Planet Blue Founder Creates Label Sun Becomes Her

LOS ANGELES — Planet Blue founder Ling-Su Chinn’s been busy over the past several months building out new contemporary brand Sun Becomes Her with business partner Githa Duncker.
The line’s launch had been expected after WWD reported last summer Chinn had left the company she founded and built more than 20 years ago in a bid to get back to what she called her roots: focusing on branding and designing a line that embodies the West Coast for a global consumer.
Chinn had pointed out the challenges that come with also having to balance business objectives around growth in new markets as being a struggle that took time away from more creative endeavors. What she built was sizable with the company’s new ceo reporting last year volume north of $ 40 million.
She still retains what she called a “significant ownership” stake in the company but preferred not to further discuss the business.
“I just really wanted to launch something not being tied to the commercial hassles and timeframes,” said Chinn, who serves as creative director of the new brand. “I really wanted to launch a more elevated product, more thoughtfully designed product that we didn’t have any timeframes in doing.”
That’s given way to a launch

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Say What Now? Developer Creates MAGA App to Help Trump Supporters Find Safe Spaces Where Liberals Won’t Make Fun of Them

If you’re looking to harass a Trump supporter, look no further than a newly-created app 63rd Safe.

Technically, the app was designed to help the pro-MAGA find ‘safe’ spaces in public where they can go without the fear of being ridiculed by liberals — but you could most definitely use it for the opposite.

via Raw Story:

As the Daily Beast reported over the weekend, the new mobile app 63red Safe was designed to help Trump supporters find “MAGA-friendly restaurants” whose owners will not let antifa activists harass them for wearing pro-Trump clothing.

“63red Safe works like a conservative Yelp,” the publication reported. “Instead of reviewing the lighting and ambience, though, the site’s users rate restaurants and other businesses on a series of four questions, including whether the restaurant’s owners make political social-media posts and whether they allow customers to carry weapons.”

Appearing on Fox News, app creator Scott Wallace explained what could get a restaurant or other business branded as “unsafe” for fans of President Donald Trump.

“Users can review the restaurants and businesses, it’s just four quick questions, yes-or-no questions,” he said. “No. 1, does this location serve all customers regardless of political beliefs? Will they protect their customers if they’re under attack by others in the restaurant? There’s the open carry question, and does the location have a political presence in their social media?”

What a joke.

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Cramer Remix: The market’s freak-out creates a fabulous buying opportunity in Funko

Jim Cramer breaks down why Funko's stock is a steal at these levels.
Health and Science


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Hickey Freeman Creates Capsule for 120th Anniversary

NEW YORK — This year marks the 120th anniversary of Hickey Freeman and the brand is creating a special capsule collection for fall to commemorate the milestone.
The brand, which is owned by Authentic Brands Group and licensed to Grano Retail Investments, will celebrate the anniversary in September.
Hickey was founded by two young entrepreneurs, Jacob Freeman and Jeremiah Hickey, in Rochester, N.Y., who manufactured suits for men and boys. Over the years, the brand has survived many ownership changes but its reputation as a purveyor of high-quality, American-made men’s wear continues to this day.
Most recently, Hickey has seen its chief creative director shift from Arnold Silverstone to Aliya Morehead, who has been elevated to vice president of design and merchandising. Morehead, a Greensboro, N.C.-native who had worked hand-in-hand with Silverstone for the past five years, has a rich men’s wear background that also includes six years with Joseph Abboud.
Silverstone has transitioned to work more closely with Grano’s other tailored clothing brand, Samuelsohn.
In a presentation at Hickey’s Madison Avenue showroom, Morehead said that in preparing for the 120th anniversary, she started to research men’s wear from the Twenties. “We did a little vintage shopping,” she said, adding that the Twenties “were a great era

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Taxing earned income at a higher rate creates a great discrepancy, says former Sen. Heidi Heitkamp

"One of the great discrepancies and inequities in our tax system is earned income is taxed at a higher rate than unearned income," Heitkamp said on CNBC's "The Exchange."


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Black Woman Creates Documentary Setting Record Straight About ‘Green Book’ Movie

Yoruba Richen, an award-winning documentary filmmaker has a new documentary out that tells the true story about black people and the infamous Green Book motorist handbook.

