World Health Organization issues new tips for fighting dementia

fighting dementia

As our bodies age, we have to accept new limitations. We lose muscle, joints can become painful or need replacement, and our brains can experience similar declines. Dementia, a cognitive decline often associated with age, has been linked to certain genetic quirks, but a family history of dementia doesn’t mean there’s nothing a person can do to fight it off.

New guidance from the World Health Organization focuses on lifestyle changes that researchers believe can help delay the onset of dementia symptoms even in people who may be genetically prone. It also addresses some popular myths related to supplements that people may be using in an effort to combat the condition.

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Slowed brainwaves linked to early signs of brain cells going haywire due to dementia

To turn back the clock on Alzheimer’s disease, many researchers are seeking ways to effectively diagnose the neurodegenerative disorder earlier. One potential way to do this is by tracking a person’s brainwave activity, which slows down in certain brain regions that are likely to be affected by the disease next, according to recent findings.
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