sense but the legendary rapper has proved once again that he is a man of many layers.

Snoop explained to the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew, “Some of my music has led people to darkness, so I felt like it was time to lead people to the light considering that I can see the light now. And I understand you can’t match hate with hate, you have to match hate with love.”

Check out the full interview above to hear about the impact his grandmother had on the album and learn about his special needs football camp.




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How Diana, Kate and Meghan created their own unique fashion statements

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Danny Robinson Moves Up In Newly Created Executive Role At The Martin Agency

In a move that is being deemed unusual, The Martin Agency has created an executive committee-level position of chief client officer, which Danny Robinson, one of its top senior creatives will occupy.

He will be responsible for working with account management to promote creative ideas, collaborate with creative teams to determine what drives clients’ businesses, and partner with clients to sell breakthrough work throughout their organizations—all in the interest of fighting against “brand invisibility.”

“The brands we represent need to be talked about within culture at large,” The Martin Agency CEO Kristen Cavallo told Adweek. “Because of that, we needed to increase the linkage between culture and business, and we created the role of chief client officer with the ambition of doing just that.”

Before joining The Martin Agency in 2004, Robinson co-founded Vigilante, his own creative shop and served as its chief creative officer where he helped develop the Pontiac giveaway integration with the Oprah Winfrey Show (276 audience members on the program were given Pontiac G6s), according to the Media Post. During his time there, Vigilante was awarded the AAAA Multicultural Agency of the Year Award two years in a row, runner-up in its third year and was nominated the subsequent two years. His work for General Motors’ Pontiac brand and Snapple’s Mistic earned several London International and Mobius Awards. His work for Heineken won an ANA Multicultural Excellence Award and was also featured in Communication Arts.

“You don’t meet many creative directors who have an M.B.A., have worked in brand management and have founded their own ad agency known for leveraging pop culture,” said Chris Mumford, president of The Martin Agency. “But then again, there’s only one Danny Robinson. Danny was even a part-time stand-up comic for ten years. He’s a unicorn, which makes him uniquely qualified for this role.”

In addition to bridging the gap between the creative and account departments, Robinson will also work with clients to identify the types of problems the agency can help them solve that “don’t typically show up in creative briefs.” During his time at The Martin Agency, Robinson has worked with Alliance for Climate Protection, Pizza Hut, Hanes, Tic Tac, Chevrolet, Oreo and the AMC Network.

“My entire career has been in the creative department,” Robinson said. “I’ve always approached my job with the understanding that I’m in a business and working for businesses.”

According to Adweek, Robinson’s promotion makes him the first African American to join the upper echelons of the agency’s C-suite. Cavallo told the advertising trade publication that the agency has made a significant investment in promoting diverse talent to leadership positions over the past five months, including doubling female representation in the C-suite.

“Often we at agencies try to hire people that fit a culture,” pushing out “disruptive ideas that don’t fit in the process,” Cavallo said. The leadership team that the agency wants moving forward is one that employs “diverse perspectives on the way to solving business problems,” she added, calling this “the kind of culture that has always been Martin at its best.”

Robinson began his career in marketing as a product manager after earning his M.B.A. in 1984 from Clark Atlanta University.

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Theranos employee created ‘Space Invaders’ game to shoot reporter who exposed startup

At least there’s no blood spilled in this geeky video game. An employee at Theranos — the disgraced blood-testing startup founded by Silicon Valley wunderkind Elizabeth Holmes — has exacted a nerdy revenge on the reporter whose hard-hitting exposés took down the company. It came in the form of a crude version of the classic…
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Harley Viera-Newton just created our go-to summer shoe

Ballet pumps are officially cool again…

She’s the NY based DJ and fashion designer, whose Instagram feed of glam parties and even more glamourous friends has us double tapping on a daily basis. And now Harley Viera-Newton has added another string to her CV with her first shoe collection. Teaming up the British footwear brand Butterfly Twists, Harley has created three limited edition styles, that are set to become a go-to summer shoe.

From the Carla, a platform espadrille in pink or blue gingham, to the Charlotte, a classic pastel ballet pump to the Olivia, a mesh ballet pump with embroidered heart detailing, there is a shoe to suit everyone’s personal style. Come summer, we’re already planning on wearing the Carla with denim cut-offs while the Charlotte is perfect for pairing with ditzy floral printed tea-dresses.