Richen is the writer and director of The Green Book: Guide to Freedom. It tells the story behind the infamous ‘Green Book’ that African Americans used as a guide to travel safely throughout the Jim Crow-era South.

According to a press release about the film:

“The film tells the story of the rise the African American middle class in Detroit, journeys to the oasis of Idlewild (a vacation community in western Michigan where blacks were able to retreat to their “Black Eden” in peace) and the iconic A. G. Gaston Motel in Birmingham, Alabama—a pivotal location in the civil rights movement. The story of The Green Book embodies a quintessential American contradiction—while its creation speaks to the horrors of racial injustices in our past, its success shows the resolve of African Americans to thrive in a world that seemed to root for their failure by means of discrimination, violence and ignominy.”

In an interview with Black Enterprise, Richen discussed her motivation to create the film.

When did you start work on the Smithsonian Channel documentary?
I was approached about the film in the summer of 2017 by the production company Impossible Factual who had the idea to do a documentary surrounding the Green Book. I didn’t know about the Green Book at first but was immediately interested and intrigued to get involved once I learned more about it. It was a story that hadn’t been told before with the opportunity to explore so many themes and storylines within the black experience.

What was your primary motivation to get involved?
I’m a filmmaker who’s interested in exploring complexity and uncovering stories that haven’t been told. The Green Book was such an interesting and important part of our history and a deeper dive into its creation and background hadn’t been told before. As we were filming, even more themes emerged and I was excited to see how that shaped and developed the final documentary you’ll see on the Smithsonian Channel.

Green Book

Documentarian Yoruba Richen

What are two major things that you think people will learn from watching?

Viewers will learn about the importance of the automobile to the African American community and how it was both similar and different to white Americans. The automotive industry played a pivotal role in creating jobs for African Americans and attracting them to settle down in various states throughout the U.S. The automobile also symbolized the quest for freedom and mobility, which it did also for the African American community, but they also had specific challenges to obtain those things. The Green Book was also not used to navigate potential threats of violence but provided a tool to find vacations and recreation spots which African Americans have been seeking and creating forever now.

Do you think the documentary will have any impact on the movie winning the Oscars?
I truly can’t say if the documentary will have an impact on the film winning but I do hope the fiction film will bring attention to our version and perspective of the Green Book and that they will watch the documentary!

The Green Book has been the focus of much attention since the release of the Green Book Hollywood movie. The movie tells the story of musician Don Shirley and his white chauffeur and later actor, Frank Anthony “Tony Lip” Vallelonga as they travel through the Southern United States for an eight-week concert tour Shirley is scheduled to play. Vallelonga, who is from New York, is given a copy of the Green Book, a guide that actually existed, that instructed African American travelers on where to find safe havens throughout the deeply-segregated ’60s South. It is based on a real-life story. The movie is a contender for several Academy Awards this year, including Best Picture, Best Actor for star Viggo Mortenson, and Best Supporting Actor for co-star Mahershala Ali.

The relatives of Don Shirley have since come out blasting the Hollywood movie version for what they call its lies about the relationship between Shirley and Vallelonga.

Richen’s documentary, The Green Book: Guide to Freedom will premiere on The Smithsonian Channel Monday, Feb. 25 at 8 p.m. ET/PT and is available to stream on the Smithsonian Channel app. Watch a trailer of the film here.


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Black Interior Designer Creates Beautiful Spaces in “Buying It Blind” on Bravo TV

Interior designer Michel Smith Boyd knows a thing or two about beauty. The star of Buying it Blind, set in Atlanta, on Bravo TV, is one of the top black interior designers in the country. His love of architecture and tailored details pays off each week as he work with people in decorating their dream homes. In an interview with BLACK ENTERPRISE, he discusses his hit reality show; home buying for millennials; and the art of mentorship.

BE: Describe the premise of Buying It Blind and how were you approached to participate in this reality show.

Michel Smith Boyd: A team of experts, including myself, a contractor and a realtor, meet real life couples who are desperately trying to purchase a house — and all of that is dependent on budget, school district, and other factor — and have decided to enlist us to find a property.

