For Billie Eilish, and Many Others, Power Dressing Means Wearing Baggy Clothes

Donato Sardella/Getty

Billie Eilish’s new Calvin Klein campaign begins with a familiar scene: a teenager spending too much time getting ready in the bathroom.

But instead of hearing the sounds of a disgruntled younger sister banging at the door to get in, those who watch the 30-second spot are treated to a voiceover confessional from the 17-year-old pop dynamo.

“I never want the world to know everything about me,” Eilish drawls. “That’s why I wear big, baggy clothes. Nobody can have an opinion because they haven’t seen what’s underneath, you know? No one can say ‘She’s slim thick, she’s not slim thick. She’s got a flat ass, she’s got a fat ass.’ No one can say any of that because they don’t know.”

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Anna Delvey, Felicity Huffman, and Lori Loughlin Show the Serious Business of Dressing for Court

Richard Drew/AP

It was around 10 a.m. on Wednesday, the fifth day of the trial of Anna Sorokin, and the alleged “Soho Grifter”—accused of scamming friends, luxury hotels, and banks out of over $ 275,000—was M.I.A. from New York State Supreme Court.

Last week, GQ’s Rachel Tashjian reported that Sorokin—better known as Anna Delvey—had hired stylist Anastasia Walker to dress her for court appearances.

Delvey isn’t alone in being a public figure dressing for the dock right now: Felicity Huffman (channeling suburban drab rather than Hollywood star) and Lori Loughlin (fabulous coat, autograph signing) were both in court this week, charged in the college admissions-fraud scandal, showcasing divergent courtroom styles.

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Jay Baruchel On Dressing Up As A Garbage Can On ‘Popular Mechanics For Kids’ | PeopleTV


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Dressing Down the Double-Breasted Suit/Jacket

Aside from formal evening attire, double-breasted suits used to be as formal as it gets when it came to suits. You may have a couple of them in your closet and you’re not quite sure how you can incorporate your DB jackets into your current wardrobe, you came to the right place!

Ways To Dress Down Your DB Suit/Jacket

SRS wearing a DB jacket with a denim shirt

1. Do Pair Your DB Jacket With More Casual Pants & Shirts.

Specifically, that means skip the white or pale blue shirt and instead, go with something maybe in a washed denim. Alternatively, you could also go with flannel because it makes you look softer and more relaxed. In terms of colors, consider earthy tones and pastel tones in the range of brown, ivory, or yellow. These warm colors are perfect when combined with a double-breasted jacket. Alternatively, you can go with check shirts ideally with some color such as maybe red or blue, maybe green, or something darker but you want to incorporate color because that sets the shirt apart from a formal business shirt. For your pants or trousers, it means that you can go distinctly more casual.

Allen Edmonds Suede Chukka Boots with Corduroy
Allen Edmonds Suede Chukka Boots with Corduroy

You can either go with corduroys in the summer, maybe with some linen blends, maybe moleskin, or anything else that’s considered casual except maybe jeans because they’re just too informal. Of course, you can also consider chinos or maybe even a pair of navy suit trousers to combine it depending on your overall look and the feel you want to get. At the end of the day, make sure that your trousers contrast your double-breasted jacket.

Ace Marks Monkstrap Brandy Antique
Ace Marks Monkstrap Brandy Antique

2. Do Pair Your DB Jackets With Informal Accessories & Shoes.

That means skip the oxford and instead go with a monk strap shoe, maybe a double monk or loafers. Traditionally, most men would have never worn a loafer with a double-breasted jacket but it’s something the Duke of Windsor introduced simply because it made everything more relaxed. In terms of shoe colors, brown is your friend, it makes everything more casual but you can even go a little further, maybe opt for olive green, maybe a light gray, or just something unusual that you wouldn’t find in a classic business wardrobe. That being said, burgundy or oxblood is always your friend. You can also opt for suede shoes because suede is always more casual than a regular calf leather. Choose derbies over oxfords because they’re a little less formal.