Speaking about the collaboration, Harley said: ‘We wanted to create an exciting, premium collection together that combines playful prints and classic styles.’


Priced between £50 – £75, the collection is available now from Butterfly Twists and selected retailers.

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WTF? Disney Actually Created A White Version Of Black Panther

Black Panther
is ready to hit theaters on February 16 and Disney is in full promotion gear. However, someone on their marketing team screwed up and social media is outraged. Disney created a White version of Black Panther in the shape of a pin. See below:

Unless that’s Clark Kent trying out Black Panther’s outfit, the man in the mask, who we assume is supposed to be T’Challa, is a white dude. What the hell was Disney thinking? According to The Wrap, the pin was seen at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The Wrap claims it could be a production error because “the normal Black Panther mask doesn’t leave any part of his face exposed.” Why would the production error automatically go to a white version? White-washing Black movies for marketing is an old school Hollywood strategy. Even as recent as 2013, an Italian movie poster for 12 Years a Slave featured none of the Black actors. Of course, Twitter reacted, see below:

Expect an apology from Disney in five, four, three, two…



(Source: The Wrap)

(Photo Credit: YouTube)

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Why This Woman Created a Platform to Support Photographers of Color


Five years ago Tomayia Colvin was working as a full-time teacher and making scrapbooks for friends for fun. Fast forward to 2017, she was named one of The 50 Most Inspiring Photographers in the United States by Beauty Revived, and her professional snaps have been published in national magazines and blogs such as, Munaluchi Bridal, Black Bride, and Seniorologie. Plus, she turned her creative outlet into a mission-driven business with Tomayia Colvin Education, a platform that educates and supports photographers and speakers of color.

With a passion for documenting the memories of families and high school seniors across the United States and abroad, Colvin launched her first solo photography exhibit, The Unboxed Project, which features the faces of 25 teens redefining the “in crowd” and changing the negative stereotypes of teens in the media.

We caught up with Colvin to learn more about her journey.

Tomayia Colvin Photography


What is the biggest thing you’d like to see changed in your industry, and how are you working toward making that change happen?

The lack of diversity at conferences, workshops, podcasts, and features across the photography and creative industry.

One day after sending an email to suggest speakers of color for a conference, it occurred to me that if I wanted to see a change in speaker lineups and conference attendance, then I needed to be that change. I needed to have a platform that supports photography speakers of color and diversity.

Through Tomayia Colvin Education, my online photography site for photographers, course attendees have the opportunity to learn skills on marketing, business, photography, editing, and much more from a diverse team of instructors for an affordable price.

Since launching your own business, what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

Always believe in your dreams even if you’re the only one that believes in them. Sometimes your dreams are so big that it scares you, your family, your significant other, and sometimes your closest friends. Regardless of the opinions of others, never give up on your vision—no matter what.

What’s your best advice for someone looking to launch a business in professional photography? 

Practice your craft and believe in your vision. Always be a lifelong learner and continue to take courses, workshops, and attend conferences to better yourself.

Follow Tomayia on Facebook and Instagram.



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She Created Her Product, a Weave Dryer, After Her Grandma Came to Her in a Dream

On Episode 8 of Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, Michalyn Porter, Ph.D., pitched her product, Weave Dryer, in the Funderdome. On the show, entrepreneurs pitch in a head-to-head competition to “The Funderdome” (a live studio audience) for the chance to win up to $ 100K in capital. The pitch that gets the most votes wins the money. Before the winner is announced, both competitors get the chance to “cash out” for a lower sum of money.

(Michalyn D. Porter, Ph.D., holds the Weave Dryer. Image:


Brandon Andrews of Values Partnerships sat down with Porter after the show for a one-on-one interview about his startup and his appearance on the show.

Women around the world wear hair weaves. How does the Weave Dryer enhance their hair experience?  

The Weave Dryer enhances the users experience because it provides a way for ladies to completely dry the hair all the way to its roots. The nozzle also gently dries hair faster than sitting under a hooded dryer. It’s absolutely the best and healthiest way to eliminate the possibility of having wet hair on your scalp when wearing extensions.



How did you develop the product? Did you sketch it? Where did you find a manufacturer? Walk us through the process. 


