Pentagon eyes longer-term support on U.S.-Mexico border

Acting U.S. Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan made his second trip to the U.S.-Mexico border on Saturday as the Pentagon looks to develop a longer-term plan to support President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Reuters: Politics

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Fly me to the moon: Germany eyes slice of lucrative space market

BERLIN Reuters) – Facing tough competition from China, the United States and even tiny Luxembourg, Germany is racing to draft new laws and attract private investment to secure a slice of an emerging space market that could be worth $ 1 trillion a year by the 2040s.

Reuters: Science News

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FTC eyes personal punishment for Mark Zuckerberg over privacy

The Federal Trade Commission is mulling ways to hold Mark Zuckerberg personally responsible for Facebook’s privacy lapses, including fines that would ding the CEO’s own wallet, according to a new report. The watchdog, which started probing Facebook last year over data breaches tied to the 2016 presidential election, is looking at the 34-year-old billionaire’s past…
Business | New York Post


PSA: Dry, Tired Eyes + Allergies = Bad News

stock photo of a woman's eyes with her face covered by a scarf.

2019 Update: This post was originally posted on Apr. 4, 2012, but we’ve updated links and images below… so we’re changing the date to allow for newer commentary. Do you suffer from tired eyes and allergies? Share your story with us! 

This isn’t entirely a “beauty Wednesday” feature, but as we head into spring allergy season I thought I’d remind everyone to take very good care of your eyes, particularly if you wear contacts. You see, I had a serious scare with my eyes because when I first started working at my law firm, I didn’t know four things:
a) how dry the office air was
b) how dry my eyes were naturally
c) how much allergies affected my eyes — it never occurred to me to check beneath the lids of my eyes to see all the little raised bumps that allergies put there
d) how surprisingly easy to do serious damage to your eyes if you have the above 3 conditions and are also not taking the best care of your contacts

dry eyes and allergies

The first year at my law firm, I wore contacts about 90% of the time (contacts I was supposed to wear for 8-12 hours a day and throw away every 2 weeks… neither of which happened), and loved (LOVED) to get home after a long day at the office and rub my eyes for like a minute. Aaaaah – felt so good! When allergy season hit, my lack of knowledge (those damned little bumps!) meant I was done for — unbeknownst to me, I was basically exfoliating my corneas.  (Pictured: Allergy eye, originally uploaded to Flickr by Pahz.)

It probably didn’t help that I was working long hours — 16-18 hour days weren’t that uncommon.  Over the course of a few weeks, my eyes turned a little pink, then got watery.  Then I noticed that my vision was blurry, even if I was just wearing my glasses. (Actually, especially if I was wearing my glasses — so I wore my contacts more.) One day, I met my younger brother for lunch near the office, and he grabbed my shoulders, leaned close to inspect my eyes, and said, “Kat, your eyes look sick. Like, yellow and dull.” I went back to the office and found an eye doctor.

The next day, the ophthalmologist took one look and sent me to a cornea specialist. He looked through his scope, and began drawing what he said was my eyeball — first a big circle, then lots and lots and lots of little circles. He started dotting at the paper, almost making jabbing motions. “This is what you’re doing to your eyes,” he said. I hadn’t hit the cornea — yet — but I was very close to rubbing through the layer that protects your cornea. He ordered me to stop wearing all eye makeup, to wear nothing but glasses, to rest my eyes whenever I wasn’t using them, and — oh yes — to keep a pretty vigorous, semi-hourly routine of drops, some OTC, some prescribed. (For years after this I kept using the OTC stuff — Theratears Gel — every night before I went to bed, and highly recommend them to anyone who has dry eyes.) Leaving his office in my eyeglasses, I realized I could barely see the difference between the street and the curb.

Long story short: after about two weeks of this routine, I was back in eye makeup and contacts, and could pack my audiobooks away, but I learned a lifelong lesson: never take your eyes for granted! According to my cornea specialist (who I still see every six months), it took about a year for my eyes to recover completely.  I consider myself very, very lucky.  Some major tips I learned from the experience:

1. If your eyes are itchy because of spring allergies, avoid rubbing your eyes. 

I still remember how much I loved to rub my eyes — but these days if I’m not removing eye-makeup, I’m not touching my eyes.

