NASA deep space probe reaches asteroid deemed potential Earth threat

NASA’s deep space explorer Osiris-Rex flew on Monday to within a dozen miles of its destination, a skyscraper-sized asteroid believed to hold organic compounds fundamental to life as well as the potential to collide with Earth in about 150 years. 

Reuters: Science News

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‘Green Book’ Explores Racism and Friendship in the ’60s Deep South; Here’s Everything We Know

‘Green Book’ Explores Racism and Friendship in the '60s Deep South; Here's Everything We Know

The road trip is a time-honored cinematic tradition that is renewed with a very real sense of racism and danger in Green Book. Rather than a dry historical treatment, however, director Peter Farrelly infuses the film with wry humor and a welcome consideration of the roots of the differences that can divide us.  

Remaining focused on the two lead characters bolsters the film immeasurably, since we get to know them intimately, even as they get to know each other. The relationship is…

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Hip-Hop Wired Exclusive: T-Pain Goes Deep Into VR On ‘T-Pain’s School of Business’ [Video]

T-Pain's School Of Business

Source: FUSE / Fuse

T-Pain might best be known as one of R&B music’s top hitmakers, but he’s also got a savvy eye for upcoming business trends as evidenced on his new Fuse series, T-Pain’s School of Business. Tallahassee Pain sat down with the creators of virtual reality software Mind Show and got into a deep discussion with one of the founders who was the 3-D animator that created The Matrix bullet effects.

On T-Pain’s School of Business, T-Pain meets with entrepreneurs and start-up organizations as they try to get their next big idea off the ground. On tonight’s episode, the founders of Mind Show reveal the science behind their VR setup and even get T-Pain in on the action by playing an animated tomato heckling a piece of lettuce in a performance venue.

We have an exclusive clip from tonight’s T-Pain’s School of Business episode featuring T-Pain The Heckling Tomato below.

Check out T-Pain’s School of Business tonight (Nov. 13) on the FUSE network at 11:00 PM ET/PT.

For more information about the series, click here.

Photo: FUSE

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NASA gets ‘powerhouse’ that will bring astronauts to deep space

BERLIN — Europe’s Airbus on Friday delivered the “powerhouse” for NASA’s new Orion Spaceship that will take astronauts to the moon and beyond in coming years, hitting a key milestone that should lead to hundreds of millions of euros in future orders. Engineers at the Airbus plant in Bremen, Germany, on Thursday carefully packed the…
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