I couldn’t dry my hair extension foundation braids underneath my weave. Every time I shampooed my hair it would always become consumed with water. I love wearing weaves but became so frustrated and angry that I couldn’t dry the foundation properly. One night, I shampooed my hair and tried to dry my hair as best that I could. I went to bed upset with a wet head hoping my tracks would be completely dry in the morning. That night, I had a dream. I was with my grandmother and she handed me a cup looking object that had straws with holes attached. She told me to put the object on the end of my blow dryer. Then I woke up. I grabbed a cocktail napkin by the bed and sketched a drawing of what I saw in my dream. I showed the drawing to my husband and he freaked out and told me to find a patent attorney. I worked with a company called Invention Home to secure a Utility Patent. I went online and found a reputable hair tool manufacturer in China. Twelve months later, I went into production. Now the product is sold on my website.

It was a huge opportunity for me to have a platform called Funderdome to pitch and showcase my dream, the Weave Dryer. I prepared for the pitch by naturally talking about the benefits of the Weave Dryer and sending videos to the producers. I listened to their suggestions and incorporated everything they gave me into my pitch.

(Michalyn Porter, Ph.D., with Steve Harvey on Funderdome. Image: The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Lisa Rose))


What did you learn from your experience on the show? 


I learned that there are many women who experience the same problem while wearing hair extensions. My invention is saving the health of many women. I also learned that even though I cashed out, this opportunity gave me a chance to tell the world about the Weave Dryer.

How do you plan to grow your business in 2017?  

The sales since the show have been amazing. I plan to grow my business by working with other hair tool brands to license my invention, the Weave Dryer.




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The first tablet was created much earlier than expected

A 3,700-year-old Babylonian clay tablet discovered by the real Indiana Jones has been revealed as the world’s oldest — and most accurate — trigonometric table. Mathematicians believe that the tablet, known as Plimpton 322, may have been used by ancient mathematical scribes to calculate how to build palaces, temples and build canals. The new research…
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How This Lawyer Created an Online Beauty Destination for All Women of Color

Marjani Beauty Brands like Maréna Beauté are featured on Marjani’s website (Image: Marjani Beauty Co.)


Remember the name Marjani Beauty because it just might be the black and brown girl’s answer to This e-commerce beauty destination, dedicated to the beauty and skincare needs of women of color, was created over a span of six months by Kimberly Smith, a Washington D.C.-based attorney who was tired of seeing big-name makeup brands treat black and brown skin as an afterthought.

“This came out of frustration. I was doing my normal beauty run looking for products and couldn’t find exactly what I needed, I couldn’t find products for my skin tone,” she told Black Enterprise in a phone interview. “I thought it would be cool if women of color had a go-to beauty site where they can find all their products.”

Marjani, which means “coral” in Swahili, aims to be that platform. Launched in February, the digital cosmetics and skin care retailer carries a selection of quality products for women of color made by people of color. The brands are curated from all parts of the world, from Morocco to the Caribbean, the U.S., and even Sweden.

Kimberly Smith, Founder and CEO of Marjani Beauty Co. (Image: Marjani Beauty Co.)


Smith’s avid love of beauty and travel also compelled her to create the site. Whether traversing through countries in Africa, Asia, or South America, she noticed that all women of color face the same challenges.

“Colorism and how fair and dark you are comes into play anywhere. When you’re trying to find a foundation for instance, the darker you are the more difficult it is to find the right shade,” she said. “This is the No. 1 issue when it comes to makeup.”

Though she noted that some brands are extending the brown shades they offer, she stressed that a space like Marjani is still needed; where all of the brands are made by people that look like and understand the unique challenges of their potential customers.

“How cool is it to patronize a brand that from the jump, had you in mind as part of what they were formulating when they were creating that product?” Smith said, noting that when women of color visit Marjani, they can feel confident that every product was created with their specific beauty needs front and center.

To determine which brands will make it to the site, Smith and her team sample products to make sure it reflects a particular brand’s promise.

“The fun part is that I am a consumer, what I would want to see and what I’m interested in, a lot of women like me would want these things too,” she said. “We want people to have that boutique experience. When you go to the site, we want to give a taste of luxury made for you.”

