Win it: The Jack Erwin Leroy Double Monk Strap

Jack Erwin Leroy Double Monk – $ 225

Imagine a shoe company that makes nice quality shoes with stitched soles, good leathers, shipping is free both ways, they don’t try and hide where their shoes were constructed, and you don’t have to play any discount games or risk 2nds quality issues to get the pair you desire for around $ 200…

A novel thought. Not many do that. But Jack Erwin does. And has been for a few years now. And they’re still going strong.

In Review: The Jack Erwin Leroy Double Monk Strap on

Perfect shape. No chisel. Not overly elongated. Not stumpy.

Some of us were afraid that with their recent mega sale, Jack Erwin was in trouble. But that sale passed and their new fall/winter collection came in, and it appears that our worries were unfounded. These things are still made in Portugal with mighty fine materials. They’re also fairly priced, even at full retail (and recent event aside, Jack Erwin just doesn’t do a lot of sales).

In Review: The Jack Erwin Leroy Double Monk Strap on

A true dark brown. Darker in person than on their website.

While Jack Erwin has done Goodyear Welted shoes as well, these monk straps are a Blake construction. That means a slimmer sole and more flexible shoe (while not quite as weatherproof). These are super simple. No broguing. No burnishing. Just a simple shape, classic toe, and no right angles. Even the buckles have had the corners slightly softened and rounded.

In Review: The Jack Erwin Leroy Double Monk Strap on

Blake Stitched in Portugal.

I gotta say that I was really impressed with the materials. The suede uppers were dark, even, soft, and smooth (even if our online pics make them look a bit rougher… suede is notoriously difficult to photograph). The suede comes from the Italian tannery Sciarada, while if you go for the smooth full grain uppers, that leather comes from either the French tannery du Puy or the Italian tannery Conceria Carli. It might sound weird to specifically point out the interiors, but the linings and in-sole are particularly nice. Glove soft, well cushioned, and immediately pliable. That’s not something some of Jack Erwin’s competitors (*cough* Meermin *cough*) can necessarily say.

In Review: The Jack Erwin Leroy Double Monk Strap on

Buckles aren’t matte but they don’t shout. Nice rounded corners look classy too.

Fit seems true here. A 10.5 standard D width fit my normally 10.5 D feet just fine. Maybe a little snug at first, but I’m a borderline wide foot. And since we don’t keep any samples from companies, ever, I was hesitant to walk like crazy in them. I wouldn’t size up though. With free shipping and free returns, even if my advice doesn’t fall true for your feet, an exchange or a return will be easy.

I think there’s room in the middle. That is the place where someone who has an eye for good aesthetics and nice quality can buy something at a price that won’t satisfy the cheapskate, nor would it satiate the shoe snob who measures his own self worth by how much he spends on footwear. Jack Erwin exists there. And their existence is classy, smart, and subtle.

Enter here to win a pair of Jack Erwin Leroy Double Monks in your size and preferred leather/color. Sadly, just standard D widths for now. Deadline for entry is 11:59 PM ET on 10/16/18. One entry per person. Thanks to Jack Erwin for providing one of their latest models for giveaway!

In Review: The Jack Erwin Leroy Double Monk Strap on

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Evelyn’s Double Take: The Sleep Chest

Design and Event Editor Evelyn Eshun shows us how a spare room can double as both a guest bedroom and home office with a Sleep Chest. – Photography by Larry Arnal

Fresh & Lively

For our guest bedroom, I created a fresh and lively look, perfect for a guest or a youth’s room. Denim bedding, much like a well loved pair of jeans, adds texture and subtle color. The area rug adds a punch of color with an array of stripes. I picked up the yellow from the rug and introduced a mid-century inspired, slipper style chair. A large abstract art piece is leaning against the wall rather than being hung. This is the perfect choice for a space where you cannot put holes in the wall or want to be able to easily move it.

Elegant & Modern

To convert this room into an elegant home office with a feminine touch, I chose a beautiful chair with slight curves and an airy feeling in a beautiful colored, lighthearted fabric. For the desk, I chose a fabulous modern style desk with a glass top that swivels 360 degrees. The Sleep Chest is closed and I changed out the artwork for a layered look. A yellow and gray accent rug adds an air of sophistication and pulls color from the chair.

Sleep On It

This Sleep Chest is a great alternative to a traditional murphy bed as you don’t have to install it on a wall. It comes in a variety of styles and finishes making it the perfect fit no matter your preferred décor style. I particularly love the Madrid as it lends well to a contemporary setting. This Sleep Chest, a great piece of multi-functional furniture, comes with a mattress and best of all, assembles with minimal effort. – Evelyn Eshun,

Creative Space

  1. The glass top on this desk features a 360 degree swivel which doubles the available workspace when opened up. When not in use, the glass top slides closed therefore the desk can be moved aside and used as a console table. – Ambros Swivel Desk,
  2. Because space was limited, I chose to include a chair instead of a nightstand. This provides a place for guests to sit but can also be used as a nightstand for holding books, glasses or other items as needed. – Bailey Accent Chair,
  3. Hidden storage in the bottom of the Sleep Chest provides the perfect place to store bedding and linens when not in use. – Sleep Chest,
  4. This arching floor lamp can double as both a bedside and desk lamp, making it the perfect choice for a multi-purpose room. A black lamp shade with white interior will direct more light downwards making it perfect for a home office.  – Vortex Floor Lamp,

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