If you only have oxfords or only formal derbies, consider getting colorful shoelaces because they really break up the formality of your shoes and make it look like an entirely new pair which is great for casual DB combinations.

Dark red, light blue, tobacco brown silk knit ties by Fort Belvedere
Dark red, light blue, tobacco brown silk knit ties by Fort Belvedere

If you want to have something around your neck, go with a knit tie, not with a classic silk tie and maybe something in wool or something that’s a little more casual, relaxed, and softer. If you have a worsted jacket, maybe go with a wool pocket square because it tones down the formality. If you have a flannel DB jacket, you can go with something like silk because it’s a contrasting texture and it just rounds out your entire outfit. Overall, get something with colors or patterns, not a plain white linen pocket square because that would be too formal.

3. Consider Skipping Accessories Altogether.

That means no tie and instead of over the calf socks, go with no-show socks, that gives your ensemble definitely a very casual appearance. Of course, the notion of no sock look only works during the summer, otherwise, you’ll be too cold. If you wear a shirt, skip the cufflinks, go with a barrel cuff, you can even leave it unbuttoned for a very casual feel.

The quintessential navy blazer
The quintessential navy blazer

4. Get Casual Buttons.

If you have dark horn buttons or maybe plastic buttons, they look very formal. On a double-breasted jacket such as a navy blazer, adding maybe mother-of-pearl buttons in a contrasting white is a clear sign to dress something down. As a general rule of thumb, the lighter the button color and the more contrasting, the more casual the overall look and feel.

Light Blue Wool sport coat with contrast buttons in 6x2 DB style
Light Blue Wool sport coat with contrast buttons in 6×2 DB style

5. Play With Your Button Configurations.

Most double-breasted jackets or suits come in a six-two configuration, two of which are buttoned. Traditionally, you’d button the two lower ones which would create a much more formal look. Alternatively, you can leave the bottom button undone or you can button the whole thing just on the bottom row and see how it looks. You could also consider unbuttoning the jigger button on the inside which will cause your lapel to be not as structured and will be a little less symmetrical and therefore, more casual.

Some people will even go as far to button the outside bottom button but the inside top jigger button which really results into a kind of asymmetrical look and I suggest you skip that because it just looks like something is wrong with your suit but people can’t pinpoint it. Overall, it doesn’t make you look more casual but more like someone who has glasses on that are crooked.

DB jacket paired with a turtleneck

6. Pair Your DB Jacket With A Sweater Or Polo Shirt.

Sweaters and cardigans are obviously less formal than dress shirts. For a casual DB ensemble, the turtleneck sweater is ideal because it creates some visual interest in an area where you usually have a neckwear or a bow tie. Because it covers your neck, you’ll feel warmer which is in line with the two layers of fabric in the double-breasted jacket that will keep you warmer than a comparatively single-breasted one. For example, let’s say you have a navy double-breasted suit or a navy blazer, it can look really great with a lighter or medium gray turtleneck sweater.

SRS wearing several DB jacket combinations

Ideally, you want a melange thread which means it has multiple colors and when knitted into a sweater, you can have different flecks of color which is a lot more casual than a solid white sweater, for example. Now instead of wearing the suit pants, pair it with a pair of chinos or corduroys and you have a much more casual look. If you find a turtleneck uncomfortable, maybe consider a knitted wool polo shirt, just make sure it has long sleeves, otherwise, it will look odd and don’t go with the seasonality of a double-breasted jacket. In terms of colors, go with ranges of off-white, medium grey, earth tones, or things like a darker green. If you want to add a bit more contrast, you can also make a statement with something in red.

In general, you always want to create a certain amount of contrast between your turtleneck sweater or your polo shirt and your jacket as well as the pants. If you want to dress down a double-breasted jacket in the summer, you can opt for louder shirts with bolder patterns or colors or maybe polo shirts but you definitely want cotton over wool, otherwise, you will overheat.