Smith wants Marjani Beauty Co. to be known as a leading global beauty platform, accessible to all black and brown consumers regardless of age, hair texture, skin tone, nationality and geographic location. She also envisions it as a global ecosystem that empowers women and encourages them to realize it’s beyond makeup and more about how they feel about themselves.

This is her first run in retail but she’s fortunate to have the help of loved ones on her journey. Her mother runs the operations part of the business.

“Growing up, she was a mentor; she operated her own small business,” Smith said.

The site has already received a lot of praise via personal emails as well as social media, where Marjani has a following of almost 5,000 on Instagram.

“This shows you that it’s beyond superficial. There are many women who are wanting something more,” she said. “We aim not just to be a retailer, but a community.”


Some of Marjani’s black-owned beauty brands


Marjani currently offers 20 brands from around the world. These products reflect Smith’s natural love of collecting various beauty finds when she travels across the globe, from ayurvedic oils straight out of India to cocoa butter from Costa Rica. Her aim is to introduce American women to brands they don’t usually have access to.




AfroDeity’s Caribbean Hair Mask (Image: Marjani Beauty Co.)


Since this mother-daughter owned brand hit the site, it’s been a hot seller and is one of Smith’s favorites. The U.K-based Caribbean hair and skin care line is known for their luxury Joliette collection. The ocean-inspired Joliette Caribbean Coconut Hair Treatment Mask is made with sea kelp and prickly pear seed oil. The Joliette Caribbean Radiance Facial Wash offers a two-in-one blend of a cream cleanser and a foaming face wash. It’s perfect for uneven skin and made with natural fruit extracts like coconut.


Urban Skin Rx


Urban Skin Rx’s Purifying Pumpkin Pore Mask (Image: Marjani Beauty Co.)


This skincare brand was designed for women of color and their specific skin care issues, particularly the issues that are faced by women who have more melanin. The Even Tone Cleansing Bar offers a blend of kojic and azelaic acids to help fight inflammation and promote even skin pigmentation. It can be used as a mask or daily exfoliator and the brand’s promise is that with regular use, skin tone appears more even. The Purifying Pumpkin Pore Mask combines minerals, enzymes, and vitamins to reduce pore size while cleansing and hydrating.


AJ Crimson

AJ Crimson’s Chasing Saturday matte lipstick (Image: Marjani Beauty Co.)


One of the most trusted names in the beauty industry, Crimson is usually the first choice for celebrities like Missy Elliot, Regina King, and Angela Bassett. Marjani carries a range of foundations, highlighters, and a finishing powder from this Los Angeles brand. Don’t forget to add his #NoFilter and Chasing Saturday lipstick colors to the cart.


Maréna Beauté


Maréna Beauté’s Blush Tarou (Image: Marjani Beauty Co.)


This Swedish brand formulates products exclusively for darker-complexioned consumers. The highly-pigmented blushes are sure to be a show-stopper whether at the office or on a night out. The Blush Tarou comes in six hues, from high-powered Cambi Berry to the warm, Sweet Brown. The brand was founded by makeup artist, Diarry Maréna who is originally from Senegal.


True Moringa


True Moringa’s Black Soap Moringa (Image: Marjani Beauty Co.)


Named after the Moringa tree in Ghana, which contains numerous health benefits, this brand is 100% vegan. Moringa is rich in zeatin, known for stimulating cell division, growth, and delaying aging of cells. The Magic Black Soap is True Moringa’s modern take on the traditional African black soap. It is handcrafted in small batches using raw shea, moringa, neem, and essential oils. Their Ultra-Light Whipped Body Butter is made of a blend of wild-crafted shea and moringa.

As Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, check out for some quality last-minute, confidence-boosting gifts.

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How a Pro Snowboarder Created Those Headphones You See Everywhere

From the halfpipe to Shark Tank, Keir Dillon on business, inspiration, and the fateful trip to the Apple store that started it all.

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Check Out the Bracelets Holly Robinson Peete and Stella & Dot Created to Benefit Autism Awareness Month

Today marks the start of Autism Awareness Month, and Holly Robinson Peete is doing something special for the cause. 

The actress and singer, who herself has an adult son with autism, teamed up with accessories brand Stella & Dot to create two different bracelets. All net proceeds of sales will be donated to Peete’s charity, the HollyRod Foundation, which helps families affected by autism and Parkinson’s disease.