As a team, we are present in each space as we initially meet with each and every client. I became involved in this project because I was approached by a casting agency, and due to my reputation and level of work produced, and I just happened to be the guy they needed. Actually, it is so interesting that you find yourself rooting [for] and identifying with the couples. These strangers are making decisions, entrusting you with their life savings which makes the stakes much higher to deliver a stellar product. I find myself creating spaces I have never done before especially when preservation comes into play.

Tell us about your career as a celebrity interior designer.

That term is such a strange one because I tend to focus on being excellent and making a huge contribution for my clients every day. If it is based on doing amazing work, and then only if I am being great is being an inspiration to kids who look up to me — then yes, I accept that title.

buying it blind

Photo Credit: Tomas Espinoza


 What advice do you have for millennials or those seeking to purchase their first homes?

The most important thing to remember is to spend money once! Buy good quality over quantity. Never be in a rush to complete a space; make sure you design in phrases. Start with what you would use the most: sofas, mattresses and multi-functional pieces like dining tables. Always remember: Function before form.

 If you had your choice of a dream client who would it be and why?

My dream client is not necessarily a celebrity. My client who allows me to do my job. Interior design is all about Romanticism and we’ve lost the idea of letting us completely transfer a space without interruption. And big budgets don’t hurt either!

As a black man in this field how do you distinguish yourself in the design world?

The only one thing you can be is yourself; present your full authenticity. I don’t water down my presentation for no one. I always present myself as a professional and consider myself a student — always learning and constantly growing to be excellent in all areas of my life. I am obsessed with hospitality and design and love the genre. I love the idea that people live better in hotels than homes and I am changing that one home at a time.

Who are some of your mentors/colleagues in the business; and explain the importance of having mentors in your life.

Honestly, I never had mentorships and have suffered and oftentimes wondered if it is too late. Guess what? It’s not. I have a group of incredibly smart friends who have inspired me tremendously. In the beginning, I wanted to mimic Tom Ford, Kelly Werstler … and their career paths have somehow mentored me. My journey is different, but I don’t see myself as less than. I mentor young designers all the time and one of my favorite things to go (one of the few things I like about exposure). I teach them the importance of deciding what they want from this industry. You need to figure out what contribution you wish to make and then you will find direction, identify and supply your point of view.

Any words of advice for aspiring or burgeoning interiors designers of color?
Once you know your value, you can approach meetings and clients in a much more positive and confident manner. You should be well versed in art history, fashion, textiles. You cannot deny excellence regardless of what you look like or where you come from … Remember — if you don’t know who you are then you can’t offer expertise.

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Goodr Creates Free, Pop-Up Grocery Store for MLK Day

Goodr, a company that previously won the BLACK ENTERPRISE Tech Connext Pitch Competition is continuing to make a footprint in the community. The startup recently partnered with the Atlanta Hawks for a special volunteer service project as part of the Hawks court dedication at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation & Aquatic Center, just in time for MLK day.

Approximately 100 Atlanta seniors were invited to partake in a signature Goodr “Pop-Up Grocery” event, where delicious surplus food from multiple Atlanta grocery partners was available for free.


Goodr and the Atlanta Hawks Partner to feed Atlanta Seniors for MLK Day (Image: Kat Goduco Photography)

“In the spirit of Dr. King’s commitment to service, the Hawks are proud to partner with Goodr to provide a pop-up grocery store for seniors at the MLK Recreation and Aquatic Center,” said Andrea Carter, VP of Corporate Social Responsibility & Inclusion. “This added element to our MLK court dedication allows us to serve not only the youth who play on the court, but seniors who often times need additional assistance when living on a fixed income.”

Goodr is a sustainable food surplus management platform that leverages technology to reduce food waste and combat hunger. They have produced a variety of events to distribute surplus food to needy Atlanta locals in creative and uplifting ways, but the “pop-up grocery store” seems to be a fan favorite.

“It’s an honor to be able to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King through the service acts that Goodr performs each and every day,” Jasmine Crowe, CEO, and founder of Goodr told BE. “To be able to partner with the Atlanta Hawks and State Farm is a dream come true for a startup from Atlanta,”

Every product is free to the guests and they range from fresh produce to prepared deli foods to fresh-baked bread. Everything is picked up that day from local vendors and partner stores and brought directly to the event. Each attendee gets their pick regarding what items they want to go home with.


