Big-Time Companies Dish Out Over $240 Million to Black Law Firms, Other Minority Firms

Representing one of their largest contribution ever, member companies of the Inclusion Initiative spent more than $ 240 million last year with black law firms and other minority firms including women-owned (MWBE) law firms.

The fresh figure was provided this month by the Inclusion Initiative, a collaborative program among law departments at big U.S. corporations focused on promoting diversity spending. The amount is a $ 14 million increase from the $ 226 million allotted to MWBE firms in 2016.

The total dollar volume participating law departments have distributed to MWBE firms has eclipsed $ 200 million every year since 2012. The number also is a hefty gain from $ 42 million, which was spent on the firms in 2010 when the initiative started. Since the program’s inception, participating companies have generated more than $ 1.4 billion in expenditures on MWBE law firms.

“Minority and women-owned law firms have a substantial role in creating a pipeline for diverse lawyers,” said Ann Kappler, senior vice president and deputy general counsel of Prudential Financial Inc., a founding company of the Inclusion Initiative in a press release. “Programs like the Inclusion Initiative have a multiplier effect as the program has grown it has made a meaningful, positive impact on our target firms and the legal profession more broadly.”

Since its launch, participation in the Inclusion Initiative has nearly tripled to 33 members. The current roster of participating companies includes: 3M, Accenture, Allstate, American Airlines, AT&T, Bank of America, CenterPoint Energy, The Coca-Cola Co., Comcast, Exelon, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., General Mills, GlaxoSmithKline, Google, JPMorgan Chase, McDonald’s Corp., Macy’s, Merck, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Nationwide, NBCUniversal, Prudential Financial, Sempra Energy, Shell Oil Co., State Farm, Target, Toyota Financial Services, UPS, Verizon, Walmart, Wells Fargo, and Xerox.

The Inclusion Initiative is administered by the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF), which comprises over 193 certified MWBE law firms in 44 states.

“Corporate members of the Inclusion Initiative are a testament to the adage of putting thought into action,” said William Delgado, Inclusion Initiative Task Force co-chair and board member of NAMWOLF. “The commitment exhibited by each company helps ensure the success of minority and women-owned law firms and furthers the important mission of diversifying the legal profession. NAMWOLF is excited about its continued collaboration with the Inclusion Initiative for years to come.”

Additionally, there are hundreds of other companies giving MWBE firms the opportunity to compete and win business that is not reflected in the numbers, officials say. They maintain those companies should consider connecting with NAMWOLF so they can gain exposure to its member firms. The reason: Those member firms are involved in several practice areas handling work for Fortune 500 companies and governmental entities.

Black law firms are scarce. According to data from the American Bar Association, African Americans make up 5% of the active, practicing attorneys in 2018. A report from 2015 shows that even in a diverse metropolis such as New York City, black attorneys only account for 4% of associates and 2% of partners at law firms.

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‘Overcooked 2’ Review: Cooking Up the Perfect Co-op Dish

Phil Duncan and Oli De-Vine were fed up. While they spent most of their working day at Frontier Developments helping to craft brilliant games like Zoo Tycoon, they also loved to blow off steam at lunch with some expletive-filled co-op gaming. Yet during their eight years there, it wasn’t long before they had exhausted all the multiplayer classics. Frustrated, one question began repeatedly circling the duo’s mind – where are all the co-op games?

Thanks to online shooters and stat-crunching RPGs becoming all the rage, poor old couch co-op had been quietly resigned to the pages of history. If  Duncan and Oli wanted to continue their lunch time fun, there was only one option – they’d have to make their own co-op game.

In a past life, Duncan was a chef, and for him there was only one place that embodied the glorious collision of teamwork and mayhem that is co-op gaming  – and that was the kitchen. Soon their ideas grew along with their grins, and in no time their little lunchtime project was suddenly all grown up. Its name?  Overcooked.

A little serving of co-op goodness

'Overcooked 2' is finally here. But does it offer enough to justify being a full sequel?

OK, now, we know what you’re thinking. “Sure, that’s a great story, but why would I want to play a video game where you chop up onions and shout at each other over the washing up?” Well, dear reader, the answer is because it’s bloody brilliant.

Overcooked went on to sell over a million copies  across four platforms and gain (completely deserved) critical acclaim. But more importantly for this writer, it introduced countless friends to gaming who would never have touched a controller otherwise. It provided laughs, arguments, and quickly became the centrepiece for more than a few drunken nights. And now, almost two years later –  its sequel, Overcooked 2 has arrived.