“My son, RJ, was diagnosed with autism when he was three years old and it was a shock to our family, but we embraced his differences and it has made us that much stronger as parents and a family,” Peete (shown above with RJ in 2015) tells PeopleStyle. “The donations from Stella & Dot will help us to continue to open our RJ’s Places across the U.S. and Canada, which provide technology for children with autism, a refuge for their siblings while accompanying their brother or sister to treatment or prevocational training for young people with autism.” 

The bracelets are $ 19 each, and available at The Harmony style is gold with a pave stones at the center, while the Melody style features multicolor beads.

“The designs not only celebrates the diversity of families affected by autism, but also the strength of a community coming together to improve the lives of their loved ones,” says Blythe Harris, co-founder and chief creative officer of Stella & Dot.

Peete already adores hers. “I love how this bracelet can go with anything and the tassels make it perfect for spring,” says Peete. “I have been wearing a few together for a cool stacked look. I am addicted to them!” 

For more information about Autism Awareness Month, visit

Fashion Deals Update:

Art Garfunkel On Paul Simon: I ‘Created A Monster’

Art Garfunkel spoke openly with The Telegraph about his split with former bandmate Paul Simon.

“I don’t want to say any anti-Paul Simon things, but it seems very perverse to not enjoy the glory and walk away from it instead. Crazy,” he said of the band’s breakup, which occurred at the height of their success.

“How can you walk away from this lucky place on top of the world, Paul? What’s going on with you, you idiot? How could you let that go, jerk?” he later added.

Garfunkel also said he “created a monster” in his friendship with Simon.

The childhood pals, who grew up together in Queens, officially split in 1970 after recording five albums. Their last effort, “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” won the Grammy Award for the best album of the year and is one of the best-selling albums of its decade. The duo has reunited several times for tours and performances, though, mostly recently at the 2010 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

For his full interview, check out the Telegraph.

Garfunkel has long spoken about the pair’s complicated relationship. He once called their friendship “indescribable.”

“You’ll never capture it,” he told Rolling Stone last year. “It’s an ingrown, deep friendship. Yes, there is deep love in there. But there’s also shit.”

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God Created Me!: A Memory Book of Baby’s First Year

God Created Me!: A Memory Book of Baby’s First Year

Most baby books begin when a baby is born, but this one begins when the world was born–from creation, to mom and dad, to baby. There is space to record how mom and dad met, and what they were like as kids. There’s even a family tree. With helpful charts and plenty of space for photos, this baby book will be treasured forever. The acid-free pages are safe for photos and beautifully designed with Little Blessings artwork throughout.
List Price:

Klein Jewelry Co., Inc. 10K White Gold Oval Created Opal and .03ctw Diamond Earrings

Klein Jewelry Co., Inc. 10K White Gold Oval Created Opal and .03ctw Diamond Earrings

Experience the beauty of created opal with these 10 karat white gold earrings. Colors brighten and change as light reflects from the oval shaped center stone. The .03 ctw diamonds surround the opal for a mesmerizing effect. 10K White Gold Created Opal and .03ctw Diamonds Oval Klein Jewerly Co., Inc. Item Number: B4140CROW
List Price: $ 169.00
Price: $ 169.00

Klein Jewelry Co., Inc. 10K White Gold Emerald Cut Created Opal and Pink Sapphire Pendant

Klein Jewelry Co., Inc. 10K White Gold Emerald Cut Created Opal and Pink Sapphire Pendant

This is a gorgeous and fun pendant. The created opal reflects beautifully in the light, and the pink sapphire adds a touch of bold color. A playful yet glamorous addition to any jewelry collection. 10K White Gold Created Opal / Pink Sapphire
List Price: $ 119.00
Price: $ 119.00

Klein Jewelry Co., Inc. 10K White Gold Created Opal and .02ctw Diamond Pendant

Klein Jewelry Co., Inc. 10K White Gold Created Opal and .02ctw Diamond Pendant

Experience the beauty of created opal with this 10 karat white gold pendant. Colors brighten and change as light reflects from the oval shaped center stone. The .02 ctw diamonds surround the opal for a mesmerizing effect. 10K White Gold Oval Created Opal and .02ctw Diamond Pendant Klein Jewelry Co., Inc. Item Number: B4158CROW
List Price: $ 129.00
Price: $ 129.00