Goodr and Atlanta Hawks for MLK Day (Image: Kat Goduco Photography)

The Hawks have been dedicated to the community as well. Off the court, the organization has built a culture of inclusion, diversity, and innovation, all with a touch of southern hospitality. Their goal is to build bridges through basketball, whether by constructing and refurbishing courts in Atlanta neighborhoods, providing scholarships to our basketball camps, or participating in unique partnership events like this one with Goodr.

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Black Entrepreneur Creates App for Motivational Affirmations

New Year, new you! Need help getting it all together? Florida A&M graduate Shelby Tinsley created iShallBe, an app that delivers daily motivational affirmations straight to your mobile device. The platform sends you quotes, inspirational videos, and affirmations once a day in an effort to encourage you to get motivated.

“I do have faith that iShallBe will motivate other people,” stated Tinsley.

There are several apps currently like this on the market, including Thinkup, Motivate, and Shine, so what makes this different? For starters, it was created by an African-American founder and the backdrop is interfaced with African Americans connecting it back to the community. Additionally, the content and community showcases tons of African American users.

This is great for the culture as there are so many negative images and messages in social media currently being unearthed that it gives the multicultural community a place where they can go to embrace positivity.

“iShallBe was created with the strong desire to encourage others to get through all trials and tribulations, and remind you that there will be victory at the end of all troubles,” states the site. “iShallBe will supply nourishment to both mind and soul. However, it is up to you to remain faithful and speak nothing but love, joy, and positivity in your life. For if you speak it, it shall be.”

Motivational Affirmations

Motivational App, iShallBe (Image: Instagram)

Current app features include:

  • Receiving daily affirmations via quotes, inspirational videos, and music

  • Providing app users the daily motivation to clear mind, achieve a dream, or fulfill a goal

  • Staying motivated with weekly and daily themes

  • iShallBe TV: Watch all iShallBe motivational videos

  • Goal Tracker: Hold yourself accountable when setting long and short-term goals

  • Ability to create your own affirmation and share with others

  • Communicate with others via a timeline, sharing quotes, goals, and inspirational messages

The app is currently celebrating it’s one year anniversary of being on the market and is currently available on Apple and Android in 8 different countries. For more information on the platform, visit the site here.

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Hoorsenbuhs Opens First Store, Creates Eyewear

Hoorsenbuhs, the American fine jewelry house and lifestyle brand known for its bold rings, cuffs and open-link chains, has opened its first store, in Santa Monica, Calif., within a 5,000 square-foot, two-story space that also houses its atelier, headquarters and event space.
Located at 2217 Main Street across from its previous headquarters, the 1,500-square-foot retail store was designed by creative chief Robert Keith and partner and brand director Kether Parker.
“We’ve kept pretty private,” Keith said of the previous space, which was used for private appointments. “But we’re ready to invite people in to show how we’ve evolved over the last 13 years. Plus, I need a place for all the weird things I design,” he said of the furniture, fixtures and sculptures.
As guests step in, they see elements from the by-appointment-only studio and Soho gallery pop-up, including the life-size brass bank vault and artworks from friends and collaborators such as Damien Hirst and Wes Lang. New are signature elements such as black wood panels, logo-stamped brass bolts — there are 3,500 outside and 1,400 inside — and custom-built cases suspended from anchor chains, along with furniture that pays homage to the best-selling Phantom Ring.
Also on display is the newly launched luxury

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Faherty Creates Capsule to Support LGBTQ Community

Faherty is in the giving spirit this holiday season.
The New York-based casualwear brand has created a new women’s collection, the Rainbow capsule, and will donate 10 percent of sales to The Trevor Project, a suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth.
The collection, which will be available starting Monday, consists of a sweater poncho for $ 269, a pom beanie for $ 78 and a cotton-acrylic scarf for $ 118.
To promote the initiative, Faherty will team with Brooklyn-based fashion blogger Allison Graham of “She Does Him,” who will produce and share a campaign featuring the Rainbow capsule with more than 27,000 of her followers.