2. Blink! If you have dry eyes, try to blink more often. 

If you’re using a computer frequently you’re probably blinking less — there are actually apps you can download to help you remember to blink. Take a break every hour from the computer and try to really focus on blinking more frequently.

3. Be wary of using Visine to get the red out if your eyes are red — at least, not on a daily basis.

If you have a big meeting and want your red eyes (either from allergies, dryness, or whatever reason) to go away, maybe break out the Visine — but it’s actually drying to your eyes, which only exacerbates the problem. Use a product like Theratears to keep your eyes moist throughout the day, and talk with your eye doctor about whether prescription drops are appropriate to help with your symptoms.  (I’ve never used them, but a quick look at the Visine website shows that they now have products for allergies and dry, tired eyes.)

4. Reconsider wearing daily contacts if you have dry eyes, a dry office, allergies, or all of the above. 

At the very least, get a pair of glasses to keep at the office so you can take your contacts out if you’re working late. 2017 Update: Here’s our latest discussion on affordable eyeglasses you can get online.

5. Consider getting a humidifier if your office air is dry.

Humidifiers can really help with dry office air — but be careful to clean it regularly — the mold can be even worse for your health. I really like this humidifier because it’s so easy to clean.

6. Follow the directions on your contact use.

While my contact use wasn’t egregious (I wasn’t sleeping in them, although I did probably wear them for 16 hours, and keep a pair about 4x longer than directed), my eye doctor recommended I wear glasses most of the time after this incident. I tried rigid gas permeable lenses for a while, but now I ultimately prefer single-use contacts for dry eyes.  (I looked into LASIK for myself, and while my regular doctor thought I could do the procedure, a doctor I saw for a second opinion said he wouldn’t chance it, considering how dry my eyes are.)

Ladies, have you had any health scares caused by seemingly normal activities?  Do you suffer from allergies, dry eyes, or other eye woes?

stock photo of a woman's eye with the text "Eye Care PSA: What to Know If You've Got Allergies and Dry, Tired Eyes"

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Your HelloGiggles Horoscope, March 24th to March 30th: Mercury Retrograde is ending, and we’ve got hearts in our eyes

Your HelloGiggles Horoscope, March 24th to March 30th: Mercury Retrograde is ending, and we’ve got hearts in our eyes

Your HelloGiggles Horoscope, March 24th to March 30th: Mercury Retrograde is ending, and we’ve got hearts in our eyes

The Sun entering Aries last week shook off some of the doldrums we were experiencing thanks to the moodiness of Pisces season and the annoyance of Mercury retrograde, and brought forth some much-needed action and assuredness. Now, we’ve got two major things happening in the cosmos to look forward to. For starters, Mercury Retrograde is done on the 28th and goes direct in Pisces. Sure, we might feel some aftereffects while it’s still in its shadow. But for the most part, communication will improve, travel will become swifter, and our technology can be trusted once again. Phew! Before then, on the 26th, Venus, the planet of love, leaves the independent and aloof Aquarius and enters the dreamy world of Pisces, which means when it comes to love and relationships, we’ve got stars and rainbows in our eyes.

We’re all about bringing our rom-com fantasies to life, and it will feel oh so good. And since Mercury has also straightened out in the romantic Fish sign, you can bet we’ll be prone to whispering sweet nothings in our lover’s ears without any thought of an unanswered text or a “Who dis?” response.

Here’s what else the stars have in store for you in your weekly horoscope:


You can attract more bees with honey than vinegar, Aries. And if you have your eye on a particular bee, you might want to research their love language. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.


You don’t need an excuse to show off your sensual side, Taurus. Take this time to treat yourself and/or a loved one to a romantic dinner, massage, or even a hug. Showing your love through actions will go a long way.


It’s okay to be vulnerable sometimes, Gemini. In fact, your loved ones are waiting for you to reveal your softer side. Expressing our feelings is scary, but withholding them is even more painful.


Take this week as an opportunity to unite with the special people, or person, in your life, Cancer. Volunteer to host a dinner party (your speciality). Support feels really good right now.


