5 Obscure Aquaman Characters Who Deserve Screen Time

Aquaman’s solo movie will hit U.S. theaters soon, and fans can’t wait to see high-profile supporting characters like Mera and Vulko in action. But there are still quite a few Aquaman-adjacent and lesser-known characters who seems to be missing in action. So, here are five obscure comic book characters we would like to see in Aquaman, a future Worlds of DC film, or a DC animated movie.

Deep Blue

Deep Blue Aquaman

Deborah Perkins, better known as Deep Blue, is Aquaman’s half-sister. Though the siblings weren’t close for many years, Deep Blue eventually became a longtime ally to him after he asked all of the underwater kingdoms to unite against the Hunter/Gatherers. She stuck around for a while after that, assisting in various fights.

Because of her close family ties to Aquaman and the rest of the rest of the Aquaman Family, Deep Blue would be a good candidate to appear in a future Worlds of DC film. Her unique powerset — she can enlarge and control sea life, in particular — and long history would create interesting subplots in an Aquaman-centric film. Also, her connection to the next character would add much more drama to Arthur’s supporting cast.

Neptune Perkins

Neptune Perkins Aquaman

Another close ally to Aquaman, Neptune Perkins also happens to be the stepfather of Deep Blue. He was born with extraordinary powers, such as superhuman durability and animal empathy similar to Aquaman, due to his exposure to a powerful energy known as the Vril. He became an ally to the All-Star Squadron and ended up joining the Young All-Stars, where he met his future wife, Tsunami. Later, he joined his daughter when Aquaman called the underwater kingdoms together. Unfortunately, he was killed during Infinite Crisis.

In the comics, he eventually became a U.S. Senator for Hawaii and used his influence to monitor various superheroes. Since government involvement in superhero activities has been a major theme in recent films, it’s possible that we could see him as a politician playing a slightly antagonistic role towards the hero community in a future Worlds of DC movie.


Tula Aquaman

Tula, known as Aquagirl in New Earth, the dominant reality before DC’s 2011 reboot, is a fairly obscure character in the Aquaman comics. In New Earth, she was an honorary member of the Teen Titans and had many adventures with them. She also had a short-lived relationship with Tempest, but it didn’t last very long. Sadly, she was killed by Chemo during Crisis on Infinite Earths. However, in Prime Earth, the current continuity, Tula is alive and well and living in Atlantis and was the regent of Atlantis during Aquaman’s absence.

Tula would be a perfect candidate to appear in the upcoming film, as her Prime Earth version is more of a military and political figure than an adventurer. In the Worlds of DC, she could play a role similar to that of Okoye in this year’s Black Panther. Even if she doesn’t make a live-action appearance any time soon, she’d still make a great addition to an animated film due to her long and fun history in the comics.


Koryak Aquaman

Koryak, Aquaman’s illegitimate son, is the result of a relationship between Aquaman and an Alaskan woman named Kako. Koryak didn’t meet his father until he was well into his teens, and the two got off to a rocky start. Eventually, their relationship improved, and Koryak took up residence in Poseidonis, Atlantis’ capital city.

Unfortunately, Koryak (and much of the rest of Atlantis) were killed during the Spectre’s rampage at the beginning of Infinite Crisis. It’s thought that he later came back from the dead as Narwhal, but this has yet to be confirmed. He and Deep Blue were also romantically involved, but, of course, this ended at his death. Either way though, it’d be great to see his complicated and somewhat scandalous past on the big screen. Plus, in the event that both Koryak and Deep Blue appear, we’re sure to see more romance in the Worlds of DC.

Lagoon Boy

Lagoon Boy Aquaman

Lagoon Boy — one of the many outsiders let into Atlantis shortly before Aquaman and Mera’s wedding — is a fairly unknown character. He has been a member of both Landlubbers/Landlovers and Titans East, but not much else is known about him. Sadly, toward the end of New Earth, Lagoon Boy was left in a coma after a mission with Titans East went wrong. Plus, he was just killed off in the first issue of Heroes in Crisis in Prime Earth without receiving much backstory.