Yours Truly in Firenze wearing a vintage brown flannel glencheck
Yours Truly in Firenze wearing a vintage brown DB flannel glencheck

7. Intentionally Buy More Casual DB Jackets.

Opting for something maybe in a linen fabric or something with a Glen check pattern in gray with colors of maybe purple or green is just a lot more casual and the whole look is easier to pull off. That being said, features like patch pockets versus flap pockets or jetted pockets are always more casual. Moreover, look at the texture of the fabric. A flannel with its hairy texture and touch will always be less formal than a worsted fabric in the same color and weight. Avoid solids and rather go with small patterns such as a Glen check or a small regular check. Definitely, don’t go with a striped jacket because that’s inherently more formal and pairing it down with something more casual is just a clash that is too much.

What To Avoid…

Never attempt to wear your Db business jackets with jeans
Never attempt to wear your Db business jackets with jeans

1. Don’t Pair It With Denim Jeans.

Denim is simply too casual and will clash with the formality of the double-breasted coat. Instead, opt for something such as off-white flannel pants, it’s a lot better and more stylish.

Double Breasted Plaid Suit Worn Unbuttoned
Double Breasted Plaid Suit Worn Unbuttoned

2. Don’t Wear It Unbuttoned.

Unless it’s your idea of sprezzatura, I suggest you keep your jacket buttoned that means at least one button somewhere and you can play around with it and find what works for you and your jacket. Otherwise, a DB jacket is not designed to be worn unbuttoned and it will simply look off. If you have a tight double-breasted jacket to begin with, adding a turtleneck sweater will make it even tighter so you may have to play around with the buttoning, otherwise, it looks tight.

3. Don’t Try To Dress Down A Striped Jacket.

A striped DB jacket is a very formal garment that is usually seen on Wall Street or in a business environment. Combining it with a casual sweater and casual pants is simply not something that will work and will always look weird. In the same vein, don’t try to dress down double-breasted tuxedo jackets or dinner jackets, it simply won’t work.

Pitti Uomo 89
Pitti Uomo 89

4. Don’t Try To Put Your Hands In Your Pockets.

Yes, it is true, having a hand in your pocket makes you look more relaxed but overall, if you try to just have your hands in your pockets all the time, you end up having your clothes wearing you rather than you wearing the clothes. In my opinion, it is very self-conscious even though some people might do it in Pitti Uomo in the hopes of getting photographed, it’s impractical and not something a confident gentleman would do.

How do you dress down your double-breasted jackets? Let us know in the comments below!

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Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Reveal the New Rules of Royal Dressing

Photo illustration by The Daily Beast

What does Meghan Markle wear when she’s at home, baking her famous banana bread or roasting a chicken with Prince Harry, as the couple is known to do? It’s hard to imagine Meghan kicking back in a pair of old sweats and a Northwestern hoodie. Maybe her loungewear of choice is somewhat athleisure-ly—after all, in 2015 the former actress did declare “Yoga is my thing.”

It’s understandable if you’re bored at the thought of Markle looking a lot like you do, watching true crime on a weeknight in her telltale messy bun. We like it when Markle, per her tabloid moniker, sparkles.

This week, the Duchess of Sussex reminded us that she can do just that when, at five months pregnant, she stepped out in a head-to-toe sequined gown by Roland Mouret.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Browns Hosts Dinner to Mark Fantastic Man’s Book About Men’s Dressing

LIGHT FANTASTIC: What’s the opposite of hi-tech? The new book by Fantastic Man magazine, “What Men Wear and Why.” A soft cover printed on recycled paper, it includes lots of charming interviews with men about how they dress themselves every day. The interviews are long — no social media-sized commentary here — and, crucially, there are no illustrations or images. Readers — refreshingly — are forced to use their mind’s eye.
Browns hosted a cocktail and dinner on Saturday night during Paris Men’s Fashion Week to mark the book’s publication, and its collaboration with Fantastic Man. The retailer has given over the windows of its store on South Molton Street to different quotes and themes from the book. The event took place at Brasserie Vaudeville, across from the Bourse, with guests including Stefano Pilati, Martine Rose, Liam Hodges, Raf Simons, Benjamin Alexander Huseby, Serhat Isik, Lucie and Luke Meier, Charles Jeffrey and Lou Dalton.

