Facebook Makes It Easier Than Ever For You to Vote

Over the past couple of years, Facebook has been instrumental in making it easier for users to prepare for Election Day. They’ve done this by supporting voter registration drives in both the primaries and general election through the nonpartisan TurboVote Challenge.

This year is no different. They’ve added feature sets that let people ask their friends to join them in registering to vote. In addition to that, research shows people who make a plan to vote are more likely to do so, so the platform is helping users find their polling locations, with the option to set a reminder just in case it slips their mind.

One of the biggest reasons folks shy away from voting is because they don’t know the candidates or understand the policies and the research can get confusing. Facebook now has a new tool that provides Candidate Info, which lets people hear directly from their federal, state, and local candidates on why they’re running for office, what policy issues they care about, and what they hope to accomplish if elected.


Facebook Civic Engagement Infographic (Facebook)

The short videos allow the candidates to showcase the following:

  • Introduce themselves to voters and tell people about the office they’re running for.
  • What their top policy priority is and why they are the right person to work on it
  • Talk about what makes them most qualified to represent their district
  • Address what the most important goal is they hope to accomplish in office and how they plan to get it done

Facebook isn’t alone in this. Instagram is rolling out their feature set as well. You can now post that you voted with a custom “I Voted” sticker and a “We Voted!” story will appear at the front of your stories bar on November 6th so you can see all of your friends who participated. The goal for this is to encourage more users to get out and vote. As they see their friends, counterparts, and associates doing so, the hope is that it will create a viral effect encouraging others users to do so.

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Why Did Facebook Fire a Top Executive? Hint: It Had Something to Do With Trump

Palmer Luckey, co-founder of virtual-reality pioneer Oculus, was ousted after his political activity sparked a furor within the social-media giant and Silicon Valley. His firing was one of the earliest political spats of the kind that is now roiling the technology industry.


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Facebook Goes After TikTok With the Debut of Lasso

First, they came for Snapchat. Now, they’re coming for TikTok.

They, of course being Facebook, just launched Lasso, according to an Engadget report. It’s a new app for short videos aimed at teenagers.

The move comes after Facebook already took on Snapchat with the debut of stories, photos, and videos that appear for 24 hours on a user’s profile on both Facebook and Instagram. Stories were what set Snapchat apart, aside from its disappearing messages.

Now, TikTok takes the role as the emerging app of choice for younger users, a demographic that’s been moving away from Facebook. TikTok offers short videos with music, stickers, filters, and other special effects. Lasso operates similarly, but being part of the Facebook family also integrates with the parent company site and Instagram. You can already cross-post Lasso videos to Facebook stories, and the Verge reported, the same ability will be coming to Instagram stories as well.

Lasso launched this week on iOS and Android without much attention. There wasn’t an announcement from Facebook posted, as similar changes usually are.



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Facebook got through the midterms mostly unscathed, although it’s still got lots of work ahead

After failing to recognize and stop the threat of fake news before the 2016 U.S. elections, Facebook ramped up its efforts to curtain harmful content on its services. So far, Facebook's efforts appear to be working. 


Facebook admits it didn’t do enough to prevent ‘offline violence’ in Myanmar


A night before the U.S. midterm elections, Facebook has dropped an independent report into the platform’s effect in Myanmar.

The report into Facebook’s impact on human rights within the country was commissioned by the social media giant, but completed by non-profit organization BSR (Business for Social Responsibility).

And it affirms what many have suspected: Facebook didn’t do enough to prevent violence and division in Myanmar.

“The report concludes that, prior to this year, we weren’t doing enough to help prevent our platform from being used to foment division and incite offline violence. We agree that we can and should do more,” Facebook’s product policy manager Alex Warofka wrote in a statement. Read more…

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Facebook scrubs Iran-linked accounts that had 1M followers

Facebook said on Friday it had deleted more accounts originating in Iran that attracted more than 1 million US and British followers its latest effort to combat disinformation activity on its platform. The social media company headed by Mark Zuckerberg removed 82 pages, groups and accounts on Facebook and Instagram that represented themselves as being…
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Facebook Live: What About Those Sky-High Air Ambulance Costs?

