The famous names and faces the world said farewell to in 2018

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What are the most famous I’m A Celebrity Bushtucker trials?

WITH I’m a Celebrity 2018 almost over, we countdown the most gut-wrenching trials in the show’s history.

Plus, we reveal the celeb most likely to face more than the rest of the camp mates…

Vanessa White and Jennie McAlpine did the Car Cruel Caraoke task
Vanessa White and Jennie McAlpine did the Car Cruel Caraoke task

What are the I’m A Celebrity bushtucker trials?

A bushtucker trial is a task which the celebs must complete in order to win meals for camp.

The more stars they collect during a task, the more meals they win.

If they fail to win any stars then they have to survive off basic staples – like beans and rice.

Each trial usually involves getting close to Aussie critters like cockroaches, maggots and snakes.

Georgia Toffolo doing the John Trevolt-ing bushtucker trial
Georgia Toffolo doing the John Trevolt-ing bushtucker trial

What are the most famous Bushtucker trials?

  • George Shelley Bushtucker trial – In a task called Cloudy with a Chance of Pigs balls George Shelley had to rip open pigs balls to find three stars. Those real-size pig balls also hit him in the head/ a few times.

  • Alison Hammond and Kayla Collins Bushtucker trial

    Alison Hammond and Kayla Collins had to sit and put alive and kicking insects in their mouths for 20 seconds including grasshoppers, giant burrowing cockroaches, water spiders, yabbies and a stick insect.

  • Katie Price and Kim Woodburn Bushtucker trial – 

    One of the most hard-to-watch eating trials was the one with Katie Price and Kim Woodburn’s as they were forced to eat fish eyes, a cricket, a cockroach, kangaroo anus, a witchetty grub and a kangaroo testicle.

  • Ferne McCann Bushtucker Trial – 

    Ferne had to lay UNDERGROUND with at least forty snakes surrounding her. Then, an arm-sized beast joined Ferne and they turned the lights off right when it wrapped itself round around Ferne’s neck.

  • Ferne McCann Trial – Eating the spider

    The most memorable trial though has to go to Ferne. After she was forced to eat a witchetty grub, a lambs brain, and bulls penis she then had to eat a spider. This one was a tarantula that made noises moving around in the glass and a disgusting crunch sound as she was chewing it. Many viewers found it disturbing and filed a complaint. 1500 of them to be exact!

Who will face the most Bushtucker Trials this season?

According to bookmakers Ladbrokes at the beginning of the series, Anne Hegerty was the favourite to face the most bushtucker trials.

She was at odds of 3/1 and closely followed by Nick and John at 4/1.

Nick Knowles is best known as the DIY SOS presenter and John Barrowman is Scottish-American actor best known for Doctor Who and Torchwood.

Harry Redknapp was at odds of just 14/1.

Hegerty claimed to be terrified of spiders while Knowles said that nothing scares him.

Meanwhile, Barrowman detests confined spaces.

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When is I’m A Celebrity 2018 on TV?

I’m A Celebrity 2018 launched on Sunday, November 18, on ITV and airs nightly at 9pm.

If you miss the show you can watch it on ITV+1 or catch up via the ITV hub.

The series usually runs for about three weeks and if it follows the previous format and length fans can expect this year’s jungle king or queen to be crowned around the second week of December.

This year the show is presented by Holly Willoughby and Declan Donnelly as Ant McPartlin takes an extended break from TV.

If you haven’t had your fill of the jungle, you can switch over to ITV2 for Extra Camp immediately after the main show for behind the scenes footage, guests and interviews.

Viewers are invited to join the lively debates via social media and the app as well as putting their questions directly to the campmates live in the studio once they’ve left the Jungle.

This year the Extra Camp will be hosted again by Scarlett MoffattJoel Dommett and Joe Swash.

Which celebrities are in the line-up?

11 stars are in the 2018 line-up, which includes a wide range of stars who we’ll be watching as they get to grips with camp life.