With a whole team now helping Duncan and Oli, needless to say, expectations were high. But with the original being such a breath of fresh air, we were surprised that our initial reaction to playing Overcooked 2 was actually one of utter disappointment.

After scrolling few a confusing character selection process and navigating a few noticeably prettier menu screens, the game’s first few levels seemed very much like a game we’d already played before.

Sure, there were new recipes to master, but couldn’t these just have been DLC? It didn’t help that those early levels were painfully easy, either. With its predecessor quickly (and brutally) slapping players into shape, we began to assume the worst.  Have we bummed you out a bit now? Well, don’t worry – because once you get to the second world, Overcooked 2 reveals its true colours.

A tasty second helping

Portals, vanishing stair cases and spooky new elevated settings like these provide some of the most interesting new gameplay experiences.

It turns out, there’s a very good reason that things feel basic and repetitive initially. Why? Because that’s the developers’ way of slowly preparing new players for the sheer amount of mayhem the game is about to throw at you.

And, boy, does it throw everything at you. Yes, even the kitchen sink. While the drip-feed of new recipes (including sushi, pasta and steamed dumplings) start off fairly easy to master, juggling them with Overcooked 2’s increasingly deviously designed stages quickly builds into a challenging crescendo.

It’s clear that pushing players to breaking point in the most creative of ways was their devs’ mission here. Whether its one map set in a gothic kitchen where haunted ingredients periodically float away from each chef or a rage inducing level where both players have to prepare ingredients on top of a pair of floating rafts, the level design here is wonderfully insane.

To me, to you

Another grin-inducing new feature are the new dynamic stages, which split the level into two very different (but equally dangerous) locales.

Thankfully though, it’s not just the levels that have evolved here. This time around, chefs can chuck raw ingredients. Now, that may sound like an eye-rollingly dull new mechanic, but trust us – it’s an utter game changer. As well as being essential for stages split over different verticalities, the throw ability really allows for some tight-knit, pro level play. Being able to dash over a gaping chasm while chucking a tomato directly to your teammate not only feels brilliant, but it also allows you to be far more productive – helping you cook more and increase that all important end of level score.

The other menu-heading addition in Overcooked 2 is online play. The netcode seemed perfectly A-OK to us, but sadly, there’s no support for voice chat at all here. With all our Overcooked sessions dependant on yelling obscenities at each other, navigating Overcooked’s madness in silence felt strangely chilling. Still, there are a few (limited) emotes at your disposal and while it doesn’t quite beat having three friends huddle around a sofa, it’s still a lot of fun.

There are, of course, a TON of silly new chefs to choose from, too. While old favourites like wheelchair racoon and bucktooth boy make a welcome return (we’re going with those as their names) players can now hop into the kitchen as an alligator, a bespectacled ginger maestro or either an elderly man and woman, to name but a few.

It’s worth noting that you can technically play the game in single player as well — but we wouldn’t recommend it. When cooking on your lonesome, players find themselves in control of two chefs, switching between each with a tap of either bumper. Unsurprisingly things get pretty ridiculous pretty fast, with multi-tasking as both chefs soon becoming sweat-inducing as you attempt to avoid disintegrating stages one chef at a time while chucking ingredients across gaping chasms. We found later levels near impossible to do solo, so lonely offline players — be warned.

Is Overcooked 2 Any good?

There are two types of sequels, those that take the template of the original and improve upon it beyond recognition and those that just opt for the bigger and better approach. Overcooked 2 is undeniably the latter.

Yet, when you’re building on such a solid gameplay foundation, it’s hard to really ask for any more. Despite some early concerns, Overcooked 2 is an undeniably brilliant co-op experience. Thanks to some wonderfully inspired (and at times vein-poppingly frustrating) level design, Overcooked 2 is sure to bring any group friends together and make them laugh, scream and cry.

And really, what else could you ask for from a co-op game?

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Dish Network shares bolstered as results beat estimates

Investors had nothing to dish about Dish Network’s second-quarter performance, which beat Wall Street estimates on its top and bottom lines. The results, released early Friday, sent the satellite-TV provider’s shares up 14.5 percent at the close, to $ 34.20. Before the gain, Dish shares were down 38 percent for the year. Although the company’s endgame…
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Univision Stations Go Dark on Dish Amid Contract Battle

More than 60 Univision O&O station have gone dark on Dish’s national platforms as the companies battle over a new carriage contract. The Univision-owned stations and cable channels including Univision Deportes and Galavision went dark at 4 p.m. PT as the previous contract expired. The sides have been negotiating a new pact for weeks. Dish […]



RHOA’s Eva Marcile Is Guest Hosting Dish Nation With Porsha Williams – Check Out The Cute Photo Of The Crew

Have you ever imagined that Eva Marcile would co-host Dish Nation with Porsha Williams and the rest of the crew? Well, according to Porsha’s latest post, this is precisely what happened. Check out her photo below.