While you typically like to go big or go home, Leo, what if you went smaller with your affection? Smaller, as in more authentic and more tender. You have a big heart underneath your growl. Show it.


You need an outlet for your feelings, Virgo, even if you try to suppress this fact. Give yourself permission this week to do just that, whether it’s journaling them out, venting them to a friend, or speaking your truth.


You’re the social butterfly of the zodiac, Libra. But this week, try to focus your attention on a special someone. Nurturing one relationship at a time will help it develop stronger roots.


Try to honor your feelings this week, Scorpio. You feel intensely about everything, which is why the right people love you. Don’t make yourself smaller to suit the comfort level of others. Be you for you, always.


It’s finally time to be spontaneous, Sag, as Mercury Retrograde has weighed you down. Trust and follow your impulses. Say yes to a new adventure, and don’t be afraid to dream your biggest dreams yet.


Get ready: you’re about to feel all the feels, Capricorn. Don’t let the flood of emotions overwhelm you; instead, welcome them. This is a healing and cleansing time for you, and it’s exactly what the doctor ordered.


It’s okay to get close to people, Aquarius. While you typically have trouble letting your guard down, you love deeply. So move toward the love. You might surprise yourself when you choose company over alone time.


Your life is either going to resemble your fave romance or your fave tear-jerker this week, Pisces. You choose. Meaning: your experience with a relationship depends on your response and perspective. Choose wisely.

This week is going to bring clarity and brightness, as well as some feels, bbs. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, and don’t forget that happy endings can, and do, happen outside of the movies.

Brianne Hogan’s Friendship Signs: Your Perfect Match(es) Are in the Starsthis link opens in a new tab, a fun book on astrology and friendship, is now available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Look for its official release in May 2019!

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Bigger Paydays, Famous Friends and a Little Heartbreak: All the Ways Life Has Changed for Queer Eye’s Fab Five in Only a Year

Queer Eye Season 3All things just keep getting better.
At least, that’s been the case for Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness–aka your new Fab Five–ever since…

E! Online (US) – TV News


Queer Eye‘s Antoni Porowski Loves Your Memes of Him Playing ‘Third Wheel’ to Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson

Antoni Porowski is having some fun with his new meme status after becoming an instantly relatable touchstone for the internet this week.

As Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson displayed a little public affection during Sunday’s New York Rangers-Washington Capitals hockey game in New York, Queer Eye’s resident food and wine guru sat solo beside Beckinsale — with an expression the internet couldn’t resist.

Photos of the trio at the game circulated online after the Daily Mail published them, and although the Netflix star could have simply been invested in the action on the ice, the instantly iconic images have proven to be the ideal template for memes about the third wheel perspective.

And on Tuesday night, Porowski had a laugh along with the people who took the photos to memedom territory.

Porowski also shared a photo of he and Davidson, who are buddies.

Who can relate to being a third wheel?

Everyone, it turns out. Planned or unplanned, quite a few people felt bonded to Porowski in that moment.

It appears that most of the internet has been there when it comes to the feeling that you’re just sitting on the periphery of someone else’s romantic entanglement.

Sports – TIME


China eyes long-term food processing deals in Brazil, -Chinese official

The Chinese government is
looking to boost its presence in the Brazilian food processing
sector and reach agreements on joint food safety controls that
would allow for long-term supply deals between the countries, a
Chinese official said on Wednesday.

Reuters: Company News


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Did you get it? I can see it in your eyes

Small involuntary eye movements, independent of any response, can be used to determine whether one has successfully learned. This finding opens new possibilities in understanding the process of learning in populations that are less responsive to external events, such young children, or individuals with certain mental or physical conditions.
Child Development News — ScienceDaily


Eyes On Ukrainian Outerwear ‘Ochi’

Best known for its top-selling yellow trenchcoat and with its latest collection to be stocked by Net-a-porter, Ochi outerwear is setting its “eyes” on the international fashion market. The brand name translates to “eyes” in English from Ukrainian and has captured the gaze of fashion model Cate Underwood as well as Vogue Ukraine’s fashion director Julie Pelipas, both seen sporting the outerwear.
Here, Ochi’s Iana Kuznietsova, founder and designer of the brand, shares her insights into the target customer, the company’s market position and its distribution approach.