The celebrities in the famous camp are…

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Places to travel that are inspired by famous books


We’re going to be honest; we’re complete bookworms! Because of, this, many of the books often inspire us to travel far and wide in search of these magical fictional places – and there are so many places we’d go. We’d start off at Hogwarts to hang out with Dumbledore in the castle; we’d then take a trip to the Shire to have a second breakfast with Pippin and Merry, and then pop on through the wardrobe to don our fur coats and explore Narnia. Of course, these places aren’t real (sob), but some are! Here are five places you can actually travel to that are inspired by famous books.

Snæfellsjökull Volcano, Iceland – Journey to the Center of the Earth

Okay, so visiting a volcano isn’t exactly the most common travel destination in the world – but it is so worth it. This volcano is Iceland was the inspiration for Jules Verne’s famous Journey to the Center of the Earth, which was published in 1864. The Snæfellsjökull Volcano is a whopping 700,000 years old – and even has a glacier on the top of it! According to Verne and his awesome novel, the entrance to the center of the Earth is through the volcano. Although, we don’t suggest you try this out for yourself. An average tourist isn’t allowed to climb to the top of the volcano, but you can take a tour around the Snæfellsjökull National Park which will give you amazing views of this novel inspiration.

Whitby, United Kingdom – Dracula

Even if you haven’t read the incredible book that is Bram Stoker’s Dracula, you’ll probably still know the story of the evil vampire, Count Dracula, who moves from Transylvania to England and resides in his castle. Well, that castle still exists today. In the book, Count Dracula moves to Whitby, in the UK, and the castle was based on Whitby Abbey – a 16th-century monastery which is still standing (although it is missing a roof). In fact, Bram Stoker first got the idea for Dracula while he was walking around the Abbey, and he first read about his muse, Vlad Dracul, in the local library in Whitby. So why not take a trip to Whitby, walk in Bram Stoker’s shoes and try to write your own vampire story?

Big Sur, United States of America – Big Sur

We don’t need to give you two guesses on which book was based on Big Sur. Of course, it’s Jack Kerouac’s 1962 masterpiece, Big Sur! This novel follows the life of Kerouac and Lawrence Ferlinghetti as they settle down for three months in a cabin, located in the Bixby Canyon in Big Sur, California. Although the novel isn’t exactly happy-go-lucky with flowers and marshmallows, the description of the location is beyond belief, and you just have to see it for yourself! You could even stay in a cabin, just like Kerouac.

Hathersage, United Kingdom – Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre is one of the most iconic books of all time – and it’s believed that Bronte got most of her inspiration from the village of Hathersage, in Derbyshire, UK. This little village is steeped in rolling hills and green forests, with tiny little cottages and manor houses. Bronte visited Hathersage in 1985, drawing on the location and North Lees Hall to create her own story and Thornfield Hall. So grab your copy of Jane Eyre, take a stroll through the grounds of North Lees Hall and the Peak District National Park and have a read within the midst of the inspiration.

Prince Edward Island, Canada – Anne of the Green Gables

Hopefully, you’ve all read Anne of the Green Gables – if not, you need to get on that ASAP! Lucy Maud Montgomery published her first book in 1908 which was based on the Green Gables Farm she often visited as a child. Nowadays, the area is called the Green Gables National Park and is located on Prince Edward Island in Canada. If you visit, you can check out the surrounding woods and buildings that inspired her ‘Lover’s Lane,’ ‘Haunted Woods’ and ‘Balsam Hollow.’ What could be better?

Are you looking for your next travel destination? Are you a book lover? We think you’ve found your answer. Books are great at conjuring up beautiful scenes, epic castles and intricate village life in our heads, but how great would it be to go see your favorite locations in real life?


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Famous locations that Survivor was filmed at


Survivor is a popular TV show aired on CBS focusing on ten different people stranded in exotic locations across the world and given difficult challenges to complete. The winner of the show gets to take home $ 1 million – but winning is no easy feat. However, if you don’t win it isn’t the end of the world because essentially, you get a free holiday out of the show. The locations are so extraordinary and wonderful, you’d never think of visiting them on an ordinary holiday – getting to experience this surely makes up for missing out on the prize! Here are some of the most famous locations that Survivor was filmed at.

