The best diaries and planners to help you organise your life

Whether you want page space or head space

best diaries

The best diaries are the ones that organise your life for you, right? Whether you want one that leaves enough space for you to note down your meetings and what you’re supposed to have prepared, or something for intention setting that’s also stuffed with inspirational quotes, there are so many out there for you to choose from.

These days, diaries and planners are more than your average pocket book with tiny lines. There are the best diaries for yogis, there are planners for foodies, and there are even doubled-up diaries for those with really hectic lives.

If you’re the kind of person who settles for a regular notebook, graffitied with doodles and half-written messages that you’ll never remember to read, then it’s time to shake things up.

Yes, you’re meant to buy diaries at the start of the year, but we’ve all been busy breaking our New Year’s resolutions. Sure, you’ve missed out on a month of writing out your plans, but it’s time to finally get your shit together.

So where can you find the best diaries?

Best diaries


best diaries

A5 Bonded Leather Daily Diary Dusk Blue, now £13.50

Who can resist the cute pages of a kikki.K? This diary has daily and monthly layouts so that you can keep all aspects of your life organised, from remembering brunch plans to keeping track of work deadlines.

Noble Macmillan London

best diaries

2019 Mezzo Diary Lemon, £59

The soft bound Mezzo diary includes a ‘to-do’ list on every right page, so no more cramming your life into a tiny daily box. The cover can also be monogrammed with your name or initials in the gift giver’s handwriting. Fancy.


best diaries

Yoga Yearly, £39.95

Whether you’re a beginner or a fully-fledged yogi, this day-to-a-view diary will help you to develop your own daily routine, and offers space for ‘gratitude, inspired action, self-inquiry and inspiration’. It also encourages mindful living,


best diaries

Flamingos, £21.99

If you want a diary on your own terms, this blank option is perfect. There are no fixed dates, so you can start it whenever you like, and it includes weekly and monthly views as well as pages for extra notes, goals and ‘to-do’s.

Busy B

best diaries

Busy Life Diary, £10.99

Hectic lives call for double diaries, and thankfully these exist. If your diaries are usually awash with scribbles because there isn’t enough room for everything, this is the solution. A diary with two copies of each week and month so that you can keep your work and social lives separate, but in the same place.

Zelo Journal

best diaries

Zelo Journal, £31.99

With a promise to help you ‘clear you mind and achieve your goals’, it offers a new spin on traditional diaries. Not satisfied with offering space purely for day-to-day planning, this diary has been created to help you list your goals, improve productivity and focus on the things you’re passionate about.

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