Ochi designer Iana Kuznietsova 
Courtesy Image

WWD: In three words, how would you describe the Ochi brand? Who is the target customer?
Iana Kuznietsova: Ochi is about movement and travel. I create clothes for the so-called “nomadic” women who are sensual and strong. Sometimes they need their outerwear to provide outward defense, and our trenchcoats work as a shield and a touchpoint to the world at the same time.
WWD: Being based in Ukraine, how does your environment inform your design process? What are the main fashion hubs in Ukraine? 
I.K.: Although Ukraine’s main fashion hub is its capital, Kyiv, our brand is based on the South of Ukraine, in Odessa. Powerful sea and sun energy bring us unlimited inspiration.

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120% Lino Eyes International Growth With Made in Italy Fund

MILAN — Italian label 120% Lino, which is focused on the production of men’s and women’s collections crafted from linen, is going through a re-branding phase aimed at boosting the company’s international business.
Founded in the Eighties by Italian entrepreneur Alberto Peretto, 120% Lino was acquired this fall by private equity Made in Italy Fund, which holds 70 percent of the brand. The remaining 30 percent is still in the hands of Peretto, who also oversees the label’s creative team.
“We decided to acquire 120% Lino because we were intrigued by the fact that it is deeply focused on a single material,” said 120% Lino chief executive officer Mauro Grange, who is among the partners of Made in Italy Fund, a private equity controlled by Q Group and Pambianco. “We also appreciated that the brand was already well-positioned on the international markets with its own retail network.”
Distributed in the affordable luxury segment, 120% Lino already operates two stores in Milan and five stores in Florida. “In the U.S., which accounts for 40 percent of the company’s business, the brand is extremely well-positioned and its perception is very high.”
According to Grange, the U.S. will continue to be a point of reference for the brand, which expects

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Altria shutters its e-cigarette brands as it eyes Juul, awaits iQOS decision

Altria on Friday said it would discontinue its MarkTen and Green Smoke e-cigarettes. The company is weighing a significant minority stake in competitor, Juul, and is awaiting a decision on Philip Morris International's heated tobacco product, iOQS.
Health and Science


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Birchbox eyes ‘casual beauty customers’ with Walgreens launch

Online cosmetics retailer Birchbox made its debut inside several Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc stores across the United States on Thursday, one of many e-commerce companies expanding its physical presence to better connect with shoppers and drive sales.

Reuters: Business News


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Roksanda Ilincic Lends Her Eyes to Sotheby’s London

COLOR FORMS: Art and artists inform every collection that Roksanda Ilincic designs, and over the past few weeks she’s been in her element, curating a selection of paintings, sculptures and mixed media installations to be auctioned as part of Sotheby’s Contemporary Curated sale series in London.
During a walk-through of the to-be-auctioned items, it was clear which ones caught Ilincic’s eye: There was the graphic acrylic-on-plastic painting by Imi Knoebel, with its citrusy shades and pops of pink and burgundy and the Amy Sillman gouache and watercolor on paper with its red color blocks and smudgy puff of smoke.
She picked out some sculptures, too, including an Aleksandra Domanovic hand with a bird perched on the fingertip and an Anthony Caro box-cum-table made with glass, bronze and steel.

Ilincic, who was wearing a long, dark purple silk dress with abstract paint smudges on it, said the curating was a dream project and allowed her to get to know some artists she’d never even heard of. “Aleksandra is from Serbia — like me — and now she’s based in Berlin.”
The designer said she was drawn to the mechanical-looking hand and bird sculpture “because it uses intimate elements in a robotic way. I like that mix

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Feast your eyes on the first 8K video shot in space

NASA 8k footage

Depending on how serious you are about your home entertainment, you might not even own a 4K TV yet. If that’s the case, you can hardly be blamed, as the vast majority of television programming hasn’t adopted the format yet either, but that’s not stopping NASA from pushing the envelope with a video so high-res that you probably don’t own a screen that can display it at its full resolution.

In a new post, NASA shows off what it says is the very first 8K video footage shot in space. At over three minutes long, there’s a whole lot to see here, but don’t expect to fully appreciate the stunning detail without a seriously high-res display at your disposal.

Continue reading…

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