Alife Collaborates With the Brooklyn Museum, Faith Ringgold

Last year, Alife relaunched with an unexpected Crocs collaboration.
Alife approached Crocs before the footwear brand reentered the fashion conversation via a tie-in with Balenciaga on an imaginative, platform pair that retails for $ 850. But since then, newer streetwear brands including Pleasures and Chinatown Market have released their own co-branded Crocs.
“That’s the last thing we wanted to happen,” said Treis Hill, an Alife cofounder, when asked about these collaborations. “One thing that Alife consistently tries to ensure, which might be to our detriment, is that we aren’t trying to follow what people do. No one was thinking about Crocs until we did it, so for us let’s move on to something else and focus on a new message.”
That new message is Black History Month, and Alife has partnered with the Brooklyn Museum and Faith Ringgold, a Harlem-born artist whose work was featured in the “Soul of a Nation” exhibit at the museum. Ringgold is known for her quilts, but also practices painting, sculpting and performance art.
“Alife is centered around art and our objective is to push art and perpetuate that through our apparel, but this is the first time we’ve done something during Black History Month,” said Hill. “This was an

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‘Hard Work, Patience and Faith’

Greg Lee had a gift for communicating and bringing people together that came naturally to the Riverside, California, television personality.

That changed dramatically in late 2015, when the Kaiser Permanente member began experiencing flu-like symptoms and developed hydrocephalus, a dangerous swelling of the brain.

Lee was diagnosed with West Nile Virus and admitted to the hospital, where physicians induced a coma to prevent permanent brain damage. More challenges lay ahead, as Lee suffered cardiac arrest and respiratory failure.

“He was the most severe West Nile patient we’ve seen,” said internal medicine specialist Quang Minh Dao, MD.

“Our entire team came together to surround Greg with all of the specialty knowledge that was needed to get him through this,” said Timothy Jenkins, MD, medical director and chief of staff for Kaiser Permanente’s San Bernardino Service Area. “That team included intensive care physicians, infectious disease specialists, cardiologists, and neurologists, all communicating with one another seamlessly through our integrated system of care.”

When he woke from his coma, “Greg basically had to start from scratch,” said his fiancée Gina Villasenor. “He had to relearn how to eat, talk and walk.”

Now two years into his recovery, Lee credits his progress to “hard work, patience and faith” — and the exceptional care he received.

“Kaiser Permanente has always been there for me. They brought me back to life,” he said.

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