The scene at the dinner 
Stephane Feugere/WWD

Pilati was looking natty in a white, illustrated Comme des Garcons shirt and a jacket of his own design, part of his newest clothing drop, set for Feb. 7. He said there’s a lot more tailoring in the upcoming delivery, and smiled as

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The Minimalist’s Guide to Dressing for Work

The Minimalist's Guide to Dressing for Work

Ladies, is one of your resolutions to have a more minimal wardrobe for work? I’ve seen a lot of reader conversations about it, and been asked a bunch about it over the years, so I’m finally rounding up my tips: here’s the minimalist’s guide to dressing for work! If you’ve done a closet revamp (or built a work wardrobe from scratch) recently, what are your best tips on having a minimal work wardrobe? For all the readers starting to think about building a wardrobe for a summer internship or otherwise creating a capsule wardrobe for work, what would you advise them? Do you think a minimal work wardrobe necessarily means having a work uniform or being ok to repeat outfits at work?

1. Pick a consistent base.

Pick a consistent base color for your wardrobe essentials for work like pants, sheath dresses, blazers, jardigans, and more. For a lot of women that means black or gray. 

2. Consider factors like garment care, weather, and ethics.

Pay attention to thinks like:

  • care – as you’re building your wardrobe pay attention to how things need to be cared for, and what you’re wiling to do. If you have one piece that is “dry clean only,” it may get waylaid at the bottom of the drycleaning bag and be out of commission for longer than you would like.
  • your laundry schedule – in my last “single girl” apartment, the laundry was four flights down and there were only two machines, so I wound up clearing an entire weekend once a month to do laundry. Later, when we moved into an apartment with a washer and dryer (and had a baby who required constant loads of laundry!), I wondered why I had SO many workout clothes and t-shirts I never wore, and towels I never used. It took me way too long to realize it was because my laundry schedule was totally different in the new apartment!
  • seasonality and layers — how many cashmere sweaters do you really need if it rarely goes below 40 where you live? Similarly, consider whether you really need things like linen suits or blazers. A bottom layer like silk long johns may seem like it doesn’t make sense, but because you can wear it with multiple clothes it may be a better investment than several pairs of super warm pants that you only wear once or twice a year.
  • durability – the goal, of course, is to buy well made clothes that will last a long time. If you notice that your clothes aren’t lasting very long because they start to look old with pilling, discoloring, and more, it’s time to avoid that brand of clothing or fabric choice.
  • ethics — you may want to focus on slow fashion and buying things made with environmentally friendly fabrics, produced in America or other factors

3. For basics, consider buying multiples of what you love.

For example, for socks, tights, underwear, bras, t-shirts, and sleepwear, if you find one you love, just stock up — it reduces your mental load to buy duplicates of your favorite clothes. Do keep in mind the other factors, though, like seasonality, your laundry schedule, and more. 

4. Know your neutrals.

For some women that might be beige; for others it may be cream; for others it may be caramel. Pale blue or pink can often act as a neutral as well. The trick is to know what’s flattering to you, what works with the rest of your minimal wardrobe base, and importantly, what you’ll wear.

5. Pick a limited color palette for accents.

We talked about this with our discussion of capsule wardrobes for work a few years ago, where I illustrated how even if you pick bold colors like red, purple, and royal blue, you can keep a consistent look with a minimal wardrobe. If you want to get fancy, you can pick a favorite multicolored thing you own — maybe it’s a scarf, or a sweater — and pull the colors from that scarf into a color palette. You can buy a minimum number of pieces but establish a consistent, pulled-together look that transcends style or trend.

the minimalist's guide to dressing for work - have a capsule wardrobe for work

Pictured at top (white shirts): Deposit Photos / WorldWide_Stock

Hunting for the minimalist's guide to dressing for work? We're rounding up some of our TOP tips for having a more minimal, streamlined work wardrobe, whether you're revamping your wardrobe or building a work wardrobe from scratch. Great tips from the readers who've tried to make their work closets and work outfits more streamlined and minimal as well!

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