Sabah, Malaysia

One of the very first locations used for filming the show was Sabah in Malaysia. Sabah is actually located on the island of Borneo, a place famous for its orangutan population. These friendly monkeys are scattered all over the island, and you’ll regularly come across them as often as you’d come across a neighbor walking down the street back at home. There’s also a whole range of other endangered species on the island, which makes this a brilliant place to visit if you’re into animals and wildlife.

Cook Islands

Found slap bang in the middle of Polynesia and Tonga, the Cook Islands are often nicknamed ‘Hawaii Down Under.’ The Cook Islands are a little bit of paradise, and while they do get some big storms, the weather is generally quite divine. There are sparkling blue lagoons to explore, white sandy beaches that look like they should be lined with celebrities sunning themselves, friendly locals and a generally nice vibe to the island. There are 15 little islands making up the Cook Islands, with one of them being used as a location for filming Survivor in the past.

Pearl Islands, Panama

The Pearl Islands are just off the shore of the Caribbean, meaning there are crystal clear oceans surrounding the island, soft sandy beaches and gorgeous hot weather. The show has actually chosen to spend three seasons filming at Pearl Islands because it really is such a beautiful location, and is only a short journey away from Panama City too! You’ll definitely come back from this trip with a tan. It’d be even better if you won the $ 1 million from being on Survivor too.

Palau, Philippines

Just south of the Philippines is a small collection of islands, known as Palau. The islands aren’t anything too spectacular themselves; it’s the sea life surrounding the islands that are really something to marvel at. There’s a famous open space of water referred to as ‘Jellyfish Lake,’ filled with countless jellyfish that don’t sting! This means you’re free to go and swim amongst them, which is a truly amazing experience. It also makes the perfect location for Survivor, especially for tasks on the water!

Tikal, Guatemala

Most people across the globe have heard of the famous Mayan ruins in Mexico. What most people don’t know is that there are some almost identical ruins in Tikal, Guatemala. These ruins have had far less attention from the world, and the location is actually tranquil without being overrun by tourists which are nice. Tikal is also home to an incredible jungle, and this is where Survivor chose to film their eleventh series.

The next time you plan a getaway, why not consider a Survivor filming location? They’re all beautiful, remote, and have plenty to offer the discerning traveler. Failing that, you could always apply for Survivor and try to win a million too!


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This Famous Poem About the Pilgrims Is a Real Turkey

Chandler and Joey, Bert and Ernie… Miles Standish and John Alden. We are talking, of course, of the rich history of fictional roommates, if by “rich” we really mean, “huh, there aren’t a lot of them, are there?”

But you know what else there isn’t a lot of? Notable fictional creations pertaining to Thanksgiving, though the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow made a dogged—and lucrative—attempt to countervail that set of circumstances when he immortalized the above Puritan duo in a poem—about a love triangle, nonetheless—that still stands as our most notable Thanksgiving-related creation. But should it?

Longfellow had a unique career, and you can make a case that he’s done more harm than good with many of the readers who have encountered him since he composed his narrative poem The Courtship of Miles Standish 160 years ago in 1858. What Longfellow liked to do was read widely, then synthesize, borrowing European poetic forms and giving his American readers some juicy poetical tales loaded with heroic couplets.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Famous Men You Didn’t Know Were Members of Omega Psi Phi

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. was founded on Nov. 17, 1911, at Howard University in Washington, D.C. It was the first international and predominately Black frat to be created on the campus of a historically Black college or university. The organization‘s Greek letters, ΩΨΦ, stand for the first three letters of its motto, “Friendship is essential to the soul.” There are currently 750 undergraduate and graduate chapters of Omega Psi Phi, which strive to uphold the cardinal principles of “manhood, scholarship, perseverance and uplift.” Throughout its 107-year history, Omega Psi Phi has been able to claim prominent figures who regularly […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Serendipity 3’s famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate now available in ice cream pints

One of New York’s most exclusive desserts will soon be sold at your local convenience store.

Frrrozen Hot Chocolate — the hautest item on the menu at Upper East Side sweets shop Serendipity 3 — is coming to 7-Eleven in ice cream form.

Starting next week, pints of the hot chocolate flavored ice…

Life Style – New York Daily News