‘Watch @dishnation with our girl @evamarcille guest hosting sitting in for Brat. 🔥’ Porsha captioned her photo.

‘Eva you looking good to have just had a baby. Love the show’ one of Porsha’s followers gushed over Eva.

‘Big big shot out to all the staff @ dish radio station & a special big up to beautiful Porsha my favorite housewife. I like to call her wifey’ another excited commenter posted.

‘@porsha4real I watched it the other day when she filled in…idk. I love when she talks about fashion or modeling…that show was dry, maybe if she does a fashion segment, she’ll come alive or maybe it’s just because you weren’t there cuz when are out, there is definitely a void…’ someone else’s opinion was.

‘My two favorites! Maybe she should become your new Frack lol!’ another fan wrote, while one other follower told Porsha that ‘I watch your show, everyday love, all of y’all great job@evamarcille. Porsha say hi too Gary for me he’s my favorite. ‘

‘Watch dish nation all the time my favorite show because of you and Ricky’ someone else wrote.

‘I love dish nation, been watching it for years. I love everybody especially Porsha with her funny Beautiful self and Brat too. I just love Brat smile and her Beautiful skin and Beautiful hairstyles. I truly enjoy the show and hope the time of your show here in Texas stays at 1:00 am, and it doesn’t get changed again. Thanks for one of the Best show on tv,’ another fan praised the show.

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The dish that drives Hong-Kong crazy


Picture the scene – it’s the dark, back streets of Hong Kong. It’s late, and you’re tired, but you’re also famished. You move slowly, your way lit only by the neon signs, the glowing interior of office buildings, and the headlights of passing cars. You turn a corner and head down to the quieter Cheung Sha Wan, one of Hong Kong’s best-known residential districts.

And that’s when it hits you – the smells rush to your senses all at once; meat, chili, spices, sauce. You take a deep breath; it’s just what you’ve been needing, craving. You power onward, knowing a meal is close at hand, and that’s when you reach the door to Tai Po King restaurant. Pushing the door open the sizzle and pop of exquisite aroma and flavor hits you. You salivate as you slink into a booth and prepare to order Gai Bo – Hong Kong’s signature dish.

What is it?

Gai Bo loosely translates as chicken pot and is a chicken hotpot dish that has taken Hong Kong by storm. Of course, it’s not only Tai Po King that offers this dish for customers, though we definitely recommend trying them out first. Gai Bo comes complete with spicy, saucy chicken, vegetables, and chilis. Hotpot has been a big part of the Hong Kong food scene for quite some time now, so it should come as no surprise that the dish is insanely popular here.


It’s most likely the simplicity of the dish that makes it such a favorite among locals. If you are looking for the ultimate one-pot dish, Gai Bo is what you choose. Perfect for lunch and dinner alike, Gai Bo is the social dish in the hip, happening Hong Kong. People huddle roundtables, over bowls of steaming deliciousness, sharing anecdotes, and catching up with friends. Often, the most simple food is the most effective, and Gai Bo is definitely a dish that falls into this category. Nutritious, filling, and the perfect remedy to the cold weather, this hot pot shows no signs of losing popularity any time soon.


So, just how did this dish wind up becoming one of Asia’s most beloved dishes? Well, the origins of the dish date back to the Middle Ages, and the need to keep warm around the fire, while also being able to eat at the same time. This comfort food then spread around the region and inspired several variants over the years. But, people continued coming back for more of this original, and delicious dish. And, with 266 restaurants offering Gai Bo as a tasty, affordable dish,. Hong Kong has become arguably the Gai Bo capital of the world.

This is one of the most flavorsome and aromatic dishes we’ve ever had the pleasure of indulging in. Gai Bo ticks every box and offers an affordable and delectable way of getting the food you want. If you ever find yourself in a sleepy Hong Kong back street, and you discover a small restaurant still open, take a trip inside. You might just find they have Gai Bo on the menu, and your day or night will be looking better already.


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CBS and Dish Network end blackout hours after millions missed NFL’s Thanksgiving games

CBS and Dish Network resolved a dispute over the fees the satellite TV provider pays to the broadcaster.
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