Though the original comic iteration of Lagoon Boy hasn’t been expanded upon as much as his Young Justice version, it would still be great to see him on the big screen because of his interesting powers, including being able to blow up like a pufferfish and controlling water like Mera. But, if the upcoming season of YJ features Lagoon Boy prominently, we’re almost sure to see him in a movie, as he plays a sort of comedic relief in the comics, which is something that has been sorely lacking in previous Worlds of DC.

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Why Your Credit Cards May Deserve A Second Chance

(AP Photo)

While paying off $ 1,700 in credit card debt in 2014, Jamie Griffin cut up his card. To tackle the remaining $ 90,000 in student loans he and his wife carried, he read personal finance experts’ tips and turned to cash and a spreadsheet to budget. Now that most of their debt is paid off, he’s giving credit cards a cautious second chance.

Griffin has come to see credit cards as a way that he and his wife, Jenna, who are both teachers, can potentially defray the costs of travel. Instead of immediately applying for a travel credit card, though, the 31-year-old from Duluth, Minnesota, let his wife’s longtime rewards credit card lead the way as they transitioned from using cash to credit for most purchases.

“We wanted to practice to make sure we could actually do it rather than reverting back to our old spending habits of just swiping a card because we could,” Jamie Griffin says. “We haven’t had to pay any interest. We haven’t had any late payments.”

If you, too, have developed new spending habits — and potentially higher credit scores — since paying off debt, you might be a good fit for rewards credit cards that earn cash back for your emergency fund or miles for a vacation. Here are factors to consider.


Rewards credit cards generally require a credit score of 690 or higher. They can earn cash back, points or airline miles in specific categories or on everyday spending. Rewards rates vary by card and some also offer sign-up bonuses with introductory zero percent interest rates for new cardholders.

Depending on the card, rewards can be redeemed for things like cash, statement credit, travel, gift cards or merchandise — all of which can help with household expenses, as long as you pay credit card bills in full every month to avoid interest charges.

Since early 2017, the Griffins have collected 38,000 points — that’s over $ 300 in cash back. They redeemed 20,000 points (about $ 200) into their bank account earlier this summer.


Paying off debt is a worthy goal. But if you later stop using a credit card, it can hurt your credit scores. That’s because credit utilization and length of credit history are key factors in the calculation of those scores, according to FICO.

Say you were to close an older high-limit credit card after paying it off — or that you use the card so infrequently that the issuer ends up closing the account for you. Shutting down the account would not only decrease your amount of total available credit; you would also lose the card’s account history.

Another factor in your credit scores is credit mix — the combination of different kinds of credit accounts. A healthy credit mix might include a mortgage or car loans, for example, and also credit cards.

“If you have a healthy mix of credit, and you’re using them wisely, and you have a good history, that should reflect in your credit score,” says Jeffrey Arevalo, financial wellness expert at GreenPath, a credit counseling agency.

Of course, without piles of cash on hand, you’ll need good credit if you want to qualify for a home or car loan at the lowest interest rates. Keeping a credit card active and using it responsibly is an easy way to maintain good credit.

But if the temptation to overspend is too great, closing a credit card account may be the way to go, Arevalo says.


Before moving most of their expenses to credit, Jenna Griffin asked the issuer about benefits for longtime customers. The couple secured a six-month safety net with a zero percent interest rate that they didn’t have to use.

Recently, the couple was approved for a credit card that earns miles to help them save money on travel expenses. Jamie Griffin continues tracking all of their expenses on his spreadsheet.

If you’re ready to give credit cards a second chance, here’s how to use a rewards credit card and maintain good credit:

– Pay your bill in full and on time every month.

– Don’t stray from your budget just to earn credit card rewards.

– Keep charges below 30% of your available credit.

– Use your credit card as a budgeting tool to track your spending and review your purchases.

– Keep your no-annual-fee accounts open and active to avoid hurting your credit score.

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