It’s bad enough that a patient has a health emergency so dire it requires a helicopter ride to make it to the hospital in time. But then comes the bill, which can approach six figures and for which insurance coverage is often spotty. In this Facebook Live discussion, Diane Webber, a senior editor at KHN who has coordinated coverage of the issue, talks with senior editor Stephanie Stapleton about the regulatory and market-based factors that contribute to these sky-high costs.

Here’s our coverage, done in partnership with NPR:

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If ads are so important to Facebook, why does it suck this bad at them?

Facebook apology

Facebook is the social media mega-titan that it is partly because it has such a strong money-making operation underneath the whole thing that has powered its growth and helped the company steamroll over competitors for years. You could even argue the company is really a highly targeted ad business, with a social network that’s glommed on to it. Recall Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance on Capitol Hill earlier this year, during a hearing in which one Senator asked Facebook’s taciturn chief executive how exactly you maintain a business in which users don’t pay for the product. “Senator, we run ads,” was Zuck’s response.

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Facebook sued for inflating video stats for advertisers

Facebook grossly inflated video viewership metrics and then lied to advertisers about it, new court filings against the ever-embattled social-media giant allege. The company previously admitted it played fast and loose with such statistics, but a handful of advertisers suing Facebook say the deceit happened on a grand scale. “Facebook’s internal efforts behind the scenes…
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Linguistic red flags from Facebook posts can predict future depression diagnoses

Research finds that the language people use in their Facebook posts can predict a future diagnosis of depression as accurately as the tools clinicians use in medical settings to screen for the disease.
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Facebook Takes Down Hundreds of U.S. Pages It Says Spread Misinformation

Facebook has taken down hundreds of accounts that were spreading false or misleading political content ahead of the U.S. midterm elections, one of the social network’s most aggressive efforts to stop misinformation spread primarily by Americans.


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Facebook Launches Portal Smart Speakers With Video Calling

Facebook Inc. on Monday launched a pair of smart-speakers that enable video calling on the company’s Messenger service. The devices, which feature cameras and microphones, are intended to challenge Amazon and Google’s dominance in the smart-speaker market. Both the devices are now available for pre-order in the U.S. – from Facebook at portal.facebook.com, as well as Amazon and Best Buy.
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Facebook Live: The Cancer Divide

If you get cancer, how long you live may depend on factors outside of your control: your race or ethnicity. Where you live. Your age. The type of insurance you have.

Although Californians and Americans overall are living longer with cancer, some communities fare better than others. There are many reasons for this cancer divide. Certain groups may not have regular access to doctors or cancer screening. Smoking and physical inactivity play a role, as does exposure to air pollution.

On Friday, Kaiser Health News senior correspondent Anna Gorman discussed cancer disparities with Dr. Kenneth Kizer, a University of California-Davis professor. Kizer is the director of the Institute for Population Health Improvement, which works with the state Department of Public Health to manage California’s cancer registry.

Survival differs based on race and ethnicity, geography and income, Kizer said during the discussion.

“Overall, as a blanket statement, people who are poor and economically challenged do less well than people who are not in that situation,” he said.

Kizer explained that many factors influence how long people live with cancer, including whether they have access to cancer screening and high-quality treatments. Having health insurance increases the odds of getting better care, he said.

“However, it’s not that simple, because not all health insurance is the same,” he added. “So, the better health insurance you can get the … more likely you’ll end up in a place where you can get evidence-based treatment.”

To read Gorman’s previous coverage about how Californians with cancer are faring, please click here.

This story was produced by Kaiser Health News, which publishes California Healthline, a service of the California Health Care Foundation.

Kaiser Health News