“When we designed the Rainbow Sweater Poncho and matching beanie and scarf for our holiday collection, its bright colors and cozy softness evoked in us the warm and fuzzy feeling of the holidays,” said Faherty president Kerry Faherty. “But we also know the holidays can bring up feelings of sadness and loneliness for many. We reached out to The Trevor Project to set up a partnership and donate a portion of our Rainbow Collection sales to the organization. We’re deeply inspired by and grateful for the organization’s incredible efforts in the LGBTQ community and we’re honored to support them during

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Lucy Sparrow creates a festive felt wonderland for Hermes shoppers

Lucy Sparrow transforms the shopfront Hermés in Beverly Hills with a wonderfully festive display.

Working with artrepublic, Lucy Sparrow has featured her sought-after felt creations from her infamous LA Supermarket exhibition in the Brighton Gallery. The exclusive His ’n’ Hers felt display cabinet, from a limited edition of 50, features soft toothbrushes and a hand-stitched bottle of Old Spice. Published by artrepublic this summer and now working with Hermés, she’s gone from Kickstarting a corner shop in London to Rodeo Drive, Beverley Hills – and we’re excited.

Lucy Sparrow Hermes window display

Lucy, following from her huge successes including the Felt Supermarket in LA this summer and the Felt Erotic Emporium in London in 2015 offers a fresh take on a decadent classic: the Festive Window Display. A celebration of playful fun and luxury, we are taken into her felt world of wonder, discovering those luxurious purses in the midst of a multitude of jars filled with felt bonbons.

Childlike glee is what Lucy inspires in passer-bys. From seasoned fashionistas, to families returning from a meal together, no-one is safe from being stopped in their tracks with delight.

Lucy Sparrow Hermes window display (detail)

The traditional lavishness of Hermés gets taken on a trip to the funfair, complete with a felt carousel horse and a felt covered crane-game to pick up fuzzy handbags. Lucy named the horse Herman, and he is serving equine royalty with gorgeous Hermés bracelets on his ankles just above the hooves, and he doesn’t deny himself a silk scarf either.

The interactive nature of the displays is what Lucy has always provided, how we can pick up, feel and play with her art has added a new dimension of fun and intimacy to her work. The Hermés felt crane-game elevates this further, inviting shoppers to have some fun picking up a felt wallet before seriously considering the real deal.

If you’d like to have your own Lucy Sparrow installation in your home, artrepublic are showcasing her intricate felt display cabinets in our Brighton Gallery. An opportune time to grab one before her next highly anticipated exhibition at Context in Miami, get in touch.


For more news stories and events visit our Brighton Gallery page

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CVS creates new health-care giant as $69 billion merger with Aetna officially closes

CVS and Aetna have closed their merger about a year after announcing the deal to combine a drugstore chain, a pharmacy benefit manager and a health insurer.  
Health and Science


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Outerwear Brand Bacon Creates Capsule for Saks Fifth Avenue

Customers into cozy, fashionable puffer jackets have yet another option to choose from.
Italian contemporary outerwear brand Bacon — which already lists Gigi Hadid among its fans — has unveiled a small capsule collection with luxury department store Saks Fifth Avenue.
The brand’s signature women’s “Puffa” style jacket was reinterpreted in two exclusive colorways: red and blue. The cropped jacket, retailing at $ 615, boasts an exaggerated collar and a tie detail.
Additional styles and dedicated colorways will be added to the capsule early next year, strengthening the tie-up with the U.S. department store.

Bacon’s red “Puffa” jacket created for Saks Fifth Avenue. 
Courtesy Photo.

“We want to shift the customers’ perspective on down jackets and we are really focused on trying to evolve the silhouettes. After a few seasons of oversized shapes, we’re gently shifting toward more refined styles, without giving up our rock soul,” said founder and ceo Andrea Pilato Barrara.
The brand delivers fall duvet coats for women featuring oversized proportions and in a number of bright colors informed by the Nineties aesthetic. Established in 2008 as a sportswear label, Bacon will launch its first summer season in 2020 with a selection of windbreakers. Starting with the current fall season, it also introduced two men’s

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